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article October 31, 2014

Lovable World Series Losers

WS losers
The Royals might have lost the World Series, but there is no question that they were the best story of the postseason. They join a long list of teams that didn't win it all but maintained a spot in history that transcends even the team that beat them. More»
458,075,594 article October 30, 2014

MadBum is the End Game

When Madison Bumgarner entered Game 7 of the World Series, it settled it all. Suddenly there were no moves to be made, no strategies to try out, no edges to be found. He came in and secured the Giants' third World Series championship in five seasons with a 3-2 victory. More»
bochyyost article October 29, 2014

No Second-Guessing in Game 7

A mini-debate has popped up this World Series about the notion of managerial second-guessing. Namely: Are we doing it too much? But both Royals manager Ned Yost and Giants manager Bruce Bochy survived Game 6 with their teams essentially intact and ready for Game 7. More»
Kauffman7 article October 28, 2014

The World Needs A Game 7

Giants fans are obviously cheering for them to wrap this up tonight, and they should. But the rest of us: We want a Game 7. This has been too good to be over just yet. You want a Game 7. We all want a Game 7. Who wouldn't want a Game 7? More»
Bum3 article October 27, 2014

Giants Have MadBum ... Royals Don't

The Giants and Royals are two very similar teams, but there is a key difference between them: Only one of them has Madison Bumgarner. After the lefty's complete game shutout in Game 5, San Francisco is now just one win from the title. More»
Taveras article October 27, 2014

Taveras' Death Breaks Your Heart

Oscar Taveras had ignited the imagination of Cardinals fans for years, and had just started to show the baseball world what he is capable of. His tragic death is heartbreaking for the entire baseball world, not just Cardinals fans. More»
giants1980x1100_1025 article October 26, 2014

Players Take The Lead

There have been some terrific individual performances this postseason, but it has been the postseason of the manager -- until Game 4, when the managers took a back seat to the truly great players on the field, who were doing truly great things. More»
Three-headed-monster article October 25, 2014

The Three-Headed Monster

Ned Yost's bullpen strategy can't work forever, but it doesn't have to work forever. It only has to work for two more games. Two more games is all it will take. But if the Giants can break through just one of the Royals' bullpen monsters, a comeback could be in order. More»
Maddon article October 24, 2014

The Six Best Fits For Joe Maddon

Joe Maddon just shocked the baseball world by opting out of his contract with the Tampa Bay Rays. Now that he's a free agent, where does he fit best? Here are six destinations that make a lot of sense for Maddon. More»
KC fans article October 24, 2014

KC Can Make This A Real Fall Classic

For the 2014 World Series to go down in history as one of the best of all time, a couple of things need to happen. It needs to move back to Kansas City for at least one more game, and, more importantly, the Royals need to win. More»
NotreDame article October 24, 2014

The Best of The Rest

We are nearly finished with our project to determine the most beloved college football stadium in the country, and we've filled out all but three spots in our final 16 bracket. This week, it's time to vote for your favorite non Power Five venues. The polls have opened! More»
Giants article October 23, 2014

Sixth Sense for Royals and Giants

Since the Royals' Wild Card game, "What does Ned Yost do in the sixth to get to his three great relievers?" has been the critical question for Kansas City this postseason. In Game 2 of the World Series, Yost solved this dilemma and equalized the series. More»
Shields article October 22, 2014

Royals Fans Undaunted by Rout

This was the game Kansas City Royals fan have been looking forward to for so long, with such intensity. This was supposed to be magical. This was the culmination. And not only was it a total flop, it was total flop after about 20 minutes. More»
RoyalsFans article October 21, 2014

Representing the Royals

Today, Kansas City is the center of the sporting world, and the fans couldn't be more excited to stand up and cheer for a team they've suffered with for decades. The pain in the past doesn't matter; the spotlight is on them now. More»
WorldSeriesMVPs article October 20, 2014

Predicting the World Series MVP

Trying to project the MVP of the 2014 World Series between the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants, which begins Tuesday night, is a fool's game. I am proud to be that fool. Let's narrow things down to 16 candidates. More»
MikeMatheny article October 17, 2014

The Art of Mathenaging

The teams that were successful in the 2014 postseason were managed as if there were no tomorrow: because that's exactly the urgency required. Unfortunately for the Cardinals, Mike Matheny seemed the think he had all the time in the world. More»
ACC-Stadiums-LEAD article October 17, 2014

What's Your Favorite ACC Stadium?

We are now a full month into our project to determine the most beloved college football stadium in the country, and we've filled out all but five spots in our final 16 bracket. This week, it's time to vote for your favorite ACC venues. The polls have opened! More»
Bochy Matheny article October 16, 2014

Score One For The Old Guys

It has become trendy for major league teams to hire recently retired players as managers, guys who can be molded to accept front office instruction and new-wave analytics. But as we've seen this postseason, it's the old guard of managers who are pushing all the right buttons. More»
MoustakasCatch article October 15, 2014

Royals Look Invincible

We have reached the point where the Royals aren't just one game away from the World Series; we have reached the point when the entire universe is just assuming they're already there. How exactly did that happen? More»
Gurley article October 14, 2014

Gurley Should Shun College Football

Instead of fighting his suspension to get back on the field, Georgia running back Todd Gurley would be better off forgetting about the college game and start profiting off of his fame right now why his earning power is still on the rise. More»

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