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Anthony Castrovince
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article March 23, 2017

12 Prospects To Watch In 2017

As you all know, Opening Day rosters aren't going to be the same in September. A 162-game season brings plenty of unpredictability with it, and teams often have to make upgrades -- internally if they're lucky. With that in mind, here are 12 prospects to keep an eye on. More»
BubblePlayers article March 20, 2017

Bubble Trouble: MLB Roster Hopefuls

There are always interesting out-of-options situations in MLB spring camps. And with the roster crunches down to the final two weeks before Opening Day, here are some of the intriguing players who are out of options and on the bubble. More»
GettyImages-612056416 article March 15, 2017

6 MLB Teams That Need To Start Strong

Every team in Major League Baseball wants to get off to a strong start to the season. But for many squads where 2017 represents a possible pivotal moment -- or big opportunity -- winning in April could be crucial. More»
shortstops article March 13, 2017

Shortstops Not So Short Anymore

People used to say that Cal Ripken Jr. reinvented the shortstop position. But it wasn't until now, in an age when shortstops are bigger than they ever were, that we're feeling the impact of what Ripken and Derek Jeter and A-Rod did for the position. More»
GettyImages-529003394 article March 8, 2017

Don't Stop Believin': Title-Less Teams

The Cubs just broke their 108-year World Series drought. The Indians nearly won their first title since 1948. But what about the teams that have never won it all? After all, there are eight of them. What are the odds they win it this year? More»
GettyImages-618486492 article March 6, 2017

Rethinking The Five-Man Rotation

Ballplayers can be resistant to major change and a grassroots revolution takes time, but it's possible that the five-man pitching rotation won't last forever. How could it change? Here are the arguments for and against altering the standard. More»
USATSI_9907511 article March 3, 2017

10 Legit MLB Spring Overreactions

We're a month away from baseball games that matter. For now, all we have are Spring games where the results don't count. With so much time on our hands, some fan bases might be guilty of having these 10 Spring Training overreactions. But some may be on point. More»
GettyImages-514207338 article February 22, 2017

10 Things To Love About Spring Games

In case you didn't notice, the 2017 baseball season has officially begun. No, the regular season hasn't started. But exhibition games are underway! So with that in mind, here are 10 things everyone can love about MLB's exhibition season. More»
SpringTrainingOddities1 article February 20, 2017

Oddest Spring Storylines So Far

Spring Training isn't just a source of optimism, but strangeness. And that strangeness comes at us in waves in the spring's first days, when a flurry of news stories emanate out of camps as players give their first interviews and everything feels brand new. More»
GettyImages-480555524 article February 15, 2017

Key Players Making Comebacks In '17

Around this time of year, there's usually some unfortunate injury news that rattles a few teams. But we're not focusing on that right now. Instead, we're going to discuss players returning from 2016 injury wores who could play major roles in '17. More»
MLB-PaceofPlay article February 13, 2017

10 Crazy Ways to Speed Up Baseball

With so much rules talk on the table right now when it comes to speeding up the game of baseball, let's generate some levels of loopy. Here, just for laughs, are some truly oddball ways to increase action and/or get to the gist. More»
USATSI_9525222 article February 8, 2017

5 Key Questions For Spring Training

Will there be a blockbuster trade? Where will Matt Wieters and the remaining free agents end up? What about the players switching positions? These are just a few of the most intriguing Spring Training questions you should pay attention to. More»
GettyImages-598776886 article February 6, 2017

MLB Teams That Could Be Next Pats

The New England Patriots just won their fifth Super Bowl championship since 2001. It has certainly been one of the greatest stretches of success in sports history. With that in mind, are there any teams that could take over MLB for a decade-plus? Maybe ... More»
USATSI_9539974 article February 2, 2017

Underrated MLB Teams To Watch In '17

Nowadays, there's usually an MLB team that goes from cellar-dweller one year to contention the next. And sometimes it's not as clear as you'd think. So here are a few underrated teams that could make some unexpected noise in 2017. More»
MillerIndians article January 30, 2017

Believeland Still Has Faith In 2017

No, it ain't the 1990s, when the Indians played in front of 455 straight sellouts and were an absolute American League powerhouse for half a decade. But it's a reasonable proximity that puts enormous -- and welcomed -- pressure on the 2017 club. More»
underrated article January 25, 2017

MLB's All-Underrated Team For 2017

The goal of this annual column is not just to identify an underrated player at every position, as the headline suggests, but to do so as objectively as possible. "Underrated," after all, can be an overrated term. Let's see who made the cut. More»
EdwinIndians article January 22, 2017

10 Most Surprising Offseason Moves

It may not have been an absolutely shocking offseason, but the Hot Stove still had plenty of unexpected moves. From the Adam Eaton trade to Boston's replacement for David Ortiz, here are the 10 biggest surprises. More»
HallofFameClasses article January 19, 2017

Best Hall of Fame Classes In History

Baseball HOF classes like the one announced Wednesday, when three players gained entry, are rare. But this helps make up for lost time. Let's look back and see which BBWAA-inducted Hall hauls had the most star power. More»
GettyImages-612594822 article January 16, 2017

Jays & Jose: A Match That Makes Sense

Most of Major League Baseball's teams don't seem to want slugger Jose Bautista. But the Toronto Blue Jays, once again, might be the team that gives Joey Bats an opportunity to prove all of those teams wrong should the two sides strike a deal. More»
trumbobautista article January 15, 2017

Wait Continues For Trumbo, Joey Bats

As of now, no team in Major League Baseball has been willing to give up a Draft pick in order to sign sluggers Jose Bautista and Mark Trumbo. It would be very unlikely, but is there a chance that they're not signed when the 2017 season starts? More»

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