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Brian Kenny
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article July 7, 2016

The National Pastime

While baseball is an international sport, American baseball has been the dominant culture, strong enough to repel any challenge to its cultural norms. But the pattern is not likely to hold, and U.S. hegemony will not last, even in baseball. More»
redsox-2003 article July 6, 2016

Death to the Curse

The Boston Red Sox were the first team to back sabermetrics with money and made one shrewd move after another upon hiring Theo Epstein and Bill James, leading to multiple World Series titles. It's strange that James has never gotten more credit. More»
BanisterTexas article July 5, 2016

The Year of Getting Smart

Things are changing right in front of us. Revolutionary thought is now mainstream thought, even for Major League managers. But it sometimes takes years for people in charge to get wise. More»
clayton-kershaw article June 26, 2016

Peak Pitching: Kershaw Vs. The Greats

Clayton Kershaw has re-emerged as the no-doubt Best Pitcher On The Planet, and he already has enough of a track record to challenge some of the greatest stretches in the history of baseball. So let's compare Kershaw to the all-time great peaks. More»
AP_538507973101 article May 31, 2016

It's simply time to #KillTheWin

The win is early sabermetrics, an 1800's attempt to isolate performance, once teams began using multiple pitchers. But the correlation to the performance is too loose and haphazard to be bothered with. More»
MikeTroutTrade article May 8, 2016

No, You Do Not Trade Mike Trout

With the Angels floundering, the idea has made the rounds to trade Mike Trout. But no matter what stockpile of blue-chippers L.A. would receive, there is basically no chance any one of them will even approach Trout's super-human production. More»
AP_1604052053295806 article April 8, 2016

On baserunning issues, judge intent

The Chase Utley Rule, the Buster Posey Rule, interference, obstruction. I understand there are a lot of new rules to stay up on, so let me simplify everything. For each of these new plays, rulings and protested games, ask yourself one question: Was he up to no good? More»
GettyImages-518944804 article April 4, 2016

MLB Predictions From The Gut

I'm not saying I'm going to be right, but if I can bag 8 of 10 predictions, I'd like Ken Rosenthal and Al Leiter to make me and my family Bananas Flambé at the 2016 World Series brunch. More»
DoublePlay article March 7, 2016

Slippin' Slide? MLB Replay Still Fine

I've slammed baseball rules for years, but it's time to enjoy the ones that work. We've seen incredible progress over the last three years, and we've just witnessed a timely adjustment by the league office for this season as well. More»
HoF80scropped article February 8, 2016

Hall of Fame's Anti-Recency Bias

When you analyze the numbers, it's clear that MLB players from 1980-99 are more deserving of Hall of Fame accolades than voters have allowed. Which candidates more than have the numbers to be in the Hall of Fame? Let's take a look. More»
mlb-hof-ballot1980x1100 article January 4, 2016

What My HOF Ballot Would Look Like

This is a big year in getting a less dense Hall of Fame electorate, thanks to new voting standards. With fewer Hall of Fame voters this year players like Tim Raines, Jeff Kent, Curt Schilling and Mike Mussina should benefit. More»
EdmondsGriffey article January 1, 2016

HOF pool deeper than you think

There is plenty of room in the Hall, and the generation that played in the 1970s, '80s and '90s is underrepresented. With this in mind, one should approach the Hall of Fame ballot looking to put players into the Hall, instead of the recent trend of keeping players out. More»
KennyDeals article December 16, 2015

Most Interesting Offseason Deals

It's been a fascinating few weeks of the offseason, with defense getting its due on the open market. Jason Heyward, Ben Zobrist and Alex Gordon represent the new wave of players valued by WAR, and two of them have already cashed in big. More»
fury-fight1980x1100 article November 29, 2015

Fury Upsets Klitschko in Snooze Fest

There's a new Heavyweight Champion of the World. England's Tyson Fury took a 12-round decision against Wladimir Klitschko Saturday night, in a fight best described as unwatchable and action-free -- until Fury's celebration. More»
Harvey-Mets article November 2, 2015

Harvey Decision Is Indefensible

It is Terry Collins' job to make rational decisions using all the evidence at his disposal, ignoring an excited pitcher and an excited crowd. It is his job to make a decision that leads to the greatest probability of success. That's not what he did Sunday night. More»
GettyImages-494602114 article October 30, 2015

Alex Gordon, superstar

Alex Gordon isn't a superstar in the traditional sense. He doesn't hit 30 homers and drive in 100 runs. But Gordon is an above-average package, doing a little bit of everything with great defense -- so much so he's among the top five outfielders in WAR the last five years. More»
GettyImages-494745948 article October 29, 2015

Mets fiddled while deGrom burned

Here is a modern lesson of baseball: The game is always on the line. In the eighth inning, in the fifth inning, in the first inning. The Mets learned this lesson the hard way in the fifth inning Wednesday night, when Terry Collins stuck with Jacob deGrom too long. More»
utley-tejada-story1980x1100 article October 11, 2015

Utley Play Was Out of Line

Let's cut to it: The Chase Utley slide against the Mets on Saturday night was interference, plain and simple. Don't give me that "these are men and they play a man's sport" nonsense. More»
HarperGreinkeRodriguez article October 6, 2015

MLB's Biggest Surprises of 2015

It's been a remarkable year: towering hitting and pitching performances, one of the most remarkable rookie classes in history and several stunning team runs to the playoffs. Here are the 10 things that stunned me the most. More»
MattHarvey article September 6, 2015

How the Mets Have Handled Harvey

In a season where we should be only lauding the incredible ascension of the division leading Mets, we instead have another full-fledged Flushing disaster. But while many want to point to an innings limit, it's really more important to examine the stress of late innings. More»

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