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article January 22, 2018

AFR: What Will It Take To Oust Pats?

The Patriots make erasing big postseason deficits look easy, and they did so again on Sunday to beat the Jaguars 24-20 in the AFC championship game. What will it take to take them down on the sport's biggest stage in the Super Bowl? More»
GettyImages-904920576 article January 15, 2018

AFR: Who Will Challenge Brady?

To hear casual NFL fans describe it, the Super Bowl has already been decided now that the four remaining starting quarterbacks are Tom Brady, Nick Foles, Case Keenum and Blake Bortles after a riveting round of divisional playoff games. More»
GettyImages-902361274 article January 8, 2018

AFR: Saints Provide Jolt To Playoffs

Wild card weekend featured four games that were competitive throughout and yet somehow all had problems. In terms of game quality, Panthers-Saints was the best of the bunch, to set up a mostly compelling divisional round. More»
bills-afr article January 1, 2018

Bills Break Out, Browns Break Down

Week 17 in the NFL featured several big storylines, as the playoff field has been set. It include the Bills, who are in the postseason for the first time since the Music City Miracle in 1999. It doesn't include the Browns, who finished a winless 0-16 campaign. More»
benjamin article December 25, 2017

AFR: NFL's Catch Debate Continues

For the second week in a row, the NFL's replay structure overturned a touchdown catch made against the Patriots, as this time Kelvin Benjamin had a score taken off the board during the Bills' 37-16 loss to New England on Sunday during Week 16. More»
steelers article December 18, 2017

AFR: Steelers Can't Catch A Break

Officiating couldn't help but be at the center of Week 15 in the NFL, from a Cowboys-Raiders game decided by an inch to the "what's a catch?" quandary returning to help decide the outcome in the Patriots' 27-24 win over the Steelers. More»
GettyImages-890012178 article December 11, 2017

AFR: Jaguars Add Intrigue To AFC

The AFC is presumed to be a two-team race between the Patriots and Steelers, but with an impressive win over Seattle in Week 14, it's hard to deny the Jaguars are ready to be real factors in the 2017 playoffs. So how far can Jacksonville go? More»
seahawks-afr article December 4, 2017

AFR: NFL Bubble Teams To Watch

The favorites at the top of the AFC and NFC are well established by Week 13. But which teams could sneak into the playoffs and make a lot of noise? The Seahawks, Ravens and Chargers are all looking like possible players in the playoff race. More»
afr-chargers article November 27, 2017

AFR: L.A. Charging Back In AFC West

A win at Dallas and another loss by Kansas City in Week 12 has the Chargers, who started the season 0-4, now only a game back in the AFC West. Can Los Angeles stage a dramatic comeback for the second time in franchise history? More»
chiefs article November 20, 2017

AFR: Chiefs' Loss A Wake-Up Call

The Kansas City Chiefs were the last undefeated team in the 2017 season. But Sunday's 12-9 overtime loss at the Giants gave them four losses in five games, meaning they're no longer even assured a playoff spot. What's gone wrong? More»
GettyImages-873356576 article November 13, 2017

AFR: Saints Keep On Marching

After three straight 7-9 seasons, the Saints look like they're ready to be players once again in the NFC. A rout of Buffalo was the latest reason to start to believe in them again, as New Orleans has now won seven consecutive games. More»
Goff-AFR article November 6, 2017

AFR: 2016 QB Class On The Rise

The Eagles and Rams won big in Week 9, thanks in large part to the continued stellar play of their second-year quarterbacks, while Dak Prescott continues to show he's a winner. Is the 2016 QB draft class shaping up to be among the best? More»
DeshaunWatsonAFR article October 30, 2017

AFR: Stardom Elementary For Watson

The Texans came up just short on the road in Seattle, but it's never been more clear that Deshaun Watson is the breakout star of 2017. With him taking snaps, Houston's future is looking bright, even if the defense still needs a lot of work. More»
Trubisky-AFR article October 23, 2017

AFR: John Fox, QB Concealer

Who says this is a pass-happy league? The Chicago Bears found a way to win convincingly over the Panthers by getting next to nothing from rookie quarterback, Mitch Trubisky. Credit John Fox. We also take a look at foggy Foxboro, the week in celebrations and more. More»
AFR-Front article October 16, 2017

AFR: No League For Favorites

By the time Sunday was over, the NFL lost its best quarterback for the year and several other teams occupying the top of the pecking order in the league suffered setbacks, casting the direction of this season in question. More»
GettyImages-856848742 article October 9, 2017

AFR: Is This The Chiefs' Kingdom?

Week 5 of the NFL season featured a slew of shocking results, and it's unclear who the elite teams are (but we have a few guesses). Here are all the trends, injury updates and vice presidential antics from a busy football Sunday. More»
tunison_2 article October 2, 2017

AFR: Kneeded Thrills On the Field

The NFL regained a measure of normalcy following a politically-charged week. And though anthem talk was still there, the action on the field was as hectic as ever, including some several exciting come-from-behind wins. More»
RedskinsAFR-1 article September 25, 2017

AFR: Emotional Sunday in the NFL

Late last week, before President Donald Trump made comments about the NFL to a crowd in Alabama, Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter made instructive comments about race and sports. Let's remember those words as well. More»
AFR-Main-Dak article September 18, 2017

AFR: Dak Gets Flak For Dallas Loss

All it took was one subpar showing from the Cowboys offense for the doubters to come out. The surprising thing is that those doubts were so readily stoked by head coach Jason Garrett, who called out his QB after Sunday's loss to the Broncos. More»
Rams-Colts-AFR article September 11, 2017

NFL's First Sunday: Moments of Meh

The NFL is going through yet another image crisis and can't afford the weeks of uninspired play that have come to define Septembers in the past. Unfortunately for fans, the lack of excitement in Week 1 left a lot to be desired. More»

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