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Archived Podcasts

  • National Championship Game Preview With Matt Brown

    SoE's Matt Brown talks with Will about the Monday's Georgia-Alabama national title game in Atlanta.

  • Tommy Craggs

    The Huffington Post senior enterprise editor makes his annual end-of-year visit to Will's podcast.

  • Footer & Leitch: Astros, Stanton, Ohtani

    While they wait like the rest of us for Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani resolutions, Alyson and Will talk some more about that Astros championship.

  • Thanksgiving 2017 With Jeb Lund

    Will's annual Thanksgiving conversation with Jeb Lund.

  • 2017-18 College Basketball Preview with Matt Norlander

    The CBS Sports college basketball writer makes his annual preseason visit to break down every aspect of the upcoming season.

  • 2017 World Series Preview

    Alyson and Will preview the World Series between the Dodgers and the Astros.

  • Dave Zirin

    The sports editor for The Nation and the host of the Edge of Sports podcast talks to Will about how much sports and politics have changed in the last 10 years, and how much they haven't.

  • 2017 NBA Preview With Michael Pina

    The Vice Sports staff writer previews the 2017-18 NBA Season with Will.

  • NLCS Preview

    Previewing the Cubs-Dodgers NLCS, with Alyson Footer.

  • ALCS Preview

    Previewing the Yankees-Astros ALCS, with Alyson Footer.

  • Erik Malinowski

    The author of the new book "BETABALL: How Silicon Valley and Science Built One of the Greatest Basketball Teams in History" talks about the Golden State Warriors.

  • D-Backs-Dodgers NLDS Preview

    Previewing the D-Backs-Dodgers National League Division Series, with Alyson Footer.

  • Yankees-Indians ALDS Preview

    Previewing the Yankees-Indians American League Division Series, with Alyson Footer.

  • Sridhar Pappu

    The author of the excellent new book "The Year of the Pitcher" talks about the 1968 season, Bob Gibson, Denny McLain and that tumultuous era.

  • Cubs vs. Nationals NLDS Preview

    A look at the Cubs-Nationals National League Division Series, with Alyson Footer.

  • Red Sox-Astros ALDS Preview

    A look at the Red Sox-Astros American League Division Series, with Alyson Footer.

  • NL Wild Card Game Preview

    A look at the Rockies-Diamondbacks NL Wild Card Game on Wednesday.

  • AL Wild Card Game Preview

    A look at the Twins-Yankees AL Wild Card Game on Tuesday.

  • Footer & Leitch: Astros, AL Wild Card Race, Ohtani

    Alyson Footer returns to talk the Astros division title, the Angels-Twins race and the wonder of Shohei Ohtani.

  • 2017 NFL Preview with Jason B. Hirschhorn

    The Sports On Earth NFL writer previews the season with Will, division by division.

  • Footer & Leitch: Alyson in Houston

    Our own Alyson Footer talks to Will from Houston, her home for 20 years, about what's happening in the nation's fourth-largest city.

  • 2017 College Football Preview with Matt Brown

    Sports On Earth's college football writer and editor previews the 2017 season, conference by conference.

  • 2017 Fantasy Football Preview with Andy Behrens

    It's Will's massive annual fantasy football season preview podcast with Yahoo's Andy Behrens, the smartest fantasy football guy on the planet. This is the only preview podcast you need.

  • Footer & Leitch: Wild Card madness, Cooperstown and the NL Central

    Alyson and Will try to figure out what's going on with the Angels, and try to survive the month of August.

  • Rafi Kohan, Author of "The Arena"

    The writer of a terrific new book about sports stadiums, "The Arena," talks about stadium culture.

  • Mike Tollin

    The director of ESPN's 30 for 30 film "Morningside 5" talks about his new film, how 30 for 30 has changed and what he learned about Donald Trump in his USFL documentary eight years ago.

  • MLB Post-Deadline Wrapup With Joe Sheehan

    The purveyor of the Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter looks at the moves every team made at the deadline and what we should look for moving forward.

  • Jay Jaffe, Author of "The Cooperstown Casebook"

    The Sports Illustrated writer and the author of "The Cooperstown Casebook," a new book about the Hall of Fame, talks about the voting process, historical trends and Yadier Molina.

  • Footer & Leitch: Nearing the Trade Deadline

    Alyson Footer talks with Will about the Dodgers, MVP candidates and whether the Orioles should trade Manny Machado.

  • MLB Second Half Preview With Chase Thomas

    Will previews the second half of the MLB season with Chase Thomas, host of "The Chase Thomas Podcast."

  • MLB 2017 Midseason Report

    Alyson and Will look at every team's first half and spring forward to see how their second-half turns out.

  • Footer & Leitch: Rockies Fever, Latino Ballplayers and MLB in 2037

    Alyson and Will talk about Nolan Arenado and two fascinating ESPN stories.

  • Footer & Leitch: Astros Dominance, Cubs Resurgence

    Alyson and Will discuss how the Astros can't lose, how the Cubs are back, and how we should feel about Albert Pujols.

  • MLB 1/3 Season Review with Cliff Corcoran

    The Sports On Earth baseball writer looks back at the first two months of the season with Will, and what we should expect going forward.

  • 2017 NBA Finals Preview With Alex Wong

    The Sports On Earth NBA writer previews the epic Warriors-Cavaliers matchup, which begins Thursday.

  • Footer & Leitch: Astros, Mexico City and Boston fan craziness

    Alyson and Will discuss whether the Astros are real, whether MLB might expand to Mexico City and why Boston would want to make a managerial change.

  • Leigh Montville

    The author of "Sting Like a Bee: Muhammad Ali vs. the United States of America" talks about his new book about Ali's time as the most reviled athlete in the country.

  • Footer & Leitch: Extra Innings Changes, the O's and Cubs

    Alyson and Will discuss Buster Olney's piece on potential changes to extra innings, and they try to figure about both the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago Cubs.

  • Footer and Leitch: Early May MLB Stories

    Adam Jones, Rangers-Astros dustup, early season surprises ... Alyson's back! We also dig into the ugliness at Fenway Park, and much more.

  • Keith Law

    The ESPN senior baseball analyst talks about his new book "Smart Baseball," and also boardgames.

  • 2017 NBA Playoff Preview With Michael Pina

    Sports On Earth and VICE Sports basketball writer Michael Pina previews the NBA Playoffs with Will.

  • Rick Ankiel

    The former Cardinals star talks to Will about his new book "The Phenomenon."

  • 2017 Cardinals Preview With Bernie Miklasz

    The 101Sports ESPN Radio host, and St. Louis sports legend, talks with Will to preview the 2017 Cardinals season.

  • Footer and Leitch: 2017 MLB Predictions

    Alyson and Will make their final predictions before the season begins on Sunday.

  • 2017 MLB Preview With Joe Sheehan

    The mind behind the invaluable Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter sits down for his annual massive preview of the 2017 baseball season. It's at last that time of year!

  • 2017 NCAA Tournament Preview with Matt Norlander

    It's the fourth annual NCAA Tournament preview podcast with CBS Sports' Matt Norlander, one of the best college basketball minds around. You are foolish if you don't listen to this before the tourney starts. Foolish!

  • Footer & Leitch: Israel in the WBC, Bartolo Colon, the NL West

    Alyson and Will talk about the awesomeness of Israel in the WBC, baseball's hypocrisy on Bartolo Colon and the National League West.

  • Footer & Leitch: WBC, Politics, AL East and Tebow

    Alyson and Will talk about Jayson Stark's piece on politics in baseball, the World Baseball Classic, the AL East and, only briefly, Tim Tebow.

  • Footer & Leitch: Fowler, Levine and the NL Central

    Alyson and Will talk about Dexter Fowler and a small segment of Cardinals fans, Randy Levine's odd negotiating tactics and preview the NL Central.

  • Footer and Leitch: 2017 Spring Training Is Here!

    Our weekly podcasts with Alyson Footer are back! We discuss those Cubs, the hacking scandal and resolution, and what we think of the proposed new rules changes for extra innings in rookie leagues this year. Baseball is back, and so are we!

  • Super Bowl LI Preview With Doug Farrar

    Bleacher Report's lead NFL scout breaks down the Patriots-Falcons game from every angle.

  • Matt Giles on the death of Michael Wright

    Will talks with Matt Giles, the author of a new Sports On Earth piece about the murder of former Arizona college basketball star Michael Wright.

  • NFL Divisional Round Preview with Andrea Hangst

    Will and Sports On Earth NFL writer Andrea Hangst preview what's often the most fun NFL weekend of the season. Plus, very bad predictions.

  • 2017 CFP Title Game Preview

    Live from the scene in Tampa, Will and Sports On Earth's college football writer Matt Brown preview the Alabama-Clemson championship game.

  • Wild Card Weekend Preview with Jason B. Hirschhorn

    Sports On Earth's NFL writer previews the NFL's playoff weekend with Will. Warning: Contains predictions.

  • Tommy Craggs

    The Slate political editor, and longtime friend of Will's, sits down for his annual end-of-year podcast.

  • Thanksgiving 2016 with Jeb Lund

    Will has his annual Thanksgiving chat with Jeb Lund.

  • 2016-17 College Basketball Preview with Matt Norlander

    The CBS Sports college basketball writer and expert previews what should be a particularly compelling season.

  • Footer and Leitch: World Series Preview

    As the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs get set to meet in the 2016 World Series, Alyson and Will break down the historic matchup.

  • 2016-17 NBA Preview With Leigh Ellis

    The Aussie NBA expert from NBA TV's The Starters joins Will to preview the upcoming season.

  • Footer & Leitch: 2016 NLCS Preview

    Alyson and Will break down the Cubs and Dodgers in the 2016 National League Championship Series, and make predictions.

  • Footer and Leitch: ALCS Preview

    Alyson and Will break down the Blue Jays-Indians matchup and make predictions.

  • Footer & Leitch: Nationals-Dodgers NLDS Preview

    Alyson and Will preview the Washington-Los Angeles series.

  • Footer & Leitch: Indians-Red Sox ALDS Preview

    Alyson and Will preview the Cleveland-Boston series.

  • Footer & Leitch: Wild Card Preview

    Alyson and Will preview the AL and NL Wild Card Games.

  • Footer & Leitch: Sept. 27, 2016

    Alyson and Will talk Jose Fernandez, Alyson's time with Tim Tebow and what's going to happen with the AL and NL Wild Card races.

  • Nate Jackson

    The former NFL player and author of "Fantasy Man" discusses the league as he knows it today, how fans and players see the game differently, DraftKings bros and Colin Kaepernick.

  • Footer & Leitch: Sept. 12, 2016

    Alyson and Will, back on their regular schedule, discuss Dave Roberts' Big Decision, the AL East and why the Cardinals are going to miss the playoffs for the first time since 2010.

  • NFC Preview With Jason B. Hirschhorn

    Sports On Earth's NFL writer previews the NFC.

  • AFC Preview With Andrea Hangst

    Sports On Earth's NFL writer previews the AFC.

  • 2016 College Football Preview with Matt Brown

    Sports On Earth's college football writer gets you prepped for the 2016 season.

  • Footer and Leitch: Aug. 22., 2016

    Alyson and Will do their last pre-stretch run podcast and discuss the Mets, the Royals and the Olympics.

  • Fantasy Football Preview With Andy Behrens

    It's the yearly mega-fantasy football podcast extravaganza with the great Andy Behrens, who goes though every team in deep-dive detail. This is the one you have to listen to before your draft. As always: It's a blast.

  • Footer & Leitch: Aug. 8, 2016

    Alyson and Will talk A-Rod's retirement, Ichiro's 3,000th hit and chasing a fifty-something Roger Clemens around.

  • Footer & Leitch: MLB Trade Deadline!

    Alyson and Will talk about the trade deadline, the rights of Jonathan Lucroy, what the Yankees are doing, Aroldis Chapman and their old friend Drake LaRoche.

  • Second-Half MLB Preview

    Will sits down with writers Mike Petriello and Anthony Castrovince to go division-by-division to look ahead to the second half of the 2016 season.

  • Footer & Leitch: 2016 All-Star Edition

    Alyson and Will are live from San Diego, talking Gwen Stefani, Kyle Mooney, Jose Reyes and then Gwen Stefani again.

  • Walk it Off

    Will joins Walk it Off to discuss all things Kevin Durant and his decision to become a Warrior.

  • Footer & Leitch: June 20, 2016

    Alyson tries to cheer up Will about the Cardinals' recent losing streak and talks NL Wild Card race, Ayesha Curry and more.

  • Footer & Leitch: June 7, 2016

    Alyson's back, talking AL Central, AL West and the 2016 MLB Draft.

  • Ezra Edelman

    The director of ESPN's breathtaking documentary "OJ: Made in America" sits down with Will and talks about his film.

  • Noah Davis on Copa America

    The deputy editor at American Soccer Now previews the Copa America Centenario, which begins June 3.

  • Footer & Leitch: May 11, 2016

    Alyson and Will talk about Bryce Harper's ejection, and what the Angels should do with Mike Trout.

  • Footer & Leitch: Back In Business

    Alyson and Will return from their hiatus to talk -- in person! -- about the Astros and Dee Gordon.

  • Leigh Ellis on the NBA Playoffs

    From NBA-TV's The Starters, Leigh Ellis goes through every playoff matchup. It is very fun, and handsomely Australian.

  • Joe DeLessio Previews NHL Playoffs

    SoE hockey writer and New York Magazine associate editor Joe DeLessio previews the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs series by series.

  • Footer & Leitch: MLB's Opening Week

    Alyson and Will talk about the Jose Bautista slide play and remember that they forgot to preview the NL Central.

  • "Rise and Fire" author Shawn Fury

    The author of Rise and Fire, a history of the jump shot, talks to Will about the origins and evolution of the shot, and what might be coming next.

  • Footer & Leitch: 2016 Predictions

    In the last podcast before games begin, Alyson and Will make all their big predictions.

  • Joe Sheehan Previews the MLB Season

    The Sports Illustrated writer and the editor of the Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter does his annual two-hour MLB Season Preview Deep Dive. This is a long one, but it's so worth it.

  • Footer & Leitch: AL West Preview

    Alyson and Will preview the American League West, and have a spirited Adam LaRoche debate.

  • Joe Nocera

    The co-author of "Indentured: The Inside Story of the Rebellion Against the NCAA," on the day the NCAA Tournament begins, talks about his new book and the lunacy of big-time college athletes not being paid.

  • Matt Norlander on March Madness

    The CBS Sports college basketball writer does his annual NCAA Tournament breakdown, game by game, team by team ... and as always, even includes the NIT. Also: Meat Loaf. Embrace the Madness.

  • Footer & Leitch: AL East Preview

    Alyson and Will preview the American League East and defend Bryce Harper, as if he needs defending.

  • Brian Kenny on Replay

    The MLB Network host debates the neighborhood play and instant replay with Will after they wrote dueling, opposite pieces about it on Sports On Earth this week.

  • Footer & Leitch: AL Central Preview

    Alyson Footer joins Will to preview the American League Central ... the team Will picks to win the division is Alyson's last-place team, so someone is very wrong.

  • Howard Megdal Talks Cardinals

    The author of the new book "The Cardinals Way" looks at the positives and negatives to the Cardinals approach, the hacking investigation and how the Cubs and Cards are set for battle.

  • Footer & Leitch: NL West Preview

    Alyson and Will look at the new rule changes for 2016 and preview the NL West.

  • Footer & Leitch: NL East Preview

    Alyson Footer returns for our weekly Footer & Leitch podcasts, which means it's almost baseball season! We preview the NL East and talk about awkward player head shots.