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Michael Weinreb
Michael Weinreb
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article August 1, 2014

College Football's Worst 'Rivalries'

The Big Ten is famous for its bizarre rivalry trophies, like the Minnesota-Iowa Floyd of Rosedale. But with realignment changing the landscape, it's now resorting to forced trophy games like Wisconsin-Nebraska that are hard to get excited about. More»
richrodriguez article July 31, 2014

Comfort Zone

Rich Rodriguez left his alma mater to spend three years in an awkward situation as an out-of-place fit at Michigan. Now, entering his third season at Arizona, he finds himself building momentum in a place where he can be free again to be himself. More»
jimmora article July 25, 2014

Under Control

While every football coach is a control freak, Jim Mora has always seemed especially attuned to maintaining the strict boundaries around his teams. With UCLA's highest preseason expectations in years, he's trying his hardest to prevent distractions. More»
Helfrich article July 24, 2014

More Than Money

The University of Oregon football team has a copious amount of money to pour into their program, but the Ducks still lack what every team covets -- a national championship. This brings up an important question: what does all that funding buy exactly? More»
blog July 18, 2014

Hold The Fireworks

While the debate over fireworks at Michigan football games seems ridiculous, it made sense to vote the proposal down. College football should have a stripped-down vibe, because, in the best stadiums, everything you need is already there. More»
bobstoops article July 17, 2014

Defying Logic

For the past 15 years, few college football coaches have had as much success as Oklahoma's Bob Stoops. But a run of major bowl losses gave him a reputation as an underachiever, and 2014 now presents another opportunity to undo the illogical. More»
CFBwatchability article July 11, 2014

Rating Each College Football Week

Since the dawn of human civilization, people have chosen to get married on fall Saturdays. This, of course, is a terrible thing if you're a rabid college football fan. So, we created a rated each week of the 2014 season, this way you can concoct your wedding escape plans in advance. More»
steve_spurrier article July 10, 2014

Nine Holes with the Head Ball Coach

One of these years, Steve Spurrier will up and retire on us. This season, his 10th at South Carolina, will also be his 30th as a Head Ball Coach. The beauty of Steve Spurrier is he's never made it seem like he was working very hard, even when he was. More»
myles_jack article June 25, 2014

Dual Threats

Myles Jack's first carry took everyone by surprise, including him. It's possible the Myles Jack Experiment will inspire a new way of thinking; it's possible the Myles Jack Experiment becomes the moment that, at least in some small way, defies the age of specialization everyone acknowledges is upon us but no one seems happy to be living through. More»
holgorsen article June 19, 2014

Breaking The Mold

College football always needs more genuine characters as coaches, and if you embrace the aggressive and the weird, then you should be pulling for Dana Holgorsen to turn West Virginia around. His 2014 season could have a widespread impact. More»
worst FBS article June 13, 2014

Abandon All Hope

A bad season is one thing. But with half-empty stadiums, revolving doors for coaches and abysmal losing streaks, these teams have consistently fallen short of even the lowest expectations. Here's a list of the least-hopeful teams in the FBS. More»
sarkisian_USC article June 12, 2014

Time To Move On

Pete Carroll turned some heads this week by saying he would have stayed at USC had he known sanctions were coming. It's hard to believe that's true, and ultimately he couldn't win forever there. Now, it's Steve Sarkisian's turn to re-start the cycle. More»
kirkferentz article June 5, 2014

The Blame Game

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz has at times been revered as an NFL-capable coach and at times been ridiculed for an ulta-conservative style and frequent mediocrity. But in the modern Big Ten, is it fair to blame Ferentz for inconsistent results? More»
nds-auburn1980x1100 article June 1, 2014

The SEC-FCS Challenge

Southeastern Conference members seem determined to continue to schedule FCS-level opponents, despite the controversy it arouses. Here's how to get around the pancake nature of those games so that everyone wins, from the SEC to the FCS teams. More»
byu article May 29, 2014

Fighting for Relevance

30 years after it captured the national championship, BYU's football program is fading back to the irrelevance that LaVell Edwards pulled them out of in the 1970s. The Cougars' future is murky at best and no one -- the ACC and SEC included -- is taking them seriously. More»
Trent article May 22, 2014

The Quarterback-Industrial Complex

Quarterback, the most desirable and studied position in American sports is conundrum: No one is completely sure what makes a perfect one. We attended the Elite 11 regional quarterback camp to search for the elements needed to brew a successful QB. More»
GeorgePlimpton article May 16, 2014

Curious George

George Plimpton's books (and his best magazine stories) became an unprecedented bridge between spectator and the participant. He understood the dynamics of this relationship more fully than almost any writer before or since. More»
franklin1980x1100 article May 12, 2014

In The Spotlight

Will new Nittany Lion head coach James Franklin, who's racked up a top-tier recruiting class and is purportedly a moralistic dynamo, be able to avoid controversy when he's already idolized at Penn State? Only time will tell. More»
BCS article May 6, 2014

The Polls Won't Die

The College Football Playoff selection committee's announcement last week that weekly polls are largely here to stay has stirred up the playoff eras' first controversy. Worries of politics biasing the process abound, but this move will preserve CFB's chaos that we all cherish. More»
mikeleach article May 1, 2014

The Coaching Iconoclast

The whole legend of Mike Leach was born of a contrarian ethos. No matter the controversy, he forges ahead, staying true to what he knows to be right. Naturally, he's the only football coach who doubles as author of a book about Geronimo. More»

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