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Jack Dickey
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article July 18, 2013

The Brain Games

Rehiring Keith Olbermann was ESPN's way of signaling that it had its own horse to enter in a growing genre of sports television programming: the talk show for the thinking sports fan. But why bother? The thinking sports fan has no need for sports talk. More»
Blackhawks_Game6_Analysis article June 25, 2013

Breakdown of the Breakdowns

This was the Platonic ideal of a Final, satisfying for all hockey fans. But Game 6's roller coaster was also maddening, with all of the third period goals coming on defensive-zone lapses and other mistakes. Is this really how the sport's preeminent contest should be decided? More»
torts article May 30, 2013

Good Riddance?

When John Tortorella was fired by the New York Rangers, old newspaper scribes danced on his grave, but other hockey observers weren't so sure it was a good move. This debate inadvertently highlighted a strange truth about hockey: No one has a clue how to grade a coach. More»
DarrelleRevis article April 22, 2013

No Guarantees

Darrell Revis's new wholly unguaranteed deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers makes the best of a bad system. But it also showcases just how bad that system is. And even the smartest NFL fans don't know whether to cheer or sigh. More»
staal_030713b article March 7, 2013

Clear Vision

Marc Staal's injured eye, suffered Tuesday when the Rangers defenseman took a puck to the eye, could easily have been prevented by a visor. So why aren't we getting rapid implementation of a required-visor rule in the NHL? One word: Fights. More»
Gary_Bettman article January 9, 2013

Frozen In Place

The NHL lockout is over and regular-season play is on its way, yet it's hard to be excited. It's difficult to discern why the sport needed a lockout, and it's essentially impossible to determine that this one solved anything. Did the NHL just waste four months of our time? More»
1980x1100_SOE_Memories_Hockey article December 28, 2012

Long Live The Kings

The NHL lockout is a great disappointment, and not just for the usual sports-lockout reasons, but also because the 2011-12 season ended with a Los Angeles Kings playoff triumph that testified so well to what the NHL can do when it's at its best. More»
denardspan article December 6, 2012

GM For A Day: Washington Nationals

The Nationals suffered a heartbreaking exit in the 2012 NLDS, but they're already helping to ensure that won't happen again. By acquiring Denard Span and Dan Haren, Washington has positioned itself as the favorite in the NL East. More»
romo_down article November 23, 2012

Turkey Day Football

For all my blessings, Thanksgiving has never worked out just right for me -- we've never had football on. That changed this year, and I finally got to watch not just any old football, but my own New York Jets, in a crucial game against New England. More»
jeffkent article November 12, 2012

The Good Guy

Why did Jeff Kent want to go on 'Survivor?' He doesn't need money, and he has nothing to sell us. He wasn't playing for charity, either. He was in it for the love of the game. So what was it that Kent loved? I watched a whole show and tried to figure that out. More»
1980x1100_sheffield_v1b article October 23, 2012

The Second Life of Sheff

Gary Sheffield is a professional negotiator. He always has been, whether in Little League or the major leagues, on the field or off. He understands the game in a way that few do, and he's putting it to use ... as a player agent. Why? Oh, he'll tell you. More»
arod article October 14, 2012

Times Have Changed

Alex Rodriguez's steroid use opened the door for a misreading of his decline. People now think A-Rod stopped being A-Rod because he stopped using performance-enhancing drugs. But years of baseball history suggest that is not the case at all. More»

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