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Kenneth Arthur
Kenneth Arthur
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article October 19, 2017

Ranking the NFL's Top Running Backs

Which running back in the league is the best at breaking tackles? What about the most versatile? Who has the most yards after the carry? We answer all these questions and more in our running back rankings heading into Week 7. More»
eagles article October 16, 2017

Post-Rodgers Injury NFC Rankings

The Packers lost Aaron Rodgers for quite possibly the rest of the season, and his absence has a big effect on the NFC power rankings going forward. Where does Green Bay land after the loss and what other teams move up as a result? More»
jaylen ramsey article October 12, 2017

The NFL's Most Surprising Stats

This NFL season may seem normal (for the most part), but if you look beneath the surface, there are plenty of eye-opening numbers. Let's see what advanced stats have to say about the success and struggles around the league. More»
GettyImages-856322394 article October 9, 2017

AFC Power Rankings

With so many teams in the AFC having similar records, only the Browns seem as though they don't have a chance of making the playoffs. We attempt to sort through the jumbled mess in the middle with this set of AFC power rankings. More»
BiggestNFLSurprises article October 2, 2017

NFL's Top 10 Surprises So Far

Forget your presumptions about the NFL. Through almost four full weeks of the season, it turns out we know nothing. I decided to take a look at the most surprising things about the season so far, ranking them in acsending order of craziness. More»
nflstorylines article September 25, 2017

NFL Storyline Stocks: Buy Vs. Sell

Through three weeks, the football contenders are starting to separate themselves from the pretenders. That being said, there are still some storylines that seem tough to buy into, whether a team or player is underperforming or overperforming. What should we believe? More»
Falcons-NFC-contenders article September 18, 2017

Bird Word: NFC Goes Through Atlanta

it's too early to crown the Falcons as conference champions, and a Super Bowl loser hasn't returned the following year since the Buffalo Bills in 1993, but Atlanta still looks strong through two weeks. Which NFC team could stop them first, and how? More»
week2-prove-it article September 15, 2017

NFL's Week 2 Prove-It Players

Every NFL team has a player with something to prove in Week 2 after the small sample size of one Week 1 game. For better or for worse, after a good game or a horrible one, who will prove that their Week 1 game was or wasn't a fluke? More»
ArthurWeek1Observations article September 11, 2017

NFL's Sunday Stories: Myth Vs. Reality

A single performance in the NFL can be extremely encouraging or discouraging, but it is not the end all, be all. With that in mind, let's look at which narratives are already forming after Week 1 to see which hold up under closer scrutiny. More»
NFL-Week1-Debuts article September 10, 2017

New Faces In New Places: NFL Week 1

On Thursday, Kareem Hunt had an NFL debut for the ages, with 256 yards of offense for the Chiefs. Heading into Sunday, let's look at who else could have a big first appearance, whether it's a rookie or veteran who signed with a new team. More»
fitzgerald-smith article September 7, 2017

The Best That Never Won A Super Bowl

No NFL player wants to end a long, individually successful career without having won a championship. Here are 20 inactive players who never won a Super Bowl ring, followed by 10 current players still trying to earn their first. More»
allmvp article September 5, 2017

Best Players at Each NFL Position

While it's hard to be the most valuable player in the NFL if you play any position besides quarterback or running back, you can certainly be the best at your position. Here are our too-early choices for football's All-MVP team all over the gridiron. More»
GettyImages-633945514 article September 4, 2017

NFL Pre-Week 1 Power Rankings

How do all the teams in the NFL stack up entering the 2017 season? To me, there are really only six teams that have a great shot at winning the Super Bowl, six teams that are on the edge but not quite there yet, and then everyone else. More»
Stafford-Lions-1 article August 29, 2017

Lions Share: Matt Stafford Cashes In

On Monday, the Lions and Matthew Stafford agreed to a five-year extension that pays him $135 million, a record for both total value and annual average value at $27 million per year. Is the 29-year-old QB worth the money, though? More»
lucksad article August 22, 2017

How the Colts Squandered Luck

In 2011, Indianapolis selected Andrew Luck with the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. Every pick since then has been a disaster. Thanks to a lot of coaching changes and bad personnel decisions, the Colts have woefully underachieved. Can they turn the page? More»
bills-trades article August 11, 2017

Breaking Down The Bills' Trades

If you thought it was hard to pull off just a straight-up swap of players in the NFL between just two teams, how about this: On Friday, it was announced that the Bills made deals with both the Rams and Eagles, involving players and draft picks. More»
qb-battles article August 10, 2017

Ranking the Hottest QB Competitions

There are only a handful of open NFL QB competitions this year, but you can also count on a few more under-the-radar battles where many people are actually hoping for a change. Which of these QB competitions are heating up and who will ultimately win starting jobs? More»
romoinjury article August 7, 2017

The NFL's Worst Preseason Injuries

Ryan Tannehill's injury this preseason is an unfortunately familiar tune over the past two decades. The injury may have altered the fate of both the Dolphins and the NFL as a whole this season. What are the biggest preseason injuries that have shaken the NFL in the past? More»
GettyImages-614551300 article July 31, 2017

Cowboys Bring the Drama Again

It's been over two decades since the Dallas Cowboys last played for a conference championship. While last year's breakthrough has raised expectations for 2017, offseason drama and personnel changes will make duplicating 2016 success difficult. More»
qbrankings article July 18, 2017

NFL Quarterback Rankings for 2017

We all know that quarterback has become the most important position in football ... heck, Derek Carr is now the highest paid player in the league! We'll tell you where he falls, along with everyone else, as we rank all 32 teams by QB units. More»

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