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Shaun Powell
Shaun Powell
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article August 3, 2014

A Rash of Injuries

The gruesome leg injury suffered by Paul George heightened one very important and disturbing perception: The NBA is suddenly cursed when it comes to injuries. Major injuries pummeled the league in recent years, and they've targeted the stars. More»
scott_kobe article July 27, 2014

Reality Check

Byron Scott is back in the league and in the Lakers family. It's a wonderful moment for the coach, the team and the only player on the team that anyone would pay to see. But all is not well in L.A. Can Kobe and Co. deal with what's coming their way? More»
01-lebron article July 18, 2014

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Finals may have been a bit predictable, but the offseason has made up for it, delivering plenty of drama with surprise signings, big gambles and power plays. We ranked the best and worst moves of the offseason -- and don't worry, only one is about LeBron. More»
blog July 17, 2014

Any Other Bright Ideas?

NBA commissioner Adam Silver is intrigued by the concept of holding a midseason tournament. While this might make the game more attractive for TV (and by extension, generate more dough), the downsides would likely hurt the game. More»
kevin_love article July 16, 2014

Love Can Wait

An Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love trade is one of those deals where the Cavs couldn't go wrong either way, but which way is right? The Cavs would be wise to let the season play out because they might get what they want, anyway: a championship and a shot at Love. More»
Chandler article July 16, 2014

Houston's Offseason Stumble

Even after Houston's early postseason exit, things looked up for the Rockets. They had space, they had a winning team and they had Daryl Morey. Really, what could go wrong? Well, the worst case scenario happened: The Rockets lost Chandler Parsons and did not land another star. More»
blog July 14, 2014

Paying the Price

Usually, a 23-year-old free agent with game-changing skills would be a hugely sought-after player. But for Lance Stephenson, his antics have cooled interest in him, to the point that a return to the Pacers may be the only option he has left. It's a situation that will cost him millions. More»
melo1980x1100b article July 13, 2014

Melo Gets His Money

Carmelo Anthony went for the money, which makes him greedy, right? Actually, it makes him smart -- he gets the chance to show that the Knicks, with new coach Derek Fisher and president Phil Jackson, can win in the next five years. More»
lebron_back article July 11, 2014

Hot In Cleveland

In the blink of an eye, Cleveland has gone from an NBA wasteland to an enticing place to be, entirely because of LeBron James. With a single move, James has turned himself from a villain into a savior, and transformed the perception of an entire city. More»
LeBron_Kobe article July 10, 2014

His Own Path

As LeBron James is busy flexing his considerable muscle while remaining silent on his free agency plans at least for another day, we do know this much about the current King: He doesn't want to Be Like Kobe when the next contract he signs comes to an end. More»
james_lebron_fan article July 7, 2014

Can You Go Home Again?

As LeBron James' free agency continues to evolve, the most exciting thought is that of him returning to Cleveland, the city where he started his NBA career. But with the way Ohio treated him on the way out the door, could he possibly go back there even if he wanted to? More»
BigThree article July 7, 2014

Tapped Out

It's not hard to imagine LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade wearing the same uniform this fall. It's just hard to visualize the help. What is hard to imagine, however, is another trio like the Miami Heat's Big Three emerging in the near future. More»
blog July 4, 2014

The Clock Is Ticking

More and more, it appears Pat Riley is in trouble. The Heat's options for new talent to support LeBron James are dwindling. Riley must get moving on finding help before LeBron gets moving on holding interviews. More»
bucks_kidd article July 3, 2014

Not Worth The Trouble

After one of the strangest few days in recent NBA history, the Bucks finally introduced Jason Kidd as their new head coach on Wednesday. So what did they gain? A terrible hit to their reputation, a GM who just lost his authority and a coach who may not even be that great. More»
anthony_houston article July 3, 2014

Fallback Plan

The Houston Rockets gave Carmelo Anthony the obligatory free agency tour this week, perhaps angering Jeremy Lin in the process. But while the idea of Anthony joining Dwight Howard and James Harden is fun, it's still unlikely, and that's okay: The Rockets are still in great shape. More»
lakers kobe article July 2, 2014

Uncertain Times

Not too long ago, the Lakers were a dominant force. Now, desperate to reawaken the franchise, they're going after A-list free agents. But do they really have any hope of nabbing LeBron or Melo -- or, for that matter, another championship -- this season? More»
melo article July 1, 2014

Melo's Fate

The choice is clear for Carmelo Anthony, starting Tuesday, when free agency begins: If he wants to make the most money, live in the most desired city in the country, he should stay with the Knicks. If Melo wants to win a championship, he should go elsewhere. More»
HeatBigThree article June 29, 2014

For the Greater Good

When Chris Bosh opts out of his contract Monday, the Heat will have a clean salary slate to create a new era, or rather, continue on the path they're on. The Big Three told us they were all about winning -- then and now, they're serious. More»
NBA-Draft article June 27, 2014

Best In Class

Most of the early picks in the NBA draft went according to predictions, but the Sixers threw many off with two big gambles, while other teams -- like the Heat -- traded up to get their man. Which players were the steals of the night? More»
kyrie article June 26, 2014

At a Crossroads

The Cavaliers once again find themselves at a crossroads, sitting at the unmarked intersection of glory and gory, not knowing whether to turn left or right. Much will depend on how Cleveland handles their third first overall draft pick in four years on Thursday. More»

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