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Dirk Hayhurst
Dirk Hayhurst
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article July 29, 2014

Minor League Manhood

Lots of guys made their cases for why they should be considered the alpha male of a locker room in the low minors when this writer was down on the farm. But the biggest separator was one's prowess with the opposite sex. It fostered a toxic culture of misogyny and exploitation. More»
michaelsam_rams article July 26, 2014

An Ongoing Battle

Michael Sam and his sexual orientation should not be a distraction, as Tony Dungy said, but that doesn't mean they aren't. The issue won't change overnight, because a lot of people have yet to come to terms with what he represents. More»
maddux_dugout article July 24, 2014

What I Learned from Greg Maddux

Over the course of 23 seasons, Greg Maddux was undoubtedly a role model for an uncountable number of young pitchers, including some who actually made it to the big leagues. To come up short when compared to Maddux is far from a failure, of course; he's one of the best there ever was. More»
Jeter-Hayhurst article July 16, 2014

All Due Re2pect

When a guy like Derek Jeter walks up to home plate in a game that exists to honor greatness, you're damn right he's going to get a couple of center-cut fastballs. That, ladies and gentleman, is how this business respects its own. More»
USATSI_7949185 article July 12, 2014

Dinosaur Logic

All together now, dinosaurs of decades past: "Today's pitchers are weak! Today's pitches are babies! Today's pitchers don't have that fire in their belly to go out there and push through a little thing like arm pain!" Oh, if only a meteor would send them all into extinction. More»
AllStarHayhurst_2 article July 9, 2014

Hey Now, You're An All-Star

The idea that baseball players should bow down and start Twitter campaigns for you to vote them into the All-Star game, that isn't baseball. It's just marketing. A game that is decided by fan vote, popularity and veteran honoraria is not real baseball. It's just another grand ceremony. More»
verlander-motion1980x1100 article July 7, 2014

Salvation Sleeve?

The Motus Pitcher Sleeve measures data concerning stress on the elbow during the pitching process. It's been heralded as the Holy Grail, the thing that will save baseball. But there are already better tools available. So why is this the one that will work? More»
drug_hats_hayhurst article July 3, 2014

Smoke Screen

Think professional baseball players don't indulge in marijuana? Think again, to an extent far more than the public knows. Thanks to a loophole in the rules, it's easier to do in the majors than the minors, but that doesn't mean that organizational players aren't doing it too. More»
Ventura-Hayhurst article June 27, 2014

Anger Management

Recently Robin Ventura, the skipper for the White Sox, said, "Baseball's tough. You've got to put your big-boy pants on and go out there and win a game." His team responded. That may seem simple, but the psychology behind managing players isn't. More»
gwynn_statue article June 22, 2014

If You Ban It, They Will Stop

It's hypocritical for the baseball players union and the players in it to, on the grounds of moral integrity, outlaw the consumption of, and association with chewing tobacco for minor leaguers but not follow through with the policies themselves. If you're going agree to rules, make them count or don't make them at all. More»
price_david article June 20, 2014

Trading Places

When trade rumors pop up, the players involved always talk about how happy they are where they are, even if that's not true in the least. Even if a deal makes sense on the surface, it's important to remember that players are people, with wives and families to consider in the move. More»
Machado-Brawl article June 9, 2014

Going Nuclear

Even if you were to look at things from the premise of baseball's unwritten rules, what Machado did this weekend was still dumb. But he didn't build the machine that assures team's mutual destruction. The players of today are victims of the players of the past. More»
buehrle article June 5, 2014

Old Faithful

Major League Baseball has always coveted high velocity. But with pitchers seemingly reaching their physical limits, would it not be wise for baseball to shift it's focus off velocity? Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Mark Buehrle's pitching style could provide us with an alternative. More»
baseball_scout article June 2, 2014

How To Hack The MLB Draft

You might think that getting drafted by a professional baseball team is just about having success in high school or college, but it's about much more than that. Even the best scouts are only human, so prospects without first-round pedigrees need to figure out how to best market themselves. More»
bluejays1980x1100 article May 25, 2014

The Psychology Of Hot Streaks

What to say to a streaking baseball player, a guy like Edwin Encarnacion who has turned it on in the month of May? I just smack him on the butt and say, "Great job," because players are process-focused. More»
fernandez article May 15, 2014

Hard Truths

The 2014 season is quickly becoming the year of the Tommy John surgery, with 34 instances in baseball thus far. Unless MLB shifts its focus away from high-velocity pitching to command and movement, expect elbow injuries to be a common way for a team's season to sink. More»
davidortiz article May 14, 2014

Dealing With The Shift

Everyone always wants to know why hitters don't hit the ball the other way to beat the shift. The answer? It's not worth their time. For players who usually face the shift, their games are still all about specializing in power hitting. More»

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