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Alex Belth
Alex Belth
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article October 26, 2012

Trivial Pursuit

After years of turning my back on a game I had loved, I finally tuned in just in time for Joe Carter's famous World Series-winning homer in 1993. Watching him jump up and down like a child finally opened my eyes. After months of angst, baseball had brought me back to where I belonged. More»
verlander article October 7, 2012

Eye of the Tiger

Justin Verlander won the Cy Young and MVP last year, but if there was one thing that gnawed at him, it was that he lacked a playoff record to match. He took his first step toward fixing that on Saturday, shutting down the A's in Game 1 of the ALDS. More»
boomboom_kim article September 28, 2012

'Boom Boom' Finally Tells His Story

Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini was once viewed as boxing's next golden boy. But then came his 1982 fight against Duk Koo Kim, who suffered severe brain injuries from the fight and died days later. Mancini's life was forever changed, and Mark Kriegel's new book tells the full story of Boom Boom and that infamous fight. More»
Jock Covers article September 22, 2012

The Glory Days of 'Jock'

The greatest stretch in New York sports came in 1969-70, when the Jets, Mets and Knicks all became champions of their sports. New York has not seen a winning streak like it since. Yet one chronicler of those glory days is but a distant memory, even to devotees of great sports writing: Jock magazine. More»
Floyd Patterson, Muhammad Ali article August 27, 2012

Ali-Patterson: The Real Story

The 1965 Muhammad Ali-Floyd Patterson fight was one of the most hyped brawls ever, but the real story about that fight is known by just a few. Until now. In his new biography of Patterson, W.K. Stratton explains the truth behind the storied clash. More»

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