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Anthony Castrovince
Anthony Castrovince
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Anthony Castrovince ("Castro" like Fidel, "Vince" like Vaughn) is a contributor for Sports on Earth and a national reporter and columnist for, where he has covered baseball since 2004.

The discerning and unbiased eye required for this job has come quite naturally to him ever since that fateful July 1991 day when, as an impressionable 10-year-old, he learned his hometown Indians had traded his golden-locked, strikeout-prone baseball hero, Cory Snyder, to the White Sox. The plaintive piano intro of "The End of the Innocence" could be heard playing softly in his Euclid, Ohio, home as he wondered what on earth to do with his Snyder "Gunsmoke" poster and Starting Lineup figurine.

A native and resident Clevelander, a proud Ohio University Bobcat and one of those ridiculous people who follow Bruce Springsteen all over the country and have 27 versions of "Backstreets" on their iPhone (the one from St. Louis in 2008 is particularly good), Castrovince loves music and pizza and reading and condiments and, above all else, his wife, Kate. He also loves writing too many words about whatever subject comes to mind, though he didn't particularly love writing this bio. Follow him on Twitter @Castrovince.