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AJ Cassavell
AJ Cassavell
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article February 29, 2016

Small MLB Moves Can Pay Off Big

Sometimes better to fly under the radar during the winter. A handful of clubs have followed that playbook (whether out of necessity or not), opting for prudence over big-money signings or blockbuster deals. How might that work out? More»
BrantleyMartinezParker article February 19, 2016

Spring's most important players

Spring Training isn't the time to watch superstars. There are, however, plenty of players worth your attention as the spring progresses, mostly job-seekers and health-provers. We have one to watch for each team. More»
GettyImages-186034336 article February 3, 2016

A problem with preseason predictions

Here's a secret about preseason predictions: Nobody really knows what they're talking about at this point, and certain clubs baffle us more than others. With that in mind, here's a look at the most unpredictable club in each of the six divisions. More»
AppelMargotSwanson article January 22, 2016

6 MLB Teams Building For the Future

This offseason, 24 MLB teams announced they'll be "going for it" in 2016 -- with their moves, if not their words. As for the six other squads? They want to win as well, of course, but they're also trying to prep for the more distant future. More»
NLCentral article January 15, 2016

Fun factor: Ranking MLB's divisions

The offseason isn't over, and there are still a few dominoes left to fall. But the preliminary readings on those 2016 pennant races are taking shape. With that in mind, here's a breakdown of 2016's most fun races to watch, division by division. More»
GettyImages-74963486 article January 1, 2016

The HOF case for Trevor Hoffman

Preliminary results suggest Trevor Hoffman won't gain entry to the Hall of Fame this year, his numbers, his dominance and his legacy make the case clear: The former Padres closer is as deserving as almost any reliever ever. More»
BetancesChapmanMiller article December 29, 2015

Who closes in New York? Who Cares

The Yankees' bullpen went from great to potentially historic on Monday when they added Aroldis Chapman to Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller. When Joe Girardi & Co. discuss matchups in 2016, there should be no mention of "save situations" or "closers." More»
HarperStantonTrout article December 25, 2015

A starting 9 for the next half-decade

It's hard to remember a time when baseball featured so many bona fide stars under the age of 25, both at the plate and on the mound. It was a near-impossible task to pick a projected starting nine for the second half of the decade, but we tried. More»
Cassavell_5_teams_1980 article December 22, 2015

5 MLB Teams With Winter Work To Do

Typically, most baseball rosters are settled by Christmas. But this year's slow-moving market has left us with quite a few perennial contenders who -- on paper at least -- have some serious holes to fill before the season begins. More»
CastroMillerZobrist article December 11, 2015

Mid-offseason grades for MLB teams

There was plenty of action at this week's Winter Meetings. And while it's far too early to assess the results, we can at least take a look at how well each team addressed its needs. Here's a report card for all 30 clubs. More»
GettyImages-489364126 article December 4, 2015

Let's talk about Jason Heyward more

There's a lot going in Jason Heyward's favor as he tests the free-agent market for the first time. He's a great defender, and calling him a five-tool player feels like an understatement. Then there is what makes him a truly rare commodity: his youth. More»
MaroonsWarriors2 article December 3, 2015

Warriors match Maroons' record

The Warriors' historic 20-0 start is defying logic and precedent -- at least, within the context of the NBA. But Golden State isn't the first North American pro sports team to open a season with 20 straight wins. That would baseball's 1884 St. Louis Maroons. More»
beltre_1980 article November 27, 2015

Reranking 5 years of MLB free agency

We won't be able to accurately assess the 2015-16 crop of free agents for some time, but here's a look at the 10 highest-paid free agents over the past five seasons -- and what those top 10 lists might have looked like with the benefit of hindsight. More»
GettyImages-492834328 article November 23, 2015

Zack Greinke's big payday

There might not be a single free agent on the market tougher to peg dollars-wise than Zack Greinke. There are a number of factors to consider when assessing his value and what kind of contract he might get, so here's a breakdown of the most important ones. More»
GreinkePriceHeyward article November 17, 2015

The MLB all-free agent team

The 2015-16 offseason figures to be as good a time as any to re-load. There's premium talent across the board, especially on the mound and in the outfield. But if you had to build a team from scratch this offseason, how might they line up? Well, here's a look. More»
HeywardPriceGreinke article November 5, 2015

This winter's top 10 MLB free agents

Free-agency guessing games are always fun, so let's do some ranking. Here are the top 10 free agents in baseball this offseason, based on "WAPA WAR score," which takes recent performance, age and the slightly higher demand for pitching into account. More»
Royals-Houston article November 3, 2015

The Royals' Defining Moment

Nothing about these World Champion Royals was Hollywood -- aside from the ending. They were a team that made contact and ran, putting pressure on every defense they faced. And no sequence exemplified that more than their comeback in Game 4 of the ALDS. More»
OrtizBumgarnerJeter article October 23, 2015

20 years of Postseason MVPs

MLB's postseason has expanded rapidly in the last two decades -- from four teams to 10 and two rounds to four -- and it's never too late to spark a few arguments. Let's take a look at how the past 20 Postseason MVP races might have shaken out. More»
scherzer-1003-1980x1100 article October 4, 2015

Was Scherzer's No-No The Best Ever?

There are no-hitters and then there are no-hitters. Max Scherzer's gem at Citi Field on Saturday night was certainly the latter. Just how good was the Nationals ace in his 2-0 victory over the Mets? It may be the best game ever pitched. More»
GettyImages-479727620 article October 2, 2015

AL Cy Young race in Keuchel's hands

Dallas Keuchel and David Price's season numbers are remarkably similar -- so much so it's hard to say right now who deserves the AL Cy Young Award. That's why, aside from playoff implications, Keuchel's Friday night start in Arizona is such a big one. More»

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