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Mike Lupica
Mike Lupica
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article May 23, 2017

Pivotal Stretch For Sox, Skipper

Before we get to Memorial Day, people are starting to talk about Red Sox manager, John Farrell, because that is just the way things go, and not just in Boston. An underachieving team can still turn things around, though, to save the manager's job. More»
Yankees-JudgeHicks article May 19, 2017

New Yanks Have Staying Power

Yankees fans still talk about Yankee Universe -- but what they really want is order being restored to the baseball universe. And now they hope that kids like Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez begin to do that, as they have become a team to watch again. More»
MikeTrout-1 article May 18, 2017

Trout on the Town: Big Star In NYC

Mike Trout, the best baseball player in this world, will gets an extra trip to New York this weekend, when the Angels play the Mets. It is a very big deal, because of Trout's big talent for baseball. The city receives a most honored baseball guest. More»
AltuveCorrea-Astros article May 17, 2017

Astros' Blueprint the Right Stuff

The Astros, for now, and maybe for this whole season, are the best team in baseball, the best mix of young and old and hitting and pitching and defense. Manager A.J. Hinch talked about his players' confidence and the trust he puts in them. More»
Jeter-Lupica-1 article May 12, 2017

Derek's Decades: I Love 2 York

Derek Jeter was never the best player in baseball during his time in the game, but he was the player the kids wanted to be, and it is all inextricably tied to the fact that it all happened as the Yankees became the Yankees again. More»
YanksMets-1 article May 10, 2017

Bronx, Queens: Tale of Two Teams

So much has happened this season already in New York baseball, on both sides of town, more winning from the Yankees on the field, more drama from the Mets off it. You see how much the sport matters in the city. And we're just getting started. More»
GettyImages-680142850 article May 8, 2017

Rough Knight: Mets Have a Headache

It wasn't that long ago when Matt Harvey was nicknamed the Dark Knight, the savior of the New York Mets. Now? The Mets suspended Harvey for three days and the relationship doesn't seem like it's going to get better anytime soon. More»
GettyImages-669595546 article May 4, 2017

Reggie: Judge 'Leader of the Pack'

Of all the early-season storylines around Major League Baseball right now, there are none bigger -- both figuratively and literally -- than Yankees slugger Aaron Judge. The kid has taken the league by storm and he's only 25 years old. More»
USATSI_10039458 article May 2, 2017

Applaud Adam, Fenway Fans

Just a few weeks after MLB celebrated Jackie Robinson, a few offensive fans at Fenway Park on Monday night showered Orioles center fielder Adam Jones with racist taunts. Jones handled things with grace -- and should be cheered for it. More»
QuinSnyder article May 1, 2017

Quin's Essentials: Wins, a 2nd Chance

No coach in the league did a better job this season than Quin Snyder did with the Jazz, who now get rewarded for beating the Clippers in the first round with a trip to Oakland and a series with the Warriors. The journey has been worth it for Snyder, though. More»
GettyImages-631419176 article April 28, 2017

Watson Solves Houston's Problem

Deshaun Watson put together a legendary national title performance against Alabama, and while Mitchell Trubisky and Patrick Mahomes were picked ahead of him, on Thursday night he gave the Houston Texans the best quarterback in the NFL Draft. More»
GettyImages-640944580 article April 26, 2017

Look Out For No. 2: Jeter, MLB Owner?

Derek Jeter is part of a group trying to buy the Miami Marlins. If that happens, and the legendary former Yankees shortstop is more than just a front man for the franchise, then Jeter has a chance to become one of the most unique figures in the sport. More»
GettyImages-177211710 article April 19, 2017

Aaron Hernandez's Story: Pathetic

Early Wednesday morning, convicted murderer and former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez was discovered dead in his jail cell. He goes to the grave with his own regrets about the choices he made. What choices did Odin Lloyd have? More»
AP_485406645636 article April 18, 2017

Brown & Out? Cleveland's Due

There are rumors swirling about the possibility of the Cleveland Browns selecting North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky with their No. 1 overall draft pick. If that happens, I hope it works out, because Browns fans have suffered enough. More»
USATSI_9959278 article April 14, 2017

King James: Defender of the Crown

There have been so many big games over the past 12 months, involving some of the greatest athletes of all time. Now one of them, LeBron James, will try to keep the trend going as he tries to defend the Cavaliers' title. More»
AcesLupica article April 11, 2017

Aces Low: Only Elites Deserve Label

When it comes to true aces in baseball, you either are one or you're not. Buck Showalter says that "it's not a very long list" in MLB. But let's take a look at the pitchers who may qualify, the ones you always want to see on the mound in big moments. More»
Garcia1 article April 10, 2017

Sergi-OH! Spain Reigns At Augusta

Sergio Garcia finally beat Justin Rose on the 73rd hold at the Masters on Sunday, and Rose talked afterward about how Sergio has had his "fair share" of heartbreak in majors. He wasn't kidding. Garcia earned his green jacket. No doubt about it. More»
GettyImages-665026418 article April 6, 2017

Smooth Sale-ing For Sox At the Start

When Chris Sale took the mound at Fenway Park for the first time as a member of the Red Sox, it was an event. And Sale put on a show, striking out seven through seven shutout innings. It's only April, but right now, Sale looks every bit Boston's ace. More»
USATSI_9992012 article April 4, 2017

Let Players Decide Games, Period

Over the past several days, there have been too many glaring examples of people in charge forgetting they're in a players' game, and getting in the way to the point where you want to call interference penalties on all of them. More»
GettyImages-653258132 article March 31, 2017

Green Day: MLB's Young, Best

Spring Training has come and gone and just like that, it's time for baseball. The best part is that every place in the country has hope, from NYC to Chicago to Texas to California. And there is a ridiculous amount of young talent in the game. More»

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