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article January 8, 2015

Van Gundy's Last Stand

Stan Van Gundy has five seasons to figure out how to take the Pistons from the 29-53 team they were each of the past two outings, and make them into the kind of team he took to the NBA finals in Orlando back in 2009. Jettisoning Josh Smith was just the first step. More»
CoachK article December 26, 2014

Nearly 1,000 Reasons to Like Coach K

It's easy to think of Mike Krzyzewski as a kind of American monument: unshakable, unmovable and undaunted. But as he approaches 1,000 wins, it's important to examine just how remarkable his coaching career has been. More»
460,384,222 article December 15, 2014

76ers: Believing In the Plan

The Sixers entered the 2014-15 season knowing they would lose big. The results quickly confirmed this expectation, with the team starting the season 0-17. But a couple of wins and close losses over the last week show that this team still has some fight in them. More»
458,720,870 article December 8, 2014

Quirky Lopez A Perfect Fit In Portland

Robin Lopez (Brook Lopez's twin brother) is an odd bird, with his Sideshow Bob hairdo and bizarre Twitter musings. He's also a player no one had any right to expect: the perfect center for a legitimate Western Conference contender. More»
459,001,450 article November 18, 2014

Bosh wearing all the hats in Miami

Chris Bosh re-signed with the Miami Heat this offseason, and with LeBron James gone, the team is now running through its 30-year-old superstar who has been doing a little bit of everything out of necessity early on this season. More»
AaronGordon article November 13, 2014

Aaron Gordon's Learning Curve

Gordon's broad base of skills impressed the Orlando Magic enough to draft him fourth overall this past June. But under coach Jacque Vaughn, the answer as to whether Gordon is a three or a four seems as unresolved as ever. It may not matter as long as he keeps producing. More»
458,354,378 article November 4, 2014

Thunder trying to weather the storm

The Oklahoma City Thunder are playing without Kevin Durant. By itself, this is a massive undertaking, but it hasn't been close to the totality of Thunder coach Scott Brooks' task. That showed Monday night in Brooklyn, as the short-handed Thunder lost yet another player. More»
Kidd article October 21, 2014

Kidd Still Has a Lot to Prove

A little more than a year ago, Jason Kidd was an aging point guard going through a terrible shooting slump for the 2012-13 Knicks. Shortly thereafter, Kidd made a leap to head coach and we still don't what kind of leader the former All-Star is going to be. More»
induction article August 19, 2014

The Cardinals Way

There was no game attached to the first Hall of Fame induction at Ballpark Village, no giveaway item. Just a Cardinals team honoring its history, and fans who remember so much of it, coming together. This is how it works in St. Louis. More»
Mets-Pins article August 12, 2014

Mets Hopes Pinned to Future

For this columnist and his young daughter, the future of the New York Mets doesn't seem quite as bleak this summer, especially with the young talent coming through the system. Is this false hope or a sign of good things to come in Flushing? More»
ausmus_tigers article August 8, 2014

Can This Man Win It All?

Brad Ausmus spent 18 years as a big league catcher, three coming in Detroit. Now, he's the first-year manager of the Tigers, who are pushing towards yet another playoff run, and he's learning what it takes to run a team and get by away from his family. More»
Taveras article August 1, 2014

Riding The Prospect Wave

How it's worked for the Cardinals lately is this: they draft well. A wave of talent crests onto the scene, major league-ready. And then the Cardinals make use of that talent, trading some excess when necessary, but knowing that there's another wave coming. More»
murray_brothers article July 29, 2014

Strength Through Baseball

Years ago, Michael Murray and his two sons went to a Cape Cod League game on a family trip. Now, after the unfortunate passing of Michael Sr., sons A.J. and Michael Jr. have used baseball and the Cape league to help their grieving family heal. More»
Mario article July 24, 2014

You Had to Be There

What happens when you drop Mario Balotelli and AC Milan in the middle of Long Island on a Wednesday afternoon, to play with the New York Cosmos? Not much, apparently. Milan ultimately decided not to scrimmage with the Cosmos and Balotelli made only a brief appearance to public. More»
JumboDiaz article July 19, 2014

Kind of a Big Deal

Cincinnati Reds reliever Jumbo Diaz has been getting minor leaguers out with filthy stuff since 2002. So why hasn't he had a real major league opportunity until now? The likely culprit is body perception, more than anything else. More»
nba_d_league article July 16, 2014

The Future of Basketball's Future

For years, basketball players with professional dreams who weren't ready to make the leap right out of high school have gone to college, largely due to a lack of other options. As the NCAA makes itself less appealing, the NBA D-League is stepping up as an alternative. More»
lin1980x1100 article July 14, 2014

From Bad To Worse

The narrative of Jeremy Lin is pervasive, consistent and wrong. The idea is that Lin's 35 games with the Knicks were some kind of fluke. But other than those games, Lin has never been in full control of an offense -- and that won't happen in L.A., either. More»
483,222,893 article July 12, 2014

My Kid's First Game At Fenway

On our first trip to Fenway Park, I wanted to give my four-year-old a sense of both the passion of Red Sox fans and the incredible history of the place. Still, I wasn't willing to let my desire to make Fenway a teachable moment overwhelm her ability to have fun. More»
hot_dog article July 3, 2014

In Defense of the Hot Dog

I love a hot dog. So does my wife. So does America. Ideally, the appropriate condiment -- mustard, not ketchup, you communist -- is nearby. The best hot dogs, though, don't even need it. Nowadays, though, the hot dog is under attack by alternative ballpark foods. More»
FrankCashen article July 1, 2014

An Amazin' Architect

Frank Cashen, the former Orioles and Mets executive who passed away Monday at the age of 88, went about his business in a manner that would have fit comfortably in nearly any era in baseball history. But few have built a team as well as he did. More»

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