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Dan Pompei
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article September 10, 2014

The Education of a Rookie

After being chosen in the fourth round of the NFL draft, Brock Vereen reported to Chicago Bears rookie minicamp on May 15. From there, we tracked every step he made, from OTAs to charging out of the Soldier Field tunnel for his first regular season game. More»
Warner article September 3, 2014

Kurt Warner's Unlikely Revival

Seven years ago, Ken Whisenhunt and Kurt Warner began a journey together, and as destiny and resolve would have it, that journey will culminate in a halftime ceremony during the Arizona Cardinals' Monday night opener that would have been inconceivable seven years ago. More»
Luck_2 article September 2, 2014

Wisdom beyond his years

Wise, unfailingly professional, and almost too smart for football, that is Andrew Luck. In his first two NFL seasons, he took the Colts to the playoffs and was invited to the Pro Bowl; even his beard and thinning hair seem to suggest wisdom. Year three of the Luck era could bring even more achievements. More»
peyton1980x1100 article August 25, 2014

Inside Manning

To understand Peyton Manning, one has to know where he came from. Why would a 38-year-old quarterback, already one of the most celebrated in history, run plays after practice with young receivers? Because he is driven and focused beyond compare. More»
ballboy1980x1100 article August 18, 2014

What I Learned As A Ball Boy

From NFL coaches to executives, from current stars to hall-of-famers, many a pro football career began on the sidelines as a ball boy -- and many of those who were lucky enough to have this glamorous yet lowly existence remember it fondly. More»
NFCWest article August 14, 2014

Scenes From the NFC West

From Renton, Wash., to Santa Clara, Calif., to Glendale, Ariz., and Earth City, Mo., football's best division keeps getting better; only a fool would discount a NFC West team as a contender, including the Rams. Here are eight training camp scenes that tell the story of the dominant West. More»
TomMoore article August 13, 2014

Tom Moore, Cardinals Consigliere

At 75 years old, the Cardinals assistant coach Tom Moore has seen it all, winning two Super Bowls with the Chuck Noll Steelers and helping mentor Peyton Manning. Does he regret never being a head coach? Sunday at 1 p.m. is "some powerful s--t." More»
Kosar article August 11, 2014

Bernie Kosar Unmasked

Football has given so much to Bernie Kosar, enriching his life and preparing him for extraordinary challenges. But the NFL has also taken a toll on the Ohio native. He has suffered from changes in his speech, ringing in his ears and anxiety -- but Kosar has no regrets. More»
BroncosPanel article August 7, 2014

Dynamic Duo

The beauty of pairing DeMarcus Ware with Von Miller is the Broncos will increase their defensive options while reducing their opponents' offensive choices. Though Denver's plan isn't entirely clear yet, when both have been on the field the duo's huge potential is obvious. More»
seahawks article August 6, 2014

The Seahawks Way

The Seahawks just won the Super Bowl, but they aren't worried about getting complacent. Nearly all of the team's 2014 draftees had to overcome adversity of some sort, whether it was injuries, family-related or otherwise, and Pete Carroll thinks that's important. More»
Rivers article August 5, 2014

Leading the Charge

At 32, 11 years into his NFL career, San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is in rare air in terms of his understanding of the game. But what stands out most to offensive coordinator Frank Reich is Rivers' beautiful mind. More»
brandon-lloyd article August 1, 2014

Back in the Saddle

Brandon Lloyd made a clean break when he retired from the NFL last year: He turned down at least six teams, stopped watching games and started working in sales. But the chance to play for his dream team -- while they were actually winning -- brought him back. More»
49ers article July 31, 2014

Hungry Hearts

For a while in the offseason it looked like the 49ers might become the NFL's dropped watermelon of 2014, with rumors of Jim Harbaugh and management not being on the same page. But now the Niners are working hard and looking dominant in almost every aspect. More»
MalcolmFloyd article July 30, 2014

Still Hanging On

Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd is passionate about the game he loves. That's just one of the reasons why he is running over the middle again, just ten months after a devastating injury made him wonder whether he'd ever play football again. More»
Gruden article July 28, 2014

On The Shoulders of Giants

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden and offensive coordinator Sean McVay are using techniques to cultivate their most precious gem -- Robert Griffin III -- with quarterbacking theories that have been passed down through generations. More»
495,661,967 article July 26, 2014

Party Down

The way Johnny Manziel parties will prevent him from doing his job as well as he must, because it's difficult to achieve consistency with bloodshot eyes. Joe Namath did it, the argument goes, but there is no modern-day Namath. The league has changed too much. More»
MattSchaub article July 23, 2014

Confidence Game

After a nightmare 2013 with the Texans, Matt Schaub has found a new home in Oakland, encouraging Schaub to take control. The way he's been embraced by his new coaches and teammates is certainly therapeutic -- but his leash could also be short. More»
50sTrainingCamp article July 22, 2014

Those Were the Days

The concept of NFL training camp has changed so much. It used to be a means for players to get in shape, to get accustomed to hitting and to learn about one another. Now it's more about memorization for the mind and the muscles. More»
colin_kaepernick article July 8, 2014

Living on the Edge

The 49ers can destroy a lot of teams this fall, assuming they don't destroy themselves first. They are well-coached and well-stocked. But in some ways they have been a team on the edge, with rumors of infighting, contract standoffs and players running afoul of the law. More»
peterson article June 26, 2014

Verging on Invinciblity

If you were Adrian Peterson, you might feel invincible. After all, you regularly make some of the fiercest athletes in North America crumble to the their knees. If you were Adrian Peterson, you might feel invincible. Except for one thing: Seafood gumbo. More»

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