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David Roth
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article June 6, 2013

Court Vision

For Nets fans at the turn of the century, Jason Kidd was a revelation. Decades of mediocrity in New Jersey basketball suddenly came to life behind a guard who made the game dazzlingly abstract. He wasn't perfect, but he helped Nets fans grow up. More»
rutgers_hermann article May 30, 2013

Tales of Jersey: Rutgers Edition

Mishandled power has become a running joke in New Jersey, an accepted part of life that of course isn't all that funny. It's easy to see it in action at Rutgers, where a relentless pursuit of athletic power has led to scandal and done little good. More»
sanabia article May 22, 2013

Scratching The Surface

The Marlins have a habit of making baseball look difficult, and that's really all Alex Sanabia's spitball was. Altering the baseball may be against the rules, but as history has proven, a spitball barely even works, and trying to gain a little edge is a human part of the sport. More»
MikeTyson article May 16, 2013

Iron Mike, Animated

If you are old enough to remember Mike Tyson as Mike Tyson -- that is, as both a churning and terrifying and brilliant champion, as well as a loathsome criminal -- then it is strange in the extreme to watch him become quite literally a cartoon. More»
ReggieMiller article May 9, 2013

Just Being Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller's status as our least popular NBA broadcaster is in no way owed to some lack of knowledge about the game on his part, but because he can't help himself. Just like in his playing days, Miller delights in trolling, needling, annoying -- and he's really good at it. More»
DwightHoward article April 25, 2013

Best of the Worst

There must be basketball fans who love watching Dwight Howard play and don't find his persona irritating. It's just that this writer has never met any of them, on Twitter or at games or anywhere else in the world, and actually can't imagine what they might be like. More»
mets_rockies1980x1100 article April 18, 2013

That Bad Baseball Feeling

Tuesday night's game, the second half of a doubleheader between the Mets and Rockies, was real in the sense that it counts. But it was unreally bad in so many ways, from the terrible play to the inverted home/away uniforms, and yet I'd still watch it again. More»
jr_smith_knicks article April 10, 2013

The Team New York Deserves

Whatever their postseason fate, the Knicks are finally the team New Yorkers have wished for: As interesting and organically weird and fun as New York likes to imagine itself to be, and a team every bit as good as New York believes it deserves. More»
seanmiller_technical article April 5, 2013

College Sports Aren't Working

NCAA president Mark Emmert can say 'all is well' all he wants, but he can't stand in the way of the forward movement of history. The resigntion of Pac-12 officiating coordinator Ed Rush is just another in a long line of strikes against a troubled institution. More»
mccarver1980x1100 article March 29, 2013

Oh Baby, He Loved It

Either Tim McCarver is a jerk, or a brilliant baseball mind whose time has passed. But neither of those views says quite enough about McCarver, who spent 50 years in baseball without ever quite becoming anything greater or more endearing than himself. More»
Bucknell_celebrates article March 20, 2013

The Great Unknown

In 2010, in a bracket I organized at The Wall Street Journal, I was trounced by five-year-old triplets. This is what it means to pick a bracket for March Madness: a ritual exercise of humbling. Let go of your delusions of competence and imagined knowledge. More»
laurentrobinson article March 15, 2013

Bare Market

There's no perfect market in an imperfect world, and that's certainly the case in the NFL, where the lack of guaranteed contracts and various changes in salary structures have allowed a rich five-year deal becoming a failed one-year deal to become the norm. More»
Olasewere_LIU article March 6, 2013

Small Ball In Brooklyn

The Northeast Conference Tournament -- home to the LIU Blackbirds, the flawed, fantastic team I've adopted -- will probably not produce much more than a sacrificial 15 or 16 seed come tournament time. But that's the wrong way to approach their games. More»
Cardinals_spring_training article February 28, 2013

Meaningless Games

Spring training means lazy games and rusty players. But even that looks pretty freaking great at the moment. There's something uniquely comforting about the experience of watching Spring Training baseball. We're all remembering how to do this together. More»
cultofcoach article February 26, 2013

Cult of the Coach

College hoops on TV is filled with reaction shots of coaches and commentary from the Dick Vitales of the world about their intensity. Those are the ones we're supposed to be watching and marveling at, with all that exciting everything-else going on? More»
1980x1100_SOE_SlamDunk article February 15, 2013

If It Ain't Broke...

The NBA's desire to tweak the Slam Dunk Contest ignores a simple truth: The event does not and should not actually matter. It's just fine how it is now, and it works because of its simplicity. Yes, it's goofy, but its goofiness is central to its greatness. More»
ryanbraun article February 8, 2013

An Unreachable Goal

The war on PEDs is an asymmetrical conflict on an increasingly constricted battlefield. The question is not whether we can live with that. It is when we will stop pretending that this is a war, and start recognizing it as something older and more prosaic. More»
uspw_6927216 article January 24, 2013

Makers and Takers

Owning a sports team amounts to the stewardship of a civic institution, and the best owners succeed by behaving in a way that acknowledges the significance of that responsibility. Unfortunately, fans have little recourse if they don't. More»
giants win article October 15, 2012

Death of the Underdogs

Given how much time we spend in our ordinary lives looking up through bulletproof glass at various elites, it makes sense to use the safe space of the playoffs to indulge the urge for upheaval and pick an unlikely team as our chaos engine of choice. More»
ichiro_orioles article October 9, 2012

Twists and Turns

Monday in baseball started out slack, flabby and played at an achingly slow pace at an odd time of day, and not all that well. Thankfully, that's not how it ended. With a few heroics (and mistakes), the Cardinals and O's both got even. More»

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