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article September 22, 2014

Mixed Emotions

When the Larry Fitzgerald got a first down to help secure the Cardinals win over the 49ers, this Arizona fan leapt up and cheered him. Then, he was reminded of an incident in the not-too-distant past about Fitzgerald that may have been swept under the rug. More»
Goodell article September 19, 2014

Roger Goodell: Sound and Fury

It sure was satisfying to watch to Roger Goodell stew in it at his Friday press conference to address the NFL's disastrous handling of Ray Rice and other cases (and kudos to Rachel Nichols for grilling him). But ultimately it signified nothing. More»
Stadium-Alabama article September 19, 2014

What's Your Favorite SEC Stadium?

Unlike a lot of NFL stadiums, each college football stadium is unique. There's a certain festival-like energy surrounding the best ones. Beginning with the SEC, we'll list the venues for each conference and allow fans to vote on their favorites. What's yours? More»
Weaver article September 18, 2014

Methods Of Clinching, Ranked

There are seven different ways in which a team can clinch its division, and each comes with a varying level of satisfaction. Will Leitch is here to clear up any confusion and give the definitive ranking of the best way to clinch a first-place finish. More»
Spielman article September 17, 2014

The NFL: Where Our Opinion Matters

When some NFL's sponsors spoke out against the way the recent domestic violence scandals have been handled it sent a loud message: The voice of the public matters, and it's about time the NFL listens to it. More»
Angels article September 16, 2014

The Angels' Best Chance Is Now

The Angels are having their best season in a long time, but this isn't the start of a long-term dynasty. In fact, they better win the World Series this year, because they aren't going to have another chance like this for a while. More»
NFL article September 15, 2014

Don't Feel Bad About Watching The NFL

The NFL has come under fire over the last week for the way the league has handled a variety of controversies. And while that should make us angry as fans, that doesn't mean we should feel guilty about watching, as long as we continue to hold the league accountable. More»
Leitch-Hope-Index article September 12, 2014

MLB Postseason Hope Rankings

Of the 18 teams still theoretically alive for playoff spots in the MLB postseason, what records do they need to notch over the last 2 ½ weeks of the regular season to get in? Here's a look at the contenders and longshots. More»
Goodell article September 11, 2014

Goodell Set Himself Up For This

The NFL and Roger Goodell have long since gone beyond just being a sports league and have positioned themselves as a moral arbiter. As a result, the latest controversy involving a possible cover up of the Ray Rice tape shouldn't surprise anyone: This was a long time coming. More»
Nats clinch article September 10, 2014

Predicting When Teams Will Clinch

It's the time of year when we can seriously start looking at magic numbers, and Will Leitch goes through each of the division leaders to predict the exact day on which they will clinch a first-place finish. (Apologies in advance for any jinxes.) More»
MNF article September 9, 2014

Monday Night Follies

Monday was a rough day for the NFL, with the second Ray Rice domestic violence video making the league look both lenient and hypocritical. And Chris Berman's discussion of the event on Monday Night Football was an awkward ending to it all. More»
Rice article September 8, 2014

Ray Rice: Seeing Is Believing

The latest outrage over the second video of Ray Rice's domestic violence incident demonstrates a very uncomfortable fact: The NFL and its fans only seem to care about crimes that we can actually see. More»
Wong article September 5, 2014

We'll See St. Louis In October (Again)

Less than a week ago the Cardinals looked like they might be a toast, but a well-timed winning streak has them back on course for another postseason trip, and fans around the league are just going to have to learn to deal with it. More»
Brady article September 4, 2014

When Will Your Team's Season End?

We predicted every game all season, and we'll go through week by week, starting in Week 4, letting you know which teams' fans can probably stop watching when. Remember: The goal is to make the experience last. The goal is simply to keep playing. More»
Lambeau article September 2, 2014

The Ultimate NFL Road Trip

With the NFL season starting in two days, we thought it was time to put together our annual Ultimate NFL Road Trip. Sports on Earth did something similar for baseball, but this journey will take much longer than 30 days and will require far more air travel. More»
Leitch 100 article August 29, 2014

The Best 100 Days In Sports

The summer is a relaxing time for sports fans, but with the start of college football on Thursday we have now embarked on the best 100 days on the sports calendar, which will include the World Series, LeBron's return, NFL craziness, and the first ever College Football Playoff being determined. Strap in. More»
Georgia State article August 28, 2014

A Great TV Experience In Person

Wednesday night's wild opening to the college football season reaffirmed what many of us realized long ago: The typical football game is a much better viewing experience on television than it is watching from the stands. More»
Gordon article August 27, 2014

Kansas City Will Rock In October

Royals manager Ned Yost wasn't pleased with the paltry crowd on hand for this club's biggest win of the season, but he should just focus on getting his team to October, because a legendary atmosphere awaits. More»
BoiseStateBroncos article August 26, 2014

The Playoff Bug

The general consensus about the new College Football Playoff is that now that the major conferences have consolidated into their Big Five, it's going to be just as difficult, if not more so, for schools outside to break in. That's bad news for the Boise States and BYUs of the college football world. More»
Bradford article August 25, 2014

Sam Bradford Is Still A Legend

Sam Bradford's season-ending knee injury likely seals his status as a bust in St. Louis, but like many NFL players, he's still a legend in his college town, another reminder that legacies in the NFL are far more fleeting than they are in college. More»

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