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article June 28, 2017

In With The Old: Gatlin Still Dazzles

By track and field standards, Justin Gatlin is an old, old, OLD guy, but somehow, he got his 35-year-old legs churning fast enough for 100 meters last weekend at the USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships to edge 21-year-old rising star Christian Coleman. More»
HolyfieldTyson-1 article June 21, 2017

'Real Deal' Memories of The Bite Fight

On June 28, 1997, Mike Tyson shocked the world by biting the ear of his heavyweight opponent, Evander Holyfield. Twenty years after the infamous fight, I chatted with "Real Deal" to talk about that night, and the power of forgiveness. More»
GettyImages-51852405 article June 15, 2017

On Tiger and Father's Day

The symptoms continue for Tiger Woods, once the envy of aspiring golfers everywhere. Now he is buried up to his Nike cap in the sand trap of life. Father's Day is this weekend, along with another U.S. Open, and this was their time of year. He misses Earl Woods. Badly. More»
Cavaliers-Finals-Moore article June 7, 2017

Memories Still to Cav and to Hold

The Cavaliers would love to come back from a 2-0 deficit in the NBA Finals and win back-to-back NBA titles this season. But they gave themselves a huge pass for years after June 19, 2016, when they ended decades of Cleveland sports misery. More»
Russell-Wilson-1 article May 31, 2017

Wilson Hate Makes No Sense

Has the Seattle Seahawks locker room replaced Disneyland as "the happiest place on Earth," or did an ESPN article last week expose turmoil by suggesting Russell Wilson needs bodyguards to protect himself from his teammates? More»
GettyImages-607511012 article May 24, 2017

Irish Still Don't Need a Conference

Once again, talk has flared up about Notre Dame becoming a full football member of the ACC. It's not going to happen. The Fighting Irish have always valued their independence, and there's no need for that to change now. More»
LaVarBall article May 17, 2017

Ball Don't Lie: In Defense of LaVar

I don't have a problem with LaVar Ball. Neither should you nor all of those folks wringing their hands over a guy who isn't exactly Daddy Dearest or somebody worse, such as Marv Marinovich, the scariest father ever of a pro athlete in waiting. More»
CavsWarriorsMoore1 article May 10, 2017

Cavs-Warriors, Part 3? Bring It On

Unless the basketball gods lose their minds, we'll get yet another rematch of the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. No matter how you feel about either team, it's a classic showdown. More»
Wall-Shroder article May 3, 2017

An Open Letter to the Wizards' Wall

Here is some advice for Washington star John Wall: If Dennis Shroder or anyone else asks you to be workout buddies in the offseason, just say no. I'm old school when it comes to this stuff, and it's better off if you maintain distance and focus. More»
Wall-Moore article April 29, 2017

Wonder Wall Pushes Wiz Over the Top

On Friday, John Wall collected 42 of the smoothest points you'll ever see after he nailed clutch shots in bunches down the stretch against the Hawks, while Bradley Beal chipped in 31. Now, the Wizards are moving on -- with some magic. More»
HawksWizGm4 article April 25, 2017

As Hawks Fly, Trash Talk Tanks

After the Hawks lost on the road last week to the Wizards, Paul Millsap said his team faced an opponent playing MMA. That's when Washington's Markieff Morris wouldn't shut up. He's quieter now that Atlanta has evened things up. More»
JackieRobinson article April 19, 2017

Hearing the 'Real' Jackie Robinson

The portrayal of Jackie Robinson during the 21st century is mostly wrong. He was famously gracious before, during and after he changed American society forever when he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers -- but he also was wonderfully radical. More»
GettyImages-665969018 article April 12, 2017

Shaky Cavs Limping Into Playoffs

Since the start of March, the Cleveland Cavaliers have looked out of sorts, with injuries and inconsistent play making them appear vulnerable. The Cavs are still the Eastern Conference favorite, but they have a variety of issues to solve entering the playoffs. More»
GettyImages-664282814 article April 4, 2017

Heel Turn: Carolina Flips Final Script

UNC often looked clueless, and so did Gonzaga, along with the referees who had a love affair all night with their whistles. But North Carolina couldn't care less, not as a Team of Destiny that grabbed the school's sixth national championship with a 71-65 victory. More»
GettyImages-663997378 article April 3, 2017

Heels Yeah: The Real Team Of Destiny

North Carolina will win the national championship Monday night vs. Gonzaga, and here's why: free throws, ankles, squeakers, Fab Five, dessert and The Scriptures. The Team of Destiny from the Carolinas is this one, not South Carolina. More»
GettyImages-663547666 article April 2, 2017

Confident Bulldogs Hungry For More

South Carolina's surprise Final Four run is finished thanks to Gonzaga, which has combined towering giants with sharpshooting Nigel Williams-Goss to become a powerhouse, one that will think of itself as more than a fairy tale if it wins the title. More»
GettyImages-654649616 article April 1, 2017

The Frank Martin You Don't Know

With South Carolina set for its first Final Four ever, you surely think you've heard everything possible about the different sides of coach Frank Martin. But as assistant coach Perry Clark helps explain, there's a lot more you might not know. More»
GettyImages-53068056 article March 29, 2017

Raiders' Heart Belongs In Oakland

For the second time, the Raiders are going to leave their true home of Oakland. First it was Los Angeles, and after returning, the Raiders will soon pack their bags for Las Vegas, a change that should cause NFL fans to shake their heads. More»
GettyImages-655306854 article March 22, 2017

Flag Casts Shadow On South Carolina

While South Carolina prepared to shock Duke on Sunday in Greenville, protesters flew a massive Confederate flag from the back of a pickup truck next to the arena, marring the return of the NCAA tourney to the state. More»
GettyImages-654652582 article March 19, 2017

Carolina Dreamin': Gamecocks Arrive

Nothing made sense Friday night in Greenville, and Sunday doesn't make sense, either: After four decades of rarely tasting basketball success, South Carolina won its first NCAA Tournament game since 1973 and will face Duke with a Sweet 16 trip on the line. More»

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