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article July 28, 2014

Mandatory Monday: Shouts & Murmurs

In a week of a thousand hot takes regarding Michael Sam, Tony Dungy, Chris Kluwe, Ray Rice and others, it was a welcome distraction to see actual players do football things. Through all the noise, maintaining focus is essential to sanity. More»
Donald article July 28, 2014

Critical Mass

Maximizing a strength can pay quicker dividends than improving a weakness. The Rams did a little of both this offseasin, but as they strive to reach the playoffs for the first time since 2004, they are clearly counting on Robert Quinn and their front seven to lead the charge. More»
Odell article July 25, 2014

Early Bird Tribulations

July is often a calamitous month for the Giants, so starting a week early just gave the team a jump on misfortune, like veteran guard Chris Snee's retirement and Jon Beason starting camp on the PUP list. The other early birds, the Bills, are also dealing with some serious issues. More»
obscurestatleaders article July 24, 2014

The NFL's Obscure Stat Leaders

Most fans can tell you who led the NFL in passing, rushing or sacks last year. But there are dozens of important statistics that are so hard to find that even NFL experts are unaware of them. Here are the NFL's leaders in the obscure but meaningful. More»
blog July 21, 2014

The Ghosts of PFW Past, Present and ... Future?

After decades as a must-have for football die-hards, Pro Football Weekly quietly faded away in 2013, left behind by the instant demands of the internet. Now, the same team has come out with Pro Football Now, hoping to rekindle the magic that PFW once had. More»
mm-nfl-line072114 article July 21, 2014

Mandatory Monday: Cool-Kid Stats

With just days until actual hitting and holding out starts, the time for tap-dancing and offseason rankings is nearly over. Get primed for camp with a rundown of 10 statistics and trends you absolutely have to know to be one of the cool kids this NFL season. More»
tanier-4 article July 19, 2014

Tale Of The Tape: NFL Draft Venues

The NFL announced this week that the 2015 draft would likely be in Chicago or Los Angeles, rather than its traditional home of New York City. Which of the three really is the best? We give each of them a solid comparison in our latest tale of the tape. More»
mandatorymondaytopQBs article July 14, 2014

Mandatory Monday: Top Quarterbacks

Ranking quarterbacks always sparks arguments. Who do you want? A living legend? A next big thing? My underrated players may be your overrated ones, but I want the best of both worlds: the skills of a young QB, combined with the bonafides of an older one. More»
josh_mccown article July 14, 2014

A Moving Target

The Bucs made sweeping changes with the arrival of new head coach Lovie Smith. There are new faces on just about every unit. Analyzing the Bucs is like trying to hit a moving target from a moving target on an obstacle course in a summer squall. More»
Verrett article July 9, 2014

The Little Team That Could

The eerie silence surrounding the Chargers is a somewhat-justifiable lack of buzz -- they're a small market team in a sandy corner of the NFL map. Then again, it seems like no one is ever looking, which puts San Diego in position to become 2014's unsurprising surprise team. More»
mm-runningbacks1980x1100 article July 7, 2014

Mandatory Monday: Top Rushers

There are ways to determine just where an offensive line's talents end and the running back's skills begin. Using broken tackles, breakaway runs and more, I analyzed each team's running game. The Seahawks are the top, of course, and then things get interesting. More»
schaub article July 2, 2014

The Expendables

The Raiders entered free agency with millions of dollars of cap space to burn. And burn it they did, on a free agent haul that sounds like a Pro Bowl roster from about four years ago. The good news is that they still have $10 million in cap space leftover. More»
smth_geno_OTA article July 1, 2014

A New Hope

The Jets could have played it safe this offseason, but instead they imported big names like Michael Vick, Chris Johnson and Eric Decker. For the first time, Geno Smith has some weapons to play with, but he'll also have to do it with Vick looking over his shoulder. More»
topspecialteams article June 30, 2014

Mandatory Monday: Top Special Teams

Special teams are usually an afterthought, but they can serve as a bellwether of organizational health. It's not a perfect correspondence, but powerhouses are well represented in our top five, while the bottom five is heavy with rebuilding projects. More»
DrewBrees-logo article June 27, 2014

Trusting the System

After two seasons in the post-Bountygate wilderness, the Saints defense finally caught up with the Saints offense last season. Are they ready to contend for a title once again? A few small -- but key -- decisions could determine the answer. More»
454,012,753 article June 26, 2014

Two Plans In One

What's a powerhouse to do when its quarterback is creeping up on retirement and a new wave of contenders appears to lead by a lap? Some teams would go for one last cavalry charge, while others would build slowly and carefully. The Patriots did a little of both. More»
tannehill_ota article June 24, 2014

Making the Obvious Fix, And Then Some

Everyone knows about the Richie Incognito-fueled problem that sank the Dolphins last season. Now, the offensive line has been rebuilt, as expected to help quarterback Ryan Tannehill. But that's not the only thing new in Miami in 2014. More»
KC-OTAs article June 23, 2014

Chief Concerns

Kansas City coach Andy Reid is a slow, deliberate builder. That makes for a boring roundup of offseason moves, but an intriguing experiment in roster redesign -- one with results that won't be clear until this new version of the old Chiefs takes the field. More»
topreceivers article June 23, 2014

Mandatory Monday: Top Receivers

A top receiving corps can make a decent QB look great, and a bad one can stunt the development of a weak QB. While it is hard to tell just where a QB stops and his receivers start, there is plenty of evidence to figure out who has the best and worst receivers. More»
blog June 19, 2014

Tom Brady: Playbook Stealer?

According to Browns head coach Mike Pettine, Tom Brady bragged during Wes Welker's 2012 wedding about possibly having possession of Jets playbooks. Could it be he was just annoyed at his seating arrangement? More»

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