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article April 23, 2014

Deprogramming the Cult of the Coach

USMNT coach Jurgen Klinsmann recently gave a quote about youth soccer that could be applied to American sports in general. In short, managers and coaches should stop micromanaging every little thing and let the players figure it out for themselves. Words to live by? More»
foul_ball article April 22, 2014

Playing Foul

If you are an adult who catches a line drive with your bare hands or there are no children around you, you deserve the ball. If you are not, give the ball to a kid, preferably the smallest one who isn't acting like a crazy spoiled brat. Look at that Rockies fan from Monday night. More»
chicago_banner article April 18, 2014

Chicago By The Numbers

Chicago has icons, legendary parks, devoted fans and even a recent run of championships -- no thanks, as usual, to the Cubs. Is that enough to put it above San Francisco and Cleveland on our running list of best sports cities? Will Leitch spent a week finding out. More»
whitesox article April 17, 2014

Chicago's overlooked team

Under any other circumstances, the White Sox would be considered one of baseball's most historic franchises. But they aren't, because of their neighbors on the North Side. White Sox fans don't have an inferiority complex with the Cubs; they have a, why don't you notice we exist? complex. More»
ChicagoBearsFans article April 16, 2014

Da Bears Still Rule

The Cubs have the national romantic storyline, the Bulls have the Jordan years, the Blackhawks have those two shiny new Stanley Cup titles, the White Sox even have the White House. But in Chicago itself, the Bears are the way the citizens see themselves. More»
jordan article April 15, 2014

Happy to be Here

Despite injuries and low-win seasons, Bulls fans still keep piling into the United Center in droves. The stadium has been in the top three in attendance consistently for the past decade. So here's our question: How much of this, still, is attributable to Michael Jordan? More»
leitchchicago article April 14, 2014


We'll have a new installment of Leitch Across America this week, where we'll be immersing ourselves in Chicago's sports culture. One thing is for sure about the Windy City: its residents' love for their hometown is infectious and sports are tied to almost everything here. More»
pineda article April 11, 2014

Much Ado About Nothing

Whether or not Michael Pineda illegally had a substance on his pitching hand against the Red Sox is almost beside the point. In today's hot take media world, you'll hear enough opinions on the matter to make you wish you'd never even heard about it in the first place. More»
derrick_gordon article April 10, 2014

Not Just Another Story

Derrick Gordon's announcement feels like just another story because of the news cycle, and the perpetual exhaustion it inspires, not because of its actual importance. This is a huge deal. But there are many more huge deals left to come. More»
albert pujols article April 9, 2014

Save Us, Albert Pujols

Tuesday night was a big night for MLB's home run record. The loudest story of the night was yet more nostalgia for a pre-Barry Bonds era -- yet we also got a reminder of Albert Pujols' power. He's now the only active player with even an outside chance at the title. More»
napier article April 8, 2014

Improbable Ending

Tonight Kentucky was taken out by a story even more fascinating than its own. Connecticut beat Kentucky 60-54 to win its fourth national championship in the last 15 years, in one of the most improbable tournament runs in recent memory. More»
rbi_screenshot_1980 article April 7, 2014

Blast From The Past

RBI Baseball 14 is a reboot of the beloved video game classic from the 1980s, and while it's clearly aimed at capturing the nostalgia of adult gamers, it's also fun, which is particularly important when trying to appeal to the children of those adults. More»
kentuckyuconn1980x1100 article April 6, 2014

Finally On The Radar

For all the wildness of the Kentucky-Wisconsin game, it is Connecticut that is the surprise in the national championship game. At every stage, UConn has been overlooked by their better-ranked, more-known opponents, up to and including Florida. More»
final_four_arena article April 4, 2014

Honest Viewing

This year's Final Four promises to be among the biggest spectacles ever, likely to set a record for the largest attendance for a basketball game. It will cap off a wonderful tournament, but while we watch, it's hard to ignore the ongoing labor struggles in the game. More»
derek_jeter1 article April 3, 2014

Grin And Bear It

So know it's going to be a year of this for the Yankees and Derek Jeter: It's another farewell tour. So yeah, sorry Derek: You have to do it, and pretend you aren't eating every bit of it up. It feels good to say goodbye, even if we're not always sure why. More»
Peralta article April 2, 2014

Forgive and Forget

Everybody loves to tear apart PED users, until they actually meet one. That seems to be what happened to David Aardsma, who came out strongly opposed to Jhonny Peralta's big Cardinals contract in the wake of a suspension -- until he became Peralta's teammate. More»
wrigley article April 1, 2014

Baseball Immemorial

Our baseball history is our own history. It is a marker for our own lives. Which is why we're delighted to spread the word of Hardball Passport, a site that helps document your baseball journey and provides comprehensive stats for every single MLB game since Oct. 21, 1975. More»
opening_day_base article March 31, 2014

Still Perfect Despite The Flaws

Major League Baseball is set up to separate the customer from their money, and it's not immune from never-ending arguments about drug cheats. If only for one day, none of that matters. It's Opening Day. It's the best day of the year. Baseball is back, and life is good. More»
dantoni article March 28, 2014

Long And Winding Road

Six years ago, Mike D'Antoni was the hotshot coach of the Suns, being courted by the up-and-coming Bulls. Instead, he went to the Knicks, then to the Lakers, and now may end up in West Virginia, of all places. It's not all his fault, but it shows how quickly a career can change. More»
mlb_replay_center article March 27, 2014

Careful What You Wish For

Baseball fans have been begging for instant replay for years, and now they'll finally have it, thanks to a massive network of cameras all fed into a New York City office. But fans may need to prepare themselves for what they've asked for, because it will change the way the sport is viewed. More»

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