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Gwen Knapp
Gwen Knapp
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Gwen Knapp is a senior columnist for Sports on Earth, based in San Francisco. The first time she covered a Major League Baseball game, it turned out to be a no-hitter (Terry Mulholland, 1990, Phillies over Giants). She worked for The Philadelphia Inquirer at the time, covering mostly high-school sports, which yielded her favorite quote from a coach. John Quinn's Archbishop Ryan football team had just lost its undefeated season, and he gathered the dejected players around him to say, "Gentlemen, if this is the worst thing that ever happens to you, you will lead charmed lives."

Knapp went to San Francisco as a columnist in 1995 and saw Jerry Rice catch passes from Steve Young, Barry Bonds catch and pass Hank Aaron, and Bonds catch a lot of flak. She administered some of it, and took some in return. The first time they met, Bonds started a debate about what would happen in an NBA labor dispute. When Knapp said the union would probably decertify, Bonds argued the opposite and concluded by saying, "You're just like my ex-wife."

Bonds was spectacularly wrong on both counts. The ex-wife was a hot Swede and the union did decertify. Yet, much like the former Mrs. Bonds, Knapp spent a lot of time in court with Barry, which wasn't quite what she expected after her first MLB assignment yielded a no-hitter. But she didn't have to go to an office every day and her expense reports always cleared. She leads a charmed life. Follow her on Twitter @gwenknapp.