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Patrick Hruby
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article August 16, 2014

Fending off a behemoth

On Thursday, lawyers for a group of retired players involved in painkiller lawsuits with the NFL filed a motion with a federal judge to intervene in the brain trauma case. Why? Because the concussion settlement's language could indemnify the league from covering painkiller cases. More»
emmert1980x1100b article August 11, 2014

Nothing And Everything Has Changed

Federal judge Claudia Wilken issued a ruling last Friday in the landmark antitrust case brought by former UCLA basketball player Ed O'Bannon. What does the decision mean for amateurism? For the future of college sports? More»
adrianarrington article July 30, 2014

Easy Way Out

There's good news and bad news regarding the NCAA's proposed concussion settlement. First, a bright spot: $70 million will be spent on a 50-year medical program that will diagnose athlete's brain trauma. And the not-so bright: The NCAA won't provide any cash or treatment for the afflicted. More»
DavidShaw article July 28, 2014

Misguided or just clueless?

Stanford football coach David Shaw told Fox Sports last week that those who believe college athletes should be compensated are misguided. Yet as a cursory inspection -- read: a good ol' fashioned fisking -- of his comments reveal, the real misguided stance belongs to Shaw. More»
alanfaneca article July 23, 2014

Under Further Review

Seven retired NFL players asked the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals to review a decision to grant preliminary approval to the proposed NFL concussion lawsuit settlement. Why is this happening, and what does this mean? More»
Junior article July 18, 2014

Cutting Them Short

A judge granted preliminary approval to the NFL's concussion settlement earlier this month. But the agreement makes CTE coverage -- the crippling disease that triggered the lawsuit in the first place -- virtually non-existent, which could have disastrous effects for current and former players. More»
NFLsettlement article July 8, 2014

The Devil Is In the Details

Federal judge Anita Brody granted preliminary approval to the revised, "uncapped" brain damage lawsuit settlement between the National Football League and more than 4,500 retired players on Monday. We broke down the key details of Brody's ruling. More»
football_flag article July 4, 2014

Freedom For All

The NCAA actually said that amateurism is "uniquely American," which is laughable to the point that it's nearly offensive. On this Independence Day, remember the origins of amateurism, who it really benefits and why our nation's ideals demand we fight against it. More»
USC scholarships article June 27, 2014

Return of the Full Ride

USC announced this week that it will start offering four-year scholarships to football and basketball players, citing a renewed interest in "athlete welfare." But their decision -- and recent support from Pac-12 and Big Ten school presidents -- conveniently coincides with the O'Bannon trial and their fight to keep the amateur model. More»
roger_goodell article June 26, 2014

A Second Attempt

The National Football League and lead lawyers for more than 4,500 former players suing the league over concussions submitted a revised settlement agreement in federal court Wednesday. What does this mean? What happens next? Glad you asked. More»
redskins article June 19, 2014

Redskins Trademark Guide

A federal court canceled six federal trademark registrations for the Washington Redskins on Wednesday. How did this happen? What comes next? Do the Redskins need a new moniker? Our detailed explainer will answer all of your questions. More»
mark article June 18, 2014

The NCAA Hutz-O-Meter

The ongoing federal antitrust trial pitting former UCLA basketball player Ed O'Bannon against the NCAA is a referendum on the college sports economy. But so far, it's been unexpectedly amusing thanks to the defense team's comical courtroom maneuvers, all of which we catalogued. More»
obannon_net article June 9, 2014

Combat By Trial

After five years of legal wrangling, former UCLA star Ed O'Bannon's antitrust suit against the NCAA is finally getting moving. The outcome of the case could have earth-shattering repercussions in the ongoing battle for college athletes to be appropriately compensated. More»
RoyGreen article June 6, 2014

Discovery Channel

When it comes to concussions and brain damage, what's hiding in the NFL's files? We may soon find out now that plaintiff Roy Green, along with other former Cardinals players, may force the league into a discovery phase that could rival Big Tobacco's court drama. More»
Redskins-Allen article May 30, 2014

Ready to Draw the Line?

Recently, a letter was sent to NFL players from advocacy groups asking them to take a more vocal stance against the Washington Redskins nickname. Here's why it would be wise to take a cue from the NBA's handling of Donald Sterling in this matter. More»
dent article May 21, 2014

The Price Of Pain

Over the last few years, the NFL has increasingly had to deal with the repercussions of the concussion crisis. Now, it has another problem to handle -- eight retired players, including Hall of Famer Richard Dent, have brought a suit alleging years of illegally being fed painkilling drugs. More»
cheerleaders_pink article May 20, 2014

How to Exploit People

If you've been desperately looking for a group of people to exploit -- and really, who hasn't? -- look no further than NFL cheerleaders. For years, they've been treated without dignity or respect, or even pay. It may be illegal, and it may be immoral and... no, actually it's both of those. More»
sooners_hit article May 15, 2014

Facing The Truth

Over the last few years, football and other contact sports have come under fire thanks to the increasing evidence of how damaging they can be to the brain. The trickle of data has now turned into an avalanche, leading to the question: how long can parents look the other way? More»
Concussion-Intervention article May 7, 2014

Staging an Intervention

Seven former NFL players filed a motion in federal court on Monday disputing the league's proposed $765 million concussion lawsuit settlement, the latest challenge to the increasingly troubled deal. What does this mean, and what happens next? Glad you asked. More»
blog May 5, 2014

The Business Of Punishing Amateurs

For some reason, the NCAA claims to serve the purposes of higher education. So why are fines and scholarship reductions so often levied, and why is the NCAA punishing student athletes instead of supporting them? More»

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