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Colin McGowan
Colin McGowan
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blog August 5, 2014

Don Garber's Big Gamble

MLS is looking to expand to various cities across the country, which is exactly how it almost collapsed in the early 2000s. Even if adding teams doesn't result in financial ruin, it's almost certain to hurt the league in one way or another. More»
blog August 4, 2014

Follow the Money

Mark Cuban thinks the NBA should ditch FIBA and the IOC and start its own international tournament. Why? Because it would be lucrative. All of the pomp and circumstance of the Olympics and World Cup are just a smokescreen. More»
blog August 1, 2014

Trade Deadline Trolls Are Essential

Whenever there are a lot of transactions going down, you can bet someone is going to hop on Twitter and impersonate an esteemed reporter. We need those people around, if only for satirical purposes. More»
blog July 31, 2014

A Change of Plans?

If we're dead-bent on fixing tanking, the least the NBA can do is not completely screw the teams that have been doing it because they see it as their ticket to eventual title contention. Give teams like the Sixers some time to adjust and figure out another path forward. More»
blog July 30, 2014

The Game Is To Be Sold

Being a sports fan is increasingly like living inside a commercial. Faithful 49 --a rewards club-like thing that gives Niners fans discounts on merchandise and makes ticket-buying less of a headache -- is taking that development a step further. More»
blog July 29, 2014

Athletic Self-Care

Professional sports run closer to year-round now than they ever have. If you're an athlete in demand, you have to make choices about when to play and when to rest, which is why it's OK for NBA stars like Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge to skip international basketball this summer. More»
blog July 28, 2014

Trapped In Phoenix

The Suns hope to build on their relative success in 2014-15. But they need guard Eric Bledsoe in order to do that. Fortunately (for them), they own his RFA rights, which essentially means he's not going anywhere. It also means he might get underpaid. More»
blog July 25, 2014

Some Guys Have All The Luck

How did the Cardinals end up in a competitive balance draft lottery, anyway? There's a boring procedural answer to that question -- St. Louis is a relatively small media market -- but regardless, the Cards don't require any additional draft picks. More»
blog July 24, 2014

Outlaw The Shift?

Baseball is in the midst of a pitching and defense-dominated era. Scoring is down and strikeouts are up. But while some may ponder rule changes -- like penalizing teams that use drastic defensive shifts -- usually the sport corrects itself. More»
blog July 23, 2014

The Cost of Greatness

After Atlético Madrid won La Liga, Real Madrid and Barcelona have bought themselves some terrific players this offseason, like the biggest, richest clubs are expected to do. Now, both teams need to prove they can put all that talent to good use More»
blog July 22, 2014

Detroit's Urban Renewal

Detroit is paying for 58 percent of the Red Wings' $450 million arena, which is set to open in 2017, along with kicking in extra funds for a new entertainment arena. We've seen this sort of thing before -- and it always seems like a lopsided, raw deal. More»
blog July 21, 2014

The Travails of Billy Cub

Teams and leagues go overboard with litigiousness. There are, however, few instances in which you must sigh and admit you agree with the rich folks. The case of Billy Cub, the unofficial ambassador of the Cubs, is such an instance. More»
blog July 18, 2014

A Step In the Right Direction

The NCAA's student assistance fund represents a possibly fair way of doing things within a system that's fundamentally flawed. It helped Texas A&M's Cedric Ogbuehi get insurance in exchange for staying for his senior year. More»
blog July 18, 2014

Buzzing in Charlotte

The Charlotte Hornets may not be contenders, but that doesn't mean they're not worth watching. Already a fairly entertaining team, the Hornets added Lance Stephenson to give them an even more intriguing blend of talent. More»
blog July 16, 2014

Full Disclosure

The fact that the Minnesota Vikings aren't even giving their findings of an internal investigation of homophobia in their coaching staff to the public or Chris Kluwe (who brought up the allegations in Deadspin) suggests there's something damning in those documents. More»
blog July 15, 2014

Plan B For the Bulls

The Bulls have looked one great player away from championship contention. But while they may have already missed out on some of the bigger names during this free agency period, general manager Gar Forman may have found another way to build a strong roster. More»
blog July 14, 2014

Sometimes The Universe Smiles

Golfers blame the universe's fundamental unfairness when they err, tending (as do most of us) to remember the bad over the good. But sometimes, just sometimes, a shot drops, as it did for Mo Martin at the LPGA's British Open. More»
blog July 10, 2014

A Race Against Time

The Rockets have a lot of balls in the air as far as trying to import Chris Bosh and retain Chandler Parsons, but they're a bit stuck until they can trade Omer Asik and/or Jeremy Lin. Plus, the LeBron decision hangs over everything. Time is running out for this to work in their favor. More»
blog July 10, 2014

FIFA Springs Into Action

FIFA has suspended the Nigerian Football Federation from international play due to allegations of corruption, and in theory that should be a good thing. But as usual, FIFA is merely looking out for itself, not acting because of the alleged crime, but because of the precedent it would set. More»
blog July 7, 2014

Klinsmann The Visionary

It can seem at times like Jurgen Klinsmann criticizes soccer in the U.S. just for the sake of it, but he always has the big picture in mind. He would prefer our best 13-year-olds not have to go abroad to get the training they require in order to make the U.S. team competitive. More»

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