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Patrick Hruby
Patrick Hruby
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About Patrick Hruby

Patrick Hruby is a Sports on Earth contributor. An adjunct professor at Georgetown University, he also contributes to The Atlantic online and Washingtonian magazine, and previously he wrote for The Washington Times and His work also has previously appeared in ESPN The Magazine and on The PostGame, ESPNw, Business Insider and The Guardian online. Three of his features have been selected for "The Best American Sports Writing" anthology.

A graduate of Georgetown University, Hruby has a master's degree from Northwestern University and has written on a wide and eclectic range of sports (and non-sports) subjects, from the conspiratorial, Oliver Stone-shaming possible murder of Pakistan's national cricket coach, to the groupie-besotten world of professional video game players to how ballpark food hijacks your brain. He lives with his lovely wife, Saphira, and the world's greatest golden retriever in Washington, D.C. Follow him on Twitter @patrick_hruby and contact him at