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Mike Lupica
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article July 23, 2017

King Spieth: Jordan's Royal Rally

What we saw on Jordan Spieth's back nine at Royal Birkdale on Sunday was a great golfer gathering himself like a great fighter, one who had somehow put himself on the ropes. He rallied and won the British Open with an all-time great finish. More»
DaveDombrowski-1 article July 21, 2017

Corner Bat-tle: Your Move, Boston

The Red Sox, under the management of Dave Dombrowski, are a team clearly built to win now. It is why Dombrowski needs to make a trade now, perhaps for a big bat. The middle of the order should strike fear in the AL East again. More»
DeadlineDeals-Lupica article July 20, 2017

All In? Deadline Is Make or Break

The real Midsummer Classic in baseball is the Trade Deadline. It remains an essential, unchanging pageant of the game, in-season drama unlike any other we have in professional sports, all tied up in risk and reward. More»
Federer-Wimbledon1 article July 16, 2017

Fed Alert: At 35, Best in the World

Three weeks short of his 36th birthday, older than any Wimbledon champion, man or woman, in 108 years, Roger Federer wins his second major of 2017, and clearly establishes himself once again as the best tennis player in the world. More»
FedVenus article July 14, 2017

Old Rush: Fed & Venus Are Back

Roger Federer, three weeks short of his 36th birthday, tries to become the oldest man to win Wimbledon in 108 years. Venus Williams? All she does is try to win her sixth Wimbledon singles title at age 37. It's Back to the Future at the All England Club. More»
DaveRoberts article July 13, 2017

Man of Steal: Super Dave Leads L.A.

A winner keeps winning, and that's exactly what Dave Roberts has done, this time as manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. We all remember him from The Steal in Boston: Now, Roberts is ready to make more October memories. More»
AaronJudge-60 article July 12, 2017

His Honor? Making 60 Sexy Again!

More than anybody, Aaron Judge has brought back the concept of the "big fly" in baseball. In the process, he and some of the other young sluggers might be doing something even more valuable: making 60 a magic number again in baseball. More»
BillieJeanKing-1 article July 6, 2017

Winner: All the King's Meant

With a movie coming out about Billie Jean King's famous match against Bobby Riggs in 1973, "Battle of the Sexes," we are reminded once again that King continues to be a pioneer in the world of politics and activism. A truly great American life. More»
Federer-Wimbledon article July 5, 2017

Federer Reserve: Old Reliable?

Roger Federer, the greatest champ on his side of the sport, born a month before Serena Williams in 1981, is at Wimbledon, trying to win his 19th major, a month short of his own 36th birthday. He's never seemed younger. More»
GettyImages-632889394 article July 4, 2017

American tennis: Red, White & Due

Serena Williams is the only American player to win a Grand Slam tournament in the past nine years, and she continues to be the top story in U.S. tennis even while not playing Wimbledon, as we continue to wait for a new generation of stars to emerge. More»
GettyImages-81803145 article July 3, 2017

The Rise of McEnroe, 40 Years Later

Forty years ago, a then-unknown 18-year-old amateur named John McEnroe made a surprise run to the 1977 Wimbledon semifinals. As this year's tournament begins, McEnroe speaks about his breakthrough and the peak that came after. More»
GettyImages-692293242 article June 29, 2017

It's the Summer of George!

Perhaps no player is more deserving of an MLB All-Star Game spot than the Astros' George Springer, who is one of the players in the process of redefining what the leadoff position looks like in his sport, now with nine leadoff home runs already. More»
GettyImages-457281042 article June 28, 2017

Knicks today: Aghast from the past

Once, the Knicks played as beautiful a game of basketball as any pro team has ever played. Now, there is no bigger joke franchise in professional sports. The latest stumble came to an end on Wednesday, when they fired team president Phil Jackson. More»
four-aces article June 27, 2017

Four Of A Kind: Ace Club Is Exclusive

The list of MLB's ace pitchers was longer a couple of months ago, but now it's down to only four: Clayton Kershaw, Chris Sale, Max Scherzer and Dallas Keuchel, a small group of starters who stand out in a tier above the rest of the league. More»
Indians-LUPICA article June 23, 2017

Wait and C: Tribe, Tribe Again

The Indians are starting to create some separation in the AL Central as they begin a weekend series against the Twins at home. But the memories of last year's World Series loss are still fresh, and this is a team hungry for another chance. More»
LeBron-LA article June 21, 2017

Send In the Crown! Can King Save L.A.?

If you believe the rumors, LeBron James just might have one more move left in him. Some people think, if he feels he can't win another title in Cleveland once he hits free agency next year, he could be going west. That might mean Jerry West. More»
RoseHOFBallot article June 19, 2017

Time to Put Rose On HOF Ballot

Pete Rose shouldn't come off baseball's ineligible list, nor should he be a manager or coach again, nor be on the field for anything except ceremonial occasions. But he still belongs on the Hall of Fame ballot. After that, the voters can decide what's next. More»
AP_17165509643967 article June 14, 2017

Baseball, DC & Sickening Shots

Rep. Steve Scalise was one of five wounded in a shooting on a baseball field on Wednesday during practice for a congressional charity baseball game. They had all come to the field to feel young, but this time witnessed the kind of scene that keeps playing out over and over again in America. More»
LeBron-Durant article June 13, 2017

Kevin and L: Durant Rises Up

When it was all on the line in the biggest moments of the NBA Finals, the Warriors threw it to Kevin Durant. It doesn't mean he's Michael Jordan, but he sure played that way against the best in LeBron James and came out victorious. More»
Ortiz-Lupica article June 13, 2017

Boston Longs For Papi's Bat

Someday, there will be a statue of David Ortiz outside Fenway Park. He is one of the biggest and most important players the Red Sox have ever had. And the slugger's absence from the lineup this season has been felt in Boston. More»

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