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Mike Tanier
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blog August 30, 2014

Why Labor Day is New Year's Day

Happy New Year, football fans, students, parents, teachers and humans. A Labor Day weekend, school year, and NFL kickoff like any other is beginning, which means nothing will ever be the same again. More»
rice article August 29, 2014

NFL Roundup: Goodell's Apology

Last-minute thoughts, opinions, and observations as the NFL shifts from "muse for days about every topic" offseason mode to regular-season mode, with heavy emphasis on Roger Goodell's Ray Rice apology, Sean Gilbert's NFLPA bid and Jerry Jones' cap situation. More»
blog August 28, 2014

Vasectomy Tips for Drew Brees

Drew Brews take note: The vasectomy is safe, routine, and far less painful than what happened to you in last year's Rams game. But before you set up an appointment to coincide with the Masters, there are still a few things you need to know about the procedure. More»
blog August 27, 2014

The Ultimate Final Preseason Guide

Most of the major preseason storylines wrapped up this week, but there are still a few reasons to keep an eye on Thursday night's action. Here are some of the unresolved issues that will come to a head on the NFL's most meaningless night of action. More»
blog August 26, 2014

The First Cuts are the Deepest

The NFL's next seven days or so will be filled with cuts. There won't be time to mentally process the number of careers that quietly end in the next seven days. Before you realize that a guy you once rooted for is gone, you'll be rooting for the next guy. More»
MM-Breakouts article August 25, 2014

Mandatory Monday: On The Rise

From breakout stars to rising role players who will have a surprising impact on the playoff race, here are the up-and-coming NFL players we will be talking about in 2014 and beyond. Besides Johnny Manziel, of course. More»
blog August 22, 2014

Going for Two at the One

Spotting extra points at the one-yard line would make the kicks as automatic as ever, but going for two would be much more enticing. Bold coaches might be coaxed into going for two early in games, or more aggressively when trailing. More»
blog August 20, 2014

Scary Preseason Stats

Preseason statistics are mostly meaningless. They shouldn't scare you. But you cannot help it: they are like a midnight bump on the rooftop that you know darn well is just a squirrel, but still worry about until you are certain it is an extremely nimble-footed serial killer. More»
blog August 20, 2014

Johnny On The Spot

After a flippin' up and down night, Johnny Manziel's status as potential Browns starter is still uncertain. No matter what, Cleveland has a bad decision to make -- one that's almost papal-like. Start looking for smoke. More»
roy article August 19, 2014

Baseball's healing power

Being the son of a former big leaguer, Roy Smalley III was better equipped to play baseball than most Little Leaguers of the early 1960s, and after 13 years in the Majors, Smalley now makes sure kids across the country have the same advantages he had. More»
blog August 19, 2014

We Can't Stop NFL Training Camp Fights

There's no real way to eliminate NFL training camp fights or the ridiculous hand-wringing about training camp fights. The only way to eradicate those things is to close training camp for the year. That is already happening. Problem solved. More»
mm081814 article August 18, 2014

Mandatory Monday: Straight Story

Let's rank NFL quarterback prospects on a Preseason Pessimism Index -- who is least likely to find success this season? Plus, get your story straight on some key plotlines, from defensive penalties to Eli Manning's completion percentage. More»
Bills-Steelers-Receivers article August 15, 2014

Bills and Steelers Thinking Young

The receivers we've seen at the Steelers-Bills joint practices combine size and speed into an irresistible and seemingly un-coverable package. Both teams have rookies poised to take the league by storm. Just maybe not this year. More»
Dalton article August 14, 2014

Football's passing explosion

The offensive ground is shifting beneath our feet, and fantasy football gamers must either adjust to the NFL's passing explosion or lose their balance. Last year's quarterbacks, or outdated quarterback strategies, could be killing your team. More»
blog August 13, 2014

Ultimate Training Camp Twitter Timeline

No two NFL training camps are exactly alike, but every camp-saturated Twitter timeline is exactly the same. If you kept your TweetDeck open during a typical midway practice session in the past two weeks, chances are you experienced something exactly like this. More»
blog August 12, 2014

Battle of the Backs

Running back controversies are not half as fun as quarterback controversies, but both fantasy gamers and plain-old fans like to keep one eye on running back committees. Here are some of the most interesting ones of the preseason. More»
mm-rookieqbs1980x1100 article August 11, 2014

Mandatory Monday: Preseason Reads

No rookie quarterback started his team's first preseason game this week. Most didn't even get to take snaps with the starters. How do these rookie cameos from Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater compare to Tom Brady? Or a dud like Blaine Gabbert? More»
blog August 10, 2014

Why the Rams will cut Michael Sam

Michael Sam made his preseason debut on Friday night. He entered the game late in the first quarter, which is surprisingly early for a third-stringer, and now not just the Rams have footage on him, but so do all the other NFL teams. Which may just be for the best. More»
blog August 8, 2014

First Impressions

Many fans may be relieved to see actual football players on actual fields doing football things. But besides the cosmetics, there are a few things to discern from the slate of NFL preseason games. Here are some thoughts on the first night of action. More»
GenoSmith-Preseason article August 7, 2014

Top Preseason Storylines

This collection of rookies, veterans, and role players will all get real playing time this weekend in the NFL's first preseason games, and they are all interesting for different reasons. Some might be fantasy sleepers, others are players who will shape their teams' immediate future. More»

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