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article December 19, 2014

Let's All Root For the Bills

If things break right, the Buffalo Bills could end a playoff drought that dates back to 1999. But they're not the only playoff-starved North American sports franchise. How many teams are close? How many of them will end the drought soon? Let's take a look. More»
Cutler article December 18, 2014


Sure, a lot of glory comes with being the quarterback of an NFL team. However, with that comes a lot more criticism and laughs at your expense. When all is said and done, it's not that great of a job. Just ask Jay Cutler. More»
Conte article December 17, 2014

Chris Conte's Refreshing Honesty

Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte caused a stir when he said that he said the cost of an NFL career -- possibly living 10 fewer years -- is worth is worth it. When you consider all that he's done to get to this point, not to mention the way we celebrate athletes, his comments make a lot of sense. More»
CarolinaPanthers article December 15, 2014

Leave The Playoffs Alone

The fact that a team with a losing record could host an NFL playoff game has folks talking about changing the postseason structure, but it's in the best interest of the game, and more importantly, the fans, to keep things the way they are. More»
RyanLindley article December 12, 2014

The Cardinals' Plan D

Ryan Lindley was the punchline to the Ken Whisenhunt era. And now he's the starting quarterback for an Arizona Cardinals team that has the best record in the NFL and the inside track for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. More»
Friedman-Herzog article December 11, 2014

Friedman Makes His Mark

Andrew Friedman has only been the Dodgers' team president for a couple of months but he is already making his mark, pulling off a flurry of trades featuring Matt Kemp, Jimmy Rollins and Howie Kendrick. More than anything else, he's making baseball a lot of fun. More»
Lester-Arrieta-Soler article December 10, 2014

The Cubs Make Their Move

Taking your time to build a team rather than just attempting to appease and placate fans and media is incredibly difficult. You have to remain focused on what you're building … and you have to know precisely when to strike. The Cubs have now struck. More»
Barclays article December 9, 2014

The View In Brooklyn

This is the third season for Barclays Center, and the place still feels shiny and new and unused. It also feels clean and expansive and entirely lifeless, like watching a game inside a shopping center. That's the design of the joint -- and it may never change. More»
DerrickRose article December 8, 2014

Loud And Clear: Athletes Speaking Up

For all the thousands and thousands of interviews that Michael Jordan did, it's sort of astounding that he never really said anything that made a dent in the public discourse. But today's athletes, such as Derrick Rose and LeBron James, are certainly not being "Like Mike." More»
Oregon-Arizona article December 5, 2014

Conference Championships: Obsolete?

Three years ago, conference championship games seemed like an obvious, no-brainer cash cow. Now, in an age of the playoff, they feel more like a burden. If they only hurt your chances at the ultimate prize, and fans aren't even that enamored with them … why even have them at all? More»
Bracket_2 article December 5, 2014

Vote In Our Stadium Championship!

At long, long last -- this contest has been going on a long time! -- we have reached the final championship battle. Our Best College Football Stadium poll has reached its championship game: Wisconsin's Camp Randall Stadium vs. Georgia's Sanford Stadium. More»
Sixers article December 4, 2014

In Praise Of The Sixers

The 76ers have been criticized far and wide for the way they have been tanking the last couple of seasons. But in reality, their management is displaying a refreshing honesty -- as well as a clear plan -- that should be praised. More»
UAB photo article December 3, 2014

A Bad Sign For College Football

UAB's decision to shut down its football program shouldn't be all that surprising when you consider the economics of mid-major college football. In fact, it will be surprising if more schools of that size don't follow UAB's lead. More»
Manziel1 article December 2, 2014

Let Johnny Manziel Play

The Browns have had a nice season behind Brian Hoyer, who has led them to a 7-5 record and right into the middle of the playoff hunt despite a recent slump. All that said, it's time to let Johnny Manziel play; it's what the world needs right now. More»
Rams-Gesture article December 1, 2014

Strong Statement

Yesterday, several Rams players ran onto the field making the now-ubiquitous "hands up, don't shoot" gestures, used often by protestors nationwide in the wake of teenager Michael Brown's shooting. The statement was calm and relatively subtle. The reaction from the St. Louis Police Officers Association was not. More»
TV TG article November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Sports Viewing Guide

The sports world has given you much opportunity to have your family and friends gather from all across the country to sit together and not talk to one another. For the next five days, your sports calendar is completely full. Here's how to schedule out your Thanksgiving week. More»
459,074,060 article November 25, 2014

Fan's Guide To Surviving Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the two days a year -- the other being Super Bowl Sunday -- when people who know nothing about sports suddenly start talking about sports. Here's our yearly Thanksgiving column on how you can respond to the uninformed things they'll probably say. More»
HoF-Leitch article November 24, 2014

2015 Hall Of Fame Ballot FAQ

The Hall of Fame ballot for the class of 2015 was released on Monday, and it might be the most packed ballot ever. Here's a guide to everything you need to know about this year's group of legends vying for a plaque in Cooperstown. More»
Alabama article November 21, 2014

The SEC Needs a Breather

This weekend, the Southeastern Conference, and much of college football, essentially, is taking the day off. They scheduled it that way to prepare for the crazy weekend after Thanksgiving, followed by the conference championship games. Let's relax while we still can. More»
Georgia article November 21, 2014

Vote In Our Stadium Final Four!

We are down to the grit of the nit, people: our ongoing Best College Football Stadium poll has reached its Final Four. The Big Ten barely snuck a school in our second to last bracket, as Wisconsin's Camp Randall Stadium edged Texas A&M's Kyle Field. More»

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