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article January 11, 2018

Steelers Aiming For Redemption

The Steelers lost only three regular-season games this year, but arguably their worst was a 30-9 beatdown at home in Week 5 against the Jaguars. Can they make up for the loss and take down Jacksonville in the playoffs on Sunday? More»
browns_0_12 article December 14, 2017

Building The Browns Starts at QB

The Browns are flirting with a winless season, and more changes could be on the horizon after John Dorsey was brought in as the new general manager. No matter how many changes are made, nothing matters more than finding a franchise quarterback. More»
Ezekiel-Elliott-1 article October 31, 2017

Court Says: Uphold Zeke Suspension

U.S. District Judge Katherine Polk ruled to uphold the league's six-game suspension on Ezekiel Elliott imposed for violating the personal conduct policy. ESPN's Adam Schefter was among those to first report on the decision. More»
Juju-Smith article October 29, 2017

Juju Key: Steelers' New Playmaker

Martavis Bryant has been defensive ever since the Steelers picked Juju Smith-Schuster in April. And for good reason: the younger model is much more positive and dynamic than Bryant. Can the two co-exist in a competitive offensive scheme? More»
NewtonApology article October 6, 2017

Cam's Sorry, But That's Not Enough

Cam Newton has apologized for a sexist remark he made to a female reporter this week. But his initial choice of words are the real issue: the belief that women have no place covering the NFL. Newton flippantly expressed what many others think. More»
anddalton article September 19, 2017

Turmoil in Cincy: Dalton on Hot Seat?

With the Bengals 0-2 and without a single offensive touchdown on the season, fans and ownership are restless. Now, QB Andy Dalton may find himself on the hot seat after posting career lows in completions percentage and passing yards through two weeks. More»
qbsvskaep article September 12, 2017

The Post-Week 1 Kaepernick Index

If Week 1 proved anything, it was that certain fan bases were correct in their worries about the quarterback position. As fans of Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Houston and others hold their breath, Colin Kaepernick is still out there. More»
berryinjury2 article September 8, 2017

Berry, Chiefs Can Overcome Adversity

The Chiefs' Eric Berry -- arguably the best safety in the league -- is out for the season after tearing his ACL for the second time in his career. We know his loss will have huge ramifications for Kansas City going forward, but the club can win without him. More»
NFLCampStories article August 25, 2017

5 Biggest NFL Preseason Topics

It's the third week of the NFL preseason, which means that all 32 teams are preparing for what is commonly referred to as their "dress rehearsal" for the regular season. We're getting close. Here's where things stand right now. More»
SummerSlam-1 article August 19, 2017

SummerSlam Ready to Hit Big Apple

The 2017 iteration of WWE's SummerSlam takes place on Sunday evening at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and it's guaranteed to be a packed show. Lets sort through all the announced matches and find some meaning in the madness. More»
steelersloose article August 8, 2017

Summer Camp Pure Fun For Steelers

Expectations and pressures might seem high for the Pittsburgh Steelers as they report to training camp, but the players sure aren't showing it. The team is doing its best to stay loose and have fun before heading into the grueling season. More»
BigBenRetirement article July 30, 2017

Big Ben Still Hints at Swan Song

The Pittsburgh Steelers opened training camp on Friday, but quarterback Ben Roethlisberger continues to think about the future. Before hitting the practice field for the first time, Roethlisberger spoke to reporters and admitted that retirement remains on his mind. More»
ronbowles article July 24, 2017

NFL Coaches On the Hot Seat

The approaching football season will be an uphill battle for some coaches around the league. Whether it's the need to effectively rebuild or the pressure to contend, five coaches are already on the hot seat for a variety of reasons before training camp even starts. More»
luck-pouncey article June 28, 2017

NFL's Biggest Injury Questions

When a player was injured matters almost as much as where the injury was located and its severity, and players still recovering as training camps near present key questions. These are five NFL players to watch as they try to bounce back. More»
GettyImages-681173860 article June 26, 2017

WWE Raw Has a Tag Team Problem

Since the WWE opted to split into two main brands a year ago, there have been numerous consequences. Some are intended, and others have been unintended. Nowhere is it more evident now than in the tag team division, particularly on the "Raw" brand. More»
CharlotteFlair article June 18, 2017

Previewing WWE's Most 'Money' Event

On Sunday, the WWE will host its eighth Money in the Bank event, a ladder event with plenty of intriguing possibilities. Here's a preview of the two matches -- on the men's and women's side -- and an attempt to sort through the noise. More»
USATSI_9716100 article May 5, 2017

Optioned Out: 6 NFL Players In Limbo

Wednesday marked the deadline for NFL teams to pick up the fifth-year options on their 2014 first-round draft picks. Most usually have theirs exercised, but six had theirs declined this year. Who are they and what does this mean? More»
GettyImages-625515408 article April 28, 2017

Mister Christian, The Time Has Come

The Carolina Panthers did the safe, predictable and ultimately smart move. With their first-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, No. 8 overall, they selected running back (and all-around offensive dynamo) Christian McCaffrey. Cam Newton should be very happy. More»
Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12 article April 24, 2017

The Massive Beast WWE Needed

There's a new monster in the world of World Wrestling Entertainment, and his name is Braun Strowman. He's already had a hand in several storylines, while playing a part in collapsing a ring. More»
AP_359120536178 article April 5, 2017

Tony Romo's Most Memorable Moments

In a somewhat unexpected move, Tony Romo has ended his football career to become CBS Sports' new NFL analyst. So let's go through the most memorable moments of longtime Dallas Cowboys quarterback with a career retrospective. More»

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