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Chuck Culpepper
Chuck Culpepper
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article August 4, 2014

Far From Failure

If Tiger Woods does not surpass Jack Nicklaus' record many will consider his career a failure. But we all need to recalibrate -- in a sport where winning one major is a huge accomplishment, Tiger's 14 is so very far from some bloody failure. More»
DustinJohnson article August 1, 2014

In the Rough

Golfer Dustin Johnson will likely face many awkward questions after taking a leave of absence from the PGA Tour due to what he said were "personal challenges." Will his return be part of a redemption story or cautionary tale? More»
chaplains article August 1, 2014

When Faith Meets Violence

When Ken Smith started working as a football chaplain in the 1980s, it was a tough game. Over the past few decades, he's watched it get tougher. So how do Smith and his fellow chaplains reconcile their spiritual beliefs with the violence of the game? More»
WorldCupProtest article July 28, 2014

Brazil's Most Powerful Drug

Wait a minute, wait a minute. What the hell happened here? We outsiders thought there'd be protests, giant protests -- sprawling, compelling, eye-widening World Cup protests in Brazil. Instead, many Brazilians were swept up by futebol fever during the event and put their activism aside. More»
TigerWoods-Ryder article July 22, 2014

Not So Easy Ryder

It didn't take long for talk of the Ryder Cup to bleed into the British Open, especially since Tiger Woods' relatively poor showing put his status for the September event. But do we really need such idle chatter about "captain's picks?" It's already getting old. More»
tiger_woods article July 16, 2014

Changing His Tune

Tiger Woods has tried choruses of self-reassurance for years. But, 73 months after Torrey Pines, the tune is so worn-out that even "Blurred Lines" sounds fresher. So maybe it's time to change it. Maybe it's time for some counter-intuition. More»
IanThorpe article July 14, 2014

Making a Splash

Australian Olympic champion Ian Thorpe recently confirmed that he is gay, becoming perhaps the biggest athlete in the world to do so. He's also a testament to the tortured path the mind takes to come to terms with something natural but unusual. More»
germany1980x1100 article July 14, 2014

Germany's Cool Factor

Germany is a vibrant, smart, pretty, cosmopolitan land, and the stylish, multi-ethnic soccer Germany plays might be its paramount testimony. It's time to say what nobody said even 24 years ago, what some people would consider gauche even today: Germany is cool. More»
argentina-wc1980x1100b article July 13, 2014

Camp Argentina

In central Rio, there's a makeshift campground full of Argentine fans who just want to be near the Argentina team that will play Germany in the colossal World Cup final on Sunday. Just being there is good enough. More»
WCbrazil-logo article July 11, 2014

On Hallowed Ground

Argentina and Germany have a longstanding World Cup rivalry, which will make for an exciting final. But the even bigger story is that Sunday's final will be played in Rio's "cathedral of football," while Brazilians can only root against Argentina -- and look to the future. More»
returns article July 10, 2014

No Place Like Home

If LeBron James does return to Cleveland, he'd hardly be the first star athlete to return to the city that made him famous... or in some cases, to do so multiple times. In our latest countdown, we rank the top players to find their way back to their professional birthplaces. More»
brazil-WC-1980 article July 9, 2014

After the Ambush

With Neymar and Thiago Silva out, Brazil fans might have braced for a loss to Germany -- but nothing prepared them for the 7-1 routing that happened on Tuesday. Seven years of build-up came to a crushing end, and Brazilian fans were left stunned. More»
blog July 8, 2014

Long-anticipated and Unexpected

It's Brazil-Germany, the World Cup semifinal everybody and his futbol-expert sister could have forecast seven months ago, when the draw emerged and the agony began. And it's Brazil-Germany, barely recognizable from the vision of that Brazil-Germany. More»
novak_djokovic article July 6, 2014

Erasing All Doubt

If six Grand Slams with two outside Australia don't describe Novak Djokovic well enough, seven with two Wimbledon titles explains him better. It seems more right. Any player who can shoo aside a fourth-set nightmare against Roger Federer to prevail has a rarefied caliber. More»
worldcupdraw1980x1100semis article July 6, 2014

What Will The Semis Bring?

Four teams have outlasted controversy, dives and penalty kicks to arrive at the World Cup semis. All needed extra time at some point. Some stars have been injured, while others are deemed "underwhelming" or the "worst side ever." What's left for the semis? More»
neymar article July 5, 2014

Grinding Their Way

While Brazil has made it through to the World Cup semifinals, it's not playing in its usually dazzling way. Friday's win over Colombia was the latest example of the stress partially caused by the pressure of playing as the tournament's host. More»
WC-quarterfinals article July 4, 2014

Collision Course

Two South American teams -- both at the top of their game -- going head-to-head on their home continent would make for a ridiculously exciting final. Instead, Brazil and Colombia will meet up in the quarterfinals -- which means one of the best teams will be heading home too soon. More»
usmnt rio article July 2, 2014

Joining in the Fun

U.S. fans generally don't like losing, which may be why we mostly ignored the world's sport for so long. But at this year's World Cup, a strange thing has happened: Americans are excited about a sport we're not so great at. Now that we've caught the bug, what will become of the U.S. program over the next four years? More»
FranceWorldCup article July 1, 2014

French Revolution

Of all the big-country nationalities along the heart of the World Cup, Copacabana, the French presence seems the smallest. But with the national team playing well leading into the quarterfinals against Germany, this could be the year Francophiles can celebrate. More»
worldcup1980x1100-063014 article June 30, 2014

Must-See TV

Now that the good palpitations of a great World Cup keep piling up, can you even remember the early melodrama and late disquiet of group play? Something unexpected has gone on with this World Cup -- it's elbowing into best-sports-event range. More»

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