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article January 25, 2018

Biggest NFL Midseason Additions

The Eagles have evolved over the course of the season by necessity because of injuries, but they also got a big boost by trading for running back Jay Ajayi. It's the latest in a line of midseason additions that have helped teams make Super Bowl runs. More»
GettyImages-905702600 article January 19, 2018

Super Bowl Case For Each Contender

The Patriots have a huge advantage heading into the conference championship games thanks to Tom Brady, but the other three defenses are far better than New England's. Who will win the Super Bowl? Each team has a case for and against it. More»
GettyImages-848551544 article January 12, 2018

Best Possible Super Bowl Matchups

Now that the wild card round is out of the way, the chase for the Super Bowl is down to eight teams, with 16 possible Super Bowl matchups. So let's evaluate every potential championship matchup and rank them based on watchability. More»
GettyImages-870595190 article January 5, 2018

Brees Is Ready For Another Ring

With the help of a strong supporting cast around him and an impressive defense, Drew Brees has been able to dial it back and not be forced to carry the Saints by himself. The result could be Brees leading New Orleans to a second Super Bowl. More»
rams_goff_gurley article January 3, 2018

Playoff Team Super Bowl Comparisons

We've seen nearly every kind of playoff team make the Super Bowl, and even the unlikely ones that couldn't close the deal often came extraordinarily close. For that reason, we can't count any of this year's 12 playoff teams out of the picture. More»
GettyImages-898156012 article December 28, 2017

The Best Position Duos in NFL History

Saints running backs Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara are doing something that we've never seen before, with over 1,300 total yards and 10 touchdowns each. It's a season that puts them in select company among all-time great tandems. More»
GettyImages-888030688(1) article December 22, 2017

What's At Stake in NFL Week 16

With just two weeks remaining in the NFL regular season, there's a lot that's still unsettled when it comes to the playoffs. Top seeds are up for grabs, as are divisions and wild-card spots. Here's what's on the line over a three-day holiday weekend. More»
GettyImages-894380860 article December 21, 2017

How The Seahawks Can Rebound

The Seahawks don't look like the juggernaut that they have been recently, but that doesn't mean that they have to dismantle the team. There's plenty to like about Seattle, and with a smart plan going forward, it won't take much to become a top contender again. More»
bell_records article December 15, 2017

NFL Records And Milestones To Watch

As the NFL season winds to a close, each team has a record that might be broken, be it an all-time football record or a franchise one instead. Which have the best chance to fall, and which are the most impressive? We investigate. More»
GettyImages-889868302 article December 13, 2017

Late QB Injuries Tough To Overcome

The Eagles were dealt a crushing blow when star QB Carson Wentz suffered a torn ACL vs. the Rams on Sunday. Nick Foles entered the game and led the team to a key win, but will he be able to buck historic trends and lead them to a title? More»
GettyImages-859143976 article December 6, 2017

Picking The NFL's Best Division Races

The Patriots, Eagles, Vikings and Steelers have their divisions all but locked up, but four other NFL division races are still up in the air. Will the Rams topple the Seahawks in the NFC West? Can the Saints hold on to the NFC South? We make our picks. More»
sophomore_studs article November 29, 2017

Best Second-Year NFL Players Ever

Carson Wentz has helped propel Philadelphia to a league-best 10-1 record and is in the conversation for league MVP. In fact, his second season is one of the best for any player in NFL history. Which other players have made such a big leap in their second year? More»
GettyImages-876415446 article November 22, 2017

Don't Count out the Chargers Yet

The Chargers got off to a rough start, but heading into Thanksgiving at Dallas, they've turned their season around behind an excellent defense. With the Chiefs struggling and a soft schedule down the stretch, L.A. has a chance to make a playoff push. More»
GettyImages-873300278 article November 19, 2017

Ranking the NFL's Replacement QBs

On Sunday, the Bills will start Nathan Peterman at quarterback for the first time, as they decided to bench Tyrod Taylor. It's one of many quarterback changes the NFL has seen this season, with results that have been all over the map so far. More»
nfl-rankings article November 15, 2017

The Top 10 Super Bowl Contenders

There are a lot of ways to judge the success of an NFL season, and it doesn't have to just be "winning a championship." However, for these 10 teams, the Super Bowl championship window is open right now. Can they take advantage? More»
GettyImages-869156500 article November 11, 2017

NFL's Week 10 Must-Win Index

With the first nine weeks of the season completed, we're starting to get a much better sense of the playoff races in the NFL. Let's rank all the teams in action this weekend based on how essential a win is going forward at this pivotal point in the season. More»
pats_bills article November 6, 2017

NFL's Remaining Must-Watch Games

With eight weeks left on the schedule, we have a good idea of which games will carry some playoff weight and excitement as the football season winds down. Here is a list of the much-watch games between now and the playoffs. More»
underrated_8 article November 4, 2017

The NFL's most underrated players

Heading into Sunday's slate, there are some surprising teams in strong contention for a playoff spot, and many clubs are in the mix thanks to contributions that people didn't see coming. Here are the most underrated players on each team. More»
2016draftclass article October 25, 2017

2016 Draft Class: The NFL's New Stars

As Carson Wentz showed this past week, the 2016 NFL draft class has some true superstars in the making. Almost every top-10 pick is already elite and there have been plenty of other diamonds in the rough in later rounds. Let's take a look. More»
defenses_top10_2 article October 25, 2017

Ranking the NFL's Top 10 Defenses

If nothing else, the most recent Super Bowls tell us that defense is often the key to winning titles. While there are currently no elite units in the NFL, contenders with good defenses separate themselves from the pack. What are the top 10 defenses in the league? More»

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