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Tommy Tomlinson
Tommy Tomlinson
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About Tommy Tomlinson

Tommy Tomlinson is a staff writer for Sports on Earth, focusing primarily on college football and stories from the South. Tomlinson spent 23 years as a reporter and columnist for the Charlotte Observer. While there, he was named the best local columnist in America by The Week Magazine and was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2005. He still believes he is the only reporter in history to cover the Super Bowl, the Bassmaster Classic and the National Spelling Bee in the same year.

He has also written for Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Reader's Digest, Southern Living and others. His SI piece, "Something Went Very Wrong in Toomer's Corner" about the poisoning of Auburn's beloved oak trees, was chosen for the 2012 edition of "The Best American Sports Writing." Tomlinson also teaches writing at Queens University in Charlotte and has held workshops across the country.

Tomlinson grew up in Brunswick, Ga., and graduated from the University of Georgia. He lives in Charlotte with his wife, Alix Felsing, and their sweet old yellow lab, Fred. Follow him on Twitter @tommytomlinson.