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Mike Lupica
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article January 20, 2017

No Way, Jose: Don't Blame Voters

The debate around the Baseball Hall of Fame and whether players suspected of PED use should get in or not can understandably get heated. But lecturing voters, the way Jose Canseco did, does not lead to a healthy discussion. More»
USATSI_9811922 article January 19, 2017

Green Bro! Rift That Keeps Giving

The further the Green Bay Packers advance in the NFL playoffs, the more we seem to hear about Aaron Rodgers and his family. That's because nothing is truly private anymore. So we must ask ourselves: How much info is too much? More»
GettyImages-637996646 article January 17, 2017

Not Easy Being Green: Will He Learn?

Nobody is talking about the triple-double Golden State's Draymond Green recorded against the Cavaliers on Monday. That's on him, because Green committed yet another dumb foul when he walloped LeBron James on a fast break. More»
RodgersFumble article January 16, 2017

Rodgers Is All Rumble, Not Fumble

Seven years ago, Aaron Rodgers failed to hold onto the ball, and Green Bay's season, against the Cardinals in the playoffs. This time, Rodgers saved the Packers against the Cowboys. And all Green Bay fans will remember both moments. More»
CowboysPackers-1 article January 16, 2017

A-Rod Almighty! 'Boys Sent Packing

All the Packers had was 35 seconds ... and Aaron Rodgers and Mason Crosby. Tied at 31, after Rodgers found tight end Jared Cook for a wild catch, Crosby kicked a game-winning field goal from 51 yards out to beat the Cowboys on Sunday. More»
DakRodgers article January 11, 2017

Dak's Incredible; Aaron's the Best

Aaron Rodgers will be in the spotlight on Sunday in Arlington, Texas, when the Packers pull into AT&T Stadium for their playoff game against the Cowboys. But all eyes will be on the quarterback on the other side, too: Dak Prescott. More»
GettyImages-631366938 article January 10, 2017

Young & The Best: Watson Invincible

In two national title games against two dominant Alabama defenses, Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson became a legend. He threw for 405 yards in 2016 and lost. He threw for 420 in 2017 and won, thanks to a last-second TD pass. More»
RodgersPackers1 article January 9, 2017

Scarin' Rodgers: Cowboys, Beware

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers rolled the Giants at Lambeau on Sunday, 38-13. Next, Rodgers will roll into Dallas to take on the Cowboys, with the QB playing as well as anybody in the game right now. Think Jerry Jones is nervous? You bet. More»
GettyImages-461833940 article January 4, 2017

Code Jed: Why 49ers Have Fallen

The San Francisco 49ers aren't the San Francisco 49ers anymore. The once-golden franchise has turned into a dysfunctional mess under CEO Jed York, who has shown he has no idea how to run a football team. More»
QualcommStadium article January 2, 2017

Movers & Shakedowns: They go, We Pay

So now it is supposed to happen to San Diego, the way it just happened to St. Louis, and the way it may happen to Oakland. This has become one of the great civic boondoggles of the past 40 years: The New Stadium hustle. More»
GettyImages-636520668 article December 29, 2016

Bills Pile-up = Bounced Rex

Even though Rex Ryan was just fired before the Buffalo Bills' season finale against the New York Jets, he still gets the last laugh. Why? Because he's getting paid millions to leave. It just goes to show that there are more good coaches than good execs. More»
GettyImages-2605624 article December 28, 2016

Hall Pass? No Excuse to Omit Moose

With the Baseball Hall Of Fame comes a ton of arguing. But one of the things that shouldn't be up for debate is that Mike Mussina should be in. Just one look at his resume and it's damn near impossible to disagree. More»
AaronRodgers1 article December 27, 2016

Leader of the Pack and All QBs

No one has ever played quarterback quite like Aaron Rodgers. Now here he is again, with another flawed Packers team, trying to run the table after being 4-6 and win the NFC North, showing you all over again how much game he has. More»
CavsWarriors2 article December 25, 2016

Cav Yourself a Merry Little W

This is the biggest game in sports right now, the Cavaliers against the Warriors. On Christmas Day, the two teams gave us a contest that felt a lot like Game 8 of the last NBA Finals, with Kyrie Irving playing the hero once again. More»
GettyImages-623403482 article December 22, 2016

Stoops' Level Lowers the Boom?

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops spent a lot of time on Wednesday talking about running back Joe Mixon and the release of the video of his assault of a woman in 2014, saying that he would act differently now. He's both right and wrong at the same time. More»
GettyImages-629167266 article December 21, 2016

Ill Bills: Looking Lost In Buffalo

Yeah, the Cleveland Browns might not win a single game during the 2016 season. But when it comes to the most dysfunctional team in the National Football League, it's hard not to think about the Buffalo Bills, even if they go 9-7 this season. More»
Bonds-Selig article December 20, 2016

Bud Slinging? Save It For Cheaters

This is the way it's apparently supposed to work: If Bud Selig gets into the Hall of Fame then Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are supposed to get in right behind him, as if it's some sort of referendum on equivalency. Only it's not. More»
BestofBest-Image article December 19, 2016

No. 1 Pick In All Team Sports ...

A huge part of sports is arguing which athlete or coach is the best at what they do. So let's dive head first into that discussion, shall we? Who's the best basketball player? Best baseball player? Football? Here are my picks. But it's up for debate. More»
Brady-Ageless article December 16, 2016

Outstanding Pat: Brady Is Ageless

The way Tom Brady throws right now, at age 39, is the way Mariano Rivera threw for the Yankees all the way into his 40s. He's defying age in every way. And it would be no surprise if Brady gets another Super Bowl ring to add to his collection. More»
GettyImages-531998692 article December 15, 2016

Hail Blazer: RIP to TNT's Craig Sager

The sports world lost a legendary reporter on Thursday when the always-colorful Craig Sager died after a battle with cancer. Nobody seemed to love their job more than Sager did, and it showed in every 45-second segment he did. More»

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