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article April 18, 2014

Stories of Strength

As 36,000 people take the starting line for this year's Boston Marathon, a million more will line the streets to cheer them on. And both the competitors and the spectators will carry a year's worth of stories of loss, triumph, and strength with them. More»
masters1980x1100c article April 14, 2014

The Second Time Around

Bubba Watson finished off his four-day march though the Masters in grand style with a final round of 69, then turned and looked at his wife and two-year-old son and cried, in true Bubba style, because he still couldn't believe that he could have won -- again. More»
uconn_notre-dame article April 7, 2014

Perfect Matchup

College basketball is about to see something that has never happened before as two undefeated teams square off in an NCAA final. There's more to it for the UConn and Notre Dame women, too, because they've seen just so much of each other over the last few years. More»
flyover article April 1, 2014

For One Day Only...

There are no steroids to be taken on this day. There are no doses of human growth hormone. There is nothing new on the scene. The supplements of choice today are Hamburger Helper and maybe a large Diet Coke. Happy April 1, 2014. More»
480,899,261 article March 28, 2014

A Hero's Heroes

Tom Brady is used to being called a hero on the field. But when a nine-alarm blaze broke out on his street, he could only watch from afar as firefighters risked their lives to control the flames. Two lost their lives -- and Brady gained a newfound respect for real-life heroes. More»
bracketcares article March 24, 2014

We don't care about your bracket

You picked Dayton. You're a genius. You picked Mercer to beat Duke. You're a double genius. You thought Wichita State was going to be The Little Train That Could, something like that, travel unbeaten all the way. Guess what? We don't care about your NCAA tournament bracket. More»
harvard_USATSI_7818633 article March 21, 2014

Crimson Comeback

Harvard may be known for its privileges, but for decades, its basketball program seemed to exist in a different world altogether -- playing in the fourth floor of the athletic building before inheriting a hand-me-down gymnasium. Now, the Crimson are finally earning some cred. More»
470,679,765 article March 13, 2014

A Big Voice, Pushed Aside

With ESPN's announcement that Brent Musburger will do the play-by-play on the new SEC Network, the bottom line is that he's been removed from the No. 1 college football chair at ABC and ESPN. The big games will not sound as big any more. More»
RogerGoodell article March 7, 2014

The 44.2 Million Dollar Man

The figure is staggering. Roger Goodell is paid pretty close to a million dollars a week, which would be $25,000 a day, $400 a minute, to run a sports league. Why does he make so much money? Here's a complete breakdown. More»
mcilroy article February 28, 2014

Leap Year

Rory McIlroy's big year was supposed to be 2013. Instead, he plunged from first all the way to sixth place, leading some to believe he was just another flameout. His whopping 63 in the first round of the 2014 Honda Classic might indicate that there's still hope. More»
vitali article February 25, 2014

A force beyond the ring

Vitali Klitschko never could capture America's heart. Not even close. He was the opposite, really, an anti-heartthrob. Now, the Ukrainian boxer might start turning U.S. heads by his next move outside of the ring: A campaign for his homeland's highest office. More»
conlin article February 21, 2014

Setting the record straight

Bill Conlin, a former Philadelphia sportswriter, was honored at the National Baseball Hall of Fame more than two years ago. Later that year, accusations of child molestation swirled around him and followed him to his grave. Now, it's time for the BBWAA to rescind its 2011 award. More»
olympics_snow article February 14, 2014

The True Winter Olympics

Mild weather? A lack of snow? Sochi has nothing on our driveways in the United States. The medals and fame may be in Russia, but the endless snow storms here in America have created a new kind of Winter Olympics. More»
pierce_boston article January 27, 2014

There's No Place Like Home

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett knew that a return to Boston as members of the Nets would be an emotional evening, and the night lived up to expectations. The fact that the basketball was uninteresting mattered little; this was about celebrating a city's favorite sons. More»
77,921,073 article January 23, 2014

Buffett's Billion

The gimmick with all lotteries is that they assault the imagination. Warren Buffett captured that neatly when he announced that he's backing a billion-dollar prize to anyone who can pick the winner in every game of this year's NCAA tournament. More»
mutt article January 17, 2014

A Case for Mutts

The mutt is the foundation of great human sports drama. There are mutt people, mutt teams, entire mutt conferences. Hell, there are mutt countries when you watch the Olympics. The mutt is the ragged character or cast of characters who surprises everyone in the end. More»
legarrette_blount article January 12, 2014

In Praise of Brother Blount

LeGarrette Blount had been asked to change his running style, but it wasn't until he came to New England that he was forced to do so. The breakout moment came two weeks ago. The big man for hard yards role was dropped. He is now a big man for all kinds of yards. More»
patriots_group article January 11, 2014

Next Man Up

The Patriots have suffered injuries to key players, they've watched reliable performers depart and they've even seen stars get arrested. None of it matters. Whether it's digging up an unknown or moving players to new positions, Bill Belichick's team always finds a way. More»
85,419,117 article December 31, 2013

Andy Granatelli's Last Indy Win

The last day I saw Andy Granatelli, I saw a man get hit by a truck and die; a race car driver crash into a concrete wall in a huge fireball; a 35-year-old veteran driver win his first Indy championship. All of these people were employed by Andy Granatelli. More»
comebacks_yearend article December 20, 2013

The First Commandment of Sports

One of the most important rules of sports is to never leave early. No matter how slim the odds, there's always a chance a massive comeback could be one of the most memorable things you've ever seen. In 2013, the Boston Bruins proved it. More»

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