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article January 23, 2018

Altuve's Impact Is Crystal Clear

There was a picture this week of another gift coming the way of Jose Altuve, a colorful crystal bat from Swarovski to go with the World Series trophy and the AL MVP Award. Altuve has come a long way for this moment, and he's only just getting started. More»
AP_96110613822 article January 22, 2018

Who's the G.O.A.T.: Brady or Jordan?

The debate about the greatest of all time in sports is complicated with many possible answers, but as the run-up to another Super Bowl is just beginning, here's a good question to ask: If it's just Tom Brady and Michael Jordan, who's your pick? More»
GettyImages-655323092 article January 17, 2018

Spring Training Beginning To Stir

There was snow on this day from the Florida Panhandle all the way to Maine, just not here, where the ballpark got a day closer to baseball. This was The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches, which the Astros and Nationals now call their Florida home. More»
GettyImages-89644529 article January 15, 2018

A Baseball Friendship To Celebrate

There have been a lot of great baseball friendships to know, none more so than Tim McCarver, the white Catholic catcher from the south, and Bob Gibson, the great African-American pitcher out of Omaha, a bond that has proudly stood the test of time. More»
GettyImages-903137180 article January 11, 2018

Heat Wave: Spoelstra Sparks Miami

Sometimes great stories in sports are right in front of us, hiding in plain sight. It is that way right now with the Miami Heat, a really great story in the NBA, and Erik Spoelstra, who is a great coach, leading his team to 54 wins in their past 82 games. More»
GettyImages-902792986 article January 9, 2018

Tua-scaloosa! St. Nick's fresh title

One year after losing an all-time great national title game, Alabama gave us a game in Atlanta that felt like one of those college football movies out of the past. Only the movie moment for Tua Tagovailoa and Nick Saban was better than anybody could have dreamed. More»
AP_830436544142 article January 4, 2018

Saban Is College Football's Greatest

On Monday in Atlanta, Nick Saban will try to win his sixth national championship, and fifth at Alabama. If he does, it will only solidify that there has never been a better coach in college football than he is, as far back as you want to go. More»
AP_18001033626890 article January 1, 2018

Bills Get Their Own Playoff Miracle

The drought in Buffalo is finally over. Eighteen years after losing because of the Music City Miracle, the Bills have returned to the postseason thanks to a win and some help last week. It's enough to make them the NFL's best story of the season. More»
GettyImages-802065788 article December 30, 2017

2017: A Sports Year To Remember

Clemson and Alabama meet in the playoff for the third straight year to start 2018 on Monday. They started 2017 on a high note in a classic national title game, one that was only the beginning of a memorable year for big names and big games in sports. More»
game5 article December 22, 2017

A World Series Game 5 For The Ages

This is about Game 5 of the World Series, 2017's game of the year, which was baseball's gift to everybody one spectacular Sunday night at Minute Maid Park that lasted into a Monday morning that felt a little bit like Christmas morning in Houston. More»
GettyImages-672253608 article December 15, 2017

Piscotty trade to A's both near & dear

In the December of Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani, everybody should know about Stephen Piscotty, who goes from the Cardinals to the A's in a trade that will bring him closer to home, where his mother, Gretchen, was recently diagnosed with ALS. More»
GettyImages-866409230 article December 9, 2017

Stanton to Yankees Has Familiar Feel

Giancarlo Stanton is on the verge of heading from the Marlins to the Yankees. It's a big move for the Yankees to acquire the 28-year-old slugger coming off a season with 59 home runs. It also can't help but feel like history repeating itself in New York. More»
stanton-ohtani article December 7, 2017

Hot Stove Brings New Level of Drama

After the October we all just watched, we get this kind of MLB Christmas season. It is mostly because of two gifted young players whose availability makes this as intriguing a moment as we've ever had in a baseball offseason: Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani. More»
alabama-ohiostate article December 3, 2017

Playoff Right To Roll With The Tide

The College Football Playoff committee got it right. Alabama ought to be in the playoff. Ohio State should not be. The Crimson Tide landed the No. 4 spot over the Buckeyes, joining Clemson, Oklahoma and Georgia in this year's four-team field. More»
GettyImages-879542630 article November 29, 2017

Manning Deserves Better From Giants

A bad Giants season has gotten even worse now that coach Ben McAdoo will bench quarterback Eli Manning -- as important a New York Giant as there has ever been -- to put an end to a streak of 210 straight regular-season starts. More»
GettyImages-879199186 article November 27, 2017

A Can't-Miss College Football Season

The best show right now in sports is a college football season as surprising and exciting as any we've had since the playoff was created. Last week's losses by Alabama and Miami set the stage for a conference title weekend like no other. More»
GettyImages-667788664 article November 21, 2017

The Most Interesting Man In Baseball

Giancarlo Stanton was supposed to dominate the Hot Stove conversation, but he has company thanks to Shohei Ohtani of the Nippon-Ham Fighters. A pitcher and power hitter from Japan, Ohtani is poised for potential Major League stardom. More»
GettyImages-1484619 article November 17, 2017

Mussina Belongs In The Hall of Fame

The 2018 Hall of Fame ballots go out on Monday, nine years after Mike Mussina retired. There shouldn't be much of a debate: After a long, consistently productive career with the Orioles and Yankees, Mussina deserves to be enshrined in Cooperstown. More»
AP_420513055 article November 14, 2017

The Graceful Life of Bobby Doerr

Bobby Doerr deserves to be honored today, because this was not just a wonderful baseball life, it was a wonderful American life. Doerr, a Hall of Fame Red Sox teammate of Ted Williams, Johnny Pesky and Dom DiMaggio, died Monday at the age of 99. More»
GettyImages-855303046 article November 13, 2017

Stanton Talks Heat Up The Hot Stove

There is one story -- Giancarlo Stanton and his 59 home runs -- and all the other stories that will dominate the wonderful time known as the Hot Stove. We have read and heard about all the teams that might be interested in trading for Stanton, but it's complicated. More»

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