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blog July 22, 2014

Selling Low

Did the Padres wait too long to trade Chase Headley? It sure looks that way, as they got little in return by dealing him to the Yankees, who look to shore up an aging and injury-riddled roster. Here's a look at each side of what could be a lopsided deal. More»
blog July 22, 2014

Trade Winds

With a little over a week until the non-waiver trade deadline in Major League Baseball there have been some marquee names mentioned in possible deals. But will they actually get moved? We looked at three of the biggest possibilities. More»
blog July 19, 2014

Uggla Ending

The Braves released Dan Uggla on Friday, in a move that costs them money but mostly serves as a sobering reminder that even a front office routinely praised around the league for its savvy can misstep in expensive ways. More»
MattKemp-Dodgers article July 18, 2014

Put Me In, Coach

Matt Kemp wants the Dodgers to play him every day or he'd like to be traded. But finding a team to take on a contract with almost $110 million remaining on it over the next five years for a declining centerfielder who can't stay healthy is asking a lot. More»
451,076,838 article July 16, 2014

Second-Half Predictions

With the first half of the MLB season behind us, we look back at the biggest surprises (that's you, Brewers!) and most impressive performances -- and look ahead to the rest of the season, including trade rumors and postseason predictions. More»
troy_tulowitzki article July 12, 2014

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The Rockies shouldn't trade Troy Tulowitzki, but he might want out. They languish in a three-way race to avoid finishing at the bottom of their division and the entire NL. It wouldn't be surprising if he pressured Colorado to make substantial changes to their roster or get rid of him. More»
all_star_final article July 9, 2014

A Final Shot

The All-Star rosters have been announced and the game is days away. Now it's time for the madness of the Final Vote, where the last spot on each league's roster is put up for grabs in a free-for-all campaign of rabid fanbase madness. More»
blog July 5, 2014

Go Big Or Go Home

The Oakland A's shocked the baseball word by acquiring both Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel, but it cost them one of baseball's best prospects in Addison Russell to do so. For a team looking to win the World Series right now, it just might be worth the risk. More»
all-star-lineup article July 4, 2014

If The All-Star Game Really Mattered

Major League Baseball likes to say that the All-Star Game counts now, but the rosters aren't selected with the idea of putting a winning team together in mind. What if they were? Well, that roster might include Dee Gordon instead of Derek Jeter, and it might be a better team. More»
blog July 4, 2014

A Harsh Reminder

Every fan clamoring for their team to sign a young pitcher having a breakout year to a long-term deal should be reminded of Jair Jurrjens. In 2009, the idea Jurrjens not being a mainstay in the Braves' lineup seemed ludicrous ... then his career went off the rails. More»
bryce harper article July 2, 2014

Airing His Grievances

When Bryce Harper said his piece concerning the recent lineup changes made by manager Matt Williams, he made several valid points. But regardless of whether his opinions have merit, here's why he should have kept mum around the media. More»
blog July 1, 2014

Seattle Starting to Gel

With Taijuan Walker in the mix now, the Seattle Mariners might actually have the rotation they looked like they might have at the beginning of the season, combined with one of the league's best (if not the best) bullpens. Will it be enough to make the playoffs? More»
blog June 27, 2014

Is the Price Right?

As the best commodity on the starting pitching trade market, David Price is bound to attract a wide range of suitors. But will the Tampa Bay Rays find a true match? Here are some of the more interesting possibilities if a deal gets done. More»
mlb-midseason_awards article June 25, 2014

Midseason Awards Show

It may seem like the baseball season has only just started, but this week marks the midway point the season as far as games played. That means it's time to look back at the best and worst of the season so far. Mike Trout and Masahiro Tanaka aren't surprises, but... Jean Machi? More»
blog June 23, 2014

Imperfect Solution

Alex Torres became the first pitcher to wear a protective cap on the mound on Saturday, and it's a good start for a dangerous position. Still, it won't protect his face or neck, and short of covering the entire face like a hockey goalie, it's difficult to see a solution that will. More»
Buehrle1980x1100 article June 22, 2014

The Blue Jays Fall To Earth

The Blue Jays are a good enough team to take a series from the Twins or Cardinals, not get swept by the Yankees, and so on -- but they are not the sort of team from whom .600 baseball should be expected, and a small advantage in the East is what they merit. More»
royals article June 18, 2014

Unlikely Leaders

A month ago, most people had written off the Royals. But after Tuesday's action, they hold a slim lead over the Tigers for first place. And though things can (and usually do) change drastically over the season, with a little tinkering, Kansas City can stay on top. More»
blog June 17, 2014

Rearing Its Ugly Head

This is not likely the way Orioles fans expected the dreaded specter of Tommy John surgery to rear its head during 2014, but the loss of Matt Wieters for the season is just as damaging to their hopes of contention as any starting pitcher would have been -- perhaps even more so. More»
Oakland-As article June 13, 2014

Winning Formula

It's hard to believe one of the best teams in baseball might also be the biggest underachievers in league history. But if we pay attention to Pythagorean winning percentage, the Oakland A's should be a lot better than their current record indicates. And that's scary. More»
blog June 9, 2014

Losing His Grip

Third baseman Manny Machado's conduct during the Orioles' weekend series against the Oakland Athletics has been immature and inexcusable, and it needs immediate correction by both his team and Major League Baseball. More»

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