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Gwen Knapp
Gwen Knapp
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article February 24, 2014

Back In The Game, Briefly

Barry Bonds will spend nine days as a guest instructor in Giants camp, and that no doubt will raise red flags for baseball's most ardent drug critics. That's unfair, however -- Bonds has served his time, and the sport has already allowed Roger Clemens and Mark McGwire to coach. More»
sochi_ladies_skating_medalists article February 21, 2014

Reasonable Doubt

Adelina Sotnikova's gold medal victory over favorite Yuna Kim came as a shock, in no small part due to the questionable makeup of the judging panel. But despite the controversial decision, the competition was close enough that it's not unreasonable for Sotnikova to have won. More»
skating article February 20, 2014

Expanding Your Comfort Zone

Figure skating can be difficult for the casual fan to get into, but then again, it's important to remember that any perceived flaws -- like questionable judges and uneducated fans -- exist in most other sports. Accept it for what it is, and you may find it worth your time. More»
christin_cooper_bode_miller article February 19, 2014

No Stranger to Loss

As Christin Cooper prodded a tearful Bode Miller to talk more about the loss of his younger brother, NBC's audience read her as callous and exploitive. But her family, which has had its own share of grief, has a different understanding of the situation. More»
KnappAsianOlympics_LOGO article February 19, 2014

Invisible Champions

Is it really fair to use the term "White People's Olympics" without fully recognizing the incredible accomplishments of Asian competitors? The Games may not be a model of diversity, but they're not monochromatic either, and haven't been for a while. More»
weir_lipinski_sochi article February 14, 2014

Match Made In Heaven

Former skating champions Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski have proven to be an entertaining pair as broadcasters in the Sochi Olympics, combining technical expertise with enjoyable banter and solid chemistry. Soon enough, they may be the sport's top television duo. More»
carinavogt article February 13, 2014

Jumping gender barriers

As Carina Vogt grabbed the first Olympic gold medal available to women ski jumpers, she also advanced a case for eventually eliminating her event. Despite a huge head start for men, the sexes are very close to competing together as equals. More»
sam_mizzou article February 10, 2014

Corporate Motivation

It would be nice if the NFL would accept Michael Sam's orientation simply because it's the right thing to do, but in case that's not enough, here's some real motivation. As a multi-billion dollar company, the NFL can't be seen as being discriminatory. More»
ARodLawsuit article February 8, 2014

Game Over?

Alex Rodriguez dropped his lawsuits against MLB, commissioner Bud Selig and the MLB Players Association, but putting the whole messy Biogenesis affair in the past will be an uphill battle. For now, the best course for him is discretion -- and contrition. More»
lillard article February 7, 2014

Bringing a title to Portland

After the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl on Sunday, Trail Blazers followers began to wonder when Paul Allen -- the owner of both Pacific Northwest teams -- would bring a title to his first pro team. With a talented Portland roster, that could happen soon. More»
seahawks_huddle article February 4, 2014

A Matter Of Perception

If we've learned anything over the years, it's that sports drug testing can easily be beaten, and the fact that the Seahawks keep getting busted says more about their skill in hiding it than anything. It's naive to think they're the only team with issues, so we shouldn't deny them their due. More»
sherman_int_49ers article January 31, 2014

Secondary In Name Only

Richard Sherman is constantly in the news these days because of his mouth, but that obscures just how good of a football player he is, and he's not alone. The Seattle secondary is unlike anything we've seen in years, and a big reason why the Seahawks are in the Super Bowl. More»
mizzou article January 28, 2014

Choosing his loyalties

Rolandis Woodland could have stayed out of the story about Sasha Menu Courey's suicide and alleged sexual assault. Yet there he was on ESPN's Outside the Lines last Friday, saying that he had reason to believe that three of his former Missouri teammates raped her. More»
ErinAndrews article January 27, 2014

On the Sidelines

As soon as Richard Sherman ranted into the Fox microphone held by Erin Andrews last week, blame was due to come her way. But was it really warranted? Even as those critics begin to backtrack, let's examine whether Andrews' role when it comes to women in sports media. More»
blog January 24, 2014

Not In Good Cheer

What if a major corporation ran a sweatshop, coiffed all the workers to perfection, then put them on national TV? According to a class-action lawsuit filed this week, that's how a gig as an Oakland Raiderette plays out. More»
A_Rod article January 22, 2014

Union's Divide

In his quest to overturn a 162-game ban, Alex Rodriguez has targeted the MLBPA in a lawsuit and reportedly disgusted his peers so thoroughly that a bunch of the player reps wanted to expel him from the union. Is this A-Rod's final insult? More»
seattle_d article January 20, 2014

Flipping The Script

Richard Sherman is a fifth-round draft pick who crafted himself into an all-pro and one of the most feared corners in the game. He makes noise because it does something for him. On Sunday, he got exactly what he wanted, a trip to the Super Bowl with every eye on him. More»
blog January 20, 2014

Sweeping Controversy Aside

49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman managed to grab a fumble despite a mangled left leg, yet the officials incorrectly ruled he'd lost the ball in the purest case of adding insult to injury. Fortunately for the league, the next play helped avert the public's focus on another officiating mistake. More»
inflation_contracts article January 17, 2014

The Real Value of Mega-Contracts

In one area of baseball, Alex Rodriguez remains untouchable: Money. Accounting for inflation, his 2001 deal still stands alone by a wide margin. It turns out, though, that while baseball revenue growth has lately outpaced inflation, mega-contracts have not. More»
blog January 16, 2014

The Anatomy of a NFL Makeover

After Jim Harbaugh's wife complained about his awful pleated Khakis obsession on Tuesday, the 49ers coach ditched the pleats the following day, saying ""Happy wife, happy life.'' Harbaugh being a creature of habit though, will the flat fronts stay on gameday? More»

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