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article August 14, 2017

Goodell Takes the Safe Approach

Whether for business reasons or otherwise, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made sure Ezekiel Elliott's discipline was significant. Regardless of the motive, it was the way things may go from here on out in the league. More»
BillBelichick-Tucker1 article August 7, 2017

Belichick Hacks NFL Training Camp

This summer, the Patriots have scheduled joint practice sessions with three separate opponents. While joint practices aren't new, the volume and way Bill Belichick will use them could set a new standard for the league. More»
GettyImages-621512004 article July 31, 2017

NFL Players Face Stark Reality

It would be hard for anyone to argue that there isn't some link between the repetitive hits to the head that football players absorb and CTE. That alone should be enough to give any NFL player pause. I know it would for me. More»
kccar article July 24, 2017

Chiefs, Panthers set scary precedent

Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt and Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson both fired their general managers this summer in surprising fashion. These moves signal dysfunction and should worry fans and players alike. More»
redskinsfans article July 18, 2017

Is It Ever OK to Switch Your Fandom?

Is there ever a good enough reason to switch the team that you root for? What if you root for the Washington Redskins, a franchise that has been embroiled in controversy and failed to come to a long-term agreement with a potential franchise QB. Can fans call it quits? More»
chrispaulderekcarr article July 10, 2017

Free Agency Battle: NFL vs. NBA

Football and basketball free agency provide very different paths for free agents looking for money and security. In the NBA, players often leave and make a splash, while in the NFL they get locked up in longer deals. More»
GettyImages-630276760 article July 3, 2017

Why A Cousins Deal Will Get Done

Many football fans and analysts have come to the conclusion that a long-term deal between the Washington Redskins and Kirk Cousins will not get done. I beg to differ. Why? It simply comes down to common sense and human nature. More»
GettyImages-630503184 article June 27, 2017

Carr Contract Claims Don't Add Up

Derek Carr is well worth the money the Raiders decided to pay him when he signed a five-year, $125 million deal, but his assertion that he wanted to do the deal in a manner to make it easier for the Raiders to sign other players doesn't pass the sniff test. More»
nflstockup article June 19, 2017

Seven NFL Team Stocks to Buy

After the Titans added receiver Eric Decker, the franchise's strong offseason got even stronger. Tennessee isn't alone, though, in the way it has improved. What other football teams around the league have seen their stocks on the rise? More»
headerJetsCheifs article June 12, 2017

Rebuild Battle: Jets vs. Chiefs

This offseason, the Jets have gone into full rebuild mode, while the Chiefs are making incremental moves for the future at the expense of the present. Are both viable options for success? More»
nfl_liquor article June 5, 2017

Liquor Ads open floodgates for NFL

This week, the NFL loosened its longstanding policy of prohibiting hard alcohol advertising during games. This is likely the first step in the league's changing philosophy on advertising and may lead to larger wholesale changes down the line. More»
OdellBeckham-1 article May 31, 2017

OBJ Misses OTAs: NBD? Not Quite

"OTAs are meaningless" seems to be a common refrain these days, especially among those who neither participated in an Organized Team Activity nor played athletics at a high level. It's also wrong, no matter what Odell Beckham, Jr decides. More»
GettyImages-633954184 article May 23, 2017

Reporting Concussions Not So Simple

Concussion reporting is a hot topic after the comments from Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, indicating that Brady has suffered concussions in his career, including one last year. The issue is unfortunately complicated. More»
romo cutler article May 17, 2017

Will Romo & Cutler be good On TV?

Tony Romo said thanks but no thanks to a starting quarterback job in Houston and Jay Cutler decided to step away from the game at age 34. Why? They got premier jobs in broadcasting with CBS and FOX. What do their peers think about this? More»
GettyImages-624319252 article May 2, 2017

Bowled Over? Draft May Signal Trend

Two college football players who decided not to play in their teams' bowl games were selected within the first eight pick of the 2017 NFL Draft. Now, the question is whether draft prospects choosing not to play in bowl games will turn into a trend. More»
GettyImages-637330780 article April 24, 2017

Pats to All Teams: Hands Off Jimmy

Even with Tom Brady turning 40 years old before the next NFL season begins, it doesn't look like the New England Patriots are planning on trading backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo anytime soon. And that tells us everything we need to know. More»
USATSI_9919176 article April 18, 2017

Myles Above the Rest? Not So Fast

Former Texas A&M defensive end Myles Garrett will likely be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. And there's good reason for that. But I'm starting to get a little -- just a little -- worried about him due to some off-the-field instances. More»
GettyImages-630278036 article April 10, 2017

Is Cam Already Past His Prime?

Two season ago, Cam Newton was the MVP. But after a horrendous 2016 in which had career lows in completion percentage and a handful of rushing stats that made him one of the most dynamic players in the league, there are serious questions about the QB. More»
GettyImages-500448870 article April 4, 2017

Mega-Rich Linemen: It's About Time

While some star free-agent running backs like Latavius Murray are signing one-year contracts, it's the linemen that are finally -- finally! -- getting paid what they deserve. I couldn't be happier. More»
OaklandBlackHole article March 27, 2017

Black Hole Done? Raiders Roll Dice

Like a lot of players, I had grown up watching the Raiders and the infamous Black Hole on television. Being there was quite an experience. Now that the team is moving to Las Vegas, its homefield advantage could be lost. More»

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