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article April 25, 2014

Promising Pitchers

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This early in the year, it's hard to determine who's merely on a lucky streak and who will still be performing in a few months. So we looked beyond the current ERA leaders to find four pitchers you should keep an eye on this season. More»
USATSI_7865025 article April 23, 2014

A Sore Subject

An MRI showed no apparent ligament damage in Chris Sale's elbow, which is good news at face value. But we've seen minor elbow soreness turn into major surgery too often not to worry -- especially since the White Sox lack a solid backup plan. More»
Cleveland Indians article April 22, 2014

Last But Not Least

The Indians may have struggled to start the season, but the American League Central is still wide open. Cleveland only needs a moderately sustained hot streak to get back into the action -- and they have the talent to produce one. More»
abreu rookie article April 18, 2014

Fast Starts

It may be early in the season, but a handful of rookies are already standing out from the rest of freshman crowd as contenders for Rookie of the Year. Here are five who have caught our attention -- and what they need to do to clinch the award. More»
484,682,889 article April 16, 2014

A Matter of Time

So far this season, replay reviews have helped to overturn 28 bad calls -- yet some still say instant replay causes unnecessary delays. But in a sport that embraces double headers and extra innings, can't we afford a few extra minutes to make sure the right team wins? More»
spring_surprises article April 15, 2014

Strong Starts

The first month of the season represents roughly a sixth of its total length, but it's always better to start a season strong. We may not have much in the way of predictive metrics on who's going to make the playoffs, but we can examine the teams that have played well this spring. More»
USATSI_7813349 article April 11, 2014

Adding Insult to Injury

A few streaky seasons have left Angels fans questioning whether Josh Hamilton is worth his $125 million contract. And just when it looked like he might redeem himself, a thumb injury on an ill-conceived play will have him out for two months. Can he recover? More»
slow_starts article April 9, 2014

Getting Late Early

It's far too early in the baseball season to judge whether a team has a chance to pull it together or not, but that doesn't mean we can't investigate and see what's going wrong. For the Cubs, Diamondbacks, Twins and Reds, does a slow start foreshadow a long season? More»
small sample size wonders article April 8, 2014

Small Sample Size Wonders

The first weeks of the baseball season bring the eyebrow-raising variances that come from small sample sizes. Let's look at some impressive early performances, from Mark Trumbo to Chris Tillman, and whether it's likely they'll be sustained. More»
Bernhardt-Replay article April 4, 2014

Upon Further Review

The Giants seemed to have gotten the short end of the replay challenge stick this week in a 5-4 loss. But baseball may need one or two worst-case scenarios, if only to reveal why the current challenge system is still very much a work in progress. More»
abreu_phillies article April 2, 2014

Looking For One Last Shot

After 18 seasons in the big leagues and one on the sidelines, Bobby Abreu is trying to keep his career going with the Mets. He may or not ever make it back, but he's worth remembering for the long, distinguished career he's had, even if his teammates overshadowed him. More»
key injuries article April 1, 2014

Out Like a Lion

Injuries can reshape the complexion of not just a team, but an entire division or playoff race. Here are some of the biggest DL trips around the game, and what they mean for the season -- from Yu Darvish to Clayton Kershaw, Marco Scutaro to Aroldis Chapman. More»
ortiz_trophy article March 28, 2014

View From The Top

For years, the AL East has been the toughest division in the game, and the Red Sox won't give up their World Series title lightly. But they'll have plenty of competition from the usual suspects in New York and Tampa Bay, and even Baltimore and Toronto won't go easily. More»
carpenter_matt article March 25, 2014

The Birds To Beat

Last year, the NL Central sent three teams to the playoffs, but both the Reds and Pirates have questions to answer if they want to return. On the other hand, the Cardinals look as strong as ever, while the Brewers and Cubs merely hope to turn around some tough seasons. More»
moustakas_santiago_ventura_wong article March 19, 2014

Spring Awakening

As a rule, spring training stats aren't to be trusted, combining overly small sample sizes with indifferent levels of competition. Yet it's still hard to not be impressed by talented players having great springs, and these four are hoping a solid spring turns into a wonderful summer. More»
ervinsantana article March 13, 2014

Satisfying Solution

While signing a one-year deal with the Braves might not be the ideal scenario for Ervin Santana, it's a suitable landing spot that allows him to pitch for a playoff contender while providing Atlanta with much-needed relief from a rash of key injuries. More»
bouncebackplayers article March 12, 2014

The Bounce-Back Candidates

Picking comeback players or rebound stories in the preseason is tricky business, but it's important to remember that one bad year doesn't doom a career. Here are four players who had disappointing 2013s and are looking to bounce back to big things in 2014. More»
MLB_TradeTalk article March 11, 2014

Trade Winds

It's no longer the traditional time for big moves to be made across baseball -- but when has that ever really stopped anyone? Injuries and other spring surprises could motivate some teams to make deals for players already rumored to be on the trading block. More»
rosin_dodgers article March 8, 2014

When Opportunity Knocks

One of the great things about spring training is watching the lesser names fight for the treasured final spots on the big league roster. From low minors lottery tickets to veterans fighting to stick around, these five names are ones to watch this spring. More»
nationals_run article March 4, 2014

Capital Gang

The Nationals ranked as one of 2013's largest disappointments, barely topping .500 after being the consensus pick to easily take the NL East. Now, the team has plenty to prove, and so does staff ace Stephen Strasburg, who must show that he can stay healthy. More»

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