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Mike Lupica
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article February 22, 2017

Terry Talk: Hope Springs For Mets

Perhaps no team dealt with as much adversity as Terry Collins and the Mets did in 2016. But that didn't phase them. Now that Spring Training is here, Collins is more than ready for another long season, because it never gets old. More»
LeBronJordan article February 19, 2017

All the Bus About LeBron vs. Michael

This is a basketball weekend, so maybe it figured that a basketball conversation would start up out of nowhere on Saturday afternoon at LaGuardia Airport, where a bus driver and his passengers talk passionately about two NBA legends. More»
OakleyArrested article February 10, 2017

Knicks Laughable; Oak No Joke

Just when you thought the it couldn't get worse for the Knicks, Wednesday night happens: Charles Oakley gets dragged out of the stands and arrested. It doesn't seem like anyone can stop the Knicks from being an embarrassment. More»
BallparkPalmBeaches article February 8, 2017

New Ballpark: Beauty & The Beach

Just like that, professional baseball will soon be back. Spring Training is just a few weeks away, and the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros will have a new facility to play in. That wasn't too long of a wait, was it? Let's play ball. More»
GettyImages-633959284 article February 7, 2017

Coin Injury: The Birds Got Flipped

We just witnessed something historic ... in a bad way. A flip of a coin started the overtime period of Super Bowl 51. The team that won the coin toss got the ball first, scored and won, with the other team never touching the ball. This needs to end. More»
GettyImages-633956272 article February 6, 2017

Undeflated: Tom, Pats Miraculous

In the biggest moment on the biggest stage trying complete the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, the Patriots were simply the Patriots. It wasn't all Tom Brady. It was all of them. And that is why the Pats are champions once again. More»
GettyImages-633958840 article February 6, 2017

Air to the Throne: Brady, Pats Rule

Nobody will ever forget Super Bowl 51. Tom Brady, the best player in NFL history, led the Patriots to the greatest comeback win in Super Bowl history, in the same year he was suspended by the Commissioner. It doesn't get bigger than that. More»
BradySB article February 4, 2017

Here's the Glory, a Man Named Brady

The Super Bowl is pro football's Game 7 every year. No other way to think about it. And, while there have been plenty of sports legends in the past who've known such big moments, few have embraced them like Tom Brady. More»
NRG-Stadium article February 3, 2017

Bowling Grin: Super > Politics

There's a reason why the World Series captured the nation and had such high TV ratings. People need an escape from what's happening in Washington D.C. right now, more than ever. That's why Super Bowl 51 couldn't have come at a more perfect time. More»
GettyImages-623491086 article February 2, 2017

Brady-Quinn Again: Super or Bust?

Dan Quinn has been here before, as the Seahawks defensive coordinator in Super Bowl 49. He faced Tom Brady and the Patriots then, and now has to face them again on Sunday, this time as head coach of Atlanta. Will he get his revenge? More»
quarterbacks article February 1, 2017

Throw Bowl: Brady-Ryan = Air-ea 51

Tom Brady. Matt Ryan. Two MVP candidates -- possibly the top two in the voting -- going at it in Super Bowl 51. We've seen plenty of amazing quarterback matchups in Super Bowls. But this is as good as we've ever had. More»
GettyImages-631704530 article January 30, 2017

King of the Coaching Hill? It's Bill

Bill Belichick will be in the Super Bowl, again. But, for all the haters and naysayers, Belichick doesn't have to cement his legacy as the greatest football coach ever with another Super Bowl win on Sunday. He already is the GOAT. More»
GettyImages-632998478 article January 29, 2017

Grateful Fed! Champ Still Rockin'

Roger Federer won his 18th Grand Slam on Sunday, beating Rafael Nadal in five sets in the Australian Open final. He won the final five games in a row, looking a lot like Jack Nicklaus when he won his 18th major at the Masters in 1986 with a lot of late magic. More»
GettyImages-632838782 article January 27, 2017

Melbourne Again: Old School at Open

Defying age, Rafael Nadal has made it to the Australian Open men's finals on Sunday, where he'll take on Roger Federer -- a classic matchup. Nadal. Federer. Both Venus and Serena Williams. It's tennis' Super Bowl weekend Down Under. More»
GettyImages-632745232 article January 26, 2017

Oldies Making All the Racket

2017 has started out as a throwback year in tennis. Not only are the Williams sisters meeting in the women's final at the Australian Open, but 35-year-old Roger Federer is back in the men's final for another chance at a major to add to his collection. More»
USATSI_9831734 article January 25, 2017

Ring for Ryan? A Beautiful Find

Expectations are high for Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan in the Super Bowl as he looks to bring the franchise its first ever title. He's still young, at 31 years old, but you never know when you'll get another chance. Just ask Dan Marino. More»
bradygoodell article January 23, 2017

Can't-Wait Gate: Pats, Roger, Podium!

No offense to Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons, but their Super Bowl story may get pushed aside by the ultimate narrative: It's Tom Brady, Robert Kraft and the Patriots against bumbling NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. More»
USATSI_9518424 article January 20, 2017

No Way, Jose: Don't Blame Voters

The debate around the Baseball Hall of Fame and whether players suspected of PED use should get in or not can understandably get heated. But lecturing voters, the way Jose Canseco did, does not lead to a healthy discussion. More»
USATSI_9811922 article January 19, 2017

Green Bro! Rift That Keeps Giving

The further the Green Bay Packers advance in the NFL playoffs, the more we seem to hear about Aaron Rodgers and his family. That's because nothing is truly private anymore. So we must ask ourselves: How much info is too much? More»
GettyImages-637996646 article January 17, 2017

Not Easy Being Green: Will He Learn?

Nobody is talking about the triple-double Golden State's Draymond Green recorded against the Cavaliers on Monday. That's on him, because Green committed yet another dumb foul when he walloped LeBron James on a fast break. More»

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