Archived Podcasts

  • Episode 5.1: Joe Sheehan

    It's a big huge MLB preview podcast with the Sports Illustrated writer and purveyor of the great Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter.

  • Episode 4.64.2: Matt Norlander Trivia

    The CBS college hoops guru is the first guest to take on Will's challenge a second time.

  • Episode 4.64: Matt Norlander

    The CBS Sports college hoops guru goes through every game of the NCAA Tournament. (And Will makes him go through the NIT too.)

  • Episode 4.63.2: Matthew Leach Trivia

    The editor takes his swings at Will's game.

  • Episode 4.63: Matthew Leach

    The editor and Will look at the three MLB teams most likely to exceed expectations ... and the three people are way, way too excited about.

  • Episode 4.62.2: Alyson Footer Trivia

    The correspondent steps up to the plate for Will's quiz.

  • Episode 4.62: Alyson Footer

    The national correspondent checks in from Mets spring training and talks about Rob Manfred and the most intriguing team in each division.

  • Episode 4.61.2: Leigh Ellis Trivia

    "The Starters" co-host takes on Will's toughest sports questions.

  • Episode 4.61: Leigh Ellis

    The co-host of "The Starters" on NBA TV looks back at the trade deadline and previews the rest of the NBA season.

  • Episode 4.60.2: Frank Schwab Trivia

    The man behind Yahoo's Shutdown Corner leads with a strong shoulder tackling Will's game.

  • Episode 4.60: Frank Schwab

    The purveyor of Yahoo's Shutdown Corner blog previews Super Bowl XLIX.

  • Episode 4.59.2: Will Brinson Trivia

    It's a battle of Wills.

  • Episode 4.59: Will Brinson

    CBS Sports' senior NFL writer looks back at the conference title games and chats about whether we overvalue or undervalue quarterbacks.

  • Episode 4.58.2: Ty Hildenbrandt Trivia

    Solid Verbal host takes on Will's challenge.

  • Episode 4.58: Ty Hildenbrandt

    The Solid Verbal co-host previews the Ohio State-Oregon national championship game with Will from his hotel room in Dallas.

  • Episode 4.57.2: Lindsay H. Jones Trivia

    The USA TODAY Sports NFL columnist is on the clock.

  • Episode 4.57: Lindsay H. Jones

    USA TODAY Sports's national NFL reporter previews the divisional playoff weekend of games.

  • Episode 4.56.2: Tommy Craggs Trivia

    The Gawker Media executive editor takes on Will's challenge.

  • Episode 4.56: Tommy Craggs

    The longtime Deadspin editor and new executive editor of Gawker Media does his yearly holiday chat with Will.

  • Episode 4.55.2: Steve Madden Trivia

    Author and Crossfit expert "embraces the suck" of Will's rigorous trivia challenge.

  • Episode 4.55: Steve Madden

    The author of the new Crossfit book "Embrace the Suck" (and former SoE general manager) talks about the world of Crossfit, and how it's not as scary as you might have heard.

  • Episode 4.54.2: Kavitha A. Davidson Trivia

    The Bloomberg Views columnist tries to beat Will at his own game.

  • Episode 4.54: Kavitha A. Davidson

    The Bloomberg Views sports columnist talks about the intersection of politics and sports, and the battle between knowing the ugliness behind the games and still loving the games.

  • Episode 4.53.2: Matt Norlander Trivia

    CBS Sports' college hoops columnist is amped up to take on Will's questions. Will he regret that enthusiasm?

  • Episode 4.53: Matt Norlander

    Right before leaving for vacation, Will talks to the CBS college basketball writer about the 2014-15 NCAA season.

  • Episode 4.52.2: Tom Ziller Trivia

    Will grills the SB Nation columnist on current events topics and hoops-related q's.

  • Episode 4.52: Tom Ziller

    The SB Nation NBA writer previews the season, which begins on Tuesday.

  • Episode 4.51.2: Jeff Passan Trivia

    Will tries to stump the Yahoo! baseball columnist.

  • Episode 4.51: Jeff Passan

    The Yahoo! baseball columnist previews the World Series.

  • Episode 4.50.1: Anthony Castrovince Trivia

    The and Sports on Earth columnist gets grilled on current events, team nicknames, all-time postseason managers and more.

  • Episode 4.50: Anthony Castrovince

    The and Sports On Earth columnist joins us from Kansas City, where he previews tonight's ALCS Game 3 and talks about this crazy postseason.

  • Episode 4.49.1: Rany Jazayerli Trivia

    Fresh of the glow of his favorite team's Wild Card win, Rany takes on Will's sports trivia challenge.

  • Episode 4.49: Rany Jazayerli

    The Grantland writer and diehard Royals fans looks forward to his team's first playoff game in nearly 30 years.

  • Episode 4.48.1: Bernie Miklasz Trivia

    Will attempts to stump the St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist on a range of sports topics.

  • Episode 4.48: Bernie Miklasz

    The longtime columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch previews the impending postseason for the Cardinals.

  • Episode 4.47.1: Paul Finebaum Trivia

    ESPN's college football guru answers questions about Heisman winners, current event topics and more.

  • Episode 4.47: Paul Finebaum

    ESPN's college football guru talks about his new book "My Conference Can Beat Your Conference."

  • Episode 4.46.2: Aaron Gordon Trivia (Part 2)

    The Vice Sports writer hopes to mount a comeback in the last categories of the game.

  • Episode 4.46.1: Aaron Gordon Trivia (Part One)

    The Vice Sports writer takes on current events and topical trivia.

  • Episode 4.46: Aaron Gordon

    The Vice Sports writer talks Ray Rice, the Premier League and what Vice Sports is up to these days.

  • Episode 4.45.2: Doug Farrar Trivia (Part 2)

    Will tries to stump the SI football columnist in the last two phases of the game.

  • Episode 4.45.1: Doug Farrar Trivia (Part One)

    The SI football columnist takes on current events and topics.

  • Episode 4.45: Doug Farrar

    The football writer for Sports Illustrated previews the upcoming season, team by team, and makes his final predictions.

  • Episode 4.44.2: Matt Brown Trivia (Part Two)

    Matt takes on the last two parts of Will's trivia game, hoping to make the top three of all-time.

  • Episode 4.44.1: Matt Brown Trivia (Part One)

    Will tries to stump our college football writer on current events and Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

  • Episode 4.44: Matt Brown

    Sports On Earth's college football writer previews the season, and the opening weekend of games.

  • Episode 4.43.2: Andy Behrens Trivia (Part Two)

    Andy takes on the last phase of Will's trivia challenge as the questions get tougher.

  • Episode 4.43.1: Andy Behrens Trivia (Part One)

    How will the Yahoo! fantasy expert do when bombarded with current events and Tuesday's topicals?

  • Episode 4.43: Andy Behrens

    Yahoo's fantasy football experts goes team-by-team in a massive podcast preview. You'll definitely want to listen to this before your draft.

  • Episode 4.42.2: Chuck Culpepper Trivia (Part Two)

    Can Chuck beat the all-time record in points? We're about to find out.

  • Episode 4.42.1: Chuck Culpepper Trivia (Part One)

    Will tries to stump Chuck on current events and an Olympic-themed topic.

  • Episode 4.42: Chuck Culpepper

    The former (as of last week) Sports On Earth writer talks about his work, journalism, SoE and the future.

  • Episode 4.41.2: Michael Weinreb Trivia (Part 2)

    See how Michael does in the second two rounds of Will's trivia game.

  • Episode 4.41.1 Michael Weinreb Trivia (Part One)

    Will tries to stump our college football expert.

  • Episode 4.41: Michael Weinreb

    The Sports On Earth contributing writer and author of the book "Season Of Saturdays: A History of College Football in 14 Games" talks about college football fandom, and the upcoming season.

  • Episode 4.40.2: Trivia with Emma Span (Part Two)

    Emma makes a late surge in trivia points through the dreaded Outburst portion of the game.

  • Episode 4.40.1: Trivia With Emma Span (Part One)

    The former SoE staffer and current SI editor tackles current events and topics, hoping to not get any NASCAR questions.

  • Episode 4.40: Emma Span

    The former SoE staffer and current SI editor talks about the Hall of Fame weekend, Tony LaRussa and what's up with the Yankees.

  • Episode 4.39.2: Mike Tanier, Teams and Outburst

    In the second part of the trivia game, our NFL columnist attempts to beat the best score so far. The bar has been set high.

  • Episode 4.39.1: Mike Tanier Trivia, Events and Topics

    Will grills Mike on current events and the passing yards leader for individual NFL franchises. How did our football expert do?

  • Episode 4.39: Mike Tanier

    Sports On Earth's NFL writer and the author of A Good Walkthrough Spoiled previews NFL training camp, which somehow starts this week.

  • Episode 4.38.4: Joe Sheehan Outburst

    In the last part of the trivia game, Joe must name as many things as he can think of in several different sports categories. It gets intense.

  • Episode 4.38.3: Joe Sheehan Nickname Trivia

    Will tries to stump Joe on the nicknames to minor league, WNBA and soccer teams.

  • Episode 4.38.2: Joe Sheehan Topical Trivia

    Day Two of trivia with Joe Sheehan explores home run leaders for different franchises.

  • Episode 4.38.1: Joe Sheehan Tossup Trivia

    Will and Joe kick off this week's trivia game with a hodgepodge of current events sports questions.

  • Episode 4.38: Joe Sheehan

    The purveyor of the Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter and Sports Illustrated writer looks at the state of baseball at the All-Star Break, and the legacy of Bud Selig.

  • 4:37.4 Seth Rosenthal Outburst

    The initial trivia game concludes with Seth Rosenthal playing "Outburst" on a variety of different sports trivia categories.

  • 4.37.3 Seth Rosenthal Nickname Trivia

    For Thursday Trivia, Will quizzes Seth Rosenthal on the nicknames of various college and professional teams.

  • 4.37.2 Seth Rosenthal Topical Trivia

    Seth Rosenthal's trivia competition continues as Will asks about where NBA free agents attended college.

  • 4.37 Seth Rosenthal interview

    Will and Seth Rosenthal talk about LeBron, Carmelo and everything else NBA free agency has to offer.

  • Episode 4.36: Josh Dean

    We wrap up our podcasts about the USMNT and this fun World Cup, and announce a format change for future episodes.

  • Episode 4.35: Josh Dean

    GQ's USMNT columnist, and regular podcast guest throughout the World Cup, reviews the loss to Germany and previews the Round of 16.

  • Episode 4:34: Josh Dean

    GQ's soccer expert returns to talk about the U.S. tie against Portugal, and what the USMNT must do to advance against Germany.

  • Episode 4.33: Josh Dean's World Cup writer (and American Outlaw member) talks with Will about the thrill of the Ghana match, and what the U.S. needs to beat Portugal and advance to the Round of 16.

  • Episode 4.32: Trey Kerby

    The editor at NBA TV's The Starters talks about the Spurs championship, and just how many wacky faux-rap tribute songs there are in the San Antonio area.

  • Episode 4.31: David Hirshey

    The ESPN soccer writer (and one of Will's dearest friends) goes through every World Cup group, team-by-team, and figures out who's going to win what.

  • Episode 4.30: Noah Davis

    World Cup week continues with the American Soccer Now writer going deep on the U.S. team, player-by-player, with a look at what lies ahead for U.S. Soccer.

  • Episode 4.29: George Quraishi

    World Cup week begins with the editor-in-chief of Howler Magazine looking at the Landon Donovan decision, and the bracket as a whole.

  • Episode 4.28: Tom Ziller

    The SB Nation basketball writer previews the NBA Finals, which begin tonight.

  • Episode 4.27: Jayson Stark

    The ESPN baseball writer and author of the new book "Wild Pitches" talks about his career, "Baseball Tonight," great World Series games and the sad Philadelphia Phillies.

  • Episode 4.26: Jon Heyman

    The CBS Sports and MLB Network baseball insider talks the draft, how the baseball beat has changed and how to deal with dissenters online.

  • Episode 4.25: Joe DeLessio

    SoE hockey writer Joe DeLessio joins Will to discuss the Stanley Cup finals matchup.

  • Episode 4.24: Paul Pabst

    The producer of "The Dan Patrick Show" talks media, what makes good radio and Adam Sandler.

  • Episode 1.24: Red Panda Acrobat

    The amazing halftime entertainer best known as Red Panda Acrobat, who performs an incredible balancing routine on a unicycle, chats with Will. Learn more about Red Panda Acrobat.