A Sports on Earth Series

Our own Mike Tanier has been venturing on a noble quest across the U.S. to find a definitive answer to the timeless question: Why do beer and sports go so well together?

Glad you asked...

After sitting down with the Sun King Brewing guys of Indianapolis and stopping by Sam Adams brewery in Boston, Tanier roamed around New England some more to visit the guys from Harpoon.

No doubt you're familiar with the label, as this national beer is a staple on tap at most of your local bars. But their dedication to the craft (in operation since 1986) is impressive - and their involvement in the community deserves some recognition as well. 

Harpoon takes great pains to be an earth friendly, sustainable operation, providing local farmers with grain to avoid clogging landfills.

They're also known for sponsoring multiple charity events in Boston and Windsor, Vermont -- where their two flagship breweries are located -- including a point-to-point bicycle race. (Check out their website for more information.)

Of course, whether you're enjoying a beer after a long bike ride or just relaxing on the couch watching the game, taste is what ultimately matters most. Harpoon has an excellent reputation for delivering mass market IPAs, ciders and flavored beer (ever try the pumpkin UFO?), which are light, refreshing and perfect for the summer season.

(If you go to their brewery in either Boston or Vermont, you may even get a taste of the original Harpoon Ale, a malty, fruity concoction that has plenty of character. Tell 'em we sent you.)

Tanier hung out with Harpoon co-founder and CEO Rich Doyle to discuss their famous line of beers, and what he's most proud of when it comes to the intersection of sports and their company's mission. Have a look and enjoy.