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Andrew Garda
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article September 25, 2016

Beckham vs. Norman: Round 2

Cornerback Josh Norman changed teams, switching from the Carolina Panthers to the Washington Redskins. That means there will be not one, but two rematches against Odell Beckham Jr. The first one takes place on Sunday. More»
MattBowen article September 14, 2016

Back To School For Former NFL Player

Former NFL safety Matt Bowen took a different route to get into coaching. Instead of going for jobs at the collegiate and professional levels, he's coaching high school football. And he's enjoying the experience of molding young men. More»
Fantasy-StartSit1 article September 11, 2016

Fantasy Start & Sit: Week 1

After all the cheat sheets, the training camp reports and the drafts, it's time for you to start pulling your hair out over fantasy football again. Here are three players who you should give the starting nod, and three that should be riding the bench. More»
Tom-Brady article August 30, 2016

Fantasy Football's Bad Boys

As you start to peruse your fantasy football draft boards, let's look at a trio of players who are suspended to start the NFL season. When are they getting drafted? When should you draft them? And what should be your expectations? More»
Gurley_fantasy article August 29, 2016

Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet

Need to do some last minute draft prep? We've got you covered. As the preseason slowly comes to a close, we break down the top 20 players at each fantasy position with some advice about who is undervalued and why. More»
GettyImages-496332966 article June 30, 2016

Best of Luck: Impact of a Huge Deal

After much wrangling and more than a little speculation, the Indianapolis Colts have signed quarterback Andrew Luck to one of the largest NFL contracts ever. So what does that mean for the future of the Colts and the NFL as a whole? More»
BuddyRyan article June 28, 2016

Buddy Ryan: Genius, Jerk, Winner

Buddy Ryan -- who passed away at the age of 85 -- was a genius, as his 46 defense helped change the way the NFL was played. Buddy Ryan was also jerk. Most innovators are a little bit of both. That's why we love them. More»
DraftGarda article May 2, 2016

Final Thoughts on the NFL Draft

The clock has stopped. The picks are in. There are no more videos to leak. An eventful 2016 NFL draft is now finished, but we still are processing all that happened this weekend. Here were the top storylines. More»
ElwayDraft article April 29, 2016

Draft's Best and Worst Moves (So Far)

Day one of the 2016 NFL draft was one of the most volatile in history, with eight trades and multiple sliding players. As always, though, some teams were more successful than others. Here are the biggest first impressions. More»
GettyImages-459431476 article April 28, 2016

NFL draft preview: Day 1 storylines

Finally, Draft Day is here. Not a sequel to the Kevin Costner movie (thank goodness), but the actual 2016 NFL draft. There are a few storylines worth monitoring on Day 1, and we're here to walk you through them. More»
GettyImages-452384911 article March 8, 2016

Like others, Megatron retires young

Calvin Johnson officially announced his retirement from the NFL on Tuesday, a move that was expected but still leaves fans of the sport wanting more. Of course, he hasn't been the only star to hang them up early. Here's a look several others who took a similar path. More»
Cam-Garda article February 9, 2016

What Cam Really Heard on Sunday

By now everyone not living under a rock has heard, seen or dissected Cam Newton's Super Bowl postgame press conference. But context is missing from a lot of the talk, and we should recognize that a bad media setup contributed to his prickly demeanor. More»
retiring-superbowl article February 8, 2016

NFL Stars Who Went Out On Top

Is there anything more satisfying than a walk-off finish to a great career? With the tea leaves seeming to indicate that Sunday's Super Bowl win will mark the end of Peyton Manning's career, it's worth taking a look at others who left the game on top. More»
BroncosDcropped article February 8, 2016

The 2015 Broncos Defense: Best Ever?

Led by Von Miller, the 2015 Denver Broncos put on a defensive clinic throughout the regular season and again in the Super Bowl. Where does this unit rank all-time when stacked up against the best defenses in history? More»
Favre article February 6, 2016

NFL Honors Could Use More Drama

On Saturday night, the NFL Honors ceremony took place. Cam Newton got his MVP award (no surprise there), while Brett Favre and seven other NFL legends got the final nod to head to Canton. But did anybody notice? More»
seniorbowl article January 31, 2016

QBs Lead South to Senior Bowl Win

Plenty of players took advantage during the South team's 27-16 drubbing of the North squad in Saturday's Senior Bowl, including standout performances from quarterbacks Dak Prescott of Mississippi State and Brandon Allen of Arkansas. More»
SeniorBowlWinners article January 30, 2016

Senior Bowl week: Risers & Tumblers

With three days of practices wrapped at the Senior Bowl, it's worth taking a look at a few of the players who helped or hurt their cause this week. This is by no means a complete list, but these are some of the players who were most noteworthy. More»
carsonwentz article January 29, 2016

A first-round QB you haven't heard of

Carson Wentz received one FBS scholarship offer, from Central Michigan, as a high schooler from Bismarck, N.D. Four years later, Wentz has stood out under center during Senior Bowl week as one of the hottest prospects in the draft process. More»
AP_742359102560 article January 29, 2016

Miller impresses at Senior Bowl week

The message Braxton Miller's play sent on Thursday was clear: He was here -- in Mobile, Ala., and the Senior Bowl -- to compete. He's come a long way in the last year and a half, when he was just one of several Ohio State quarterbacks. More»
CamNewton-NFL article January 24, 2016

Cam Newton Is a Game-Changer

When Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton takes the field against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, there will be just as many people sneering as cheering. What the detractors better get used to: Newton represents the NFL's future. More»

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