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Kenneth Arthur
Kenneth Arthur
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article June 20, 2017

Ranking the Best NFL O-Line Units

dallas offensive line
Without protection, even the best running backs and quarterbacks can't succeed. A great offensive line is often as underrated as it is important. Let's take a look around the league and see which units are the strongest and which might need an overhaul. More»
EdgeRushers article June 14, 2017

Every NFL Edge Rush Unit, Ranked

Edges are the new trenches. As passing gets more prevalent in the NFL, defenses can focus their attention on pressuring the quarterback, and those who can do so best are extremely valuable. Let's rank every team in the NFL based on such rushers. More»
jordyNelson article June 8, 2017

Ranking the Best NFL Receiving Corps

In the modern NFL, success often revolves around high-volume passing offenses. In fact, an impressive stable of wide receivers can catapult a team to the Super Bowl. Here we rank every set of receivers in the football, from best too worst More»
seahawks article May 26, 2017

Ranking the Best NFL Secondaries

An elite quarterback is great, but in some cases, an elite secondary may be just as good (the Super Bowl XLVIII immediately comes to mind). After plenty of offseason movement, let's rank all of the secondaries in the NFL, from best to worst. More»
collinK article May 24, 2017

Kaepernick-Seahawks a great match

Less than three and a half years ago, Colin Kaepernick was still on top of the football world. Now he is arguably on the bottom of it. But signing with the Seahawks would give him a chance to revive his career, and help the team out in the process. More»
underrated-overrated-nfl article May 16, 2017

Underrated and Overrated NFL Teams

With free agency, the draft and schedules settled, a clear picture of the 2017 NFL season is developing. So, let's look at the three most underrated and overrated teams headed into next season, based on the latest Football Outsiders projections. More»
USATSI_10034503 article May 4, 2017

2017 QB Class Ranked By Situation

Not all rookie quarterbacks are created equal, and neither are their situations. These rankings for every QB taken in the 2017 draft are based on the talent and abilities of the prospect, but also on the situation in which they are currently dealt. More»
USATSI_10033417 article May 1, 2017

Post-NFL Draft Power Rankings

The 2017 NFL Draft is in the books -- and it was a good one. Now that it's over, let's seize the opportunity to figure out what final rosters might look like heading into next season and figure out which teams benefited most. More»
AP_742676834513 article April 28, 2017

NFL Draft Day 1 Grades, Rotten Style

The first round of the 2017 NFL Draft is in the books, and we finally got some answers to the burning questions we've been debating for months. In a Rotten Tomatoes style, I went through every single pick and gave each team's selection a grade. More»
GettyImages-613938320 article April 28, 2017

Hail to the Chief: Mahomes a KC FIt

There was a lot of speculation leading up to the draft that the Kansas City Chiefs would draft a quarterback in the first round as the heir apparent to Alex Smith, and the hype was no lie: They traded up to No. 10 to pick Patrick Mahomes from Texas Tech. More»
Garrett-Myles1 article April 28, 2017

Myles Over All: Browns Get Garrett

After rampant speculation in the past couple of days that the Browns would take a gamble on UNC quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, Cleveland selected Myles Garrett at No. 1. And, by all accounts, that was the right move to make. More»
GettyImages-626535186 article April 27, 2017

12 Bold Predictions For The NFL Draft

The first day of the NFL Draft is one of the most exciting days on the football calendar, and this year might end up being more interesting and exciting and surprising than most drafts. With that said, here are my 12 bold predictions for the 2017 NFL Draft. More»
GettyImages-458402464 article April 26, 2017

Marshawn Fulfilling His NFL Destiny

Marshawn Lynch is returning to the NFL to play for his hometown team, the Oakland Raiders. The significance of that goes much deeper than playing back where he grew up. This isn't just a coincidence -- it's fate. More»
GettyImages-528156046 article April 26, 2017

Best Cities to Host The NFL Draft

After spending 50 years in New York, the NFL moved the draft to Chicago, and now Philadelphia. But maybe there should be an application process. Here are all the most compelling ways the NFL could determine the host city. More»
GettyImages-627655818 article April 25, 2017

A 'Shock Draft' That Just Might Work

When making a mock draft with the actual draft just days away, it's easy to make predictable decisions. That's no fun. So let's go in another direction. Some of these picks are so out there that they actually might be right. Only time will tell. More»
USATSI_9672242 article April 21, 2017

NFL Draft Day Trades We Want to See

We saw plenty of exciting trades involving first-round picks during the 2016 NFL Draft -- and it looks like we could get something similar this year. With that in mind, let's go through each team's pick and see which deals could go down on Day 1. More»
GettyImages-628594638 article April 5, 2017

Why The Seahawks May Trade Sherman

The Seattle Seahawks trading star cornerback Richard Sherman may seem ridiculous at first, but the possibility is very real and the logic isn't that flawed at all. Let's break down why the Seahawks seem willing to trade the four-time Pro Bowl cornerback. More»
GettyImages-624669164 article April 4, 2017

No mo' Romo: What's Next for HOU/DEN?

Remember when Tony Romo was going to get a chance to sign with any team he wants, presumably either Houston or Denver? Well, that's not happening, because Romo isn't playing football anymore. Let's see what those teams can do now. More»
NFL-Draft17-Part2 article March 28, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Mock Draft: Part 2

As the calendar turns to April this week, it is time to take stock of the fact that the 2017 NFL Draft is a little more than four weeks away. After running down some picks before free agency kicked off, let's see where things now. More»
GettyImages-177211702 article March 21, 2017

Hernandez and a History of Violence

Aaron Hernandez was once a promising NFL star. He is now in jail for life. However, this grim story did not end with his conviction for the 2013 slaying of Odin Lloyd, as Hernandez is currently on trial for a 2012 double homicide in Boston. More»

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