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article August 26, 2014

City Still EPL Team to Beat

We still don't know who or what constitutes a title contender at this stage considering a cool summer breeze is still wafting through the transfer window, but one thing is certain: Manchester City is as close to perfection in the EPL as it comes. More»
EPL-Preview-V2 article August 14, 2014

Premier League Preview

Triple-check the functionality of your coffee (or tea) pots, because Saturday mornings are about to get rough again: The Premier League season is upon us. Which clubs are expected to be on top of the tables this year? Here's our British breakdown. More»
crazyfan2 article August 8, 2014

Tech For Terrible Sports Fans

Manziel Yelp, Accusapedia and Bermanator; these are just a few apps that JackApps, a tech startup devoted to improving efficiency in the highly lucrative yet largely ignored market of obnoxious sports fans, are dreaming up everyday. We just need $9 billion to fund them! More»
Goodell article August 5, 2014

Moral Compass?

After several years of playing the stern lawman, Roger Goodell has come under fire for being just the opposite in regards to Ray Rice. But what the public doesn't understand is the NFL is not a cultural trendsetter -- its policies are made to reflect society's conventional norms. More»
michael-sam article July 25, 2014

The Distraction Debate

When Tony Dungy remarked that he wouldn't have recruited Michael Sam, he ignited a timeworn debate about the effect that "distractions" can have on a team's performance. We look back at some big headlines to see whether that theory holds any weight. More»
blog July 24, 2014

No Discipline?

On Wednesday morning, the NFL suspended Ray Rice two games for knocking his then-fiance unconscious. A closer look at recent NFL suspensions demonstrates the NFL's wild inconsistency in upholding their nebulous Personal Conduct Policy. More»
erinandrews article July 17, 2014

The Plight of the Sideline Reporter

Sideline reporters are often derided as useless parts of sports broadcasts, a generalization that ignores the restrictions placed on them. The biases against women in particular have led observers to confuse those limitations with a lack of reporting talent. More»
Giancarlo article July 15, 2014

Going, Going, Gone

MLB has fiddled with the Home Run Derby's format for almost as long as it's existed. But the event won't be worth watching until we can make the event about the simplest of pleasures: seeing a ball fly through the air for a really long time and land really far away. More»
AmericanSoccer article July 10, 2014

Waiting for American Soccer

There will be no moment to which we can pinpoint American soccer's origination. Soccer doesn't get off a plane at JFK and get its passport stamped. If it does happen, it won't be through large-scale marketing or international friendlies, but by a gradual diasporic process. More»
worldwatches1980x1100 article July 7, 2014

Soccer Sociology

Traveling the world to watch World Cup matches with each country reveals some generalities, such as that South Americans care more about the Cup than other locales, while Africans invest more in it... and that soccer diplomacy stays on the field. More»
germany_france_fans article July 5, 2014

Playing Tug Of War

History has pulled the Alsace region back and forth between France and Germany, creating complex loyalties along the border there. Watching Friday's World Cup quarterfinal on both sides of the Rhine illustrates the unique push and pull. More»
US-Belgium-Wondo article July 2, 2014

So Close, Yet...

Soccer entertains far more debates about who "was the better side" than any other sport simply because it is so often a separate question from who won the game. U.S.-Belgium was almost one of those matches. More»
amsterdam_fans article July 1, 2014

National Holiday

When in Amsterdam during the World Cup, you can go to the large public viewings or hole up in a bar or coffee shop. Those paths lead to very different viewing experiences, but the outcome is the same: If you're there and not watching the game, it's a very lonely experience. More»
Dempsey article July 1, 2014

Dogged Underdogs

The World Cup knockout rounds have seen the underdogs -- Mexico, Algeria, Nigeria and Chile -- put up strong performances in ultimately losing efforts thus far. America can certainly reverse this trend against Belgium, but it will take one of their better World Cup performances. More»
usmnt1980x1100b article June 29, 2014

Sharing The Burden

For the U.S. men's national team, it all starts with Michael Bradley, the midfield's linchpin, but from Kyle Beckerman to Jermaine Jones, many other players have had the games of their lives, spreading the weight in a way that has kept the U.S. alive. More»
ghana-field-1980 article June 27, 2014

More Than Just a Game

In Ghana, soccer is everything: It's a distraction from economic struggles, a unifying force across the continent and a chance to prove their worth to Western nations. And when a sport is such an integral part of the cultural fabric, wins and losses aren't taken lightly. More»
chile_statue article June 19, 2014

Seizing The Opportunity

The Chilean national team attacks with a swiftness and relentlessness unequaled in the World Cup field. Wednesday's win clinched Chile's spot in the knockout round while eliminating the reigning World Cup champions and one of the greatest soccer teams in history. More»
argentina_watches article June 17, 2014

Choosing Between Legends

Every country has traditions for watching the World Cup. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, fans jam local cafes while debating the eternal question: Messi or Maradona? Both are revered for their talents on the pitch, but only one seems to stir true passion. More»
450,566,098 article June 14, 2014

The World Cup At Zocalo

The 2014 World Cup will likely be the most-watched event in history. All eyes will be on Brazil, but this tournament doesn't belong just to "the Land of the Palms." Our series "The World Watches" begins in Mexico City, where thousands of fans watch together in a public square. More»
sepp article June 11, 2014

FIFA's Depravity Level

It's difficult to explain to non-soccer fans the depths of FIFA's evil. But there is one approach that tends to work: comparing FIFA to the NFL. Using football's misdeeds as our unit of measure, we breakdown just how depraved soccer's international governing body really is. More»

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