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Anthony Castrovince
Anthony Castrovince
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article January 22, 2017

10 Most Surprising Offseason Moves

It may not have been an absolutely shocking offseason, but the Hot Stove still had plenty of unexpected moves. From the Adam Eaton trade to Boston's replacement for David Ortiz, here are the 10 biggest surprises. More»
HallofFameClasses article January 19, 2017

Best Hall of Fame Classes In History

Baseball HOF classes like the one announced Wednesday, when three players gained entry, are rare. But this helps make up for lost time. Let's look back and see which BBWAA-inducted Hall hauls had the most star power. More»
GettyImages-612594822 article January 16, 2017

Jays & Jose: A Match That Makes Sense

Most of Major League Baseball's teams don't seem to want slugger Jose Bautista. But the Toronto Blue Jays, once again, might be the team that gives Joey Bats an opportunity to prove all of those teams wrong should the two sides strike a deal. More»
trumbobautista article January 15, 2017

Wait Continues For Trumbo, Joey Bats

As of now, no team in Major League Baseball has been willing to give up a Draft pick in order to sign sluggers Jose Bautista and Mark Trumbo. It would be very unlikely, but is there a chance that they're not signed when the 2017 season starts? More»
PredictionsCastro article January 12, 2017

33 Bold Pre-Spring Predictions

We've got 33 days until the first pitcher and catcher report dates in Florida and Arizona, and so here are 33 predictions for the rest of the winter. Some are substantive, some not. All of them intend to make the wait for spring a little more tolerable. More»
pricehayward article January 8, 2017

Which Free-Agent Busts Will Pay Off?

One thing we can all agree on when it comes to the Hot Stove season is that we never know which moves will work. Sometimes, mega-deals turn into busts. We'll look at last year's signings that didn't pan out -- and their outlooks in 2017. More»
compelling article January 5, 2017

17 Most Intriguing MLB People For '17

It's a new year. So forget about everything that happened during the 2016 season (sorry, Cubs fans). With a new season comes new compelling storylines. So here are the 17 most intriguing people in Major League Baseball for 2017. More»
Mets-Offseason article January 2, 2017

Teams With Most Offseason Work Left

Not much has been happening in the MLB Hot Stove lately. That should change when a variety of moves gaining momentum lately. Every club is still active, of course, but here are six contending teams with some heavy lifting left to do this offseason. More»
ResolutionsMLB article December 28, 2016

30 Teams, 30 New Year's Resolutions

Pitchers and catchers report in less than two months, but we're already thinking about fresh starts with the New Year upon us. Here is one 2017 resolution for every Major League ballclub, listed here in order of 2016 finish. More»
bondsclemens article December 22, 2016

Upswing: Bonds & Roger's HOF Chances

When it comes to the Baseball Hall of Fame voting, something different is going on this year: Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are getting more support. While the public polls might not be entirely accurate, it's still an interesting development. More»
Encarnacion article December 18, 2016

Edwing and a Prayer: Who'll Land EE?

The Edwin Encarnacion market is anybody's guess at this point. So here's a handy rundown of every team that could conceivably be in on the 1B/DH at this point and their chances of landing him, on a scale of one to five parrots. More»
GettyImages-542020818 article December 8, 2016

10 Takeaways From Winter Meetings

The 2016 Winter Meetings are over, but that doesn't mean the Hot Stove is done. There are still plenty of trades and signings to be made. Let's get you all caught up -- and see what it all means for the MLB landscape. More»
WM-1 article December 4, 2016

6 Teams To Watch At Winter Meetings

Gather 'round the Hot Stove and warm up! Major League Baseball's Winter Meetings are finally here and that means trades and free agent splashes might actually happen. So here are some key teams to keep an eye on during the week. More»
cutchsale article December 1, 2016

Bold Winter Meetings Predictions

Baseball fans and breathe a sigh of relief now that MLB's players and owners reached a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Now we can get down to business. Here are some bold predictions for how next week's Winter Meetings will shake out. More»
GettyImages-3369202 article November 28, 2016

MLB Reunions That Would Feel Good

Now that we're back from our own personal reunions during Thanksgiving weekend, let's think about which free agents should reunite with their former teams in free agency. Here are five reunions we'd like to see this offseason. More»
GettyImages-605791298 article November 16, 2016

The All-Trade Candidates Team

The free agent class this offseason isn't much to write home about. That's why everyone can't stop talking about potential trades that could change everything. And it turns out you can make a great team with the best trade candidates. More»
GettyImages-592237088 article November 13, 2016

The Most Fascinating Hot Stove Teams

The Hot Stove season is officially underway, and while every team has their own set of goals for the offseason, there are a handful of teams that should have your attention more than others. Here are the most fascinating teams to pay attention to. More»
Rotation-October article October 3, 2016

Postseason's Greetings: A Gift For All

It's the final 2016 edition of The Rotation! Our biggest topics as we head into the postseason include the Cubs (of course), the state of the Red Sox bullpen and how the Mets are using their Amazin' magic again. More»
GettyImages-530896174 article September 28, 2016

MLB's Postseason Urgency Index

We were all captivated by that search for a ring in Yankee Stadium the other night, but the REAL search for a ring begins next week. With so many fan bases getting more and more anxious for the start of the playoffs, let's take a look at which teams' World Series hunt has a little extra pressure. More»
Trout-Rotation article September 26, 2016

Trout And Our Better Angels

After the death of Jose Fernandez, the game goes on with heavy hearts, making every other baseball discussion drastically insignificant by comparison. But the joy of Mike Trout is one topic that may make us smile. More»

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