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Anthony Castrovince
Anthony Castrovince
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article May 22, 2017

Fishing For Ways to Stop Trout

The fact that Terry Collins considered intentionally walking Mike Trout with the bases loaded over the weekend just gives us occasion to point out the very ridiculous reality that right now Trout is a better hitter than he has ever been before. More»
mlb-questions-quarter article May 18, 2017

Key MLB Quarter-Mark Questions

We are 25 percent of the way through the MLB season, which is deep enough to come to some conclusions but, alas, not deep enough to answer all the questions we took into the year. If anything, it's only created more questions. More»
BregmanRotation article May 15, 2017

2 Legit: A Post-Jeter Power Ranking

Mere minutes after Derek Jeter was honored Sunday night, Astros third baseman Alex Bregman, wearing Jeter's number on his back, hit a grand slam. Here, just for fun, is a power ranking of players currently donning the deuce. More»
EarlyTradePossibilities article May 11, 2017

5 Early MLB Trade Predictions

Baseball's trade season doesn't typically begin to take shape until after the MLB Draft, which is still a month away. But just for some good, clean fun, let's read some tea leaves and make a few way-too-early predictions. More»
RotationMarwinMark article May 8, 2017

Marwin & Mark: Extras In Lead Roles

The Astros' Marwin Gonzalez hasn't just been a capable bench player -- he's been on absolute fire. Same goes for the Rockies' Mark Reynolds, one of the biggest bats for Colorado so far. Their success is changing how the West is won. More»
small-sample-all-stars article May 4, 2017

MLB's Surprise Spring All-Stars

We've picked All-Star squads made up of players who entered 2017 with little to no star-level track record to their name but got off to stellar starts. Some of them will fade, and I'd venture to guess the majority don't make it to Miami, but let's salute them while we can. More»
GettyImages-675174498 article May 1, 2017

Mets' Injuries A Thor-ny Situation

The Mets hoped that their rotation and Yoenis Cespedes could stay healthy. That hasn't happened. Undoubtedly, there's bad luck involved here, but some curious injury management may have worsened the situation. More»
mlb-bouncebacks-may article April 27, 2017

10 Players Primed For Turnarounds

April is baseball's weird uncle, with scores of players who get off to underwhelming starts. Thankfully, for these guys, April is just about over. And for the 10 guys on this list, there is data to support the idea that May and beyond might just be more to their liking. More»
RotationNLWest article April 24, 2017

Power Outage Dims NL West Rivals

The Dodgers and Giants begin a four-game series at AT&T Park on Monday night and, just 12 percent of the way through the season schedule, there's plenty of reason to wonder if the NL West rivals' three-season run of finishing 1-2 is over. More»
USATSI_10016318 article April 20, 2017

10 MLB Rookies To Watch Right Now

Heading into the 2017 season, many reporters predicted that Andrew Benintendi would win AL Rookie of the Year and Dansby Swanson would win it in the NL. And both have been solid. But here are 10 other rookies who've stood out thus far. More»
GettyImages-666128746 article April 17, 2017

Prepare For Trade Deadline Madness

We entered this season with plenty of unfinished business on the trade front, including White Sox pitcher Jose Quintana. But there are many reasons why it's likely that this year's Trade Deadline is going to be even more bonkers than expected. More»
USATSI_10001510 article April 12, 2017

10 Encouraging Fast Starts In MLB

Everyone gets so excited for baseball's return, and then suddenly, the Red Sox have the flu and Trea Turner is hurt and so is Buster Posey. But instead of focusing on the bad news, here are 10 early, encouraging signs for some people that really needed them. More»
rotation-nl-west article April 10, 2017

Depth Adding Intrigue to NL West Race

The basic gist of the National League West this decade is that the Dodgers win division titles, the Giants win World Series titles and everybody else is just sort of scenery. So far, Arizona and Colorado are upending the division's typical pecking order. More»
USATSI_9993333 article April 5, 2017

The X-Factor For Every MLB Team

No matter what their goals are, every MLB team needs more than just their star players to do their part. With that in mind, I went through every team and picked a guy who is not exactly a star, but who could have a bigger role than you think. More»
GettyImages-663574274 article April 3, 2017

Baseball On Upswing In 2017

Welcome back to The Rotation, a weekly guide to five hot topics in baseball. As a new year of baseball begins, The Rotation dives into statistical trends, including the rising home run rate, plus predictions and hopes for the new season. More»
GettyImages-519135488 article March 31, 2017

Opening Day Is Better As One Day

Once again, baseball's Opening Day isn't one day -- it will be spread across two days, with three games on Sunday and a bunch more on Monday. But wouldn't it be fun if we could put the singular "day" back in Opening Day and play them all at once? More»
GettyImages-652547062 article March 29, 2017

30 MLB Team Previews, 30 Words Each

When 30 teams of 25 active players from 40-man rosters play 162 games of nine innings and 27 outs each over 183 days, well, there's a lot to be said. But, in this fast-paced world, we don't have time for that. Let's stick to a strict word count. More»
USATSI_9930441 article March 23, 2017

12 Prospects To Watch In 2017

As you all know, Opening Day rosters aren't going to be the same in September. A 162-game season brings plenty of unpredictability with it, and teams often have to make upgrades -- internally if they're lucky. With that in mind, here are 12 prospects to keep an eye on. More»
BubblePlayers article March 20, 2017

Bubble Trouble: MLB Roster Hopefuls

There are always interesting out-of-options situations in MLB spring camps. And with the roster crunches down to the final two weeks before Opening Day, here are some of the intriguing players who are out of options and on the bubble. More»
GettyImages-612056416 article March 15, 2017

6 MLB Teams That Need To Start Strong

Every team in Major League Baseball wants to get off to a strong start to the season. But for many squads where 2017 represents a possible pivotal moment -- or big opportunity -- winning in April could be crucial. More»

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