Archived Podcasts

  • Episode 4.40.2: Trivia with Emma Span (Part Two)

    Emma makes a late surge in trivia points through the dreaded Outburst portion of the game.

  • Episode 4.40.1: Trivia With Emma Span (Part One)

    The former SoE staffer and current SI editor tackles current events and topics, hoping to not get any NASCAR questions.

  • Episode 4.40: Emma Span

    The former SoE staffer and current SI editor talks about the Hall of Fame weekend, Tony LaRussa and what's up with the Yankees.

  • Episode 4.39.2: Mike Tanier, Teams and Outburst

    In the second part of the trivia game, our NFL columnist attempts to beat the best score so far. The bar has been set high.

  • Episode 4.39.1: Mike Tanier Trivia, Events and Topics

    Will grills Mike on current events and the passing yards leader for individual NFL franchises. How did our football expert do?

  • Episode 4.39: Mike Tanier

    Sports On Earth's NFL writer and the author of A Good Walkthrough Spoiled previews NFL training camp, which somehow starts this week.

  • Episode 4.38.4: Joe Sheehan Outburst

    In the last part of the trivia game, Joe must name as many things as he can think of in several different sports categories. It gets intense.

  • Episode 4.38.3: Joe Sheehan Nickname Trivia

    Will tries to stump Joe on the nicknames to minor league, WNBA and soccer teams.

  • Episode 4.38.2: Joe Sheehan Topical Trivia

    Day Two of trivia with Joe Sheehan explores home run leaders for different franchises.

  • Episode 4.38.1: Joe Sheehan Tossup Trivia

    Will and Joe kick off this week's trivia game with a hodgepodge of current events sports questions.

  • Episode 4.38: Joe Sheehan

    The purveyor of the Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter and Sports Illustrated writer looks at the state of baseball at the All-Star Break, and the legacy of Bud Selig.

  • 4:37.4 Seth Rosenthal Outburst

    The initial trivia game concludes with Seth Rosenthal playing "Outburst" on a variety of different sports trivia categories.

  • 4.37.3 Seth Rosenthal Nickname Trivia

    For Thursday Trivia, Will quizzes Seth Rosenthal on the nicknames of various college and professional teams.

  • 4.37.2 Seth Rosenthal Topical Trivia

    Seth Rosenthal's trivia competition continues as Will asks about where NBA free agents attended college.

  • 4.37 Seth Rosenthal interview

    Will and Seth Rosenthal talk about LeBron, Carmelo and everything else NBA free agency has to offer.

  • Episode 4.36: Josh Dean

    We wrap up our podcasts about the USMNT and this fun World Cup, and announce a format change for future episodes.

  • Episode 4.35: Josh Dean

    GQ's USMNT columnist, and regular podcast guest throughout the World Cup, reviews the loss to Germany and previews the Round of 16.

  • Episode 4:34: Josh Dean

    GQ's soccer expert returns to talk about the U.S. tie against Portugal, and what the USMNT must do to advance against Germany.

  • Episode 4.33: Josh Dean's World Cup writer (and American Outlaw member) talks with Will about the thrill of the Ghana match, and what the U.S. needs to beat Portugal and advance to the Round of 16.

  • Episode 4.32: Trey Kerby

    The editor at NBA TV's The Starters talks about the Spurs championship, and just how many wacky faux-rap tribute songs there are in the San Antonio area.

  • Episode 4.31: David Hirshey

    The ESPN soccer writer (and one of Will's dearest friends) goes through every World Cup group, team-by-team, and figures out who's going to win what.

  • Episode 4.30: Noah Davis

    World Cup week continues with the American Soccer Now writer going deep on the U.S. team, player-by-player, with a look at what lies ahead for U.S. Soccer.

  • Episode 4.29: George Quraishi

    World Cup week begins with the editor-in-chief of Howler Magazine looking at the Landon Donovan decision, and the bracket as a whole.

  • Episode 4.28: Tom Ziller

    The SB Nation basketball writer previews the NBA Finals, which begin tonight.

  • Episode 4.27: Jayson Stark

    The ESPN baseball writer and author of the new book "Wild Pitches" talks about his career, "Baseball Tonight," great World Series games and the sad Philadelphia Phillies.

  • Episode 4.26: Jon Heyman

    The CBS Sports and MLB Network baseball insider talks the draft, how the baseball beat has changed and how to deal with dissenters online.

  • Episode 4.25: Joe DeLessio

    SoE hockey writer Joe DeLessio joins Will to discuss the Stanley Cup finals matchup.

  • Episode 4.24: Paul Pabst

    The producer of "The Dan Patrick Show" talks media, what makes good radio and Adam Sandler.

  • Episode 4.23: Harrison Stark

    The author of "The Global(ized) Game: A Geopolitical Guide to the 2014 World Cup" and the writer for Slate's new World Cup blog "The Spot" discusses Landon Donovan and how politics affects soccer.

  • Episode 4.22: Jack Moore

    The Sports On Earth and The Score baseball writer talks the Brewers, the Rangers and also the Brewers some more.

  • Episode 4.21: Patrick Stewart

    The distinguished actor and star of "X-Men: Days of Future Past" talks about England's and the United States' chances in the World Cup, and also how the Nets have changed Brooklyn.

  • Episode 4.20: Dave Zirin

    The Nation sports editor and author of the new book "Brazil's Dance With The Devil" talks about the country's protests of the upcoming World Cup.

  • Episode 4.19: Ryan Fagan

    The Sporting News baseball writer talks Tony La Russa to the D-Backs, the MLB Draft and Julio Franco.

  • Episode 4.18: Katie Baker

    Grantland's hockey writer talks Rangers, Blackhawks, the Olympics and the Times' wedding column.

  • Episode 4.17: Jason Wojciechowski

    The Baseball Prospectus and writer talks about the Oakland A's, and where they stand going forward.

  • Episode 4.16: Richard Sandomir

    The New York Times sports television reporter talks about NBC airing the Olympics through 2032, and cable bundling.

  • Episode 4.15: Cyd Zeigler

    The Outsports editor talks about the significance of seeing Michael Sam drafted this weekend.

  • Episode 4.14: Mike Tanier

    SoE's football expert Mike Tanier joins Will to talk about the NFL draft and the insanity that surrounds it.

  • Episode 4.13: Alyson Footer

    The national correspondent talks about the Astros, the Brewers and her least favorite ballpark to cover a game.

  • Episode 4.12

    The boxing writer for Sports On Earth and Deadspin -- and the purveyor of -- talks about Floyd Mayweather and the state of boxing.

  • Episode 4.11: Mike Pesca

    Slate's Mike Pesca joins Will to talk about the launch of The Gist and how podcasts fit into today's media world.

  • Episode 4.10: Dirk Hayhurst

    The former baseball player turned analyst and author tries to peek inside the irrational brain of an athlete.

  • Episode 4.9: Leigh Ellis

    "The Starters" on NBA TV analyst breaks down each round of the NBA playoffs so far.

  • Episode 4.8: Ryan Lambert

    SoE contributor Jeb Lund sits in for Will Leitch with a conversation about the state of hockey with Ryan Lambert of Puck Daddy.

  • Episode 4.7: Matthew Leach

    The editor (and future Athens resident) talks strikeouts, Bryce Harper and the baseball teams who have been the biggest early surprises.

  • Episode 4.6: George F. Will

    The political columnist talks about his new book about Wrigley Field, and Central Illinois.

  • Episode 4.5: Jon Greenberg

    Continuing with Leitch Across America: Chicago week, the ESPNChicago columnist explains why the Bears run this town and why White Sox fans are loyal, but few.

  • Episode 4.4: Kevin Kaduk

    The Yahoo Sports editor and founder of Big League Stew kicks off Leitch Across America: Chicago by talking about Wrigley renovation, the Blackhawks' titles and, yes, Clark the pantsless bear.

  • Episode 4.3: Jonah Keri

    The Grantland writer and author of "Up, Up & Away," the new book about the history of the Montreal Expos, talks about all sorts of exciting, warm business.

  • Episode 4.2: Randy McClure

    Randy McClure from chats with Will about the Final Four and the title game.

  • Episode 4.1: Reid Forgrave

    The and Fox Sports 1 college basketball expert previews this weekend's Final Four.

  • Episode 3.64: Peter Robert Casey

    The purveyor of, a baseball chronicling site, talks about his invention (and Will's obsession with it).

  • Episode 3.63: Mike Petriello

    The Dodgers Digest writer (and SoE producer) talks about where the Dodgers stand in today's current baseball landscape.

  • Episode 3.62: Josh Reed

    The Big Ten Geeks college basketball blogger goes over the Elite Eight games over the weekend and previews the Final Four.

  • Episode 3.61: Joe Sheehan (Part Three)

    The author of the Joe Sheehan Newsletter finishes his three-part season preview with the NL and AL Centrals.

  • Episode 3.60: Joe Sheehan (Part Two)

    The author of the Joe Sheehan Newsletter continues his three-part season preview with the NL and AL Easts.

  • Episode 3.59: Joe Sheehan (Part One)

    The author of the Joe Sheehan Newsletter kicks off his three-part season preview with the NL and AL Wests.

  • Episode 3.58: Derrick Goold

    It's baseball week! But first: The Cardinals podcast. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Cardinals beat reporter indulges just about every question Will has about the 2014 Cardinals. We'll be back with other teams tomorrow.

  • Episode 3.57: Matt Norlander, NCAA Preview: Part Two

    The CBS Sports and Sports on Earth contributor does a deep dive with Will on the Midwest and West regions. (And the NIT!)

  • Episode 3.56: Matt Norlander, NCAA Preview Part One

    The CBS Sports and Sports on Earth contributor does a deep dive with Will on the East and South regions.

  • Episode 3.55: John Gasaway

    ESPN's college basketball writer breaks down the whole NCAA tournament bracket.

  • Episode 3.54: Chuck Culpepper

    The Sports on Earth writer talks about the Oscar Pistorius trial, Virginia basketball and camel racing.

  • Episode 3.53: Michael Beller

    The Sports Illustrated "Bubble Watch" reporter goes through what every bubble team has to do to make the NCAA tournament.

  • Episode 3.52: Mike Tollin

    Mike Tollin and Will Leitch discuss Tollin's new "Summer Dreams" documentary, a look at the life of young players attempting to survive the NBA Summer League.

  • Episode 3.51: Rany Jazayerli

    The Baseball Prospectus co-founder and Grantland writer talks Royals, Nate Silver and his late, lamented podcast with Joe Sheehan.

  • Episode 3.50: Jon Bois

    The SB Nation associate editor (and the mind behind "Breaking Madden") talks about the site's upcoming fifth annual GIF Tournament Bracket.

  • Episode 3.49: Chris O'Leary

    The pitching injuries guru talks about which pitchers have throwing motions that are going to cause them arm problems.

  • Episode 3.48: Jeff Zillgitt

    The USA TODAY Sports NBA reporter runs down every major storyline heading into the final month of the regular season.

  • Episode 3.47: Andy Glockner

    The longtime college basketball reporter turned consultant talks about his weekend at the Sloan Analytics Conference.

  • Episode 3.46: Hamilton Nolan

    Jeb Lund talks to Hamilton Nolan of Gawker, Deadspin and about workout culture, boxing for fun and the state of professional boxing.

  • Episode 3.45: Trenni Kusnierek

    The NBC Sports reporter and CSN New England anchor talks about her experience covering curling all day, every day, and what Sochi has meant to her.

  • Episode 3.44: David Roth

    Jeb Lund and David Roth discuss the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, middle relievers and the Olympics.

  • Episode 3.43: Chris Strauss

    The FTW writer -- and Will's roommate in Russia -- talks Olympics, the lack of a lively Sochi party scene and how cool it is to see the Games in person.

  • Episode 3.42: Timothy Burke

    While Will is off in Sochi, friend of the show Jeb Lund plays guest host and talks to Deadspin's GIF master general Timothy Burke. Is this a Wally Pipp situation?

  • Episode 3.41: Joe DeLessio

    Sports On Earth's hockey writer previews Olympic hockey in Will's last show before heading to Mother Russia.

  • Episode 3.40: Vinnie Iyer

    The longtime Sporting News NFL writer wraps up last night's dull Super Bowl and looks forward to next season, when Seattle will be favored again.

  • Episode 3.39: Chris Brown

    The author of "The Essential Smart Football" and Grantland contributor gives us the definitive Super Bowl preview.

  • Episode 3.38: Dan Pompei

    The Hall of Fame NFL reporter and Sports On Earth writer talks about his nearly three-decade history of covering Super Bowls, and what's special about this one.

  • Episode 3.37: Lindsay Jones

    The USA TODAY NFL reporter -- and former Denver Post reporter -- talks about how the Broncos got here, and just how far they have come.

  • Episode 3.36: Mary Byrne

    USA TODAY Sports' managing editor explains the paper's strategy for covering the Sochi Games, and whether people are too panicked about the risks involved.

  • Episode 3.35: Adam Sternbergh

    The NY Times Magazine culture editor and author of the book "Shovel Ready" talks about Toronto sports, advanced stats and what it means to be a fan today.

  • Episode 3.34: Peter Scolari

    The star of "Newhart," "Bosom Buddies" and "Girls" talks about his new play "Bronx Bombers," in which he plays Yogi Berra, and his old pal Tom Hanks.

  • Episode 3.33: Matt Ufford

    The SB Nation editorial producer and old-fashioned Web-timey blogger man talks about his beloved Seattle Seahawks and the glory of Richard Sherman.

  • Episode 3.32: Nate Jackson

    The former NFL tight end and accomplished author talks about the true costs of life in pro football.

  • Episode 3.31: Matt Norlander

    SoE's (and CBS Sports') resident college basketball genius breaks down where we stand in college hoops this very second.

  • Episode 3.30: Wendy Thurm

    Fangraphs and SoE's resident baseball legal expert explains what in the world is going on with the A-Rod business.

  • Episode 3.29: Mike Tunison

    The editor of Kissing Suzy Kolber talks about the disappointing weekend of NFL games and how the site is still going strong after seven years.

  • Episode 3.28: J.E. Skeets

    The host of's "The Starters" talks about moving to Atlanta from Toronto, and how the adjustment from The Basketball Jones has gone.

  • Episode 3.27: Doug Farrar

    The Sports Illustrated football writer previews this weekend's NFL divisional round playoff games.

  • Episode 3.26: Dan Szymborski

    The ESPN writer and ZIPS creator looks forward to tomorrow's announcement of the Hall of Fame class.

  • Episode 3.25: Ed Hula

    The EIC of talks about Sochi's preparation for the Olympics, and why it might be the safest place on the continent during the Olympics.

  • Episode 3.24: Tommy Craggs

    The editor of Deadspin joins Will for a big year-end wrapup, talking matters Deadspin, sports media and (of course) Illinois basketball.

  • Episode 3.23: Ben McGrath

    The New Yorker staff writer talks about why Richie Incognito would be his Sportsperson of the Year, and playing hockey with Anthony Weiner.

  • Episode 3.22: Kevin Lincoln

    The writer for Fox Sports Live (and former Buzzfeed writer) talks about doing a live TV show every night, challenging ESPN and why he hated "American Hustle."

  • Episode 3.21: Sam Miller

    The Baseball Prospectus author talks about how we judge general managers, the baseball offseason and the upcoming revamp of the BP annual book.

  • Episode. 3.20: Mike Tanier

    The Sports On Earth NFL guru wonders if anyone can possibly be Seattle and rues the potential of a snowy Super Bowl.

  • Episode 3.19: Peter Billingsley

    The star of "A Christmas Story" himself talks about the Broadway version of the show, his beloved Arizona Cardinals, Billy Martin and what it's like having people look at his face the whole month of December.

  • Episode 3.18: Jonathan Bernhardt

    The SOE contributor discusses the activity at MLB's winter meetings and what it means for next season.

  • Episode 3.17: Kevin Pearce

    The former snowboarder talks about the new documentary on his life, "The Crash Reel," which opens this Friday.

  • Episode 3.16: Carl Bialik

    The newest hire for Nate Silver's 538 ESPN site -- and former writer for The Wall Street Journal -- talks about his new gig and how journalists misuse statistics.

  • Episode 3.15: Michael Weinreb

    The SOE contributing writer talks about the end of the college football regular season, and what bowls (if any) are worth watching.

  • Episode 3.14: Jay Jaffe

    The inventor of the JAWS Hall of Fame system discusses this year's ballot, and whether changes need to be made to the voting process.

  • Episode 3.13: Greg Howard

    The Deadspin contributing soccer writer previews Friday's World Cup draw, and how it's probably going to be a rough one for the U.S. team.

  • Episode 3.12: Steve Fishman

    The New York magazine writer talks about this week's cover story, on the Elmore Leonard tale that is the Alex Rodriguez/Biogenesis story.

  • Episode 3.11: Beckley Mason

    The HoopsSpeak founder and New York Times basketball writer catches you up on everything that's happened in the NBA so far this season.

  • Episode 3.10: Jeb Lund

    The Sports On Earth contributor (and mind behind @mobute) joins for a special Thanksgiving podcast of fun and mirth.

  • Episode 3.9: The Mighty MJD

    The legendary football blogger talks about the NFL season so far, Thanksgiving games and why a sports bar is still the best place to watch football.

  • Episode 3.8: Fred Frommer

    The Associated Press reporter discusses the Washington DC baseball scene and his new book "You Gotta Have Heart: A History of Washington Baseball."

  • Episode 3.7: John Gasaway

    ESPN Insider college basketball analyst John Gasaway talks with Will about the state of college hoops today, new foul rules, early-season surprises and evaluating freshmen.

  • Episode 3.6: Tomas Rios

    The Sports On Earth contributor explains that madness of the UFC's weekend, and why it's a tragedy that Georges St-Pierre will be forced to fight again.

  • Episode 3.5: Bill Scheft

    The "Late Show With David Letterman" writer talks about working with Dave, the state of late-night television and why his old Sports Illustrated column might not work today.

  • Episode 3.4: Peter Robert Casey

    The founder of, a site that logs your basketball experiences, talks about his product and the loss of ESPN Passport.

  • Episode 3.3: Selena Roberts

    The award-winning journalist and SoE contributor talks about A-Rod and Lance Armstrong and counsels Will on how to deal with idiots.

  • Episode 3.2: Jay Busbee

    The Yahoo sports writer and lifelong Atlanta resident explains the madness -- and logic -- of the Braves' shocking announcement yesterday.

  • Episode 3.1: Seth Rosenthal

    The Posting and Toasting purveyor (and SB Nation blogger) reflects on the Knicks' horrible start, and one of the worst Knicks games he's ever seen.

  • Episode 2.64: Stephen Bardo

    The new Big Ten Network college basketball analyst and member of the 1988-89 Final Four Illinois team talks about the upcoming season and his new book, "Flyin' Illini," about that beloved team.

  • Episode 2.63: Nicole Auerbach

    The USA TODAY Sports' basketball reporter previews the season -- which starts Friday! -- and talks about Andrew Wiggins, Harvard hoops and, of course, Illinois and Georgia.

  • Episode 2.62: Karl Taro Greenfeld

    The esteemed author -- and co-writer on Julius Erving's new autobiography -- talks about Dr. J's candid nature, and what he meant to today's NBA.

  • Episode 2.61: Chad Finn

    The Boston Globe columnist talks about Boston in the wake of the Red Sox championship and wonders if anyone has found Mike Napoli yet.

  • Episode 2.60: Matthew Kory

    The Baseball Prospectus and Over the Monster writer -- as well as SoE contributor -- recaps Game 5 with Will, and talks about why this series seems over, even though it is far from it.

  • Episode 2.59: Howard Megdal

    From Busch Stadium less than an hour after the Sox tied up the World Series, Will and Howard talk about Kolten Wong, Mike Matheny, Jon Lester and this crazy Series.

  • Episode 2.58: Ben Lindbergh

    Baseball Prospectus' editor-in-chief previews the World Series with Will, mostly by explaining how much fun it is that we have no idea what will happen.

  • Episode 2.57: John Heilemann

    Will talks to the author of "Game Change" -- also "Morning Joe" panelist and New York magazine national affairs editor -- about Heilemann's beloved Red Sox, and what Fenway's gonna be like this week.

  • Episode 2.56: Bernie Miklasz

    The famed St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist talks about Cardinals hate and previews the World Series.

  • Episode 2.55: Howard Beck

    The new Bleacher Report NBA columnist talks about his new gig and previews the major NBA storylines.

  • Episode 2.54: Jamie Moyer

    The former major league pitcher talks about his new book "Just Tell Me I Can't" and how the mores of the game have changes over the years.

  • Episode 2.53: Matt Norlander

    CBS Sports college basketball writer Matt Norlander tells you everything you need to know as college hoops begins fall practice for the 2013-14 season.

  • Episode 2.52: Drew Silva

    The NBC Hardball Talk and Rotoworld writer looks at where we stand in both the NLCS and ALCS, and ponders what sort of contract Robinson Cano will receive.

  • Episode 2.51: Matthew Leach

    The national reporter looks back at last night's Cardinals game and previews the rest of the playoffs.

  • Episode 2.50: Patrick Hruby

    We both watched the Frontline documentary "League of Denial" last night. What does it mean? What will it change?

  • Episode 2.49: Jorge Arangure Jr.

    The SOE and New York Times contributor talks about the Latino uprising in baseball, the party police of the Atlanta Braves and the beleaguered Mexican soccer team.

  • Episode 2.48: Jonathan Bernhardt

    Sports on Earth's baseball writer previews the four games on Monday and checks in with how all the series are looking.

  • Episode 2.47: Jim Kaat

    The MLB Network broadcaster gives his take on the MLB playoffs and even chats with Will about his beloved 1982 Cardinals.

  • Episode 2.46: Derrick Goold

    The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Cardinals beat reporter indulges Will's Cards itch and looks at the Birds and the National League heading into the NLDS.

  • Episode 2.45: Bobby Valentine

    An unusually reticent and reserved Bobby V discusses his foray into movies, Ralph Branca, the state of the Mets and not a whole lot else. Was he sedated? It's a mystery! At least this one is short.

  • Episode 2.44: Joe Sheehan

    Will's first-ever three-time guest, the Sports Illustrated and Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter writer previews the postseason madness, which begins TODAY.

  • Episode 2.43: Tim Grierson

    Film critic Tim Grierson joins Will to talk about the final season of AMC's "Breaking Bad," including binge watching vs. watching it live, the problem with theorizing about the ending and lots of other spoiler-filled analysis.

  • Episode 2.42: Ty Hildenbrandt

    The co-host of the great Solid Verbal podcast talks about one of the best college football weekends coming up.

  • Episode 2.41: John Perrotto

    The longtime Pirates beat reporter talks about how this year is different in Pittsburgh, and how the fans have embraced the team like no other before.

  • Episode 2.40: Roy Firestone

    The "Up Close" host talks about the sorry current state of televised sports journalism ... and tests Will's skills as an interviewer.

  • Episode 2.39: Will Brinson

    The CBS Sports NFL writer tries to make sense of the Trent Richardson trade, and then tells us which 2-0 and 0-2 starts are real, and which are mirages.

  • Episode 2.38: Jenifer Langosch

    The Cardinals beat reporter for talks about the NL Central, her time as a Pirates reporter and what the Cardinals need to do down the stretch.

  • Episode 2.37: Jeb Lund

    The founder of the blog Et tu, Mr. Destructo? and Sports On Earth contributor talks to a very sleepy and punchy Will about Internet culture.

  • Episode 2.36: Noah Davis

    The American Soccer Now deputy editor (and occasional SoE contributor) talks about the USMNT's 2-0 win over Mexico, and how much American soccer is growing.

  • Episode 2.35: Rick Greyshock

    Rick Greyshock, Cleveland Browns blogger and one of the founders of the "Waiting for Next Year" site, wraps up Cleveland week, talking with Will about blogging in smaller markets, covering the Browns and what needs to happen to improve Cleveland teams.

  • Episode 2.34: Michael Ruhlman

    The bestselling food writer and "Iron Chef America" judge -- and Cleveland resident -- talks about growing up at Municipal Stadium, and why Cleveland is booming.

  • Episode 2.33: James Frey

    The author of "A Million Little Pieces" is a diehard Cleveland Browns fans, and talks about just how much pain that has caused him.

  • Episode 2.32: Joe Posnanski

    The NBC Sports columnist -- and former Sports on Earther -- talks about his hometown of Cleveland and how it has changed since he was a kid.

  • Episode 2.31: Scott Raab

    The Esquire writer, Cleveland native and author of "The Whore of Akron" talks about the compliant local media in Cleveland, how cynical Cleveland sports can make you and, yes, LeBron.

  • Episode 2.30: Drew Magary

    The Deadspin columnist and GQ contributor helps Will wrap up NFL week with some thoughts about the Ravens-Broncos, the sad state of football pre-game shows and awesome Bills fans.

  • Episode 2.29: Mike Tanier

    The indefatigable Sports On Earth football writer previews the whole NFL season, makes predictions and makes a terrific analogy about Chip Kelly's Eagles.

  • Episode 2.28: Michael David Smith

    The Pro Football Talk managing editor -- and Will's college roommate -- talks about life at PFT, missing the XFL, the great Paul Zimmerman and the Detroit Lions.

  • Episode 2.27: Rich Eisen

    The NFL Network anchor talks about golfing with Roger Goodell, why ESPN's NBA crew needs a host and whether he feels like the mouthpiece of his league or one of its reporters.

  • Episode 2.26: Danny Kanell

    The ESPN college football analyst and former Florida State quarterback explains his surprising SEC champion pick, muses on concussions and tries to defend Skip Bayless.

  • Episode 2.25: Pete Thamel

    Sports Illustrated senior writer Pete Thamel discusses likely changes to the power structure of the NCAA, the state of college basketball and the NCAA tournament, the rise of Louisville football and the pressure on Lane Kiffin at USC.

  • Episode 2.24: Matt Hinton

    The college football writer for Football Outsiders, SB Nation's Football Study Hall (and now Deadspin) discusses Louisville's chances to go undefeated, why Texas A&M is overrated, whether Clemson can exceed expectations this year and more.

  • Episode 2.23: Dan Rubenstein

    College football week continues with "The Solid Verbal" co-host (and podcast legend) Dan Rubenstein. Among the topics for today: Oregon's talent level, ranking the SEC teams and the state of the NCAA.

  • Episode 2.22: Dan Wolken

    Will kicks off college football week on the podcast with USA Today Sports' Dan Wolken, who discusses his recent road trip, the problem with Texas, whether Notre Dame can sustain success and, yes, Johnny Manziel.

  • Episode 2.21: James L. Freedman

    James L. Freedman, director of the new HBO movie "Glickman," talks with Will about the life of the legendary broadcaster Marty Glickman, who missed out on running in the Olympics, and then revolutionized basketball play-by-play.

  • Episode 2.20: Aaron Gleeman

    Aaron Gleeman of NBC Sports' Hardball Talk, one of the first and longest-running baseball bloggers, talks to Will about writing on the internet, the balancing act involved in writing about PEDs, and the ups and downs of the 2013 MLB season.

  • Episode 2.19: Jack Dickey

    Jack Dickey of Time/Sports Illustrated joins the podcast to discuss his new job, the choice between new and traditional media and the reporting of and the reaction to the Manti Te'o story at Deadspin.

  • Episode 2.18: Doug Farrar

    NFL writer for Sports Illustrated Doug Farrar joins the podcast to talk all things football, including whether preseason games can tell us anything, how to quantify a player's "desire" and which new coaches are in the best positions to succeed.

  • Episode 2.17: Michael Weinreb

    Sports on Earth's newest writer, Michael Weinreb, talks about his role with SoE, the fascinating and unpredictable future of college football, the debate over up-tempo offenses, the status of Penn State and predictions for the 2013 season.

  • Episode 2.16: John Koblin

    Deadspin writer John Koblin joins the podcast to talk about ESPN's public relations machine, how the new changes (Keith Olbermann, Nate Silver) will affect the network and whether Fox Sports 1 will really be the antidote it claims to be.

  • Episode 2.15: Andy Behrens (Part Two)

    The second day of Will's big two-part fantasy football preview covers the NFC. Guest Andy Behrens breaks down the big players to target or avoid: Is Carson Palmer a legit fantasy starter? What's up with the Saints backfield? And should PPR leagues be banished? (Part One here.)

  • Episode 2.14: Andy Behrens

    Yahoo! Sports' Andy Behrens joins the podcast for the first part of a two-day fantasy football extravaganza. He'll review the entire AFC landscape and tell you which players are relevant on each team (spoiler alert: target Jamaal Charles, avoid most New York Jets).

  • Episode 2.13: Jason Gay

    Wall Street Journal sports columnist Jason Gay talks about his upcoming new television show on Fox Sports 1 -- "Crowd Goes Wild" -- covering New York sports, interviewing Alex Rodriguez and the debate over bikes in the city.

  • Episode 2.12: "Breaking Bad" Special

    Will takes a break from the usual sports talk to meth out with Deadspin's Tim Grierson about "Breaking Bad," which returns for the final eight episodes this Sunday. What will happen to W.W.? Why don't fans like Skyler? Is it healthy to watch the entire series until this point in two and a half weeks?

  • Episode 2.11: Paul Myerberg

    USA Today Sports college football reporter Paul Myerberg talks about the new season, the repercussions of a potential Johnny Manziel suspension, whether the SEC will continue to dominate and who can legitimately win a national title.

  • Episode 2.10: Chris Herring

    Wall Street Journal reporter Chris Herring helps Will detox from all the A-Rod news by talking all things Knicks, including the Metta World Peace acquisition, whether the Nets are really a better New York team and what it's like to be inside the media circus.

  • Episode 2.9: Jay Jaffe's Jay Jaffe on that dreaded topic: A-Rod. He'll hash out the latest with Will, separating hyperbole from reality. Will that 211-game suspension stand up to an arbitrator? And where do we all go from here? Follow Jay on Twitter.

  • Episode 2.8: Craig Calcaterra

    Hardball Talk blogger Craig Calcaterra discusses all things A-Rod, Biogenesis and whether the PED stuff will ever really go away, if Bud Selig has anything to do with it.

  • Episode 2.7: Steve Madden

    Sports on Earth's GM Steve Madden (yes, Will's boss) joins the podcast to talk about what it's like covering the CrossFit Games in California, CrossFit's "cult" stigma and whether the average person can get into the competition, all while making Will feel really out of shape.

  • Episode 2.6: Wendy Thurm

    Longtime lawyer Wendy Thurm of FanGraphs, the Score, and Sports on Earth discusses the complicated ins and outs of MLB's Biogenesis case, and its future ramifications. Is this good for the game?And what happens next?

  • Episode 2.5: Matt Brown

    Sports on Earth's Matt Brown joins Will to talk college football, including Bill O'Brien's future at Penn State, the end of the BCS era, sleeper 2013 national championship picks, Johnny Manziel and the nation's best quarterbacks and more.

  • Episode 2.4: James Andrew Miller

    James Andrew Miller, co-author of "Those Guys Have All the Fun," discusses the state of ESPN, including the impact of Keith Olbermann's return, Nate Silver's new deal and whether Fox Sports 1 can make the Worldwide Leader nervous.

  • Episode 2.3: George Quraishi

    Editor of Howler Magazine George Quraishi talks all things soccer, including the strong run of the U.S. national team, what we're learning from the Gold Cup and which English announcers are worth listening to. Follow George on Twitter.

  • Episode 2.2: Jonathan Bernhardt

    Jonathan Bernhardt joins the podcast to share his thoughts on the second half of the baseball season, make predictions on which teams can still make the playoffs and dash some fanbases' hopes in the process. Follow Jonathan on Twitter.

  • Episode 2.1: Richard Justice columnist Richard Justice talks about Mariano Rivera's big All-Star moment, the likelihood of the Pirates holding onto a playoff spot until the end of the season and whether the Tigers' bullpen issues will prove to be their undoing. Follow Richard on Twitter.

  • Episode 1.64: Michael Schur

    "Parks and Recreation" co-creator Michael Schur (also known as @KenTremendous) talks to Will about how the 2012 Red Sox were like "The Producers," the state of the team now vs. the Yankees and his extended cameo in "The Office" season finale.

  • Episode 1.63: Joe Sheehan

    Bud Selig's out. Joe Sheehan's in. The Sports Illustrated baseball writer plays MLB commissioner for a day and discusses the State of the Game. What will he do about the draft? Can he improve competitive balance? Will he get drunk with power?

  • Episode 1.62: Matt Vasgersian

    Matt Vasgersian of MLB Network joins Will to talk about the longest he's been on the air at once, studio shows without a traditional host, his eventful time broadcasting the XFL and the experience of covering the Olympics.

  • Episode 1.61: Noah Coslov

    Noah Coslov, the managing editor of CineSport, joins the podcast to talk about his video content site, why he hates fireworks and what it takes to be a great pro broadcaster. Follow Noah on Twitter.

  • Episode 1.60: Howard Megdal

    Will talks to Howard Megdal, contributing writer for Sports on Earth, about campaigning for general manager of the New York Mets, what the Mets need to do to rebuild, keeping sports journalism fun and Trenton's Chase the bat dog.

  • Episode 1.59: Ted Berg

    Will talks with Ted Berg, baseball writer for USA Today Sports and For the Win, about the weird world of MLB, the All-Star festivities and his extensive collection of goofy Cole Hamels photos. Follow Ted on Twitter.

  • Episode 1.58: Gary Parrish

    CBS Sports columnist Gary Parrish talks about whether Brad Stevens made the right move by going to the Celtics, Lionel Hollins' boring press conferences and why being an NBA coach could be the most thankless job in sports, even when you're successful.

  • Episode 1.57: Tom Ziller

    Tom Ziller, NBA editor for SB Nation, checks in with Will about the latest news on the NBA free agent market, from Dwight Howard to the Lakers' future plans (LeBron James?) and more. Follow Tom on Twitter.

  • Episode 1.56: Derrick Goold

    NL Central week continues with St. Louis Dispatch beat writer Derrick Goold, who joins the podcast to talk about Will's beloved Cardinals and explain the remarkable success of the franchise over the last six years. How did they go from the worst farm system in baseball to one of the best?

  • Episode 1.55: Dom Cosentino

    NL Central week continues as Will talks to Deadspin writer Dom Cosentino about his Pittsburgh Pirates -- unlikely holders of the best record in baseball -- and what it's like to be a Pirates fan who hasn't seen a winning team since high school.

  • Episode 1.54: C. Trent Rosecrans

    C. Trent Rosecrans, Reds beat reporter for the Cincinnati Enquirer, kicks off NL Central week -- he'll cover the disappointing season so far for Dusty Baker's squad, the problem with their leadoff spot, Joey Votto and stupid saber jokes.

  • Episode 1.53: Jonathan Schuppe

    Jonathan Schuppe, author of "A Chance to Win: Boyhood, Baseball, and the Struggle for Redemption in the Inner City" discusses what led him to write about Rodney Mason, an ex-con and gunshot victim who turned his life around by coaching a Little League team.

  • Episode 1.52: Ron Wechsler

    Ron Wechsler, Vice President of Original Programming for NBC Sports Network, joins the podcast to talk about his experience with "Playmakers" on ESPN, the early days of Twitter and the development of NBCSN.

  • Episode 1.51: Marc Tracy

    New Republic staff writer Marc Tracy joins the podcast to talk about how military counterinsurgency tactics learned from Moneyball, whether data mining strategies are more effective in politics or sports and his book "Jewish Jocks."

  • Episode 1.50: Joe DeLessio

    Our hockey expert Joe DeLessio talks to Will about the thrilling end to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final (at least if you're a Blackhawks fan), what makes playoff hockey so spectacular and what the future of the NHL looks like after this abbreviated season.

  • Episode 1.49: Chris Mannix

    Sports Illustrated's NBA draftnik Chris Mannix preps Will for the draft, talking Alex Len's rising status, what the Bobcats should do with their No. 1 pick, where UCLA's Shabazz Muhammad will go and more. Follow Chris on Twitter.

  • Episode 1.48: Sarah Kogod

    DC Sports Bog's Sarah Kogod on clubhouse reporting, Bryce Harper vs. RGIII, the Redskins' name, politicians rooting for D.C. teams and more. Follow Sarah on Twitter.

  • Episode 1.47: J.R. Wilco

    J.R. Wilco, editor at Spurs blog Pounding the Rock, breaks down San Antonio's stunning loss in Game 6, how he reacted to the turn of events and his thoughts on their chances in Game 7.

  • Episode 1.46: Jason Fry

    Jason Fry from the Mets blog Faith and Fear In Flushing joins the podcast to talk about the state of his beloved franchise, the need to make a major move to reinvigorate the fanbase and what it was like to write a Star Wars book.

  • Episode 1.45: Spencer Hall

    Spencer Hall, editorial director of SB Nation and purveyor of Every Day Should Be Saturday, helps prepare Will for his big move to Georgia by giving him the lay of the college football land in the South, including what the tailgating scene is like in Athens.

  • Episode 1.44: Patrick Hruby

    Sports on Earth writer Patrick Hruby talks with Will about watching the NFL with its concussion problem, the unfairness of amateurism in the NCAA and how college athletes can pursue change.

  • Episode 1.43: Michael Dougherty

    Michael Dougherty, founder of "The Slurve," a daily baseball newsletter, talks with Will about his time in political writing, sabermetrics vs. traditionalism, PED use and Biogenesis, and more. Learn more about "The Slurve."

  • Episode 1.42: Ed Cunningham

    ESPN college football analyst (and movie producer) Ed Cunningham stops by to talk about his days playing for the Arizona Cardinals, about why the 1991 Washington Huskies team was one of the greatest of all time and what it was like winning an Oscar.

  • Episode 1.41: Cory Schwartz

    Vice president of stats at MLB media Cory Schwartz nerds out with Will on baseball. He'll explain the meaning of his title, his thoughts on advanced metrics vs. more traditional numbers and whether there can be such a thing as data overload.

  • Episode 1.40: Chris Cwik

    CBS Sports' Chris Cwik joins the podcast to talk all things baseball, including whether the Dodgers are completely out of the race, the influence Yadier Molina on the Cardinals pitching staff and whether the Angels are wasting Mike Trout's prime years.

  • Episode 1.39: Dave Zirin

    Sports editor for The Nation Dave Zirin talks about the intersection of sports and politics, LGBT athletes, the transgressions of the NCAA and why Dan Snyder is George Costanza-like, only less likable.

  • Episode 1.38: Brandon Steiner

    Author of "You Gotta Have Balls" and professional sports marketer Brandon Steiner talks to Will about the evolution of sports bars, collectibles, and taking apart Yankee Stadium.

  • Episode 1.37: Jerry Lucas

    NBA Hall of Famer Jerry Lucas joins the podcast to talk about his work as an educator and memory expert, how those learning skills helped him during his illustrious career and his take on the current state of hoops.

  • Episode 1.36: Jack McCallum

    Sports Illustrated contributor and "Dream Team" author Jack McCallum helps Will preview the NBA Finals, dissects the growing distance between writers and today's athletes and gives his prediction for the series.

  • Episode 1.35: Ben Mathis-Lilley

    Ben Mathis-Lilley, the sports editor at Buzzfeed, talks to Will about the misconceptions about his site, the separation of cats and state, feature writing and the challenge of gauging what people really want to read on the web.

  • Episode 1.34: Gar Ryness

    Today, Gar Ryness -- the batting stance guy -- joins the podcast to talk about his rise to fame for his odd skill, which players are the most fun (and challenging) to imitate and what it was like to be on Letterman.

  • Episode 1.33: Chris Ballard

    As his Leitch Across America tour wraps up in San Francisco, Will sits down with Chris Ballard, Berkeley resident and writer for Sports Illustrated to talk about Bay Area icons... and basketball, too. Follow Chris on Twitter.

  • Episode 1.32: Rick Chandler

    As his Leitch Across America tour hits the Bay Area, Will talks with Sportsgrid writer Rick Chandler about covering the heyday of the A's, coaching both Tom Brady and Jeremy Lin in youth sports and the time his parking spot outside the Coliseum was occupied by a large mammal.

  • Episode 1.31: Ray Ratto

    As the Leitch Across America tour continues, Will talks with Comcast SportsNet's Ray Ratto about the golden era of Bay Area sports, whether San Francisco is still a 49ers town and the "mutant angry charm" of Candlestick Park.

  • Episode 1.30: Gwen Knapp

    Will catches up with Sports on Earth's own Gwen Knapp to give him a scouting report on San Francisco, the first stop on the Leitch Across America tour. They talk Giants, the new 49ers stadium and what the crowd is like at Oracle for a Warriors game.

  • Episode 1.29: Matthew Leach

    Today, Will welcomes writer Matthew Leach (no relation) to talk all things baseball. They cover Matt Harvey, the post-LaRussa Cardinals era and what's wrong with the Nationals.

  • Episode 1.28: Jim Cooke

    Gawker Media art director Jim Cooke joins the podcast today and talks about providing art and illustrations for Deadspin, Gawker and Jezebel, the creative process, killing Dora the Explorer and the impact art and design have on content.

  • Episode 1.27: Sally Jenkins

    Washington Post sports columnist Sally Jenkins joins the podcast today to talk about the problem with NFL retirement policy, the complications of writing Lance Armstrong's autobiography and why there's nothing wrong with getting it wrong sometimes.

  • Episode 1.26: Jay Jaffe

    Jay Jaffe, writer for & Baseball Prospectus, looks at the baseball season after the first month and a half with Will. Plus, robot umpires vs. Angel Hernandez. Follow Jay on Twitter.

  • Episode 1.25: Jon Weisman

    Jon Weisman of Dodger Thoughts (and Variety) talks about the dark Frank McCourt era, the spending spree that followed and whether the team's current malaise is correctable.

  • Episode 1.24: Red Panda Acrobat

    The amazing halftime entertainer best known as Red Panda Acrobat, who performs an incredible balancing routine on a unicycle, chats with Will. Learn more about Red Panda Acrobat.

  • Episode 1.23: Mike Breen

    NBA announcer Mike Breen talks (mellifluously, of course) about being a color analyst for Marist, being Imus' sports guy, working with Clyde and the keys to good broadcasting, which includes letting the game speak for itself.

  • Episode 1.22: Dan Klores

    Today, Dan Klores (director of the 30 For 30 documentary "Winning Time") joins the podcast to talk Knicks-Pacers, the traveling roadshow of Reggie Miller, why no one messed with Charles Oakley and whether that fire from the old rivalry is missing now.

  • Episode 1.21: Rulon Gardner

    Rulon Gardner joins Will to talk about wrestling being removed from the Olympics, and what the winner of the gold medal for Greco-Roman wrestling in 2000 is doing to get his sport back in the Olympics -- and in the public eye.

  • Episode 1.20: Amy K. Nelson

    Senior correspondent for SB Nation Amy K. Nelson joins the podcast today to talk about what it was like going to a marathon in Palestine, the side of Jim Leyland nobody ever gets to see, the gay athlete issue and cursing on podcasts.

  • Episode 1.19: Neil Best

    Will chats with Newsday's Neil Best about the New York media scene, social media and media reporting, along with what it takes to be a good sportswriter. Follow Neil on Twitter.

  • Episode 1.18: Rany Jazayerli

    Today's guest Rany Jazayerli, co-founder of Baseball Prospectus, talks all things Kansas City Royals -- what their prospects (both actual and abstract) look like, the benefit of low expectations and why the team still needs to make the playoffs in order to justify the Wil Myers for James Shields trade. Follow Rany on Twitter.

  • Episode 1.17: Willie Geist

    Will catches up with MSNBC's "Morning Joe" co-host Willie Geist about his path to media stardom (which included Tucker Carlson and driving a liquor truck … not necessarily related), "selfie" news, the identity of Brooklyn Nets fans and Illini basketball.

  • Episode 1.16: Chuck Culpepper

    Will catches up with Chuck Culpepper, who covered the Kentucky Derby this weekend and lived to tell about it. They talk Orb, Triple Crown and whether there should be a dress code at Churchill Downs.

  • Episode 1.15: Cyd Zeigler

    Outsports co-founder Cyd Zeigler talks to Will about Jason Collins, John Amaechi, changing attitudes in sports and the positive reaction to gay professional athletes coming out.

  • Episode 1.14: Joe Sheehan

    Joe Sheehan, baseball writer extraordinaire for Sports Illustrated, talks with Will about the problems with MLB managers, Ron Washington's relative handsomeness to Mike Matheny and how Jeffrey Loria is the product of a broken system.

  • Episode 1.13: Paul Klee

    Paul Klee from the Colorado Springs Gazette joins the podcast today to talk about the riveting (and chippy) Nuggets-Warriors series, Steph Curry and the test for Denver's unconventional roster building. And then more Steph Curry.

  • Episode 1.12: "Earl The Pearl" Monroe

    Will talks with basketball legend "Earl The Pearl" Monroe about the state of the New York Knicks, Jason Collins' big announcement, trash talking in the 1970s, hippie Phil Jackson and smoking angel dust at Bubba Smith's house. Yes, pretty much the best podcast ever.

  • Episode 1.11: Joe DeLessio

    After a strike-induced shortened season, the NHL playoffs are finally here and hockey columnist Joe DeLessio helps Will break down the first round games. Is the Vancouver goalie situation Tebow-like? Will the suddenly hot Rangers make it past Washington? Should Don Cherry ever be allowed to talk again?

  • Episode 1.10: Mike Tanier

    With the number one pick, the Chiefs take ... Zzzzzzz. In the aftermath of a forgettable draft, Will talks with Mike Tanier (again) to assess the first round, make some predictions for what should be a more engaging second round and make fun of the Arizona Cardinals.

  • Episode 1.9: Mike Tanier

    It's NFL draft day and Will caught up with Sports on Earth's NFL columnist Mike Tanier to talk about the first round, cheering for "ephemeral moments of optimism" and yes, okay, Manti Te'o. Stay tuned for more from Mike tomorrow in Part 2!

  • Episode 1.8: Emma Span

    Today, Will talked with Sports On Earth's own Emma Span, to check in on the first three weeks of the baseball season and which teams are for real and which aren't. Also: John Sterling home run calls.

  • Episode 1.7: Dan Shanoff

    Today, Will talks with Dan Shanoff, founder of Quickish and the director of audience development for USA TODAY Sports, about the new site For the Win, Kobe's tweets and the complicated relationship between players and the media these days.

  • Episode 1.6: Seth Rosenthal

    Seth Rosenthal, editor of the great Knicks blog Posting and Toasting, talks to Will Leitch about the Knicks-Celtics series, avoiding New York media negativity and how Isiah Thomas might have brought on his puberty. Click on the link below to subscribe through iTunes.

  • Episode 1.5: Shaun Powell

    Shaun Powell joins Will Leitch to break down the NBA playoffs, including Spurs-Lakers, Celtics-Knicks and a surprise wild card pick in the Western Conference. Plus, now subscribe to The Will Leitch Experience through iTunes.

  • Episode 1.4: Alex Belth

    Will Leitch and Alex Belth of Bronx Banter discuss the Yankees' 2012 postseason and Yankee fandom's sense that the sky is falling, no matter how successful the team is. Plus, now subscribe to The Will Leitch Experience through iTunes.

  • Episode 1.3: Drew Magary

    Today, Deadspin columnist and GQ correspondent Drew Magary talks with Will about why coaches are insane, what it's like to be fake-kidnapped, and also raisins. You can also now subscribe to The Will Leitch Experience through iTunes. Enjoy.

  • Episode 1.2: Leigh Montville

    Today, legendary Boston sportswriter Leigh Montville talks with Will about his memories from Boston Marathon pasts ("the most innocent sports event in this country"), where he was yesterday as events unfolded and what happens now.

  • Episode 1.1: Dave Kindred

    It's here! The Will Leitch Experience podcast makes its debut with legendary sportswriter Dave Kindred, back from covering his 46th Masters. Kindred tells Leitch about the one Masters he missed, why he might not remember this one, whether Tiger Woods can ever come back and much more. Follow Kindred @davekindred and Will @williamfleitch. Enjoy!