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article July 19, 2014

Kind of a Big Deal

Cincinnati Reds reliever Jumbo Diaz has been getting minor leaguers out with filthy stuff since 2002. So why hasn't he had a real major league opportunity until now? The likely culprit is body perception, more than anything else. More»
nba_d_league article July 16, 2014

The Future of Basketball's Future

For years, basketball players with professional dreams who weren't ready to make the leap right out of high school have gone to college, largely due to a lack of other options. As the NCAA makes itself less appealing, the NBA D-League is stepping up as an alternative. More»
lin1980x1100 article July 14, 2014

From Bad To Worse

The narrative of Jeremy Lin is pervasive, consistent and wrong. The idea is that Lin's 35 games with the Knicks were some kind of fluke. But other than those games, Lin has never been in full control of an offense -- and that won't happen in L.A., either. More»
483,222,893 article July 12, 2014

My Kid's First Game At Fenway

On our first trip to Fenway Park, I wanted to give my four-year-old a sense of both the passion of Red Sox fans and the incredible history of the place. Still, I wasn't willing to let my desire to make Fenway a teachable moment overwhelm her ability to have fun. More»
hot_dog article July 3, 2014

In Defense of the Hot Dog

I love a hot dog. So does my wife. So does America. Ideally, the appropriate condiment -- mustard, not ketchup, you communist -- is nearby. The best hot dogs, though, don't even need it. Nowadays, though, the hot dog is under attack by alternative ballpark foods. More»
FrankCashen article July 1, 2014

An Amazin' Architect

Frank Cashen, the former Orioles and Mets executive who passed away Monday at the age of 88, went about his business in a manner that would have fit comfortably in nearly any era in baseball history. But few have built a team as well as he did. More»
jason_kidd article June 29, 2014

Court Vision

Jason Kidd's been in the public eye for two decades and always forces things to break his way, but has he thought this move through? As a player, Kidd never had to worry about burning bridges -- his game was transcendent. He may not be not that kind of coach and executive. More»
450,609,670 article June 26, 2014

Anatomy Of A Slump

Expecting David Wright to sit still in the face of a slump is probably silly. He's just not the patient sort, and it's fair to assume that at age 31, he never will be. It's worked out pretty well for him so far. More»
NY-Cosmos article June 26, 2014

Cosmic Events

Ever since Major League Soccer began play in 1996, the path to soccer legitimacy has been slow, inexorably moving along patiently. The New York Cosmos had a different plan. And heading into Tuesday night, it seemed they might just pull it off. More»
carlos_martinez article June 17, 2014

The Young Gun

I maintain that none of the endless parade of young pitchers in the Cardinals' organization is as much fun to watch as Carlos Martinez. He might just end up the best of all of them. So it was a big deal when Martinez started against the New York Mets on Monday night. I More»
venditte article June 13, 2014

Blazing A Trail

How can you appropriately measure Yankees switch-pitcher Pat Venditte, when so few have come before him? As he continues to pad his minor league resume while waiting for his shot, Venditte is easy to root for, if only because of what a promotion would mean to the sport. More»
hessman article June 12, 2014

A Life Of Baseball

What exactly does it mean to hit 400 minor league home runs? The career of Mike Hessman, 36-year-old slugger for the Toledo Mud Hens, forces us to consider this for the first time. Though those 400 long balls came in Triple-A, Hessman's feat should not be overlooked. More»
fisher jackson article June 11, 2014

The New Guy

Derek Fisher has plenty of experience with winning, but zero experience with coaching. But don't count him out. This is the perfect year for the Knicks to rebuild, and if they're successful, Fisher -- and his close relationship with Phil Jackson -- could draw some bigger names to the Knicks in the next year or two. More»
santana article June 9, 2014

Can't Catch a Break

Nearly two years since his last appearance in the majors, Johan Santana was finally on the verge of returning with the Orioles. But a torn Achilles has disrupted comeback plans, casting doubts on the future of a previously indestructible pitcher. More»
summers article June 5, 2014

Chasing The Dream

Not every basketball player enters the NBA as a first-round pick with a rich contract. Some players have to fight for every opportunity they can get, even if that means the D-League or overseas or in the middle of a war, just for the chance to get a brief tryout for NBA executives. More»
dozier article June 4, 2014

Surprise Turnaround

Nobody saw Brian Dozier's power surge coming. But the Twins second baseman has dramatically revamped his approach, and his sudden success may have him in position to play on his home field in Minnesota in July's All-Star Game. More»
ellis-baby article May 27, 2014

Speedy Deliveries

Our writer finds a bizarre parallel between his own life and that of Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis -- they were both speeding towards the hospital when their wives each delivered their own baby in the passenger seat. Here, the two dads connect to share their unusual experiences. More»
171,087,557 article May 20, 2014

In The Zone

Reds ace Johnny Cueto's 2014 season has been absurd, with a 1.25 ERA through nine starts. His good health is a relief, and his consistency is breathtaking. The most surprising part, however, is how much an already-successful Cueto was willing to try to improve. More»
collins_bullpen article May 16, 2014

Risky Business

The real problem Terry Collins has exhibited over his three-plus years with the Mets is a tendency to burn out relievers. Clearly, nobody knows how to prevent injuries. But there are things that we know increase risk factors. Things like pitching while tired are particularly problematic. More»
robertsons article May 15, 2014

What's In A Name?

One might not think that a reliever for the Yankees and a conductor for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra would have anything in common, but the two David Robertsons share more than just a name. Though they're from different worlds, they both know what it's like to replace a legend. More»

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