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article August 24, 2016

NFC North Preview 2016

Our NFL division preview series continues with the NFC North, where the Bears are stuck at the bottom looking up at the improving Lions and Vikings and a Packers team that could be poised for another run to the Super Bowl. More»
larussa-arizona article August 23, 2016

La Russa Lost His Perfect Ending

Tony La Russa achieved something rare for a manager: a storybook ending, when the Cardinals made an improbable World Series run in 2011. Now, however, his return to baseball in the Diamondbacks' front office seems headed for a much worse ending. More»
Mariners_win article August 22, 2016

Playoff Odds Update: August Edition

Throughout the season, we have been looking at Baseball Prospectus' Playoff Odds Report and trying to make sense of the actual standings. Here's a look at the August update to see just how much things have changed. More»
Olympics-Rio-Conclusion article August 22, 2016

Why Did the Rio Olympics Fizzle?

There have been many reasons posited for the Olympics' ratings slippage, some of which make sense and some of which seem a bit strained. Let's take a look at 10 of the most common explanations, and see how much water they hold. More»
royals-fans article August 19, 2016

Royals Fans Are Still Celebrating

The thing about winning a championship is that, as much as you'd like to just celebrate it forever, eventually another season has to start. For the Royals, the 2016 season hasn't gone as planned, but that won't stop fans from continuing to enjoy the World Series. success. More»
Pittsburgh-Pirates article August 19, 2016

Best Throwback Jersey: Elite Eight!

Every team has a throwback, and everybody -- well, everybody but Chris Sale -- gets a big kick out of them. So now we are trying to choose the best one through the democratic process of online polls. Here are the eight still in the game. More»
Luck article August 18, 2016

AFC South Preview 2016

Every Thursday I've been previewing the whole NFL, division-by-division. Obviously, much will change between now and the first week of the season, but let's take a dive into the AFC South and see what we got. Hint: It's not pretty. More»
brian-dozier article August 17, 2016

30 Stunning MLB Second-Half Facts

Every one-month stretch in baseball has all sorts of random chaos in it. But this one has been unusually unusual. Here are 30 stunning factoids from the second half of the baseball season so far, since July's MLB All-Star break. More»
fantasy_football article August 16, 2016

The Old Man's Fantasy Football Guide

My first ever draft pick was Troy Aikman. I tallied points by hand and had to call up my fellow league mates on the phone to request trades. How much has the fantasy football landscape changed? A lot. It's sometimes hard to keep up. More»
stanton article August 15, 2016

Stanton And The Curse of Potential

Giancarlo Stanton is one of those rare unicorn baseball talents who looks like he's going to hit a home run every time he comes to the plate, but after another injury that could end his season, we're again left wondering about what could be instead of what he's done. More»
alex-rodriguez article August 12, 2016

Like Him or Not, A-Rod Entertained

The question I ask myself at the end of every player's career is: Did this player provide me enjoyment? And I can't think of many players who provided me more enjoyment, on and off the field, than Alex Rodriguez. We should appreciate it more. More»
ThrowbackJerseyPirates article August 12, 2016

Best Throwback Jersey: Sweet 16!

Last week, we launched Best MLB Throwback Jersey bracket. Every team has a throwback, and everybody -- well, everybody but Chris Sale -- gets a big kick out of them. So now we are trying to choose the best one through the democratic process of online polls. More»
Kirk Cousins article August 11, 2016

NFC East Preview 2016

Every week until the start of the NFL season, we're breaking down a division, team-by-team. This week, it's the NFC East, where the Eagles are trying to pick up the pieces and the Cowboys and Giants are plugging holes in an attempt to catch that team in Washington. More»
CubsWin article August 10, 2016

MLB's Top 10 Burning Questions

As we head into the homestretch of the season, there are a few scenarios yet to play out, and none of them have to do with the playoffs. Will we have a 20-game winner? How about a 20-game loser? Let's take a look. More»
harper-rodriguez article August 9, 2016

How Harper Can Avoid A-Rod's Fate

Alex Rodriguez will have the oddest ending to a Hall of Fame-caliber career of my lifetime. And more than anyone, the new star who resembles A-Rod most is Bryce Harper. Here's a helpful guide for Harper to avoid going out more like A-Rod than Big Papi. More»
adamjones article August 8, 2016

Believe in Baltimore: O's Are For Real

The Orioles have been one of baseball's best teams over the last five years, but their success is always met with skepticism. But I'm done doubting them. This looks like a team that, right now, at this exact point, is starting to put it all together. More»
roethlisberger article August 5, 2016

AFC North Preview 2016

Every week until the start of the NFL season, we're breaking down a division, team-by-team. This week, it's the AFC North, where the Ravens are trying to recover from a down year and the Steelers should play some of the league's most exciting football. More»
astrosthrowback article August 5, 2016

Best Throwback Jersey: Time to Vote!

We love our brackets here at SoE. We've chosen the best MLB stadium, the best uniform and the best cap, all through an orderly, democratic process. Next up is our favorite MLB retro jerseys. Vote for your favorite! More»
GiantsCubsRangers article August 4, 2016

Post-Deadline Power Rankings

Whoever wins the World Series will, of course, be all we'll remember this MLB season for. So after the Trade Deadline, with just two months until the playoffs begin, it's time to rank all 30 teams by likelihood of winning the World Series. More»
puig-dodgers article August 3, 2016

Don't Make Puig Into Someone He's Not

The Dodgers demoted Yasiel Puig on Tuesday, and all our thoughts about him representing some new strain of baseball, a direction toward the future, got smothered by the unfortunate reality that baseball is an incredibly hard game to play on a day-to-day basis. More»

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