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  • Episode 41: Shaun Powell

    Sports on Earth's Shaun Powell discusses a wild NBA offseason, including LeBron James' return to Cleveland, Carmelo Anthony remaining with New York, the year-round association news cycle and why you should never fall in love (with a player!) during summer league.

  • Episode 40: Andy Staples

    Sports Illustrated writer Andy Staples discusses the O'Bannon trial, including the NCAA's best (and worst) defenses, the no-nonsense, no-courtroom-coffee style of federal judge Claudia Wilken, what an O'Bannon victory would mean and why recent proposed college sports reforms may be too late to save amateurism.

  • Episode 39: Jon Solomon

    THe CBS Sports national college football writer discusses the O'Bannon v. NCAA trial, breaking down the first week of evidence and testimony, previewing NCAA president Mark Emmert's upcoming turn on the witness stand and explaining how both "Seinfeld" and Tonya Harding somehow became part of the case that could permanently change college sports.

  • Episode 38: Jeffrey Radice

    On the 44th anniversary of Dock Ellis' famous -- and infamous -- LSD no-hitter, "No-No: A Dockumentary" filmmaker Jeffrey Radice discusses all things Ellis, including clubhouse boxing with Muhammad Ali, pitching under the influence, writing an autobiography with a future poet laureate and race relations in 1970s baseball and America.

  • Episode 37: Dave Zirin

    "Brazil's Dance With the Devil" author Dave Zirin discusses the cultural, economic and political roots of ongoing World Cup protests in Brazil, why he felt safer in a Rio de Janeiro favela than outside a Starbucks, the case for abolishing FIFA and what world soccer's governing body has in common with Justin Bieber. (Warning: some strong language, possibly NSFW.)

  • Episode 36: World Cup Controversies

    A FIFA corruption double-header! Sports on Earth's Chuck Culpepper discusses the problems with Qatar's plans to host the 2022 World Cup; Sports on Earth contributor and sports conspiracy-ologist Brian Tuohy discusses new allegations of match-fixing before the 2010 World Cup, graft and gambling in international soccer and the chances of rigged matches in Brazil.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 35

    Oregonian sports columnist and Portland radio host John Canzano discusses his recent five-part series on the questions and controversies surrounding NBA officiating, including make-up calls and beefs between coaches and referees; the league tracking what broadcasters say about officiating; players receiving referee mug shots in their pregame scouting reports and more.

  • Episode 34: Rand Getlin

    Yahoo Sports legal analyst Rand Getlin discusses how a new class action painkiller abuse lawsuit is bad news for the NFL, Los Angeles Clippers owner-in-exile Donald Sterling's potential scorched-Earth war against the NBA, the NCAA's long odds of winning the upcoming O'Bannon trial and how a mostly-ignored recent district court ruling could reveal what the NFL actually knew about concussions.

  • Episode 33: Idan Ravin

    "The Hoops Whisperer: On the Court and Inside the Heads of Basketball's Best Players" author Idan Ravin discusses the psyches of Kevin Durant and Chris Paul, the significance of LeBron James' lost headband, what basketball has in common with music theory and how an unhappy corporate lawyer who never even played college hoops became a personal skills trainer to the NBA's biggest stars.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 32

    Slate and ESPN the Magazine writer Amanda Hess discusses a series of lawsuits filed by NFL cheerleaders alleging sub-minimum wage pay, forced unpaid work, illegal fines for things like gaining five pounds and working conditions that include feminine cleaning instructions and "jiggle" tests.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 31

    Sports on Earth's Shaun Powell discusses the outrage over Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling's alleged racist remarks, his long history of dubious behavior, how hypocritical NBA owners, players and fans have enabled Sterling and what league commissioner Adam Silver can and can't do going forward.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 30

    In a Hruby Tuesday doubleheader first, Los Angeles Magazine writer Jesse Katz discusses his story on Dodgers star Yasiel Puig's harrowing escape from Cuba, while Dan LeBatard of ESPN and the Miami Herald talks about the culture shock facing Puig and other Cuban baseball players who defect to the United States.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 29

    ESPNw writer and "The Reappearing Act" author Kate Fagan discusses Derrick Gordon's coming out, why coming out stories are still news, institutionalized closeting of gay athletes in women's college basketball and her own experience as a closeted basketball player at the University of Colorado.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 28

    ESPN's Bomani Jones discusses the politics, economics, racial and cultural dimensions of the Northwestern football unionization movement and the National Labor Relations Board ruling that college football players are school employees.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 27

    Travis Waldron of discusses trademark law, Dan Snyder's "NEVER," Congressional involvement, NFL inaction and the past, present and future of the Washington Redskins' nickname battle.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 26

    USA TODAY Sports college basketball writer Nicole Auerbach rejoins the podcast to talk Florida's relative anonymity, Arizona's smothering defense, Wichita State's unsurpassed mascot game, players who might outshine Doug McDermott and all things March Madness.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 25

    "Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s" author Jeff Pearlman discusses all things classic Lakers, including the Cult of Pat Riley, Jerry West's private detectives, the lovely ladies of Jerry Buss, how a possible mob murder kept Jerry Tarkanian from coaching in Los Angeles and why you never, ever mess with Wes Matthews.

  • Episode 24: Chuck Culpepper (Part 2)

    Sports on Earth writer Chuck Culpepper discusses week one of the Sochi Games, including ice dancing conspiracy theories, hockey thrillers, balmy Sochi temperatures and why Dutch speed skaters are the world's surest bet.

  • Episode 23: Chuck Culpepper

    Sports on Earth's Chuck Culpepper discusses Michael Sam's coming out, as well as the stray dogs, missing shower curtains, unexpected subtropical beauty and totally unexpected awesomeness of biathlon at the Sochi Games.

  • Episode 21: Kye Allums

    Transgender advocate Kye Allums joins the podcast to discuss Grantland's controversial "Dr. V" story, being the first openly trans athlete in Division I basketball, the difference between sex and gender, retiring from sports after nine concussions and why trans athletes often end up thirsty at airports.

  • Episode 20: Gwen Knapp

    Sports on Earth writer Gwen Knapp discusses the Alex Rodriguez suspension, the Biogenesis investigation, Dan LeBatard's Hall of Fame vote, the health ethics of PED use in sports and more.

  • Hruby Podcast Episode 19

    USA TODAY Sports college basketball writer Nicole Auerbach discusses Arizona's rise, Kentucky fan panic, fabulous freshmen, Wisconsin's impression of the 2005 Phoenix Suns, why no one wants to (publicly) talk about the O'Bannon case, her (possible) relation to a legendary coach and more in a pre-conference season college hoops spectacular.

  • Episode 18: Rick Telander

    Chicago Sun-Times writer Rick Telander joins the podcast to discuss his 1989 book "The Hundred Yard Lie," a classic critique of hypocrisy, greed, violence, mismanagement, fraud and moral bankruptcy in big-time college football. A quarter-century later and as the current season comes to an end, has anything really changed?

  • Episode 17: Rob Jones

    "NBA 2K14" senior producer Rob Jones discusses the new XBox One and PlayStation 4 video game consoles, the future of sports games, his favorite old school titles, when in-game facial modeling goes wrong and why NBA player Darren Collison would probably be a game tester if he didn't play professional basketball.

  • Episode 16: Dustin Fink

    Athletic trainer and founder Dustin Fink discusses youth football: how to spot and treat concussions, why independent trainers are a must, the benefits and limits of new safety efforts and what parents need to know when deciding if their children should play the sport.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 15

    Sports on Earth college football writer Michael Weinreb discusses Baylor's surprising offensive surge, the cultural legacy of "The U," the twin deaths of the BCS and EA Sports' NCAA Football, Johnny Manziel's non-implosion and Nick Saban's preemptive recruiting pitch to Mars.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 14

    Sports Illustrated writer and "The Art of a Beautiful Game" author Chris Ballard discusses the best NBA team to see with courtside seats, why nobody shoots the Skyhook, Kobe Bryant-as-future-coach/GM, how analytics are (sadly) making chuckers obsolete and other offbeat aspects of the upcoming pro basketball season.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 13

    Former NFL player and "Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile" author Nate Jackson joins the podcast to discuss the infantilization of professional football players, what strippers and athletes have in common, skepticism over the NFL's youth safety initiative and why in the case of a severe groin injury, playing hurt should not extend to the bedroom.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 12

    "League of Denial" authors and ESPN investigative reporters Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru discuss their new book and accompanying PBS documentary on the NFL's concussion crisis, brain damage in football and where the story goes next.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 11

    "The King of Sports: Football's Impact on America" author Gregg Easterbrook discusses how the NFL's publicly-subsidized business model is akin to medieval feudalism, the real way college football players are getting exploited and ripped off, why children under 13 shouldn't play tackle football and more.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 10.2

    In Part II of a two-part podcast, "Schooled: The Price of College Sports" producer Andrew Muscato discusses his new film, Arian Foster's recent comments about taking money under the table, the role of race and class in college sports, Taylor Branch's assertion that the NCAA carries "an unmistakable whiff of the plantation" and how the debate over pay-for-play is really a debate over basic rights. Listen to Part I here.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 10.1

    In Part I of a two-part podcast, "Schooled: The Price of College Sports" producer Andrew Muscato discusses his new film, amateurism's un-American origins, how college sports is a full-time job, how the NCAA grew from a single part-time employee into a large bureaucracy and why the association invented the term "student-athlete" to dodge tax obligations and workers' compensation claims. Listen to Part II here.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 9

    "Larceny Games: Sports Gambling, Game Fixing and the FBI" author and sports conspiracy expert Brian Tuohy joins the podcast to discuss how to fix a game, why beat writers are the best source of inside information, how the mob got to Mickey Mantle, why Wilt Chamberlain should be kicked out of the Hall of Fame and the [redacted] contents of over 400 FBI sports gambling files.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 8

    Sports economist and "15 Sports Myths and Why They're Wrong" co-author Rodney Fort discusses why pay-for-play won't bankrupt university athletic departments, how college sports aren't a drag on school budgets and why player drafts and revenue sharing don't help produce competitive balance in professional sports.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 7

    Independent filmmaker and "United States of Football" director Sean Pamphilon discusses his new film, the proposed NFL concussion lawsuit settlement, the conflicted state of pro football medicine, media's compromised relationship with the league and why youth football coaches should be subject to psychological screening.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 6

    Author, radio host and The Nation sports editor Dave Zirin discusses the Sochi Olympics and Russia's anti-gay laws, sports welfare, the possibility of Congress taking on the NCAA and ESPN's puzzling decision to drop its partnership with PBS on a documentary expose of the NFL's handing of brain trauma.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 5

    Washington Post writer and "RGIII: The Promise" author Dave Sheinin drops by to discuss Robert Griffin III, his relationship with Mike and Kyle Shanahan, football injury culture, what the current Washington Redskins quarterback has in common with Bill Bradley and why RGIII might end up chasing an Olympic gold medal.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 4

    Sonny Vaccaro joins the podcast to discuss the hypocrisies of college sports amateurism, the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit, the Johnny Manziel autography controversy and how a man once labeled the "Godfather of summer basketball" and a "sneaker pimp" became an anti-NCAA crusader.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 3

    Sports Illustrated writer David Epstein talks about his new book "The Sports Gene," the role of nature versus nurture in athletes, what it takes to hit a major league fastball and the tale of two high jumpers.

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 2

    Former BALCO mastermind Victor Conte joins the podcast to discuss the Biogenesis affair, loopholes in performance-enhancing drug testing, the state of the Sports War on Drugs and how candy-flavored, testosterone-laced lozenges -- what, you were thinking flaxseed oil? -- have become the PED ingestion method du jour. Yum!

  • Hruby Tuesday: Episode 1

    This week's guest is Paul D. Anderson, a lawyer and founder of We break down the National Football League concussion lawsuits, the case against the league, the odds of a settlement, the curious case of Elliott Pellman and more.