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article November 30, 2014

How To Ruin A Quarterback

Welcome to Chapter Four of Introduction To Destroying A Football Franchise. The first three chapters, "The Owner: The Joys of Petty Dictatorship," "Front Offices Are For Losers," and "The Head Coach As Drinking Buddy" laid the groundwork to create a truly diseased NFL franchise from the inside. More»
1980x1100-SOE-snyder_2 article September 25, 2014

Dan Snyder's Seven Deadly Sins

To put it succinctly, Dan Snyder has sinned. He's sinned against his fellow owners, he's sinned against his team, he's sinned against the fans, and he's sinned against common decency. In fact, I bet Snyder has each of the Seven Deadly Sins covered. Let's see! More»
WorldSeries article August 5, 2014

Seasons of Change

Less than a year after the Boston Red Sox took home the World Series, the team looks completely different. This sounds extreme, but is it? How long do World Series winning teams typically stay together? We took a close look. More»
ryan_howard article August 1, 2014

An All-Time Low

Ryan Howard has been newsworthy because he's awful. A lot of players are awful, or at least enough are awful that being awful isn't newsworthy in itself. Howard's awfulness is notable because his contract makes him the third-highest paid player in baseball this season. More»
BillyBeane article July 30, 2014

GM-to-English Translations

Baseball's general managers don't rely on usual cliche's such as "play it one game at a time" or "keep it simple." Their language is a bit more nuanced, but just as incomprehensible. We're here to help, so things don't get lost in translation at the trade deadline. More»
magic-8-ball-four article July 24, 2014

Trade Deadline Secrets Revealed

With the trade deadline just days away, rumors and speculation are beginning to fly. Will the Rays trade David Price? How about the Red Sox and Jon Lester? What about Cliff Lee? There's no way to know the answers to these questions... unless you have a Magic 8 Ball. More»
DivisionalRaces article July 24, 2014

The Most Exciting Divisions

With the trade deadline almost upon us, the thrill of baseball's pennant races is growing. How much excitement are we talking about here? We tried to quantify it. More»
ShinSoo article July 22, 2014

Point of No Return

This past March, Baseball Prospectus predicted that the Texas Rangers would capture the AL West and no writers picked them to finish in last place. And yet, coming of off the All-Star break, the Rangers have the worst record in MLB. How did they fall so far? More»
bradyaiken article July 19, 2014

Lose-Lose Situation

The Astros were hoping for a happy future when they drafted high school pitcher Brady Aiken with the No. 1 overall pick. But after the Astros lowered their offer and Aiken didn't sign before Friday's deadline, everyone involved has lost. More»
Jeter-ASG article July 15, 2014

Savor the Moment

The American League might be stronger with Alexei Ramirez at short and Mike Trout leading off on Tuesday, but this is Derek Jeter's year and the fact that this All-Star Game determines home field advantage in the World Series can take a back seat as we all celebrate Jeter's contributions. More»
redsox1980x1100b article July 14, 2014

The New Last-Place Red Sox

It's been a bumpy ride in Boston. After rising from last place in 2012 to World Series champs in 2013, the Red Sox have slid back to the bottom of the AL East again. But this year's rookies may be kicking off a long-term turn-around. More»
ballparks article July 10, 2014

The Baseball Wonders Of The World

In San Diego, the Padres have an actual building integrated into the ballpark, and it's become Petco's best-known feature. Since that was so successful, why stop there? Why couldn't the White House, or the Great Wall of China, or even Niagara Falls work as baseball fields? More»
joshbyrnes article June 24, 2014

Out of Luck

The Padres fired general manager Josh Byrnes on Sunday after just two and a half seasons in charge, marking the first time in a while that a GM has been forcibly relieved of his job. While sudden, the move isn't a total surprise, given the lack of progress. More»
Pedroia article June 23, 2014

Laser Show On Hiatus

Despite his slow season to date, most people don't seem too worried about Dustin Pedroia. But a closer look at his platoon splits, line-drive rates and PITCH f/x data reveals a downward trend that may not be that easy to fix. More»
blog June 22, 2014

Say Baseball!

Picture day is a thing baseball players go through at the start of every season, often standing on a tile floor in spikes and full uniform while bright lights repeatedly flash in their eyes. The resulting images are then saved for posterity... and laughs. More»
johnson_clemens article June 19, 2014

The Best Pitchers Against Each Team

Every team has at least one pitcher they've just never been able to solve, and in some cases, many pitchers. We've listed them all here, and while there's the usual collection of legends -- Koufax, Clemens, Rivera -- you might be surprised at some of the names we've dug up. More»
blog June 17, 2014

Good Player, Bad Fan?

Bryce Harper was recently photographed wearing a Cowboys hat, which irked some Washington Nationals fans. But wouldn't he be a disloyal, bandwagon jumper if he suddenly started rooting for the Redskins? He may be stuck. More»
sterling_john article June 10, 2014

Sterling Gold

Yankees radio broadcaster John Sterling has been calling the team's games for a quarter-century, and he's perhaps best known for his unique home run calls. Most start with "it is high, it is far," and just as many make no sense at all. What if he had the chance to work with other MLB stars? More»
AP174513624798 article June 4, 2014

Risk Management

Two high school pitchers, Tyler Kolek and Brady Aiken, have a shot at being the first overall pick in this year's draft. While high school players have a greater chance of injury, they also have a better chance of becoming stars. Here's why it could be worth the risk. More»
bonds_ruth article May 28, 2014

The Best Hitters Against Each Team

Every team in baseball has its own nemesis, a player who, for whatever reason, plays better against them than anyone else. With lots of nods to Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds, here are the best hitters against every team in MLB history. More»

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