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article July 25, 2014

A Larger Problem

The shockingly light suspension of a mere two games handed down to Ray Rice was disappointing, and for good reason, especially since seemingly lighter crimes have been more heavily punished. Then again, it's something of a microcosm of society's viewpoint. More»
116,616,083 article July 22, 2014

The Respectable Bigot

Tony Dungy's comments about Michael Sam demonstrate what happens when you put faith in a bigot's capacity for self-directed progress. He believes that a gay man can be denied a job based on his sexuality, and there ain't a damn thing wrong with that. More»
OwningNews article July 16, 2014

Owning The News

Last week, The New York Times tagged Sports Illustrated as a public relations ally of LeBron James for publishing his decision in his own words. Though the two-time champion's move was a huge story, the media cannot claim ownership of sports news. More»
Brazilfans article July 10, 2014

Coming Back for More

Thirty-two of the world's best national soccer teams gather every four years to play in an impossible tournament that guarantees nothing but emotional trauma of every scale for 31 of them. Despite the imminent pain, fans always come back for more. More»
chris_weidman article July 6, 2014

Questionable Greatness

Time and the UFC exist in the same universe, but have the same relationship with one another as a supernova and a dung beetle -- neither is terribly aware of the other. This is one of the better ways to approach a UFC event. More»
usmnt1980x1100c article June 30, 2014

Enter Realism

Teams that go 1-1-1 in group play can only hope for so much, but realistic hopes check into the halfway home during any World Cup. In fairness, the U.S. side has earned some -- not much -- optimism after emerging from the supposed Group of Death. More»
colombia1980x1100b article June 29, 2014

A Victory 20 Years In The Making

I was on top of a car and nothing hurt, but everyone was still crying. Everyone including me. We'd just seen Los Cafeteros beat Uruguay 2-0 to reach our -- yes, our -- first-ever World Cup quarterfinal. It's been 20 years since the Colombian national team first made me cry. More»
wc-USMNT article June 25, 2014

The Burden of Expectations

Yes, we wanted to win. No, we didn't win. But considering the U.S. team lacks any top-flight international talent, we should be happy that beating Portugal was even a possibility. Here's what we can learn from England's perennially-defeated fans, before the stakes get much higher in 2018. More»
chile1980x1100 article June 22, 2014

Viva La Roja

La Roja. It's the Spanish feminine conjugation of "The Red" and an odd name for a team representing Chile, a country almost swallowed whole by the long shadow of America's Red Scare. And yet, the people of Chile remain stubbornly, impossibly unbreakable. More»
usmnt article June 21, 2014

Hopes and Fears

The U.S. side's win against Ghana was thrilling, but it was also a bit sloppy. It could be a sign that the Americans have the grit and determination to advance further than anyone expected -- but unless they can back it up with decent offense, their hopes could be dashed quickly. More»
klinsmann article June 16, 2014

An American Exception

Jurgen Klinsmann keeps it real. That's why he said it's "not realistic" for the U.S. national team to win the World Cup. Tellingly, his American critics have resorted to stroking the American ego, rather than stating a truth unfavorable to their nationalism. More»
spursheat article June 12, 2014

A Different Sort of Ego

The NBA remains a superstar league and, over a full season, the sample size means the superstars will win out. However, the margins shrink in the playoffs, where tactics formed by advanced data win out. Huge egos, it turns out, can't secure championships. More»
jones_elbow article June 9, 2014

The Presumption Of Jon Jones

Jon "Bones" Jones is among the best fighters UFC has ever had, yet the circuit's boss, Dana White, isn't fond of him. Jones very much wants to fight Daniel Cormier next, but the UFC, with dollar signs in mind, forced a rematch with Alexander Gustafsson. More»
Silva article May 31, 2014

Faded Glory

Wanderlei Silva was once the scariest man alive. But after a bizarre series of events that seems to have taken him out of the running to face Chael Sonnen at UFC 175, his status in the sport seems to be at an all-time low. But was the proposed fight a farce to begin with? More»
ray_rice article May 24, 2014

A Narrative That Doesn't Feel Good

Ray Rice, the Baltimore Ravens and the NFL have seemingly normalized domestic violence as a learning experience for the abuser. Women have sided with abusers before, but the collusion to impose a feel-good narrative of personal redemption sends a horrifying message. More»
TimDuncan article May 23, 2014

No End in Sight

It's a story that dates all the way back to Greek mythology -- the hero's domination is always followed by a downfall. But it seems like the San Antonio Spurs didn't get the memo. After 17 years of making the playoffs, they show no signs of imploding anytime soon. More»
nova article May 15, 2014


The MLB market incentivized power arms so much that the greatest fear in all of baseball has become watching yet another phenom like Jose Fernandez go down. And with 34 pitchers undergoing Tommy John surgery in 2014 already, those fears are being realized. More»
ScottBrooks article May 7, 2014

Weak Spot

Scott Brooks may not be the worst coach in the NBA, but he's far from the best -- and his offensive strategy in the playoffs has been dubious. What makes Brooks' comparative faults so frustrating is that he's got a team capable of rendering them irrelevant. More»
sterling article May 1, 2014

Stay Mad

Donald Sterling is not interesting. What does interest us is how the public turned against him. Sterling has a long history of racist comments, but action was taken in this instance thanks to collective public outrage. And other NBA owners could be next. More»
jonjones article April 24, 2014

Someone call an adult

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is expected to easily defeat Glover Teixeira on Saturday. Though Jones is likely to hold onto his title, alleged homophobic trolling and a hackneyed bit of PR by his manager are clouding this weekend's fight. More»

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