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article July 27, 2017

Kick In the Right Direction for USMNT

The USMNT won the Gold Cup. No, the Gold Cup isn't very important in the grand scheme of things. No, a World Cup victory still isn't really in reach. But what's most important about this win is that the US team is stable and back on track, and that's exactly what we want. More»
austindebut article July 26, 2017

Celebrating the 'Jim Morris Club'

While there are plenty of young rookie call-ups around the MLB Trade Deadline, old rookie callups are something of a rarity. When someone makes their baseball debut after the age of 30, it's a feat that should be celebrated. More»
stlouisdome article July 25, 2017

St. Louis Stuck With Abandoned Dome

What happens to a stadium when it gets abandoned? A structure once home to screaming fans and football becomes an eerie relic of times past. Now that the Rams have left, St. Louis is stuck still paying for a mostly empty dome that takes up way too much space. More»
royalsws article July 24, 2017

Let's Stay Together: KC Makes a Run

This Royals team ended an unthinkable drought just a few years ago. It defied the odds and gave fans the joy of seeing a team with few expectations claw its way all the way to the top of the sport. Now, these Kansas City vets look like they might have one last run in them. More»
Dive-BritishOpen article July 22, 2017

Dive Into Five: The Weekend Watch List

Your weekly guide to the five games/events/experiences that you will be in danger of missing if you make the mistake of going outside includes Jordan Spieth at the British Open, the USMNT at the Gold Cup and a possible NLCS preview. More»
GettyImages-814638938 article July 21, 2017

Playoff Odds Report: July Edition

Every month, we take a look at the MLB playoff picture with the help of Baseball Prospectus' Playoff Odds Report. This month, the numbers show that the Indians and Cubs are still in good shape, while the Twins and Angels have some questions. More»
Simpson-NEWIMAGE article July 21, 2017

O.J. Made for Today's America

On Thursday, O.J. Simpson was obviously relieved to be granted parole after serving eight years of a 33-year sentence for armed robbery. I'd argue the rest of us, deep down, might have been even happier that he's back. More»
GettyImages-813859918 article July 20, 2017

Streaks Could Clarify Trade Decisions

There are three types of MLB teams at this point of the season: Ones that are all-in, ones moved on to 2018 (or beyond) and ones who don't … yet … know. These are the five teams that face a crucial week that will impact their fate. More»
GettyImages-488342524 article July 19, 2017

Ultimate CFB Road Trip 2017

It's that time of year ago: quit your job, buy a large vehicle and get ready for the Fourth Annual College Football Road Trip. The goal, as always, is to hit the maximum number of college football games in the 2017 season. Here's your plan. More»
BartoloTwins article July 18, 2017

Bartolo Colon's Last Stand

On Tuesday night, 44-year-old Bartolo Colon gave it another go. After the Braves released him, Colon signed with the Twins, and he'll make his Minnesota debut against the Yankees, an outing that could decide just how long his career continues. More»
machadoOs article July 17, 2017

Orioles Could Be at Crossroads

The Orioles have continually surprised with their dedicated play and ability to beat analyst projections. But tough questions could be looming at the Trade Deadline and beyond, as it looks like the fun run in Baltimore might be coming to an end. More»
GettyImages-812115980 article July 14, 2017

Dive Into Five: The Weekend Watch List

There are so many sports every weekend that it can be nearly impossible to keep track of them all. This week, our guide focuses on Wimbledon, the NBA Summer League, the Gold Cup and a big week of baseball headlined by Red Sox-Yankees. More»
ASG-MiamiView article July 14, 2017

Predicting Next All-Star Game Sites

I am a bit of a Future All-Star Game Location enthusiast, if such a thing exists. The best part, for me, isn't the game itself: It's how the city hosting it embraces it. With that in mind, here's a guess at where the Midsummer Classic will be held over the next 12 years. More»
winners article July 13, 2017

The Outlook For Each MLB Division

Now that we are at the baseball season's unofficial halfway point, it's time to take it all in and look closely at where we are across every division. Which teams will rise to the top and which could continue to sink? Let's make some predictions. More»
yadiasg article July 12, 2017

All Smiles At the All-Star Game

MLB's All-Star Game on Tuesday night reminded everyone that baseball can be fun and players will play hard without having anything on the line. And that's just how it should be -- the game of baseball is at it's best right now. More»
joyousASG article July 11, 2017

All-Star Game Counts As Pure Fun

The All-Star Game is baseball's biggest showcase, when we get to see the heart and joy of all players involved. It may not count for home-field advantage in the World Series anymore, but that frees it up to fully realize its greatness. More»
FernandezTribute article July 10, 2017

Remembering the Joy of Fernandez

This should have been Jose Fernandez's All-Star Game. But if you look around Marlins Park or even walk through the streets of Miami this week, in just about every way that's meaningful, it still is. His passion for the game will never be forgotten. More»
willson article July 7, 2017

Dive Into Five: The Weekend Watch List

Baseball still takes center stage as we get ready for All-Star Week, but there are a few other things that can keep you glued to your TV this weekend. Check out what's happening across the pond at Wimbledon or even tune into Team USA playing in the Gold Cup. More»
USMNT2015goldcup article July 7, 2017

USMNT Gold Cup Soccer FAQ

The Gold Cup may be less significant than the World Cup, but its on the United States' home turf. After a less-than-desirable finish the last time around, Team USA wants to win, and here are some reasons why you should tune in. More»
GettyImages-802275746 article July 6, 2017

100 Wins Still a Magic MLB Number

In a sport that reveres clean round numbers, there is no team achievement, outside of a World Series title, more accomplished than a 100-win season. Even though they could become more regular occurrences, 100-win seasons will always be unforgettable. More»

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