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Doug Farrar
Doug Farrar
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article June 28, 2016

How Ryan's 46 Defense Ruled Football

Buddy Ryan, who died on Tuesday, revolutionized football in the 1980s through his 46 defense, which helped make the Bears a Super Bowl champion by finding new ways to pressure and attack quarterbacks. His legacy will continue to live on. More»
Monroe-Weed article June 28, 2016

NFL Pot Stirrer: Medical Marijuana

With a multitude of new research available about the effects of marijuana usage and their treatment of painkillers in the past, it's not only time to reopen the discussion of league-wide testing -- it's time for significant reform. More»
GettyImages-154275793 article May 20, 2016

Cable toys with Seattle line too much

The Seahawks, one of the most successful NFL franchises this decade, have espoused the need for "ass-kickers" along their front five. But does offensive line coach Tom Cable's rigid philosophy hold back the team as a whole? More»

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