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article July 1, 2015

Enjoy the USWNT (Don't be 'That Guy')

Despite the USWNT's success in the World Cup, there will always be That Guy who belittles its accomplishments ... even if That Guy is the organizing body of the sport itself. The way to shut That Guy up is to watch and revel in how enjoyable all this is. More»
RockiesDodgersMarlins article June 30, 2015

MLB Rooting Index: The Ups and Downs

At about the halfway point in the baseball season, we take a look at which teams look to be in rough shape in both the short- and the long-term, and which are trending upward. Here are five on each side of the equation. More»
Snyder-Redskins article June 29, 2015

Fighting History Is Futile

There will always be holdouts to change, as we've seen over the past weeks with regard to the Confederate flying outside the South Carolina state house. This brings us to a similar debate in the world of sports: the logo and nickname of the Washington Football Team. More»
KnicksFans article June 26, 2015

The Slow Dolanization of Knicks Fans

In New York, supposedly the most cosmopolitan city in the country, if you have a funny sounding name and the Knicks draft you, everyone will boo. It's understandable how the team's owner may have made people crazy, but this xenophobia-tinged fandom does no one any good. More»
okafor_draft article June 25, 2015

Why the NBA Draft Is Pure Fun

While the entire NFL draft process takes itself too seriously and doesn't treat young athletes like adults, the NBA draft is the opposite, letting athletes showcase their unique personalities. It repopulates the cast of a fantastic show. More»
ASG-VotingPast article June 24, 2015

10 Years of All-Star Game Voting

. Each All-Star final tally is a snapshot of the game at that particular moment in history, a glimpse at who was popular, what we valued and where the game stood. Let's take a look at the last 10 years of fan-voted lineups to see what we can learn. More»
US-Colombia article June 23, 2015

Women's Soccer Isn't Boring. You Are

During the first half of the USWNT's 2-0 win over Colombia in the knockout round of the Women's World Cup, SI writer Andy Benoit tweeted out that he thought women's sports aren't worth watching. But Benoit and people like him are just confirming preexisting biases. More»
KnicksFans article June 22, 2015

The NBA's Most Tortured Fan Bases

Now that the Golden State Warriors have ended decades of misery with their wildly entertaining championship run, it's time to reassess which NBA fans are most starved for a title (or any sort of happiness). Where do you fall on the list? More»
alex_rodriguez article June 19, 2015

A-Rod Chases History

We're watching baseball history every night with Alex Rodriguez, and the Yankees are even coming around. One hit away from 3,000 for his career, A-Rod still has a chance to move up several career leaderboards before he steps away from the game. More»
blog June 18, 2015

Advice to Cardinals Fans

While the St. Louis Cardinals are under fire as the FBI investigates whether team officials hacked into files of the Astros, it is still perfectly OK to be a Cardinals fan. Here's how Cardinals fans should act in response. More»
curry_game6 article June 17, 2015

NBA Has An Exciting Future

The Warriors represent the future of basketball, winning the NBA Finals with a crowd-pleasing style of play that may begin to catch on more and more. Golden State fans are celebrating, and all NBA fans should be celebrating too. More»
cardinals_busch_stadium article June 16, 2015

FBI Investigating St. Louis Cardinals

The FBI is investigating St. Louis Cardinals officials for allegedly "hacking" into internal files of the Houston Astros, using passwords associated with Astros GM -- and former Cardinals executive -- Jeff Luhnow. So what does this mean for St. Louis? More»
torre_cardinals article June 16, 2015

The Move That Changed Baseball

Twenty years ago on Tuesday, the Cardinals fired their manager, Joe Torre, who had not yet won a playoff game as a manager. The move changed the course of baseball, as Torre went on to massive success in New York, while St. Louis brought in Tony La Russa. More»
lebron_game5 article June 15, 2015

As Good As Basketball Gets

LeBron James is putting together an unprecedented NBA Finals performance, an all-time great player at the absolute peak of his power, on the verge of losing. After another triple-double in Game 5, LeBron may be having the moment we most remember him for. More»
GettyImages-476774238 article June 12, 2015

All Eyes On LeBron

Cameras have been following LeBron James' every move since he started high school, and on one of the most difficult nights in his postseason career, two cameras caused him nothing but trouble as the Cavaliers lost Game 4 to the Warriors. More»
mustseeMLBplayers article June 11, 2015

Baseball's Most Entertaining Players

The MLB All-Star Game is supposed to be made up of the players we most want to see. Maybe they'll make it or maybe they won't, but we pick the player on each team whom your eyes are most drawn to, the ones who are the most fun to watch. More»
Dellavedova article June 10, 2015

Embrace The NBA Finals Mystery

As the Cavaliers take a 2-1 NBA Finals lead over the Warriors, it's safe to say that this series makes no sense. The Cavs are challenging Finals expectations like no one since the 2004 Pistons, and it's all making for riveting drama. More»
uswnt_australia article June 9, 2015

Why You Should Watch The USWNT

The United States beat Australia 3-1 in its first Women's World Cup game on Monday, and if you weren't watching, you should have been. There is no bigger event in sports in which the athletes you're rooting for feel more relatable. More»
lebron_warriors article June 8, 2015

LeBron James Vs. The Impossible

After Kyrie Irving was knocked out for the rest of the season by an injury, LeBron James blamed himself. He holds himself to the most impossible standard imaginable, and he'll accept nothing less than beating the odds to take down the Warriors. More»
Sixers-Cavs article June 5, 2015

Cavs Have Shades of '01 Sixers

Thursday night, the Cavaliers reminded me of the 76ers going against the Lakers in 2001 -- an undermanned team with a superstar, giving a Western juggernaut all they had. It all lined up, except for that small business of the actual outcome of the game. More»

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