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article June 30, 2016

Getting Wild In the NL Playoff Hunt

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.41.29 PM
As National League division leaders pull away, the smoke is clearing, revealing a jumbled Wild Card picture. Out of six contenders, who is the most likely to end up on top? We take a look at some of the surprises. More»
durant-usa article June 29, 2016

Dream or Redeem: The Team USA Cycle

The Dream Team will always hang over USA basketball, creating an endless cycle of debate, which is why there has been a minor murmur of concern all week ever since the roster for the Rio Olympics was released without a few key stars. More»
surprise-all-star-vote article June 28, 2016

Surprising MLB All-Star Starters

Today's star is tomorrow's "Hey, didn't he used to be in the league?" Thus, with 2016 voting ending this week, we take a look back, over the past 20 years, at the most surprising people to be voted into the MLB All-Star Game as starters. More»
HarperBryant article June 24, 2016

Filling Out My All-Star Game Ballot

There is only one week left to fill out your MLB All-Star ballot, and I realized that despite coming up with 17 different ways to fill out your ballot, I had not in fact filled out my own. It's time to get some picks on record. More»
hatbracket-first article June 24, 2016

MLB's Best Cap: Time to Vote!

Every Friday for the last couple of months, we here at Sports On Earth have done a bracket. After the Royals won the voting in both the best baseball stadium and best baseball uniform, it's time to move on to reader voting for the best MLB hat. More»
simmons-hbo article June 23, 2016

Simmons' Show Refreshingly Normal

The problem with any insanely hyped pilot episode of a television show is inherently that insane hype, and Bill Simmons' new "Any Given Wednesday" had a tall task in its debut. Merely by being normal and watchable, it was successful. More»
GettyImages-541552136 article June 23, 2016

Playoff Odds Update: June Edition

Two months ago, I looked at Baseball Prospectus' Playoff Odds Report and how much more it tells you about where teams stand than the actual standings tell you. Now, we take a look at the June update to see just how much things have changed. More»
GettyImages-502305748 article June 22, 2016

NBA's Most Tortured Fan Bases: 2016

For the first time since we've been doing this rankings, the "most tortured" team has finally won a title. Now that the Cavs have given Cleveland a championship, let's see who has usurped them at the top of this NBA list. More»
dempsey-usa article June 21, 2016

USMNT: Nothing To Lose vs. Argentina

With the World Cup in Russia two years away, Tuesday night is as good as it gets for experiencing U.S. men's soccer for a while. And regardless of what happens in the semifinals vs. Argentina, the Copa America has already been a success for the USMNT. More»
LeBronBlock article June 20, 2016

The Block Heard 'Round The World

For years, as wonderful as LeBron James has been, we've been waiting for a certain signature, iconic, immortal moment, one that we'll always remember. And then, Sunday night, on the night of his greatest achievement: LeBron got one. More»
GettyImages-540881430 article June 17, 2016

A Brief History of NBA Finals Game 7s

Only six times in the last three-plus decades before Sunday has the NBA championship come down to one game. And none of them has come close to the stakes that Cavaliers-Warriors holds. Let's take a look at the NBA Finals' most recent Game 7s. More»
NBAFinals_Game_6 article June 16, 2016

Groundhog Day? NBA Finals Game 6

On the brink of closing out a historic title run, the Warriors are one road win away in Cleveland from winning it all, led by the immortal Steph Curry. Sound familiar? Well, LeBron and the Cavs are trying to make sure that history doesn't repeat itself. More»
arenado article June 15, 2016

Top Home Run Derby Candidates

While pitchers are clamoring to be in the Home Run Derby, the harsh reality is that they simply don't belong. But with a great new format inaugurated last year, there are plenty of candidates that we'd love to see this July. More»
KlinsmannUSMNT article June 13, 2016

USMNT: Progress On the Pitch

When it comes to Jurgen Klinsmann and U.S. Soccer, if everybody wants to just care about results, how about this one: The USMNT is one win away from one of the greatest achievements in the history of the whole organization. More»
cardinals-pirates article June 10, 2016

Key Questions For Cardinals, Pirates

It's already obvious that nobody is catching the Cubs in the NL Central this year, which is bad news for two of the best teams in baseball: the Cardinals and Pirates. With a weekend series on tap, here are key questions for each team as they pursue playoff spots. More»
pens_clinch_at_home article June 9, 2016

Winning a Title at Home Extra Special

The feeling of winning a title in front of your home crowd is a rarity like no other, and the city of Pittsburgh hasn't seen a champion in any sport crowned at home since 1960. The Penguins have a chance to break that streak with a win over the Sharks. More»
GettyImages-493965418 article June 9, 2016

KC is royal in best MLB jersey bracket

It is an axiom of the baseball internet that when you have a poll, any poll, if there is a component involving the Kansas City Royals, the component that involves the Kansas City Royals will win. That holds true in our Best MLB Jersey Bracket. More»
JKleins_USA article June 8, 2016

Klinsmann Knows Best (No, Really)

Jurgen Klinsmann can't seem to do anything right in the eyes of soccer fans and media. Yet it's his job to tell us truths that we don't want to hear, and he has an important message that it would best for us to finally listen to. More»
ConfortoRodonNola article June 7, 2016

MLB Draft's impact can be quick

The MLB Draft doesn't get enough credit for being the sport-shaping event it is, mostly because the draftees' impact isn't immediate. But here, with a look back at the last seven first rounds, is evidence that it matters more quickly than you think. More»
GettyImages-135785772 article June 6, 2016

Ali's Battles Haven't Gone Away

When Muhammad Ali died, there was a lot of back-patting in his eulogies, that Ali has been vindicated, that the conflicts he fought outside the ring were as resounding victories as the ones inside it. But is this true? More»

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