Archived Podcasts

  • Episode 4.6: George F. Will

    Political columnist George F. Will talks Wrigley Field.

  • Episode 4.5: Jon Greenberg

    ESPNChicago's Jon Greenberg on the Bears and White Sox.

  • Episode 4.4: Kevin Kaduk

    Yahoo Sports' Kevin Kaduk kicks off Leitch Across America: Chicago.

  • Episode 4.3: Jonah Keri

    "Up, Up & Away" author Jonah Keri talks Expos history.

  • Episode 4.2: Randy McClure

    Rush the Court's Randy McClure on the Final Four.

  • Episode 4.1: Reid Forgrave

    Fox Sports 1's Reid Forgrave previews the Final Four.

  • Episode 3.64: Peter Robert Casey

    The inventor of hardball passport talks sports memories.

  • Episode 3.63: Mike Petriello

    Dodgers Digest's Mike Petriello on L.A.'s outlook.

  • Episode 3.62: Josh Reed

    Big Ten Geeks' Josh Reed on the Final Four.

  • Episode 3.61: Joe Sheehan (Part Three)

    Joe Sheehan previews the NL and AL Central divisions.

  • Episode 3.60: Joe Sheehan (Part Two)

    Joe Sheehan previews the NL and AL Easts.

  • Episode 3.59: Joe Sheehan (Part One)

    Joe Sheehan previews the NL and AL Wests.

  • Episode 3.58: Derrick Goold

    St. Louis beat writer Derrick Goold on the 2014 Cardinals.

  • Episode 3.57: Matt Norlander, NCAA Preview: Part Two

    Matt Norlander's NCAA Preview: Part Two

  • Episode 3.56: Matt Norlander, NCAA Preview Part One

    Matt Norlander previews the NCAA tournament.

  • Episode 3.55: John Gasaway

    ESPN's John Gasaway on the NCAA tournament.

  • Episode 3.54: Chuck Culpepper

    Chuck Culpepper on the Oscar Pistorius trial.

  • Episode 3.53: Michael Beller

    SI's Michael Beller on March Madness bubble teams.

  • Episode 3.52: Mike Tollin

    Film producer Mike Tollin on his "Summer Dreams" NBA documentary

  • Episode 3.51: Rany Jazayerli

    Grantland's Rany Jazayerli on the Royals, Nate Silver and podcasting.

  • Episode 3.50: Jon Bois

    "Breaking Madden" mind Jon Bois talks GIF bracket.

  • Episode 3.49: Chris O'Leary

    Chris O'Leary discusses pitcher injury predictors.

  • Episode 3.48: Jeff Zillgitt

    Reporter Jeff Zillgitt on top NBA storylines.

  • Episode 3.47: Andy Glockner

    Andy Glockner talks college basketball.

  • Episode 3.46: Hamilton Nolan

    Hamilton Nolan on workout culture and boxing.

  • Episode 3.45: Trenni Kusnierek

    NBC Sports reporter Trenni Kusnierek on covering Sochi.

  • Episode 3.44: David Roth

    Guest host Jeb Lund talks Olympics with David Roth.

  • Episode 3.43: Chris Strauss

    Chris Strauss from FTW live (sorta) from Sochi.

  • Episode 3.42: Timothy Burke

    Deadspin's GIF master Tim Burke talks to guest host Jeb Lund.

  • Episode 3.41: Joe DeLessio

    Joe DeLessio talks Olympic hockey.

  • Episode 3.40: Vinnie Iyer

    Sporting News NFL writer Vinnie Iyer wraps up the Super Bowl.

  • Episode 3.39: Chris Brown

    Grantland's Chris Brown previews the Super Bowl.

  • Episode 3.38: Dan Pompei

    NFL reporter Dan Pompei talks Super Bowl.

  • Episode 3.37: Lindsay Jones

    NFL reporter Lindsay Jones on the Broncos.

  • Episode 3.36: Mary Byrne

    USA TODAY Sports' Mary Byrne on the Sochi Games.

  • Episode 3.35: Adam Sternbergh

    NY Times Mag culture editor Adam Sternbergh on stats and fandom.

  • Episode 3.34: Peter Scolari

    Actor Peter Scolari on his new role as Yogi Berra.

  • Episode 3.33: Matt Ufford

    SB Nation's Matt Ufford on the Seahawks on Richard Sherman.

  • Episode 3.32: Nate Jackson

    Former NFL tight Nate Jackson talks football.

  • Episode 3.31: Matt Norlander

    Matt Norlander talks college hoops.

  • Episode 3.30: Wendy Thurm

    Fangraphs legal expert Wendy Thurm on the A-Rod debacle.

  • Episode 3.29: Mike Tunison

    The editor of Kissing Suzy Kolber on the NFL playoffs.

  • Episode 3.28: J.E. Skeets's J.E. Skeets talks hoops.

  • Episode 3.27: Doug Farrar

    SI's football writer Doug Farrar previews the divisional round games.

  • Episode 3.26: Dan Szymborski

    ZIPS creator Dan Szymborski on the Hall of Fame announcement.

  • Episode 3.25: Ed Hula

    Around the Rings EIC Ed Hula on Sochi preparations.

  • Episode 3.24: Tommy Craggs

    Year-end wrapup with Deadspin's Tommy Craggs.

  • Episode 3.23: Ben McGrath

    New Yorker writer Ben McGrath on the year in sports.

  • Episode 3.22: Kevin Lincoln

    Fox Sports Live's Kevin Lincoln on challenging ESPN.

  • Episode 3.21: Sam Miller

    Baseball Prospectus author Sam Miller on GMs and the MLB offseason.

  • Episode. 3.20: Mike Tanier

    Mike Tanier talks contenders in a potentially snowy Super Bowl.

  • Episode 3.19: Peter Billingsley

    "A Christmas Story" star Peter Billingsley on Billy Martin, the Cardinals and the strange side of fame.

  • Episode 3.18: Jonathan Bernhardt

    Jonathan Bernhardt on baseball's Hot Stove.

  • Episode 3.17: Kevin Pearce

    Former snowboarder Kevin Pearce on "The Crash Reel."

  • Episode 3.16: Carl Bialik

    Carl Bialik on the 538 site and sports stats.

  • Episode 3.15: Michael Weinreb

    Michael Weinreb previews the college bowls.

  • Episode 3.14: Jay Jaffe

    Jay Jaffe talks baseball Hall of Fame voting.

  • Episode 3.13: Greg Howard

    Deadspin's Greg Howard on the World Cup draw.

  • Episode 3.12: Steve Fishman

    New York Magazine's Steve Fishman on his explosive A-Rod story.

  • Episode 3.11: Beckley Mason

    New York Times basketball writer Beckley Mason on the NBA season.

  • Episode 3.10: Jeb Lund

    Jeb Lund joins Will for a very special Thanksgiving episode.

  • Episode 3.9: The Mighty MJD

    The Mighty MJD on the NFL, Thanksgiving games and sports bars.

  • Episode 3.8: Fred Frommer

    AP reporter Fred Frommer on the DC baseball scene.

  • Episode 3.7: John Gasaway

    ESPN's John Gasaway talks about the state of college hoops.

  • Episode 3.6: Tomas Rios

    Tomas Rios on GSP and the madness of UFC 167.

  • Episode 3.5: Bill Scheft

    Comedy writer Bill Scheft on working with Dave Letterman and more.

  • Episode 3.4: Peter Robert Casey

    The founder of talks about his product.

  • Episode 3.3: Selena Roberts

    Selena Roberts on A-Rod, Lance Armstrong and idiots.

  • Episode 3.2: Jay Busbee

    Yahoo sports writer Jay Busbee on the Braves' shocking news.

  • Episode 3.1: Seth Rosenthal

    SB Nation blogger Seth Rosenthal on the Knicks' horrible start.

  • Episode 2.64: Stephen Bardo

    College basketball analyst Stephen Bardo previews the upcoming season.

  • Episode 2.63: Nicole Auerbach

    USA TODAY Sports' Nicole Auerbach previews the college hoops season.

  • Episode 2.62: Karl Taro Greenfeld

    Author Karl Taro Greenfeld on Julius Erving.

  • Episode 2.61: Chad Finn

    The Boston Globe's Chad Finn on the Red Sox.

  • Episode 2.60: Matthew Kory

    Matthew Kory talks Red Sox-Cardinals.

  • Episode 2.59: Howard Megdal

    Howard Megdal talks about this crazy World Series.

  • Episode 2.58: Ben Lindbergh

    Baseball Prospectus' editor-in-chief Ben Lindbergh on the World Series.

  • Episode 2.57: John Heilemann

    "Game Change" author John Heilemann on the Red Sox.

  • Episode 2.56: Bernie Miklasz

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz on the World Series.

  • Episode 2.55: Howard Beck

    Bleacher Report's Howard Beck on the major NBA storylines.

  • Episode 2.54: Jamie Moyer

    Jamie Moyer discusses the unwritten rules of baseball.

  • Episode 2.53: Matt Norlander's Matt Norlander on college hoops.

  • Episode 2.52: Drew Silva

    Hardball Talk's Drew Silva on the NLCS and ALCS.

  • Episode 2.51: Matthew Leach's Matthew Leach on the playoffs.

  • Episode 2.50: Patrick Hruby

    Discussing the Frontline documentary "League of Denial."

  • Episode 2.49: Jorge Arangure Jr.

    Jorge Arangure Jr. on baseball's Latino "uprising."

  • Episode 2.48: Jonathan Bernhardt

    Jonathan Bernhardt on the MLB playoff series in progress.

  • Episode 2.47: Jim Kaat

    MLB Network broadcaster Jim Kaat gives his take on the playoffs.

  • Episode 2.46: Derrick Goold

    Cardinals beat reporter Derrick Goold previews the NLDS.

  • Episode 2.45: Bobby Valentine

    Bobby V on movies, Ralph Branca, the Mets and not a whole lot more.

  • Episode 2.44: Joe Sheehan

    SI's Joe Sheehan previews the MLB postseason.

  • Episode 2.43: Tim Grierson

    Talking "Breaking Bad" with Tim Grierson.

  • Episode 2.42: Ty Hildenbrandt

    Ty Hildenbrandt of Solid Verbal talks college football.

  • Episode 2.41: John Perrotto

    Pirates beat reporter John Perrotto on Pittsburgh's magical season.

  • Episode 2.40: Roy Firestone

    Roy Firestone talks about sports journalism.

  • Episode 2.39: Will Brinson

    CBS Sports writer Will Brinson on the NFL.

  • Episode 2.38: Jenifer Langosch's Jenifer Langosch on the Cardinals and the NL Central.

  • Episode 2.37: Jeb Lund

    Et tu, Mr Destructo? founder Jeb Lund on Internet culture.

  • Episode 2.36: Noah Davis

    Noah Davis on the rise of American soccer.

  • Episode 2.35: Rick Greyshock

    Rick Greyshock of "Waiting for Next Year" wraps up Cleveland week.

  • Episode 2.34: Michael Ruhlman

    Food writer Michael Ruhlman talks about Cleveland culture.

  • Episode 2.33: James Frey

    Author James Frey explains his Browns fandom.

  • Episode 2.32: Joe Posnanski

    Joe Posnanski talks about his hometown of Cleveland.

  • Episode 2.31: Scott Raab

    Esquire's Scott Raab talks Cleveland sports.

  • Episode 2.30: Drew Magary

    Deadspin's Drew Magary talks NFL and bad pre-game shows.

  • Episode 2.29: Mike Tanier

    SOE's Mike Tanier makes NFL season predictions.

  • Episode 2.28: Michael David Smith

    Pro Football Talk's Michael David Smith on the NFL.

  • Episode 2.27: Rich Eisen

    NFL Network's Rich Eisen kicks off pro football week.

  • Episode 2.26: Danny Kanell

    ESPN's Danny Kanell explains his surprising SEC champion pick.

  • Episode 2.25: Pete Thamel

    Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel talks possible changes to the NCAA.

  • Episode 2.24: Matt Hinton

    College football writer Matt Hinton makes predictions for the 2013 season.

  • Episode 2.23: Dan Rubenstein

    "The Solid Verbal" co-host Dan Rubenstein on college football.

  • Episode 2.22: Dan Wolken

    USA Today Sports' Dan Wolken talks college football.

  • Episode 2.21: James L. Freedman

    Director James L. Freedman on his new movie, "Glickman."

  • Episode 2.20: Aaron Gleeman

    Aaron Gleeman talks baseball and old-school blogging.

  • Episode 2.19: Jack Dickey

    Jack Dickey talks about his new job with Time/SI.

  • Episode 2.18: Doug Farrar

    SI NFL writer Doug Farrar talks football.

  • Episode 2.17: Michael Weinreb

    New SoE writer Michael Weinreb talks college football.

  • Episode 2.16: John Koblin

    Deadspin's John Koblin talks ESPN and Fox Sports 1.

  • Episode 2.15: Andy Behrens (Part Two)

    Yahoo! Sports' Andy Behrens talks NFC players for fantasy football.

  • Episode 2.14: Andy Behrens

    Yahoo! Sports' Andy Behrens talks fantasy football.

  • Episode 2.13: Jason Gay

    Jason Gay talks about his new Fox Sports 1 show.

  • Episode 2.12: "Breaking Bad" Special

    Talking "Breaking Bad" with Deadspin's Tim Grierson.

  • Episode 2.11: Paul Myerberg

    USA Today Sports' Paul Myerberg talks college football.

  • Episode 2.10: Chris Herring

    WSJ reporter Chris Herring talks all things Knicks.

  • Episode 2.9: Jay Jaffe's Jay Jaffe on the A-Rod Biogenesis mess.

  • Episode 2.8: Craig Calcaterra

    Hardball Talk's Craig Calcaterra on A-Rod and Biogenesis.

  • Episode 2.7: Steve Madden

    SOE's general manager Steve Madden talks CrossFit.

  • Episode 2.6: Wendy Thurm

    Wendy Thurm sorts out the Biogenesis mess.

  • Episode 2.5: Matt Brown

    SoE's Matt Brown talks 2013 college football.

  • Episode 2.3: George Quraishi

    Howler magazine editor George Quraishi on soccer.

  • Episode 2.2: Jonathan Bernhardt

    Jonathan Bernhardt breaks down the MLB playoff contenders.

  • Episode 2.1: Richard Justice's Richard Justice on Mo, the Pirates and more.

  • Episode 1.64: Michael Schur

    "Parks and Rec" co-creator Michael Schur talks Red Sox.

  • Episode 1.63: Joe Sheehan

    SI's Joe Sheehan plays MLB comissioner for a day.

  • Episode 1.62: Matt Vasgersian

    MLB Network's Matt Vasgersian shares broadcasting stories.

  • Episode 1.61: Noah Coslov

    CineSport's Noah Coslov talks about the art of broadcasting.

  • Episode 1.60: Howard Megdal

  • Episode 1.59: Ted Berg

  • Episode 1.58: Gary Parrish

    CBS Sports' Gary Parrish on Brad Stevens going to the NBA.

  • Episode 1.57: Tom Ziller

    SB Nation's Tom Ziller talks NBA free agency.

  • Episode 1.56: Derrick Goold

    Derrick Goold talks about the St. Louis Cardinals' success.

  • Episode 1.55: Dom Cosentino

    Deadspin's Dom Cosentino talks Pirates and NL Central.

  • Episode 1.54: C. Trent Rosecrans

    Cincinnati Enquirer reporter C. Trent Rosecrans talks Reds.

  • Episode 1.53: Jonathan Schuppe

    Author Jonathan Schuppe on baseball in the inner city.

  • Episode 1.52: Ron Wechsler

    NBC Sports Network's Ron Wechsler talks TV programming.

  • Episode 1.51: Marc Tracy

    New Republic's Marc Tracy talks data mining in sports and politics.

  • Episode 1.50: Joe DeLessio

    Hockey writer Joe DeLessio recaps the thrilling Stanley Cup Final.

  • Episode 1.49: Chris Mannix

    SI's NBA draftnik Chris Mannix preps Will for the draft.

  • Episode 1.48: Sarah Kogod

    DC Sports Bog's Sarah Kogod on clubhouse reporting.

  • Episode 1.47: J.R. Wilco

    Spurs blogger J.R. Wilco sweats out Game 7.

  • Episode 1.46: Jason Fry

    Mets blogger Jason Fry talks about the state of the franchise.

  • Episode 1.45: Spencer Hall

    SB Nation's Spencer Hall talks college football in the South.

  • Episode 1.44: Patrick Hruby

    Sports on Earth's Patrick Hruby on concussions and the NCAA.

  • Episode 1.43: Michael Dougherty

    "The Slurve" founder Michael Dougherty on politics and baseball.

  • Episode 1.42: Ed Cunningham

    Ed Cunningham talks football and winning an Oscar.

  • Episode 1.41: Cory Schwartz

    Cory Schwartz nerds out with Will on MLB stats.

  • Episode 1.40: Chris Cwik

    CBS Sports' Chris Cwik talks baseball.

  • Episode 1.39: Dave Zirin

    The Nation's Dave Zirin talks about sports and politics.

  • Episode 1.38: Brandon Steiner

    Author of "You Gotta Have Balls" Brandon Steiner on sports marketing.

  • Episode 1.37: Jerry Lucas

    NBA Hall of Famer Jerry Lucas talks memory games.

  • Episode 1.36: Jack McCallum

    Author Jack McCallum talks NBA Finals.

  • Episode 1.35: Ben Mathis-Lilley

    Buzzfeed's Ben Mathis-Lilley joins the podcast.

  • Episode 1.34: Gar Ryness

    Gar Ryness, the Batting Stance Guy, joins the podcast.

  • Episode 1.33: Chris Ballard

    Chris Ballard on basketball in the Bay Area.

  • Episode 1.32: Rick Chandler

    Rick Chandler talks about covering Oakland sports.

  • Episode 1.31: Ray Ratto

    Ray Ratto talks Giants, 49ers and Santa Clara.

  • Episode 1.30: Gwen Knapp

    Gwen Knapp talks Bay Area sports with Will.

  • Episode 1.29: Matthew Leach's Matthew Leach talks baseball.

  • Episode 1.28: Jim Cooke

    Gawker Media's Jim Cooke talks art and illustration.

  • Episode 1.27: Sally Jenkins

    Sally Jenkins talks NFL and Lance Armstrong.

  • Episode 1.26: Jay Jaffe

    Will and Jay Jaffe talk baseball (and robot umpires).

  • Episode 1.25: Jon Weisman

    Jon Weisman on the state of the Dodgers.

  • Episode 1.24: Red Panda Acrobat

    Will chats with amazing halftime entertainer Red Panda.

  • Episode 1.23: Mike Breen

    Announcer Mike Breen talks hoops with Will.

  • Episode 1.22: Dan Klores

    Director Dan Klores talks Knicks-Pacers.

  • Episode 1.21: Rulon Gardner

    Gold medalist Rulon Gardner on wrestling being out of the Olympics.

  • Episode 1.20: Amy K. Nelson

    Amy K. Nelson talks Middle East, Jim Leyland.

  • Episode 1.19: Neil Best

    Newsday's Neil Best on the life of media reporters.

  • Episode 1.18: Rany Jazayerli

    Rany Jazayerli discusses the Kansas City Royals.

  • Episode 1.17: Willie Geist

    Willie Geist on his experiences in media.

  • Episode 1.16: Chuck Culpepper

    Chuck Culpepper talks Kentucky Derby.

  • Episode 1.15: Cyd Zeigler

    Cyd Zeigler of Outsports talks Jason Collins.

  • Episode 1.14: Joe Sheehan

    Joe Sheehan talks MLB managers, Loria and Wrigley.

  • Episode 1.13: Paul Klee

    Paul Klee discusses the Nuggets-Warriors series.

  • Episode 1.12: "Earl The Pearl" Monroe

    Chatting with hoops legend "Earl The Pearl" Monroe.

  • Episode 1.11: Joe DeLessio

    Breaking down the NHL playoffs with Joe DeLessio.

  • Episode 1.10: Mike Tanier

    Assessing Round One of the NFL draft (and looking ahead).

  • Episode 1.9: Mike Tanier

    First round NFL draft chat with Mike Tanier.

  • Episode 1.8: Emma Span

    All about baseball with our own Emma Span.

  • Episode 1.7: Dan Shanoff

    Dan and Will break down the Kobe tweet "controversy."

  • Episode 1.6: Seth Rosenthal

    Talking Knicks with Seth Rosenthal.

  • Episode 1.5: Shaun Powell

    Will Leitch breaks down the NBA playoffs with Shaun Powell.

  • Episode 1.4: Alex Belth

    Will Leitch sits down with Alex Belth of Bronx Banter.

  • Episode 1.3: Drew Magary

    Discussion of college coach controversies and kidnapping.

  • Episode 1.2: Leigh Montville

    Thoughts on the Boston Marathon tragedy.

  • Episode 1.1: Dave Kindred

    Talking Masters, Tiger Woods and Illinois love.