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article July 27, 2016

Of Two Minds: Cheers For Chapman

Continuing our series in which I debate, well, myself, today we explore the moral dilemma in Aroldis Chapman going to the Chicago Cubs. Has the feel-good story on the North Side been soured now? Let's talk amongst ourselves. More»
broncos-stadium article July 26, 2016

Ultimate NFL Road Trip 2016

For the last two seasons, I've put together a plan where you, Mr. or Ms. NFL Fan, could attend games at every stadium. Thus, today, we put together this year's itinerary, with the goal of hitting all the NFL stadiums before Thanksgiving. More»
Mike Mayers article July 25, 2016

Mike Mayers and Baseball's Cruelty

Baseball can be a brutal game for a young and unproven pitcher. Unfortunately, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Mike Mayers found that out on Sunday Night in front of a packed crowd on national TV. More»
Orioles-Cards-new article July 22, 2016

MLB's Best Cap: The Finals!

At last, we have reached the final of our Best Hat in Baseball bracket. It's the first one of our brackets that hasn't ended up with the Royals winning -- Kansas City swept both best stadium and best uniform -- and it is, if you'll forgive the pun, for the birds. More»
GettyImages-577719440 article July 22, 2016

MLB Playoff Odds: July Edition

Each month, we look at the playoff odds for every MLB team based on a number of factors. Here is our July version. Several division and both leagues' Wild Card races are as scrambled as ever. More»
GettyImages-477610998 article July 22, 2016

Of Two Minds: Trade Trout?

The essence of most sports commentary is debate, people on two sides of an issue discussing (or, more often, shouting) their views on opposite sides of a table. Enter the Mike Trout topic when it comes to the future of the Angels. More»
Cam-Newton article July 21, 2016

NFC South Preview 2016

We are 49 days away from official kickoff of the NFL season. Eight weeks is really soon. Eight weeks is so soon, in fact, that if we're going to do weekly previews of every division, starting with the home of a Super Bowl team. More»
cleveland-trophy article July 20, 2016

Cleveland Still in Championship Daze

After your team wins a championship, there is a long period in which nothing else that happens in the world matters all that much. The Republican National Convention may have taken over Cleveland this week, but the city is still reveling in the Cavaliers' title. More»
ohiostadium article July 19, 2016

Ultimate CFB Road Trip 2016

It is a worrisome time to be an American. That means you need to quit your job, buy a large vehicle capable of carting you and your closest friends across the country and start living the life you were meant to live by seeing the most college football games possible. More»
Yankees-Streak article July 18, 2016

Even Yanks Can't Win 'Em All

It looks like the Yankees are going to be smart and ship off their expendable talent. It'll be good for them in the long term. And ultimately, it'll probably be good for Yankees fans. It's unnatural to have 23 consecutive winning seasons. More»
hat article July 15, 2016

MLB's Best Cap: Final Four!

Our best MLB hat competition is winding down, and now we're in the Final Four. Of note: The seeds have gone crazy. We have only one of top four seeds left, and that one, the St. Louis Cardinals, just barely beat the San Francisco Giants. More»
GettyImages-545236508 article July 15, 2016

Five MLB Teams Going All-In For '16

For the following five franchises, 2016 might just be their best bet to make October for a while. These next two months are vitally important. Let's take a look at what's riding on the rest of the summer in the Majors. More»
GettyImages-546741606 article July 14, 2016

100 Second-Half MLB Predictions

In exactly 89 days, the 2016 Major League Baseball regular season will (probably) end. Every question you still have will be answered. But why wait that long? Here are 100 predictions for the second half of the baseball season: More»
GettyImages-546681738 article July 13, 2016

All-Star Game Best As Pure Fun

Home-field advantage in the World Series was a fix the All-Star Game didn't need. It was never broken. Let's give it even more power that it needs by getting rid of the one real-world power it has, but doesn't need or want. More»
GettyImages-546296032 article July 12, 2016

Chris Berman's Derby Swan Song?

There's a distinct possibility that Monday night was Chris Berman's last night calling the Home Run Derby for ESPN. Are we ready for what the world looks like next? I come here not to praise Berman, nor to bury him. More»
PetcoParkView article July 11, 2016

MLB All-Star Game: The Future Is Now

The MLB All-Star Game in San Diego feels like a quiet boast that the best self is the current self. We had a Futures Game on Sunday. But, in reality, with so much young talent already in the Majors, there is a Futures Game in the actual All-Star Game. More»
all-star game article July 8, 2016

All-Star Game: Hosts With the Mosts

A tradition like no other, fans from across the country are drawn to MLB's All-Star Game, which is the crowning jewel of the sports world during most summers. Though the next two sites have already been picked, which cities deserve to play host after 2018? More»
CapBracketEight article July 8, 2016

MLB's Best Cap: Elite Eight!

As we continue with our Best MLB Cap bracket, we know that the Kansas City Royals will not win every competition -- the Royals won best stadium and best jersey -- and so we move on to our Final Eight. And it's quite a competition. More»
FinalVote-ASG article July 7, 2016

Ranking the ASG Final Vote Candidates

My favorite part about the MLB All-Star Game Final Vote is that you always need a Final Vote. It always seems like there should be one more player! Here's a look at this year's crop of five candidates, with an attempt to rank 'em all. More»
durant-decision article July 6, 2016

Emotion vs. Reason On Durant

Sports are supposed to be about emotion, and a lot of NBA fans are angry with Kevin Durant's decision to spurn Oklahoma City and join the Warriors. But every excuse people use to be angry with Durant fails to stand up to reason. Does that matter? More»

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