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Peter Richmond
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article July 21, 2014

Tidal Change

It was Rory McIlroy's reaction to one of his worst shots in four days at the British Open that hinted at the triumph to come. The 25-year-old sealed the deal hitting into and out of a deep bunker on the final hole, then smiled and modestly pumped his fist. More»
AP273239610892 article July 19, 2014

The Joy Of Restraint

On the face of it, ESPN's blare and golf's gentility seem nothing less than a match made in hell. Instead, from out on the pastoral peninsula shouldering the nearby Irish Sea, the network's muted approach is making this Open feel like a long, seaside walk unspoiled. More»
bubba-watson article July 18, 2014

Off to a Good Start

The British Open leaderboard is a mix of newbies and household names after an exciting first day in which Tiger Woods rallied from a slow start, Rory McIlroy dominated, and a few contenders melted down. The next three days should be exciting, which is good news for fans and ratings. More»
british open article July 16, 2014

The Great Wide Open

The heart of golf lies across the pond at the British Open, and with a field of interesting characters -- and so many favorites that it would be nearly impossible to predict the winner -- this year's tournament should be particularly intriguing. More»
tiger woods article June 25, 2014

He's Baaaaaaack

With his volatile personality, checkered history and general disdain for the media, Tiger Woods certainly isn't the most likable guy in golf. But his transcendental talent -- and occasional melodrama -- makes him the most entertaining. And that's exactly what golf needs. More»
lucy_li1 article June 21, 2014

Keeping It In Perspective

Lucy Li has game. She plays quickly, aggressively and seldom leaves a putt short, but she is 11 years old. So once we've devoured and chewed up and spit out her storyline we'd better make sure we protect her the rest of the way. I have a feeling she's gonna need it. More»
USATSI_7955541 article June 16, 2014

A Lot To Like

There was no suspense, and there were no household names like Tiger and Lefty. And yet, the incredibly likable Martin Kaymer is the Open's first winner from mainland Europe, Erik Compton's story will inspire, and a new millennial wave has arrived. More»
Kaymer1980x1100 article June 15, 2014

The Pros On The Pros

This Open represents NBC's Open swansong, and it's safe to say they were not hoping for Martin Kaymer to be ruling the course the way he did the first two rounds. On Day 3, Kaymer attempted to provide some drama (and ratings appeal). More»
MartinKaymer article June 13, 2014

Into the Great Wide Open

Critics would say that it wasn't a riveting Day One of the U.S. Open. But lovers of the sport (and this coolly scruffy course) might say that the future of a sport played by many is finally being represented by an Everyman field that makes us all proud. More»
pinehurst article June 11, 2014

A Brush With History

This week's U.S. Open is a window into golf's past, with Pinehurst No. 2 reconfigured to return to its roots. The retro-renovation is an admirable attempt to recapture golf history and provides a worthy stage for the sport's most riveting major More»
USATSI_7905596 article June 3, 2014

A Hot Tip For Lefty

So Phil Mickelson bought some stock because a golfing buddy gave him a tip. Isn't that what the golf course is for? No harm, no foul, right Wrong. And Mickelson was wrong, too, when he told reporters last week that he had "done nothing wrong." More»
birdnest article June 2, 2014

Slouching Toward Olympia

We know this now: The Olympics don't help cities. Neither Philadelphia nor New York will be laying out billions of dollars on temporary structures for 2024, built to be one-and-done. There is, however, one logical location to host the Summer Games permanently. More»
kerr_steve article April 25, 2014

Right Man For The Job

Now that Phil Jackson has taken over the Knicks, he needs to choose the team's next coach, and the obvious choice is a man who helped him win three titles in Chicago, Steve Kerr. Kerr has never coached before, but that doesn't mean the doesn't have all the qualities the Knicks need. More»
phil article March 14, 2014

Getting Their Phil

Everywhere that Phil Jackson has gone, a title follows soon after. The Knicks may not win championship immediately, but with Jackson in the front office, they will soon be a serious contender for the first time this century. These are the facts. More»
nhl_stadium1980x1100 article March 3, 2014

Hockey Finds Its Cool

With the ice rutted like river hockey, and the players not giving a damn whether snow was slowing the puck down, the NHL found its soul in this season's six-game outdoor series. The wind chills? Below zero. The hockey? As intense as it gets. More»
1,960 article February 20, 2014

The Real Miracle on Ice

Team USA's defeat of the Soviets in 1980 was one of the most unlikely victories in sports. However, that win was not the real "Miracle on Ice": America's most seemingly impossible win against Russia occurred in Squaw Valley twenty years earlier. More»
Vladimir_Tarasenko_oshie_sochi article February 16, 2014

The Hug Heard Around The World

An American with native heritage from a tiny town in Minnesota and a Russian from hundreds of miles outside of Moscow would seem to be from different planets. T.J. Oshie and Vladimir Tarasenko proved otherwise at the Olympics, thanks to their shared love of hockey. More»
derek_jeter article February 14, 2014

Another Victory Lap?

Yes, Derek Jeter is great -- the gold standard of the millennium. No arguments there. Yet this impending season-long farewell tour, right on the heels of Mariano Rivera's, feels like a rare misstep. Does baseball need to spend another year praising a retiring Yankee? More»
playoffbowl article February 3, 2014

A Third-Place NFL Game

Dear Mr. Roger Goodell, please bring back the Playoff Bowl. You know, the game between the third- and fourth-best NFL teams that was played in Miami. While you're at it, let's just make this about football. No fancy halftime shows or chicken-wing recipes. More»
manning_mcadoo article January 17, 2014

Welcome To The Family

For one of the few remaining family-owned teams in sports to look outside for a new offensive coordinator is surprising enough, but when it's Ben McAdoo, who has never run his own offense, it's downright shocking. For Eli's sake, the team needs this to work. More»

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