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Andrea Hangst
Andrea Hangst
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article February 6, 2017

James White Was SB 51's True MVP

It probably didn't surprise anyone to see Tom Brady winning the MVP award for Super Bowl 51. After all, he is the quarterback. But there was another member of the Patriots who was more deserving of the award, and his name is James White. More»
TaylorGabriel-1 article February 5, 2017

Taylor Made: Gabriel Unsung Hero

Every NFL season, there are breakout players, often initially buried on a given team's depth chart, who suddenly become indispensable. For the Atlanta Falcons, this player has been receiver Taylor Gabriel. And he could be become a Super Bowl hero. More»
GettyImages-487296686 article January 27, 2017

Breaking Down The 30th Royal Rumble

This Sunday night, the most famous 30-man event takes the stage on its 30th anniversary: It's the Royal Rumble! And 30 wrestlers going at it isn't the only event. There are a bunch of other matches as well that night, so let's break it all down. More»
RyanFalconsPackers article January 22, 2017

Score Lords In NFC Title Game

The NFC Championship Game between the Falcons and Packers on Sunday showcases two of the most high-powered offenses in the league, both led by MVP-worthy quarterbacks. Who has the edge? We have to give it to the birds. More»
BigBen1 article January 18, 2017

Steel the One? Ben's Legacy Vs. Pats

When the Steelers go on the road to take on the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday, there will be a lot more on the line for Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger than anyone else. Here's why. More»
GettyImages-630525670 article January 10, 2017

Stardom Shouldn't Erase Hill's Past

While Kansas City Chiefs rookie Tyreek Hill is having a breakout season, his history of domestic violence cannot and should not be forgotten. Hill is getting a second chance and that's fine, but don't forget why he needs one. More»
GettyImages-631232606 article January 8, 2017

The Steelers D Gets An 'A' Grade

While Pittsburgh's "Big Three" of Ben Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown get most of the attention, the Steelers' defense should not be overlooked. And they showed why in their dominant Wild Card round win over Miami. More»
GettyImages-506368274 article January 5, 2017

NFL Head Coach Desirability Rankings

Six NFL teams are looking to find a new head coach. But not all head coaching vacancies are equal -- for a myriad of reasons. Let's take a close look at which job would be the most desirable for those on the market. More»
RaidersHangst article December 20, 2016

Back In Black: Raiders' Hopes Are High

The Oakland Raiders are going to the playoffs for the first time since the 2002-03 season, when they went to the Super Bowl. All it took was an organizational overhaul, great drafting and a competent head coach. Easy, right? More»
GettyImages-626126930 article December 12, 2016

Down Pats: Ravens D vs. Tom Brady

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will have their hands full when they host the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night. The Ravens' defense has been one of the best in the league, but upsetting the Pats in Foxborough is one tall task. More»
USATSI_9659298 article November 30, 2016

Shuttered Island: Revis Still Reeling

Revis Island doesn't seem to exist anymore. The New York Jets cornerback has been getting picked on and torched throughout the 2016 season. And the Jets are going to have to make a tough decision next year regarding his future. More»
SteelersColts article November 23, 2016

Steely Resolve? Win Big on the Road

The Steelers will give thanks that they probably don't have to face Andrew Luck in Indianapolis Thursday night. However, Pittsburgh has struggled on the road at times this season, and this is pretty much a must-win game. More»
Mariota-Winston article November 15, 2016

Mariota, Winston On The Rise

The younger players in the NFL are starting to make an impact, and second-year quarterbacks Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston are helping lead the charge. While their rookie years were expectedly rocky, both look much improved in 2016. More»
GettyImages-613640584 article November 8, 2016

Throwing the Flag On NFL Penalties

It seems like the NFL is having some issues with the officials and the amount of penalties being called. But are the officials affecting the on-the-field play as much as fans think? Has this year been any different from past seasons? More»
GettyImages-617475322 article November 2, 2016

Jamaal In Jeopardy After Going On IR

After suffering yet another knee injury, the Kansas City Chiefs placed their star running back Jamaal Charles on injured reserve. Now, not only is the soon-to-be 30-year-old's season in jeopardy, but his career is too. More»
GettyImages-607563302 article October 21, 2016

Brown Case Awful All Around

This willful ignorance by the NFL and its member clubs, particularly in matters of domestic violence, has been startling and abhorrent, and the case of New York Giants kicker Josh Brown is showing that the NFL still hasn't learned anything. More»
GettyImages-613626936 article October 20, 2016

Dak to the Future: Romo's Return

The Dallas Cowboys are going to have a very tough decision to make soon. Rookie quarterback Dak Prescott is playing extremely well right now, but Tony Romo will soon be healthy enough to play. Should Dallas stick with Prescott? More»
GettyImages-613006948 article October 11, 2016

Starting Won't Stop Drama For Colin

The 49ers named Colin Kaepernick the starting quarterback for their Week 6 game against the Bills in Buffalo. But becoming the starting QB won't necessarily put a stop to the drama surrounding the polarizing signal-caller. More»
GettyImages-610607824 article October 5, 2016

NFL's Best Teams In the Red Zone

While not all touchdowns are scored from the red zone, the offense has to take care of business when it gets that close. Which teams are the best at red-zone efficiency through the first four weeks? Let's take a look. More»
GettyImages-610836462 article September 29, 2016

Two NFL Powers Show Weakness

Two teams that made the playoffs last season -- the Cincinnati Bengals and Arizona Cardinals -- were expected to continue their success during the 2016 season. But both have gotten off to bad starts. Is it time to panic? More»

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