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Archived Podcasts

  • Footer & Leitch: May 11, 2016

    Alyson and Will talk about Bryce Harper's ejection, and what the Angels should do with Mike Trout.

  • Footer & Leitch: Back In Business

    Alyson and Will return from their hiatus to talk -- in person! -- about the Astros and Dee Gordon.

  • Leigh Ellis on the NBA Playoffs

    From NBA-TV's The Starters, Leigh Ellis goes through every playoff matchup. It is very fun, and handsomely Australian.

  • Joe DeLessio Previews NHL Playoffs

    SoE hockey writer and New York Magazine associate editor Joe DeLessio previews the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs series by series.

  • Footer & Leitch: MLB's Opening Week

    Alyson and Will talk about the Jose Bautista slide play and remember that they forgot to preview the NL Central.

  • "Rise and Fire" author Shawn Fury

    The author of Rise and Fire, a history of the jump shot, talks to Will about the origins and evolution of the shot, and what might be coming next.

  • Footer & Leitch: 2016 Predictions

    In the last podcast before games begin, Alyson and Will make all their big predictions.

  • Joe Sheehan Previews the MLB Season

    The Sports Illustrated writer and the editor of the Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter does his annual two-hour MLB Season Preview Deep Dive. This is a long one, but it's so worth it.

  • Footer & Leitch: AL West Preview

    Alyson and Will preview the American League West, and have a spirited Adam LaRoche debate.

  • Joe Nocera

    The co-author of "Indentured: The Inside Story of the Rebellion Against the NCAA," on the day the NCAA Tournament begins, talks about his new book and the lunacy of big-time college athletes not being paid.

  • Matt Norlander on March Madness

    The CBS Sports college basketball writer does his annual NCAA Tournament breakdown, game by game, team by team ... and as always, even includes the NIT. Also: Meat Loaf. Embrace the Madness.

  • Footer & Leitch: AL East Preview

    Alyson and Will preview the American League East and defend Bryce Harper, as if he needs defending.

  • Brian Kenny on Replay

    The MLB Network host debates the neighborhood play and instant replay with Will after they wrote dueling, opposite pieces about it on Sports On Earth this week.

  • Footer & Leitch: AL Central Preview

    Alyson Footer joins Will to preview the American League Central ... the team Will picks to win the division is Alyson's last-place team, so someone is very wrong.

  • Howard Megdal Talks Cardinals

    The author of the new book "The Cardinals Way" looks at the positives and negatives to the Cardinals approach, the hacking investigation and how the Cubs and Cards are set for battle.

  • Footer & Leitch: NL West Preview

    Alyson and Will look at the new rule changes for 2016 and preview the NL West.

  • Footer & Leitch: NL East Preview

    Alyson Footer returns for our weekly Footer & Leitch podcasts, which means it's almost baseball season! We preview the NL East and talk about awkward player head shots.

  • Jay Busbee

    The Yahoo Sports writer and author of "Earnhardt Nation: The Full-Throttle Saga of NASCAR's First Family" talks with Will about the history of the Earnhardt family, and whether Dale Sr. could thrive in NASCAR today.

  • Lindsay Jones at the Super Bowl

    USA Today's NFL reporter previews the Super Bowl with Will. Predictions! Super Bowl stuff! All of it!

  • Jan. 26, 2016: Will Brinson

    The CBS Sports senior writer talks about the conference championship games and the impending dominance of Cam Newton, and previews Super Bowl 50.

  • Footer & Leitch: Jan. 18, 2016

    Alyson and Will do their first podcast of the new year, talking Puerto Rico, Yeonis Cespedes and, crucially, the Cardinals-Astros hacking business.

  • National Championship Preview: Matt Brown

    Sports On Earth's college football writer previews the national title game between Clemson and Alabama, live from Phoenix.

  • Tommy Craggs

    The former Gawker Media editorial director sits down for his annual holiday chat with Will and talks in detail for the first time about his exit from the company, and the state of media heading into 2016.

  • Footer & Leitch: December 14, 2015

    Alyson and Will talk Jason Heyward, Chris Davis and Mark Appel in their last podcast of 2015.

  • Footer & Leitch: Hot Stove Talk

    Alyson and Will talk about the David Price signing and wonder who the leader in the Jason Heyward sweepstakes is.

  • Jeb Lund

    The Guardian columnist continues an annual tradition on Will's podcast, talking Thanksgiving, family, politics and fried turkey.

  • Matt Norlander

    The CBS college hoops writer runs down everything you need to know about the 2015-16 college basketball season before it tips off Friday.

  • Anthony Castrovince

    The MLB and Sports On Earth writer breaks down MLB Free Agency with Will and makes predictions on David Price, Jason Heyward, Zach Greinke and others.

  • Footer & Leitch: World Series Wrapup

    Alyson and Will are back from the World Series and talk about a thrilling five-game series and the passion of the Royals fans.

  • Michael Pina: Trivia Podcast

    SoE's NBA writer tests his knowledge with Will's quiz.

  • Michael Pina

    The Sports On Earth NBA writer previews the NBA season.

  • Footer & Leitch: World Series Preview

    Alyson and Will preview what should be a fantastic World Series, and make their predictions.

  • Footer & Leitch: NLCS Preview

    Alyson and Will preview the Mets-Cubs NLCS, a series that's actually happening, nope, you're not going crazy.

  • Footer & Leitch: ALCS Preview

    Alyson and Will look back at the ALDS and preview, sort of, the ALCS.

  • Footer & Leitch: Mets-Dodgers NLDS Preview

    Alyson and Will preview the New York-Los Angeles series and make predictions.

  • Footer and Leitch: NLDS Cardinals-Cubs Preview

    Alyson and Will preview the Cardinals-Cubs series, and Will tries not to get too emotional.

  • Bernie Miklasz

    The longtime St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist, now at ESPN 101 Sports in St. Louis, previews another Cardinals postseason.

  • Footer & Leitch: Blue Jays-Rangers ALDS Preview

    Alyson and Will preview the Toronto-Texas series and make predictions.

  • Footer and Leitch: Royals-Astros ALDS Preview

    Alyson and Will preview the American League Division Series between the Royals and the Astros.

  • Footer & Leitch: NL Wild Card Game Preview

    Alyson and Will preview the insane spectacle that will be the Cubs and Pirates in the NL Wild Card Game.

  • Footer & Leitch: AL Wild Card Game Preview

    Alyson and Will preview the Astros' trip to Yankee Stadium in the AL Wild Card Game.

  • Footer & Leitch: October 5, 2015

    Alyson and Will recap the season's final week, make their award picks and look forward to the postseason.

  • Howard Megdal

    The sportswriter talks about the drama of his beloved Mets and what this season means in the context of Mets history. He also talks about his upcoming book "The Cardinal Way."

  • Footer & Leitch: September 28, 2015

    Alyson and Will talk about Bryce Harper and Jonathan Papelbon, the suddenly tight NL Central and whether the Astros can hang on. One week left!

  • Footer & Leitch: September 21, 2015

    Alyson and Will talk about the idiocy of beanballs, the NL Central and AL West and guess which teams will clinch this week.

  • Footer & Leitch: September 14, 2015

    Alyson and Will go division-by-division and assess the stakes as the season reaches its final three weeks.

  • Lindsay Jones: Trivia Episode

    The USA Today NFL reporter takes on Will's quiz game.

  • Lindsay Jones

    USA Today's national NFL reporter goes through the league team-by-team in our massive NFL Preview podcast.

  • Footer & Leitch: September 1, 2015

    On the heels of Vin Scully's announcement that next year will be his final season behind the mic, Alyson and Will discuss the importance of broadcasters to the game.

  • Matt Brown: Trivia Episode

    Sports on Earth's Matt Brown takes his shot at Will's quiz game.

  • Matt Brown

    Sports On Earth's college football expert previews every major conference in our definitive College Football Preview podcast.

  • Footer & Leitch: August 24, 2015

    Alyson and Will talk no-hitters, the collapsing Dodgers and whether or not Astros-Rangers is a rivalry.

  • Trivia with Mike Petriello's Statcast Podcast host takes his shot at Will's quiz game.

  • Mike Petriello

    Mike Petriello,'s Statcast guru, talks about what he's learned from Statcast's first year, what we might someday learn, and Randal Grichuk.

  • Footer & Leitch: 17 August 2015

    Alyson and Will try to figure out what's wrong with the Nationals and try (and fail) to come up with a solution for the inherent unfairness of a one-game wild-card playoffs.

  • Andy Behrens

    The Yahoo! fantasy expert goes team-by-team in the third annual definitive and comprehensive fantasy football podcast.

  • Footer & Leitch: August 11, 2015

    Alyson and Will talk about players and fans interacting in the stands, the Blue Jays fanbase and Carlos Correa.

  • Footer & Leitch: August 3, 2015

    Alyson and Will discuss the trade deadline, the Mets' crazy week and make their second-half postseason predictions.

  • Trivia With Molly Knight

    The author of The Best Team Money Can Buy takes on Will's quiz.

  • Molly Knight

    The author of the terrific book "The Best Team Money Can Buy" talks about the Dodgers' drama, Yasiel Puig, what makes a great GM and what it's like to write objectively about a team you love.

  • Footer & Leitch: July 21, 2015

    Alyson and Will talk about Alyson's first trip to Cooperstown this weekend, try to focus on the inductees rather than the election process ... and inevitably fail.

  • Joe Sheehan

    The Sports Illustrated writer and editor of The Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter has his third annual "If I Were Commissioner" discussion on the state of the game.

  • Footer & Leitch: July 13, 2015

    Alyson and Will broadcast from the T-Mobile All-Star FanFest in Cincinnati and discuss what they are looking forward to about the All-Star Game.

  • Footer & Leitch: June 29, 2015

    Alyson and Will go through their All-Star Game ballot, and Alyson amusingly rants about A-Rod.

  • Footer & Leitch: June 22, 2015

    Alyson and Will discuss whether Jose Tabata tried to get out of the way ... and that little kerfuffle going on between the FBI and the Cardinals.

  • Shane Ryan: Trivia

    The author of "Slaying the Tiger" takes on Will's challenge.

  • Shane Ryan

    The author of the new book "Slaying the Tiger," about the young guns of the PGA Tour.

  • Footer & Leitch: June 8, 2015

    Alyson and Will talk celebrity games, the impact of franchise players in baseball and the worst team to be a fan of right now.

  • Alex Wong: Trivia

    SoE's NBA writer nervously tackles Will's challenge.

  • Alex Wong

    The NBA writer for Sports On Earth and other places previews the fascinating NBA Finals.

  • Footer & Leitch: June 1, 2015

    A full podcast concentrating on managers, and whether their job is hard, and what it is they actually do.

  • Mark Lisanti: Trivia

    The Grantland writer takes on Will's challenge and lives to tell the tale.

  • Mark Lisanti

    The Grantland writer/editor talks about Mad Men, the Mad Men Power Rankings, Entourage and the Yankees.

  • Footer & Leitch: May 25, 2015

    Alyson and Will talk about foreign substances on hats, Bryce Harper and whether the Mets are dead. Happy Memorial Day!

  • Footer & Leitch: May 10, 2015

    Our weekly baseball podcast FINALLY kicks off, with Alyson Footer joining Will from AT&T Park in San Francisco.

  • Podcast Updates

    A little housekeeping about the show and what's coming down the road.

  • Episode 5.4.2: Leigh Ellis Trivia

    The Starters co-host takes on Will's challenge.

  • Episode 5.4: Leigh Ellis

    The Starters co-host on NBA TV previews every NBA playoff matchup, just in time.

  • Episode 5.3.2: Joe DeLessio Trivia

    Our hockey writer takes his shot at Will's challenge.

  • Episode 5.3: Joe DeLessio

    The Sports On Earth hockey writer and the New York Magazine associate editor previews the NHL playoffs, which begin Wednesday.

  • Episode 5.2.2: Derrick Goold Trivia

    The St. Louis Dispatch columnist takes his shot at Will's quiz game.

  • Podcast Episode 5.2: Derrick Goold

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch lead Cardinals beat reporter does his yearly deep dive on this year's edition of the St. Louis Cardinals. An absolute must for Cardinals fans: All others beware.

  • Episode 5.1.2: Joe Sheehan Trivia

    The SI baseball columnist takes his hacks at Will's challenge.

  • Episode 5.1: Joe Sheehan

    It's a big huge MLB preview podcast with the Sports Illustrated writer and purveyor of the great Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter.

  • Episode 4.64.2: Matt Norlander Trivia

    The CBS college hoops guru is the first guest to take on Will's challenge a second time.

  • Episode 4.64: Matt Norlander

    The CBS Sports college hoops guru goes through every game of the NCAA Tournament. (And Will makes him go through the NIT too.)

  • Episode 4.63.2: Matthew Leach Trivia

    The editor takes his swings at Will's game.

  • Episode 4.63: Matthew Leach

    The editor and Will look at the three MLB teams most likely to exceed expectations ... and the three people are way, way too excited about.

  • Episode 4.62.2: Alyson Footer Trivia

    The correspondent steps up to the plate for Will's quiz.

  • Episode 4.62: Alyson Footer

    The national correspondent checks in from Mets spring training and talks about Rob Manfred and the most intriguing team in each division.

  • Episode 4.61.2: Leigh Ellis Trivia

    "The Starters" co-host takes on Will's toughest sports questions.

  • Episode 4.61: Leigh Ellis

    The co-host of "The Starters" on NBA TV looks back at the trade deadline and previews the rest of the NBA season.

  • Episode 4.60.2: Frank Schwab Trivia

    The man behind Yahoo's Shutdown Corner leads with a strong shoulder tackling Will's game.

  • Episode 4.60: Frank Schwab

    The purveyor of Yahoo's Shutdown Corner blog previews Super Bowl XLIX.

  • Episode 4.59.2: Will Brinson Trivia

    It's a battle of Wills.

  • Episode 4.59: Will Brinson

    CBS Sports' senior NFL writer looks back at the conference title games and chats about whether we overvalue or undervalue quarterbacks.

  • Episode 4.58.2: Ty Hildenbrandt Trivia

    Solid Verbal host takes on Will's challenge.

  • Episode 4.58: Ty Hildenbrandt

    The Solid Verbal co-host previews the Ohio State-Oregon national championship game with Will from his hotel room in Dallas.

  • Episode 4.57.2: Lindsay H. Jones Trivia

    The USA TODAY Sports NFL columnist is on the clock.