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Leigh Montville
Leigh Montville
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article August 1, 2014

A Family Affair

The Red Sox's massive trade deadline deals will be appraised for years to come. But nowhere in any of these evaluations will loyalty be mentioned, the ability to survive hard times and come back again, the concept of the team, the idea that everyone is in this together. More»
forbeslist article July 17, 2014

Beyond Belief

Forbes released its annual list of the world's 50 most valuable sports teams, once again emphasizing the absurd rise in value of franchises over the last several years. So what would professional sports' early owners think now? More»
LaMotta article July 11, 2014

The Bull Rages On

Virtually every boxer Jake LaMotta fought no longer exists. Sugar Ray. Fitzie Zivic. Norman Hayes. Tiberio Mitri. Marcel Cerdan. The places where he fought also no longer exist. Forbes Field. Olympia Stadium. St. Nicholas Arena. But the 93-year-old Raging Bull is still punching. More»
nomar article June 30, 2014

A Short Story

From the time they arrived in their respective cities, Derek Jeter and Nomar Garciaparra had been linked in a chase for excellence. Jeter was the Rookie of the Year in 1996 and Garciaparra in 1997. Who was better? The debate died 10 years ago in a 13-inning thriller in the Bronx. More»
tiger1980x1100 article June 23, 2014

Tiger On The Hunt

He is the underdog now. It's hard to remember before the surgeries, before the histrionics, but at one point, Tiger Woods was considered the perfect golfer. Now he admits to rust, and the once-certainty of his beating Jack Nicklaus' record is in doubt. More»
youth_soccer article June 19, 2014

Don't Bunch Up

For years, American youth soccer was coached by parents or volunteers who had enthusiasm, but little to no experience in the game. That probably didn't help the young athletes as they grew up, and it's now less of an issue. Still, the memories of those days remain fond. More»
DonZimmer article June 5, 2014

A Baseball Life

He never earned a paycheck that wasn't from baseball. That was the quiet boast of the 83-year-old character called Zip and Zim and Zimmie and Popeye who died on Wednesday in Dunedin, Fla. His legacy, though, was immeasurable. More»
McIlroyWozniacki article May 30, 2014

Commitment Issues

The world still barks at Rory McIlroy. That was why the famous professional golfer was 100 percent right to break the famous tennis player Caroline Wozniacki's heart a week ago by calling off their nearly five-month engagement. The nights still beckoned. More»
Underwood article May 23, 2014

Political Football

When 50 U.S. senators recently asked Roger Goodell to force the Washington Redskins to change their name, this writer could imagine the smirking reaction of one particularly notorious D.C. insider: Frank Underwood. Let the Machiavellian games begin. More»
AaronHernandez article May 16, 2014

Grim Reality

You try to think that Aaron Hernandez's latest murder indictments (on top of the one last year) hasn't changed your perception of players and football and a lot of stuff, but how can it not? The details seem even darker than fiction. More»
sterling article April 29, 2014

Same old story

Donald Sterling has been trailed by allegations of sexism and racism consistently -- it's part of his modus operandi. But after his alleged racist comments before his 80th birthday last week, the same old PR broom and shovel trick won't cut it this time around. More»
meb article April 22, 2014

A fitting victory

No one expected this. No one. Meb Keflezighi became the first American to win the Boston Marathon since 1983 on Monday and it couldn't have come at a better time. Every runner had a cause, but Meb is the name we'll remember. More»
485,071,835 article April 18, 2014

Stories of Strength

As 36,000 people take the starting line for this year's Boston Marathon, a million more will line the streets to cheer them on. And both the competitors and the spectators will carry a year's worth of stories of loss, triumph, and strength with them. More»
masters1980x1100c article April 14, 2014

The Second Time Around

Bubba Watson finished off his four-day march though the Masters in grand style with a final round of 69, then turned and looked at his wife and two-year-old son and cried, in true Bubba style, because he still couldn't believe that he could have won -- again. More»
uconn_notre-dame article April 7, 2014

Perfect Matchup

College basketball is about to see something that has never happened before as two undefeated teams square off in an NCAA final. There's more to it for the UConn and Notre Dame women, too, because they've seen just so much of each other over the last few years. More»
flyover article April 1, 2014

For One Day Only...

There are no steroids to be taken on this day. There are no doses of human growth hormone. There is nothing new on the scene. The supplements of choice today are Hamburger Helper and maybe a large Diet Coke. Happy April 1, 2014. More»
480,899,261 article March 28, 2014

A Hero's Heroes

Tom Brady is used to being called a hero on the field. But when a nine-alarm blaze broke out on his street, he could only watch from afar as firefighters risked their lives to control the flames. Two lost their lives -- and Brady gained a newfound respect for real-life heroes. More»
bracketcares article March 24, 2014

We don't care about your bracket

You picked Dayton. You're a genius. You picked Mercer to beat Duke. You're a double genius. You thought Wichita State was going to be The Little Train That Could, something like that, travel unbeaten all the way. Guess what? We don't care about your NCAA tournament bracket. More»
harvard_USATSI_7818633 article March 21, 2014

Crimson Comeback

Harvard may be known for its privileges, but for decades, its basketball program seemed to exist in a different world altogether -- playing in the fourth floor of the athletic building before inheriting a hand-me-down gymnasium. Now, the Crimson are finally earning some cred. More»
470,679,765 article March 13, 2014

A Big Voice, Pushed Aside

With ESPN's announcement that Brent Musburger will do the play-by-play on the new SEC Network, the bottom line is that he's been removed from the No. 1 college football chair at ABC and ESPN. The big games will not sound as big any more. More»

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