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article September 25, 2017

Fans Philled With Passion

Philadelphia fans are just like every other sports city's fans: They're passionate, they're fiery, they're helplessly devoted to their teams, they lose their mind when their teams win, they tear their hair out when they lose. Sound familiar? More»
BulldogsMascot-1 article September 23, 2017

Dive Into Five: The Weekend Watch List

This is going to be an intense weekend of sports, with conference play in college football, the MLB playoff picture coming into focus, the Lions and Falcons going at it, and the WNBA Finals tipping off. Let us be your guide. More»
Stanton-Freeman article September 22, 2017

On the Bright Sides: Eyes on 2018

In our weekly look at MLB teams that have been eliminated for playoff contention, we see better days ahead for the Braves, Marlins, Pirates, A's and Padres. More»
brewersplayoffodds article September 21, 2017

Playoff Odds Report: September

Every month this season, we took a look at the MLB playoff picture. In our final installation, we see which teams are primed to take the Wild Card spots in each league, which divisions are still up for grabs and even take a peek at World Series odds. More»
100wins article September 21, 2017

MLB may make 100-win history

Here's something not a lot of people are talking about in MLB right now: There is a non-zero chance that, for the first time ever, we will have four 100-win teams. What does that mean as we head into October? More»
falconslions article September 21, 2017

NFL Confidence Pool: Week 3

This season, rather than doing pure NFL picks against the spread, I've decided to do weekly confidence pool rankings and pit myself against both Vegas and analytics. I'm currently 15th out of 123 competitors through two weeks -- see if you can do better in Week 3! More»
Chargers-LA-Fans article September 19, 2017

4 Ways to Get LA To Embrace the NFL

Yes, it seems like most people are upset about the Rams and Chargers' relocation to Los Angeles. It doesn't have to be this way forever, though! Here are some steps that the franchises can take to begin to make their new city an actual home. More»
Chargers-LA article September 18, 2017

For Bolts, LA Is No Place Like Home

The NFL had a unique opportunity to celebrate the arrival of the Chargers in Los Angeles. Instead the team and the league missed the mark, from the logo to the fanfare. The small-stadium atmosphere in Carson may instead go to waste. More»
GettyImages-632423470 article September 16, 2017

Dive Into Five: The Weekend Watch List

There are so many sports every weekend that it can be nearly impossible to keep track of them all. What should you watch Saturday and Sunday? Clemson-Louisville headlines the college slate, and the Packers visit Atlanta in an NFC title game rematch. More»
MetsPhilsSox article September 15, 2017

Bright Sides: Looking Toward 2018

This weekend is an important one for several pennant chases, but let us not forget the teams who won't be playing in the postseason this year. We'll go through the ones officially eliminated and see what they can look forward to next season. More»
GettyImages-692662680 article September 14, 2017

On Jemele Hill and Past ESPN Actions

Seeing Jemele Hill on television on Wednesday was a reminder that she was not, and never was, suspended by ESPN amid a controversy after a tweet calling Donald Trump a "white supremacist." Here, a look at how ESPN has handled other employee situations. More»
atlgb article September 14, 2017

NFL Confidence Pool: Week 2

This season, rather than doing pure NFL picks against the spread, I've decided to do weekly confidence pool rankings and pit myself against both Vegas and analytics. I finished 40th out of 116 competitors last week -- see if you can do better in Week 2! More»
natsclinch article September 13, 2017

MLB's Playoff Clinching Countdown

When it comes to clinches in baseball, you can never have too many! The Nationals were the first team to clinch a playoff spot on Sunday afternoon, but soon the rest of the best will join in the celebrations. When should fans have the champagne ready? More»
united center article September 11, 2017

Mercedes-Benz Stadium Impresses

Mercedes-Benz Stadium is ready to rock after hosting its first regular season professional game on Sunday. The atmosphere for an Atlanta United soccer matchup was both intimate and intimidating, and it'll make for a great new home for the Falcons on the gridiron. More»
GettyImages-826796290 article September 9, 2017

Assessing the NL Wild Card Race

With the D-backs running away with one National League Wild Card spot, there are three teams battling for the other one: the Rockies, Cardinals and Brewers. Who has the best lineup? Rotation? Defense? Let's see who has the edge going down the stretch. More»
giantsvscowboys article September 8, 2017

Dive Into Five: The Weekend Watch List

It's been a long time, but we can finally say it -- football is back! I'm sure that everyone will be on their couches for the first NFL Sunday in months, but there are a few other things you should check out this weekend, including the U.S. Open finals. More»
carrtenn article September 7, 2017

NFL Confidence Pool: Week 1

This season, rather than doing pure NFL picks against the spread, Will Leitch has decided to do weekly confidence pool rankings and pit himself against both vegas and analytics. Hop along for the ride and join the Sports on Earth confidence pool yourself! More»
bradyhate article September 7, 2017

Someday, You Will Love the Patriots

Hatred of the New England Patriots has been the central organizing principle of the NFL for nearly two decades now. And as the 2017 NFL season gets underway, they're still villains. Just know that this animosity can't last forever. More»
oriolesalwildcard article September 6, 2017

Assessing the AL Wild Card Race

There are eight teams contending for the American League Wild Card spots, each with certain strengths and weaknesses. Which has the best lineup? Rotation? Defense? Let's see who has the overall edge going down the stretch. More»
atlvPIT article September 5, 2017

State of the NFL (And Predictions!)

Even as the NFL has exploded in popularity, increased scrutiny has revealed the league's flaws (which have always been there). But it's still football, with a rabid, passionate fan base -- and it's back. With that, let's see who will win it all. More»

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