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article October 19, 2017

This Just In: Verlander Must Win

The Astros still have the chance to be the only team to beat the Red Sox and the Yankees in the same postseason. But they need Justin Verlander to pitch like he did in Game 2, flipping the narrative of what's already been a dramatic ALCS. More»
AaronJudge-1 article October 17, 2017

Rise & Shine: All Eyes On Judge

Aaron Judge might not win the AL MVP Award. But what he has established in his hit-or-miss postseason is that he continues to be one of the most magnetic players in the game, whether it's with his big bat or stellar play in the field. More»
TurnerGibson article October 16, 2017

LA Has Seen This Turner Classic

Justin Turner's shot was over the wall at Dodger Stadium on Sunday night, giving LA an NLCS Game 2 victory over the Cubs. It was one of those October home runs that are as much a pageant of baseball as Opening Day in April. More»
Yanks-Astros-1 article October 12, 2017

Unprecedented October in Astros' way

The long, great moment that began last year with the World Series, continues in baseball. With so much of the 2017 postseason yet to be written, there is this: The Astros are looking to beat both the Red Sox and the Yankees in October. More»
AstrosClinch-ALDS article October 10, 2017

Won & Fun: Astros Show a Hit

The Houston Astros may or may not win the World Series this season, but what they reminded us of in their American League Division Series against the Red Sox, is that they are the most entertaining baseball team on the planet. More»
Judge-RobsLindor article October 9, 2017

October Drama On the Rise

On Sunday night, Masahiro Tanaka pitched a gem for the Yankees and Aaron Judge robbed a homer. Earlier, Mookie Betts helped save the Red Sox season. There has been so much going on in all the Division Series. We're just getting started. More»
DustyBaker-1 article October 5, 2017

Dusty 'N' The Win: Is This Nats' Year?

There are so many stories this October in MLB, but maybe there is no better story than the Washington Nationals and their 68-year old manager, Dusty Baker, a great baseball man who has to believe he is past due at this time of year. More»
Judge-WC-Game article October 4, 2017

Yank Rises On October Stage

What fans had really come for at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night, as the Yankees surged past the Twins in the AL Wild Card Game, was a signature October moment from rookie sensation Aaron Judge. And he delivered. More»
Twins-Lupica article September 27, 2017

Twins In It to Win It, Like Old Times

A year after losing 103 games, the Twins have made the playoffs. It is the kind of turnaround they once had when they were going from worst to first in 1991. This one might not end in a title, but it sure is something to see. More»
Texans-Kneeling article September 25, 2017

Perilous Fights in the Land of the Free

Protest, as a symbol and statement of your beliefs and your own love of country, happens to be as American as the flag, which we always like to wave around in sports, but only when it suits us. Those who took a knee in the NFL shouldn't be vilified. More»
Lindor-Lead article September 21, 2017

This October Deserves Classic Hype

With all the ups and downs of this thrilling MLB regular season that is still providing plenty of drama, we start looking ahead to October, which is the best part in baseball. Last year was one of the best postseasons in history: Can 2017 top that? More»
Verlander-Astros-1 article September 20, 2017

Astros On Mission, Bringing Joy

The Astros didn't change what Harvey did to Houston, but they did what sports can sometimes do at times like this, in places like this: They produced some normalcy for a few hours a day and made people cheer. Now, it's time for October. More»
IndiansStreak21 article September 13, 2017

21 & Bolder: Tito Has 1 Hot Club

The Indians have won 21 games in a row, five away from the Major League record set by the 1916 New York Giants. But in all the big ways, in the modern world, this is already the greatest team streak in baseball history. More»
DodgersLosingStreak article September 11, 2017

Stick a Cork In LA? Not So Fast

The Dodgers were winning all summer long, but now come 15 losses in 16 games, including 10 in a row. If they want to know what it's like to crawl into the postseason and still rule October, they should ask Joe Torre about the 2000 Yankees. More»
SloaneStephensOpenWin article September 9, 2017

Sloane Strong For a Brighter Day

On a day when Florida, which each of them has called home, braced for the attack of Hurricane Irma, Sloane Stephens and Madison Keys played for our country's national championship in tennis. And Stephens played the match of her life. More»
GeneMichaelYanks article September 7, 2017

Build Greatness? Start With Stick

Gene Michael would never have thought of himself as somebody who was worthy of a plaque in Monument Park at Yankee Stadium. But in so many ways, he is. Such an unlikely Yankee immortal, gone now at the age of 79. More»
AstrosDodgersIndians article September 5, 2017

Astros, L.A., Tribe? Or Oct. Surprise?

First it was the Astros as world beaters in 2017. Then the Dodgers, followed by the Indians. This is all about the beauty of the long season in Major League Baseball, and why it is still the best regular-season narrative we have in sports. More»
MinuteMaid-Astros article September 1, 2017

For Houston, Astros Adding Strength

Sports doesn't fix damage or make things the way they were after tragedy. But maybe things will be better in Houston by October. And the Astros, with their trade for Justin Verlander, gave themselves more reason for hope. More»
Stanton-Lupica-1 article August 30, 2017

Big Fish: Soak Up Stanton's Swing

Now, and by a lot, Giancarlo Stanton is the home run hitter to talk about in a home run season for baseball. He's approaching 20 home runs in the month of August, as the Marlins try to make a push for the playoffs. Even his manager is amazed. More»
Judge-Slump-1 article August 26, 2017

Judge's Jury Out: All Rise Again?

Aaron Judge made everything look easy in the first half of the season, but now things have gotten hard. Doesn't mean they will stay that way for the young Yankees slugger. It just means he's human and has to make some adjustments. More»

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