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article February 20, 2017

Revis Has Tarnished His Own Legacy

New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis went into the 2016 season as one of the best of all time at his position with a clean track record. But he ended up being a shell of himself in '16, and has now been charged with four felonies after an altercation in Pittsburgh. More»
GettyImages-610401496 article February 13, 2017

New NFL Concussion Issue On the Mind

The NFL's concussion problem is getting even more complicated than before. The league has ostensibly made changes in the interest of player safety. But what about the players who have to self-report their symptoms? More»
GettyImages-633952640 article February 6, 2017

Fal-conned: Late Blunders Doom Birds

The Atlanta Falcons deserved better on Sunday. They outplayed the New England Patriots for a majority of the game, but a series of blunders by the coaching staff and Matt Ryan led to one of the most epic collapses in NFL history. More»
USATSI_9832597 article January 30, 2017

'Patriot Way' Still Going Strong

We've all heard the term "Patriot Way" used to describe the New England teams during the Belichick-Brady era. But this iteration is different. This time, Belichick has turned castoffs that other teams didn't want into stars that other teams definitely want now. More»
USATSI_9832189 article January 23, 2017

Cool As Ice: Ryan Changes His Story

So much for the "Matt Ryan stinks in the playoffs" narrative. The Atlanta Falcons quarterback has seemingly squashed that line after leading his team past Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers into Super Bowl 51. More»
USATSI_9813030 article January 17, 2017

Talk the Line: Bigs Win Playoff Games

The NFL postseason trend that many have pointed out is that the teams with the better quarterback have advanced. But there's another trend that has gone unnoticed. The teams with better offensive lines have been winning. More»
GettyImages-602413122 article January 11, 2017

Home Sweet Home? What It Means

All four home teams won their Wild Card games last weekend. But now those teams must go on the road for the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. With that in mind, I broke down why having home-field advantage really matters in the NFL. More»
USATSI_9549903 article January 3, 2017

Redirect Your NFL Referee Anger

It's going to happen. At some point during the NFL playoffs, everyone is going to flip out over a bad call. But you have to understand how hard a referee's job is. And you need to redirect your anger to the NFL's Competition Committee. More»
LukeKuechly article December 27, 2016

Mind Matters: Kuechly's Tough Choice

Twenty-five-year-old Luke Kuechly doesn't want to talk about retirement at this point despite missing his fifth straight game with a concussion suffered on Nov. 17 against the New Orleans Saints. But his older self would want a conversation. More»
GettyImages-630209828 article December 19, 2016

New York's Giant Expense Paying Off

The New York Giants had one of the worst defenses in 2015. Then, they decided to spend a lot of money in free agency on defensive players and, well, it worked. Their defense has been dominant as of late as the Giants look poised to make the playoffs. More»
GettyImages-629704462 article December 13, 2016

Coming Clean On 'Dirty' NFL Hits

It seemed like the majority of those who saw Titans receiver Harry Douglas' low block on Broncos cornerback Chris Harris thought it was a dirty play. But it was in accordance with the rules of the game, even if it looked bad. More»
GettyImages-627647494 article December 5, 2016

Gronk May Not Have Been Built to Last

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski recently underwent back surgery for the third time of his NFL career. It's just another example of what the NFL can do to even most incredible physical specimens on the field. More»
USATSI_9612814 article November 29, 2016

Bills' Alexander Making An Impact

Have you ever seen an offensive lineman suddenly turn into one of the best outside linebackers in the league? Me neither. But that's exactly what Buffalo Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander has done, and it's the best story in the NFL this season. More»
GettyImages-624036932 article November 22, 2016

Give Thanks for NFL Thursdays

It seems like just about everyone who pays attention to the NFL has been complaining about football games on Thursday nights. But why haven't they complained about the Thanksgiving games over the years? It doesn't really add up. More»
USATSI_9674749 article November 15, 2016

NFL Shouldn't Rule Out These Rules

When anyone complains about the NFL, a common theme is the desire for fewer rules and flags and stoppages interrupting the game. But, considering a few things that happened in a wild Week 10, the NFL actually needs two more rules. More»
GettyImages-615555610 article November 7, 2016

RipGoff: Rams Still Won't Go To Jared

The L.A. Rams are struggling, especially at the quarterback position as Case Keenum has thrown more picks than TDs so far. So why not play 2016 No. 1 overall draft pick Jared Goff instead? Jeff Fisher's decision not to play him raises more questions than answers. More»
RedskinsBengals1 article November 1, 2016

Ties That Grind: NFL Needs a Change

There's no tying in football! Or at least there shouldn't be. That is my preferred mandate for the NFL after Week 8 of the 2016 season saw yet another tie, the second in as many weeks. Here's what we can do to make sure it doesn't happen again. More»
GettyImages-617523410 article October 25, 2016

NFL Critics Can't Have It Both Ways

Wake up, NFL fans and media. You can't complain that NFL coaches aren't aggressive enough and then get upset when an aggressive decision doesn't work out. It's also not cool to criticize players for giving honest answers. You can't have it both ways. More»
GettyImages-615572336 article October 18, 2016

PI Should Be Added to Replay Rules

The NFL is in desperate need of a rule change regarding replay reviews. After a missed pass interference call that cost the Atlanta Falcons a chance to beat the Seattle Seahawks, the league needs to make some adjustments. More»
USATSI_9598499 article October 12, 2016

All Hail The O-Lines

You can talk about Dak Prescott and Matt Ryan, and Zeke Elliot, Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. But if you're going to shower them with praise, you better give credit to the offensive lines doing all the dirty work, too. More»

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