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Dave Kindred
Dave Kindred
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article December 24, 2013

Still Picking Up the Pieces

After the most violent November tornado in their state's history, the small town of Washington, Illinois, continues to recover, finding comfort in the spirit of the community's youth and the determination of local high school sports teams. More»
tornado_damage article November 22, 2013

Football In The Face Of Calamity

In Washington, Ill., if football didn't mean much last Sunday morning, and if it's still way down the list of real-world things that matter, football matters now in the way that sports matters most -- as respite, refuge and symbol of gumption in the face of calamity. More»
billy_hardwick_chris_hardwick article November 21, 2013

A Life on the Lanes

Chris Hardwick, of Nerdist fame, was once a four-year-old watching his father, one of the best professional bowlers ever, win a championship after seven lost years. Billy Hardwick, who died last week, led a fascinating and conflicted life. More»
USATSI_7347638 article November 5, 2013

The Stench Of Incognito

Richie Incognito is the fat little kid who never got over it. Instead, he got even. Fat, little, angry kids play football so they can stomp on fat, little kids who aren't as angry. Some fat, little, angry kids get big enough, strong enough and smart enough to play in the NFL. More»
Nate_Northington article November 5, 2013

The Forgotten Trailblazer

During the tumultuous civil rights era, running back Nate Northington became the first black athlete to play in the SEC. But his story is a complicated one, marked by failure and tragedy, and serves as a source of inspiration to the college stars of today. More»
knute_rockne article October 29, 2013

History In The Making

The Notre Dame-Army rivalry celebrates the 100th anniversary of its first meeting this week. While The Four Horsemen and The Gipper were born of later meetings, it is the initial game that put the Notre Dame program on the national map, but no one knew that in 1913. More»
hsdeaths1980x1100 article September 18, 2013

Kids Shouldn't Play Football

If I had a son in high school, he wouldn't be playing football. Too many kids get hurt. Too many die. Maybe, statistically, five dead kids in five weeks is a blip on the radar screen of teenage mortality. But probably not. More»
Musial1 article August 23, 2013

Nostalgia, marked up

You'll see some steep prices at a national sports collectors show. A puck from the last NHL Finals will cost you $40. Eddie Gaedel's bat went for $44,812 at auction. Are these people nuts or what? Then I saw a Stan Musial jersey. Yes, if I had piles of money, I'd go nuts. More»
manziel_mediaday article July 18, 2013

The Summer of Johnny

SEC Media Days have evolved into a circus, 1,200 media members congregating for three days of interviews. All of it was a recipe for nonstop attention focused on Texas A&M's Johnny Manziel, the celebrity quarterback. More»
murray_serena1980x1100 article June 28, 2013

A Battle Made For Vegas

If Andy Murray does try his luck against Serena Williams in a new tennis Battle of the Sexes, they have Bobby Riggs to thank for the match not deciding the relative stature of men and women, and simply being great entertainment. More»
Urlacher article May 25, 2013

Performance and Passion

The only way to play the meanest game is to deny what it's taking from you. Brian Urlacher knew this. It gave him the electricity of life but it drew down on the charge until, one day, he asked for more and there was no more. More»
Robinson_Reese article April 25, 2013

Better Than Fiction

In the movie '42,' a key scene involves Pee Wee Reese putting his arm around Jackie Robinson in a show of support on the field in Cincinnati. The only problem is ... that may not have happened. The truth is just as moving, if maybe too subtle for Hollywood. More»
brett_comer article March 28, 2013

Saving College Basketball

Something has gone blank in college basketball's soul. It became sadly clear last March. I was done caring... until I watched Brett Comer with the ball. Who's Brett Comer? He's the guy whose subversive, improvisational style is saving this tournament. More»
AP130317120116 article March 20, 2013

Teenage Wasteland

Since at least the time of Aristotle, adults have been trying to figure out what goes on in the teenage brain. Now, thanks to new brain-imaging technology, psychologists are smarter about what leads to heinous behavior like that of the Steubenville defendants. More»
Tarkanian article March 5, 2013

Give the Man His Due

Jerry Tarkanian belongs in the basketball Hall of Fame. In 31 seasons at Long Beach, UNLV and Fresno State, Tarkanian's teams won 778 games. And he called the NCAA corrupt long before such thinking was fashionable -- but not without consequences. More»
mikemontgomery article February 19, 2013

Take This Story and Shove It

California coach Mike Montgomery's shove of star player Allen Crabbe is an easy target for criticism, and he's been loudly condemned for it. But this type of minor incident is just a petty distraction from the NCAA's larger problems. More»
Pistorius article February 14, 2013

'This Oscar Pistorius?'

What this writer knew about Oscar Pistorius, everyone knew. We think we know the athletes we follow. But the shocking news out of South Africa about the double-amputee Olympian's alleged murder of his girlfriend exposes the truth -- we knew nothing. More»
Muhammad_Ali article February 6, 2013

Time is a Vandal

London's Daily Mail has reported that Muhammad Ali is near death. Yes, Ali has Parkinson's disease, likely the result of brain damage suffered in the ring. Yes, sunrise has become sunset. Yes, time is a vandal. Yet a friend says he is still uniquely 'Ali.' More»
1980x1100_SOE_Mythic article January 24, 2013

Truth or Dare

Some hoaxsters make up stories for money, others for pride or for glory. Whatever happened to making up stories just for the hell of it? We remember the Corbet Comets and the mighty Plainfield Teachers College football team. More»
Katherine_Webb article January 8, 2013

Beauty and the Brent

They pay him to talk on television, so what was Brent Musburger supposed to do when they turned the camera on Miss Alabama, just stare? Well, maybe if you’re 73 years old, as Musburger is, and Miss Alabama is 23, as Katharine Webb is, maybe you don’t go all Hugh Hefner on her. More»

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