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Chuck Culpepper
Chuck Culpepper
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About Chuck Culpepper

As a nomad all but stateless, staff writer Chuck Culpepper has resided in all three of the countries that begin with "United" -- United States, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates -- as well as, for a big chunk of 2009, in Paris, still No. 1 on his top 25 of earthly cities.

In a writing career through Los Angeles, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Lexington (Ky.), Portland (Ore.), New York, London and Abu Dhabi, he has filed from the three "Uniteds" and from Colombia, Qatar, the Philippines, Spain, South Africa, France, Australia, Germany, India, Greece, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, China, Portugal, the Dominican Republic, Thailand and Texas.

In recent years, he wrote for Newsday in New York from 2002-06, about European sports for the Los Angeles Times from 2006-09, and about every sport from football to American football to Formula 1 to free-diving to mountain-climbing to kiteboarding for The National in Abu Dhabi and Dubai from 2010-12. In 2007, he roamed England on trains to write the book "Bloody Confused! A Clueless American Sportswriter Seeks Solace in English Soccer."

He grew up in Suffolk, Va., and attended the University of Virginia, where as editor-in-chief of The Cavalier Daily, he learned he's a lousy boss, as nomads often are. Follow Chuck on Twitter @ChuckCulpepper1.