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Anthony Castrovince
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article January 18, 2018

The All-Would Be Free Agents Team

We're seeing an abnormally slow Hot Stove market in Major League Baseball this offseason, partly because you could build a squad of star players who would have been free agents this winter, had they not inked extensions earlier. More»
MLB_2023 article January 15, 2018

Top 5 Starting Rotations For 2018

Gerrit Cole joined the Astros over the weekend, and it prompted the better part of the baseball world to say that Houston is now in possession of the best rotation in baseball. Is it true? Let's dive into the numbers to identify the top five. More»
100516ATa0802(1) article January 11, 2018

Internal Improvements For MLB Teams

Teams don't need to solely rely on the Hot Stove in the offseason because top prospects and rebounding players can foster improvement, too. Here are five examples of teams that might see significant improvement in certain areas. More»
jake arrieta article January 8, 2018

Top Remaining Needs For MLB Teams

With the first Spring Training report dates less than six weeks away, we feel reasonably confident asserting that this relative Hot Stove suspension won't last a great deal longer. So here's a refresher on the biggest needs yet to be satisfied going into 2018. More»
GettyImages-675610822 article January 4, 2018

Five MLB Teams To Watch in January

You might have noticed that baseball's Hot Stove season is far from finished, so here are five teams whose winter work appears especially incomplete, and some thoughts on next moves they may consider in the very near future. More»
GettyImages-665905820 article December 29, 2017

Five MLB New Year's Resolutions

The first key to a successful New Year's Resolution is … to not make one. But we want the best for ourselves and, yes, for our sports. And with that in mind, here are five key resolutions for Major League Baseball in 2018. More»
GettyImages-846680858 article December 14, 2017

Biggest Winter Meetings Questions

Baseball's Winter Meetings started slow and finished with a steady stream of done deals, but ultimately, these Meetings created more questions than they answered. So let's run through five prominent ones as they come to an end. More»
GettyImages-828162160 article December 4, 2017

5 Best MLB Non-Tender Targets

As is the case every year, the non-tender deadline that passed on Friday night prompted teams to punt on some arbitration-eligible players who didn't fit into their finances. About 20 guys were added to the MLB free-agent pool. Here are five worth a second look. More»
shohei ohtani_index article November 30, 2017

Ohtani Outlook For All 30 MLB Teams

Every team in baseball is interested in Shohei Ohtani -- the much-talked-about Japanese superstar who can both hit and pitch -- but which is most likely to sign him? We rank the likelihood of all 30 MLB teams competing to land Ohtani. More»
GettyImages-846608942 article November 27, 2017

5 MLB Trades We Want To See

Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani are the big names during the MLB Hot Stove season, but there are many more potential news-making moves on the way. Here are five non-Stanton-related trade suggestions that would help get this Hot Stove season going. More»
fa-values article November 16, 2017

Best Under-The-Radar Free Agents

With the Hot Stove season upon us, every team is looking for a deal akin to what the Astros got with Charlie Morton. It's out there somewhere, so here's a guess at where some of the best values might lie at each particular position. More»
mlb-awards-pre article November 13, 2017

MLB Awards Week: Key Questions

The 2017 season is over, but we can't totally turn all our attention to 2018. First, it's time for awards week, from MVPs to the Cy Young to top rookies and managers and more. Here's a primer for the week with the one key question that will be answered each day. More»
GettyImages-870990746 article November 9, 2017

Most Interesting Offseason Teams

The MLB free-agent market opened for business earlier this week, and it will be interesting to see how the proliferation of power and the emphasis on bullpens shifts the strategies and price tags. These are the teams in each division to watch. More»
RolePlayersMLB article October 5, 2017

Role Call: Possible Playoff Surprises

When it comes to the October, sometimes the guys in the smallest roles turn in the biggest moments. Here is an under-the-radar or limited-role position player from each postseason MLB club who could shine in the Division Series and beyond. More»
BullpenPlayoffs-1 article October 2, 2017

'Pens Mightiest In the Postseason?

Arguably the biggest game-changer in the 2016 MLB playoffs was Andrew Miller, who gave the Indians a postseason-record 19 1/3 innings of sweet relief. Beyond Miller himself, I'll look at six of the most interesting men in the bullpen this October. More»
PlayoffQuestions-1 article September 28, 2017

9 Key MLB Postseason Questions

There is still plenty of drama to watch as the MLB regular season winds down, but the postseason is almost here -- we can practically taste it. And it's only natural to look ahead a bit. Let's ask some questions about the teams going to the dance. More»
Rockies-1-Rotation article September 25, 2017

Rox Still Solid In Wild Card Race

The NL Wild Card race looks to be coming down to the wire and, while the Colorado Rockies have the advantage right now, don't count out the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals. This should be fun to watch. More»
secondhalfallstars article September 20, 2017

Baseball's Second-half All-Stars

The Midsummer Classic takes place in July to recognize the MLB players that performed the best in the season's first half. But what about all the guys that got hot down the stretch? We've got them covered right here. More»
CubsRotationSept article September 18, 2017

Cubs Look Champed Up Again

Five things have gotten our attention this week around baseball, including the Cubs' resurgence down the stretch, an ace returning to the bullpen in Boston, a new face in center field for the Tribe and Bryce Harper's health. More»
Indians-22 article September 14, 2017

The Greatest Streaks In MLB History

The Cleveland Indians are the biggest story in baseball with their 22-win run. That's just one way to streak in this sport, so let's go streaking through all the streaks of significance in the game's long and storied history. More»

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