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article April 17, 2014

Hitting the ground sprinting

When David Shaw took over Jim Harbaugh's coaching position at Stanford, many thought Shaw would need would need at least a couple of years to adjust, especially after Andrew Luck's departure. Instead, the Cardinal has gotten consistently better. More»
boangry article April 14, 2014

Cat Diplomacy

After a tape surfaced last fall of Nebraska coach Bo Pelini profanely decrying his own fan base, it appeared his fate was sealed. But Pelini is still there and beyond repairing the Husker's mediocre program, he needs to repair his own image, hence the cat stunt last Saturday. More»
devingardner_spring article April 11, 2014

Reality Check

It's been 10 years since Michigan won a Big Ten title, and this unprecedented run of uncertainty in Ann Arbor shows no signs of letting up. Can Brady Hoke and Devin Gardner finally stabilize the Wolverines and begin meeting lofty expectations? More»
blog April 3, 2014

Unionize The U

If any college football team should lead the fight for a players' union, it's Miami. The Hurricanes' roots are in rebelliousness, in being a program defined by its disregard for NCAA rules. So why not lead the charge against an increasingly disliked system? More»
ucla_football article April 2, 2014

An Experiment Worth Trying

The idea that allowing college players to profit from their work is gaining acceptance, and there's not much of a valid argument to be made to the contrary. It might come with risk, and it might change the way we view college sports, but it's absolutely worth trying. More»
pac12 article March 25, 2014

Wild Out West

I'm beginning to wonder if it's actually humanly possible that the Pac-12 might play better football than the Southeastern Conference. I realize it seems idiotic to even suggest such a thing. The SEC is still a better conference; but the Pac-12 might be the most interesting conference. More»
blog March 17, 2014

A Basketball Conference

While the Big Ten has seemingly fallen behind the times in football, that isn't the case in basketball, where changing demographics haven't been an issue. In fact, its conservative sports identity lends itself better to modern basketball success than football. More»
bryanharsin article March 13, 2014

Embrace The Funk

Last season, Boise State wasn't the same team everyone had grown to love as the creative and fun underdog that kept winning. Now, new head coach Bryan Harsin must re-establish that identity for the program to maintain its national relevance. More»
saban article March 5, 2014

Right side of history

This week, the NCAA's Playing Rules Oversight Panel will consider a proposal for a "10-second rule," which will most likely be voted down. Its failure might mean more than just a victory for hurry-up offenses: it might signify the end of the Nick Saban dynasty. More»
joelembiid article February 24, 2014

An Eye To The Future

On Saturday, Joel Embiid and Andrew Wiggins continued to their stellar freshman seasons with a dominant win over Texas, and Kansas may be setting itself up for a tournament runs. But in the long run, where do one-and-dones like them fit in? More»
blog February 19, 2014

A Lesson In College Fandom

This is Leisure Studies 120, Introduction to College Football Attendance. As you can see, we have a sizeable number of registrants, which is why we're holding it here, in an 88,000-seat dome with cheerleaders and a hi-fi sound system. More»
blog February 12, 2014

What's Next For Missouri?

Missouri lacks an impressive football history, but coach Gary Pinkel has made the Tigers competitive in an impressive run over the last decade. They may not get top recruits, but the way the Michael Sam situation was handled proves that Mizzou is an appealing spot. More»
blog February 6, 2014

Ode to the Fax Machine

It's a bizarre annual tradition: In an age of smartphones and email, college football recruiting still relies on fax machines for schools to secure letters of intent from players. But, somehow, it's almost like the two were made for each other. More»
AuburnHistory article February 4, 2014

Rewriting History

Auburn's athletic director recently hinted that the school may try to claim highly contested national titles from decades ago. This is misguided. But the bigger issue is that the NCAA doesn't seem to care about its own history, unless that history feeds its own whims. More»
budbowlI article January 30, 2014

Why The Bud Bowl Mattered

Twenty-five years ago, the Bud Bowl made its mark as one of the ultimate water-cooler Super Bowl ad campaigns. It was mostly ridiculous and repetitive over the years, but it also mirrors the evolution of the bloated Super Bowl itself. More»
coachpressers article January 15, 2014

How to Sell a Coach

Almost every new coaching hire results in an analysis about "winning the press conference." But ultimately that doesn't matter. A run of surprising coaching hires proves that what matters most is the sales pitch within the job, not to the public. More»
jameis_winston article January 7, 2014

Perfect Ending

Surely the BCS deserved to be unceremoniously buried alive in an unmarked grave, but two very good football teams would not allow that to happen as Jameis Winston led 14-0 Florida State to an exciting 34-31 win over Auburn, closing out a dubious era. More»
malzahn1980x1100 article January 6, 2014

The Hurry-Up Special

Auburn, having cornered the market on miracles in the latter half of the season, has firmly been labeled a "team of destiny." Now coach Gus Malzahn brings his special brand of hurry-up to the BCS title game against Florida State. More»
roberto_aguayo article January 6, 2014

Mind Games

It used to be that Florida State was the team that always seemed trapped inside its own head. And so everyone was waiting for it to happen this season. Instead, the Seminoles seem joyful and confident and cognizant of the fact that their failures are in the past. More»
bill_obrien article January 2, 2014

Rewriting History

I don't know what ultimately made up Bill O'Brien's mind. But at some level, he finally recognized there was nothing more he could do, the problems he faced at Penn State were so deeply rooted in its past he couldn't pull it any farther into the future on his own. More»

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