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article December 9, 2016

Dex In Effect: Thoughts on Fowler

After winning a World Series championship with the Cubs, center fielder Dexter Fowler has reportedly decided to sign with Chicago's NL Central rival, the St. Louis Cardinals. As a diehard Cards fan, here's my reaction to the deal. More»
USATSI_9411325 article December 8, 2016

Fan Hate Can Change to Love Quickly

Jerks are jerks, except when a jerk is actually playing for your team. See, Jose Bautista probably is hated by Orioles fans, like O's GM Dan Duquette claimed as the reason they won't sign him. But if they did sign him, O's fans would love him. More»
GettyImages-602231802 article December 7, 2016

The Most 'Untouchable' Players In MLB

Before Tuesday, some thought the Boston Red Sox would never trade prospect Yoan Moncada. Then they did, for ace Chris Sale. That begs the question: Are there any untouchable players in the Majors anymore? Let's find out. More»
USATSI_9254929 article December 6, 2016

$400M? That's A Bargain Bryce

USA TODAY Sports reported on Monday that the Nationals aren't interested in Bryce Harper's request for a 10-year deal worth a minimum of $400 million. For those who think that's a ridiculous contract to give Harper, think again. More»
USATSI_8156906 article December 5, 2016

Baseball's Honorary Oscars

Former MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and former Atlanta Braves GM John Schuerholz were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday by the "Today's Game" committee. Don't expect this to be a major debate down the road. More»
GettyImages-612063338 article December 2, 2016

November's Dumbest Sports Stories

The L.A. Rams are fighting with the most popular Rams player ever. There was a truly, unbelievably bad onside kick. And of course, there's Curt Schilling. Needless to say, there were a lot of dumb sports stories in November 2016. More»
GettyImages-615140030 article December 2, 2016

On Fake News and Sports Twitter

Fake news stories have taken a toll on American politics in a big way. But they don't make much of an impact in sports. Why? Because fake sports news stories eventually go away when an answer emerges. There's always an endgame. More»
GettyImages-577137700 article December 1, 2016

Key Takeaways From MLB's New CBA

Baseball fans everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief: The game isn't going anywhere. Major League Baseball's owners and players' union agreed to a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. So let's break down the minor changes they made. More»
GettyImages-619876982 article November 30, 2016

Fun With NFL Playoff Scenarios

We're through 12 weeks of the NFL season, and you know what that means: It's time to play with NFL playoff scenarios. Fortunately, we have a NFL playoff scenario generator to help us have some fun with all the possibilities that could take place. More»
GettyImages-625004384 article November 29, 2016

Give Western Michigan A Chance

On Tuesday night, the penultimate College Football Playoff rankings will come out, and the top of the list will be topped by teams like Alabama and Ohio State. Down toward the bottom? Western Michigan, who is undefeated but doesn't even get a chance. More»
GettyImages-617547732 article November 28, 2016

Busting The NFL Ratings Kap Myth

By now, you probably know that television ratings for the NFL have been down this year. Many still believe that Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protest is the reason. So let's thoroughly break down why that isn't the case. More»
GettyImages-599237592 article November 25, 2016

The Toughest Coaching Jobs In Sports

It seems all eyes are on Longhorns football coach Charlie Strong and whether he'll still have his job in the near future. But that's the reality of Texas. There are other jobs in sports that sound good, but are really not. More»
GettyImages-622177626 article November 23, 2016

Sports Fan's Guide to Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving might be a little more intense than usual, thanks to, you know, that election. And for die-hard sports fans, a guide to surviving the family tensions is definitely necessary. Here are some key talking points you can use. More»
ExpansionMain article November 22, 2016

Expand & deliver: New team names 101

The NHL's expansion team in Las Vegas finally got its name (the Golden Knights), which means we officially have a new team in major North American sports. With that in mind, let's go down memory lane and look at some expansion team history. More»
USATSI_9694180 article November 21, 2016

Cards Having The Worst Season Of All

There were high expectations for the 2016 Arizona Cardinals, both from the team and the media. But nothing has gone according to plan for head coach Bruce Arians' team, and now the Cards' playoff hopes have almost completely disappeared. More»
USATSI_9299544 article November 18, 2016

30 Teams, 30 Future MVP Candidates

Despite playing for a losing team, Mike Trout still won his second American League Most Valuable Player Award. That's progress! And with that said, let's look at each team's MVP history and who their next-best MVP candidate would be. More»
GettyImages-613195202 article November 17, 2016

Big Deals: Who Was Worth the Money?

Not counting this offseason's crop of free agents, there will be 37 players making $20 million or more in 2017. That's a lot of money for teams to give one player. And oftentimes, giving that much to one player comes with its share of regret. More»
evilempires article November 16, 2016

The 'Evil Empires' Are Striking Back

The three sports teams that everyone either loves or vehemently despises -- the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys -- have been struggling for a little while now. But it seems like we're in for a rude awakening. More»
GettyImages-622553994 article November 15, 2016

USMNT: Perfect Underdog To Root For

Rooting for the United States Men's National Soccer Team is unlike being a fan of any other team. Rooting for this team is much different, because no matter what, you're always rooting for an underdog. And that's the case again on Tuesday night. More»
GettyImages-623039800 article November 14, 2016

Sunday Given: NFL's Watchable Again

Remember when everyone was pointing out how the product the NFL has been putting out was weak, and how the television ratings were in trouble? Well, that's over now. Because everything is starting to work out for the NFL, like it always does. More»

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