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Jeb Lund
Jeb Lund
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article July 17, 2014

Not Going Away

Pete Rose, though banned for life for gambling on baseball, has been cleared for limited participation in the festivities at the All-Star Game in 2015, which has already caused some consternation. But this columnist says if the Reds want him there, he should attend. More»
klose article July 11, 2014

Positive Evolution

After flopping at World Cup coverage in 2006, ESPN improved in 2010 and -- after a slow start -- did even better in 2014. It's almost enough to say that we'll actually miss them when Fox Sports takes over Cup coverage in 2018. Who would have ever thought? More»
Popovich article June 13, 2014

Welcome to the Press Clownference

Gregg Popovich has elevated the contempt for the postgame press conference to something like an art form. He's not as churlish as other coaches, which gives him a sense of accessibility instead of robotic negation. It's style more than substance, but it pays off far more. More»
spurs_heat article June 5, 2014

Hater's Guide To The NBA Finals

Most people watching the NBA Finals will be rooting for the Heat or Spurs, but where's the fun in that? Between the Spurs' never-ending competence and the Heat's recent run of glory, there's plenty of reason to want neither side to win. You'll be disappointed, but you'll have fun. More»
sterling1980x1100 article April 28, 2014

A Black and White Issue

For a rich person, getting to a point where a superficial act of contrition doesn't serve our sense of justice usually requires effort. L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling has gone to a lot of effort, and ire is finally being raised. More»
lund_brackets article March 18, 2014

We're All Going To Lose Our Brackets

When it comes to filling out that March Madness bracket, a lot of people are cheating. This sums sup a huge part of the tournament experience: All of us want to do well, and most of us have no idea how to make that happen. And that's OK. More»
sam_michael_fans article February 10, 2014

Changing The Culture

You'll hear no shortage of reasons why NFL teams can't or won't accept Michael Sam in their locker room, but not a single one holds water. If teams can accept drunks, rapists and bullies, they can accept Sam, and it falls on a strong head coach to ensure that it happens. More»
mortalmanning article February 7, 2014

Mortal Manning

Before Peyton Manning's performance on Sunday, it was easy to hope that age and treachery could triumph over the cruel temporal unfairness of youth and vigor. It's somewhat comforting though, to see that he has no more solutions for time than anyone else. More»
russellcolin article January 17, 2014

The Dog Whistle Game

If you have any urge to watch the NFC Championship pregame show this Sunday, we urge you to ignore it. The show rarely offers much insight, but with two starting quarterbacks of color, the commentary is likely to slip into a tone-deaf subtextual narrative on race. More»
Brady_Manning article January 14, 2014

Shut Up and Eat

Well, it's Manning-Brady XV, not to mention Wilson-Kaepernick. The hype machine is cranking up, and even avoiding ESPN won't save you. But this is still a good problem to have. No matter how irritating the stories, these are interesting people and fantastic games. More»
150,922,279 article January 9, 2014

The Problem With Kluwe

Chris Kluwe is a problem. He hasn't harmed anyone, taken anything illegal or cost his team a season. But he's a problem, because he's a worker with an opinion, on an issue with no easy p.r. routine for the NFL, the kind of distraction that doesn't increase profits. More»
welker_clark_hit_logo article December 20, 2013

Talking The Talk

Discussion of football's CTE problem has become mainstream recently, and that's a great sign in a sport that spent years denying the health hazards of being on the field. Yet while it's a step in the right direction, mere talk doesn't change things. Action is needed. More»
bruce_incognito article November 9, 2013

Clinging To Relevance

Radio host Damon Bruce is trolling us with his sexist comments, but it's still worth exposing the intellectual vacancy of his opinions. This is someone trying to fend off a democracy of opinions and criticism by claiming some special hard-nosed insight, and failing. More»
citi_field article November 1, 2013

What Could Have Been

Baseball season is over and I miss it already. There are so many games for so long that we become complacent and neglectful. Season's end is always rather like leaving college and confronting all those wasted hours when maybe you should have read more. More»
andrew_mccutchen article October 7, 2013

In The Stars

Is there such a thing as a "team of destiny?" Does that exist as more than a headline choice the morning after a championship? When the team in question is as beleaguered and talented as the Pirates, and their opponent as strong as the Cardinals, it just might. More»
PackersFan article September 6, 2013

Season of Idiocracy

The NFL's first weekend is probably my favorite tradition of the year, for all the wrong reasons. I love football, and I'm excited for a new season. But everything else is just so bewilderingly excessive that I can't help but celebrate it. More»
Bronco_Mendenhall article August 14, 2013

Motivational Word Stew

BYU football coach Bronco Mendenhall tried to put "Tradition," "Spirit" and "Honor" on jerseys instead of player names. He reversed course, but it was a perfect illustration of the authoritarianism of coaches and the fungibility of NCAA football players. More»
arod1980x1100b article August 5, 2013

Man On Fire

We want to believe that we never preyed on someone else for social acceptance. And while Alex Rodriguez may now deserve to be a punchline, he's surely paid the price with all the jokes we have told at his expense over the years. More»
manziel_SEC article July 17, 2013

No-Win Situation

As a segment of the media goes into outrage mode in response to Johnny Manziel's offseason actions, let's look at what he's actually done. At 20, Manziel is bound to screw up, and we should look in the mirror before crafting self-serving narratives. More»
jeter1980x1100c article July 14, 2013

Raw Deal

The only one who doesn't deserve this Yankees season is Derek Jeter. The team that expects to contend for a championship every year lost its captain again before he could even complete a game, and it's hard to know if anyone should enjoy this. More»

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