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Howard Megdal
Howard Megdal
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article January 8, 2015

Van Gundy's Last Stand

Stan Van Gundy has five seasons to figure out how to take the Pistons from the 29-53 team they were each of the past two outings, and make them into the kind of team he took to the NBA finals in Orlando back in 2009. Jettisoning Josh Smith was just the first step. More»
CoachK article December 26, 2014

Nearly 1,000 Reasons to Like Coach K

It's easy to think of Mike Krzyzewski as a kind of American monument: unshakable, unmovable and undaunted. But as he approaches 1,000 wins, it's important to examine just how remarkable his coaching career has been. More»
460,384,222 article December 15, 2014

76ers: Believing In the Plan

The Sixers entered the 2014-15 season knowing they would lose big. The results quickly confirmed this expectation, with the team starting the season 0-17. But a couple of wins and close losses over the last week show that this team still has some fight in them. More»
458,720,870 article December 8, 2014

Quirky Lopez A Perfect Fit In Portland

Robin Lopez (Brook Lopez's twin brother) is an odd bird, with his Sideshow Bob hairdo and bizarre Twitter musings. He's also a player no one had any right to expect: the perfect center for a legitimate Western Conference contender. More»
459,001,450 article November 18, 2014

Bosh wearing all the hats in Miami

Chris Bosh re-signed with the Miami Heat this offseason, and with LeBron James gone, the team is now running through its 30-year-old superstar who has been doing a little bit of everything out of necessity early on this season. More»
AaronGordon article November 13, 2014

Aaron Gordon's Learning Curve

Gordon's broad base of skills impressed the Orlando Magic enough to draft him fourth overall this past June. But under coach Jacque Vaughn, the answer as to whether Gordon is a three or a four seems as unresolved as ever. It may not matter as long as he keeps producing. More»
458,354,378 article November 4, 2014

Thunder trying to weather the storm

The Oklahoma City Thunder are playing without Kevin Durant. By itself, this is a massive undertaking, but it hasn't been close to the totality of Thunder coach Scott Brooks' task. That showed Monday night in Brooklyn, as the short-handed Thunder lost yet another player. More»

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