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article January 23, 2018

Eagles, Pats Fight Through Adversity

Often it is the teams and players that handle adversity the best that end up having the most success. Nowhere is that more evident than when you look at the two participants in the Super Bowl, the Eagles and Patriots, albeit in different ways. More»
GettyImages-904970952 article January 16, 2018

Marcus Williams Is Not Alone

My heart still hurts for Marcus Williams, the Saints' safety who ducked and whiffed on Stefon Diggs' winning touchdown catch last Sunday. I've been thinking about Williams since then, because I had my own "Marcus Williams moment," albeit on a much smaller scale. More»
GettyImages-903070700 article January 10, 2018

Gruden A Bold Investment For Raiders

The Raiders reportedly gave an unprecedented 10-year, $100 million contract to Jon Gurden, convincing him to return to coaching after nearly a decade away in the broadcast booth. As the Raiders prepare to move to Las Vegas, will the move pay off? More»
GettyImages-900139622 article January 2, 2018

No Such Thing As 'Nothing To Play For'

Every year going into Week 17 fans hear a similar tune: teams have "nothing to play for." As a former player, it drives me crazy every time I hear pundits and fans say these things, because there's no such thing, as we saw this past Sunday. More»
GettyImages-898075028 article December 26, 2017

Lewis Has Earned More Respect

It's easy to lose sight of how bad the Bengals were before coach Marvin Lewis arrived on the scene. Over the past 15 years, Lewis brought stability to a franchise that languished in the 1990s, and despite his playoff resume, he deserves plenty of praise. More»
GettyImages-891217270 article December 19, 2017

Garoppolo Changes 49ers' Fortunes

A franchise quarterback is the most important puzzle piece for a winning NFL team, and the 49ers may have found theirs in Jimmy Garoppolo, who has led them to three straight wins. Garoppolo has the talent, and he's instilled renewed belief within the franchise. More»
antonio_brown_consistent article December 12, 2017

Brown Is In a League of his Own

As this past Sunday night showed, Antonio Brown is unlike any other wide receiver in the NFL. The Steelers' explosive star has not only been one of the most productive at his position in recent history, he's also been one of the most consistent. More»
GettyImages-883393306 article December 4, 2017

Cousins Deserves More Appreciation

A recent report indicated that the Redskins believe Kirk Cousins' play down the stretch this season may decide his future with the team. This thinking doesn't make sense: Cousins has already done more than enough to earn a long-term deal. More»
GettyImages-879691968 article November 28, 2017

Manning's Hall Case Gets Complicated

Eli Manning's legacy and likely spot in the Hall of Fame were seemingly secured back in 2012 with a second Super Bowl victory over the Patriots. But since then, Manning and the Giants have struggled, and now he's been benched after a 2-9 start. More»
eagles_wentz_likeable article November 20, 2017

It's time to hop on the 'Wentz Wagon'

The "Wentz Wagon" is a very real thing, and people are jumping on board from all over the place. With an engaging personality off the field and a potential MVP performance on the field, second-year Eagles QB Carson Wentz is emerging as a star. More»
GettyImages-873041420 article November 14, 2017

In Defense of Thursday Night Football

The NFL's Thursday night games have drawn some backlash from players, but a lot of the criticism is unfair. In fact, the positives -- including extra rest afterward -- outweigh the negatives, and the league should keep the schedule in place. More»
nfc_rising_teams article November 6, 2017

NFC's Three New Elite Teams

This season, the NFC has had the turnaround success stories that the NFL so desperately craves. Look no further than the Rams, Saints and Eagles who all sit atop the conference standings after finishing with losing records last season. More»
GettyImages-867920496 article October 30, 2017

The New QB Revolution Is Here

As quarterbacks like Drew Brees and Tom Brady get closer to retirement, who will take up the elite QB mantle? This weekend's showdown between Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson gave us a glimpse at the answer. More»
olines article October 24, 2017

Fixing the NFL's O-Line Problem

Outside of anthem protests and the like, the question that I get most from fans and colleagues is "Why is offensive line play so poor across the NFL?" I took some time to assemble my thoughts, so here are football's four biggest o-line problems. More»
HundleyPackers article October 17, 2017

Uncertainty Is Always Part of the NFL

Injuries are the worst. Every year, some of the NFL's marquee players go down. But, while the league is not better off without stars like J.J. Watt and Aaron Rodgers, it does mean that opportunities open for other players and teams. More»
GettyImages-859064052 article October 9, 2017

NFL Deserves Credit For Changes

It's time to give some credit where it's due for the NFL. The league made some small tweaks that have been successful this season, including fewer commercial breaks, a better instant replay process and relaxed touchdown celebration rules. More»
chargers_home_team article October 3, 2017

Chargers Lack Spark In Los Angeles

It's been a running narrative in Los Angeles from the beginning of the season, but the Chargers have a problem. Due to a rushed move from San Diego, fans aren't showing up to games in LA, and barely anyone even notices the team. More»
jags in london article September 25, 2017

London Calling: Big Step for the NFL

The drubbing of the Ravens by the Jaguars on Sunday in London took place in front of 40,000 passionate fans at Wembley Stadium. With plenty of room for growth and only a few hurdles to clear, the NFL is in the UK to stay. More»
brownsjoethomas article September 18, 2017

Ode to the Endurance of Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas played his 10,000th consecutive snap on Sunday, something unheard of in the NFL. In fact, Cleveland's veteran left tackle hasn't missed a single snap in his 11-year career. That, in all ways, is truly remarkable. More»
elioline article September 12, 2017

O-Lines Were Key To Week 1 Results

There was a clear split between NFL teams that succeeded in Week 1 and teams that failed, and the difference was often made by one unit -- the offensive line. The Giants, for example, did not improve the group this offseason and, as a result, their future looks bleak. More»

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