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article November 25, 2015

Playing with the Playoff Machine

ESPN.com's NFL Playoff Machine allows you to simulate every game of the NFL season the rest of the way and come up with every playoff scenario. It is a gigantic waste of time and a whole lot of fun, so of course we played with it. More»
PatriotsNewton article November 25, 2015

Guide to surviving Thanksgiving: 2015

Thanksgiving is one of the two days a year -- the other being Super Bowl Sunday -- when people who know nothing about sports suddenly start talking about sports. Here's how you can respond to the uninformed things your relatives will probably say. More»
JacksonUgglaSchumaker article November 23, 2015

Checking out the 'Frozen Stove'

Forget about the Jason Heywards and David Prices of the world. Of the 289 free agents who played in the Majors in 2015, who is at the bottom of the market? Here are the 10 free-agent pitchers and 10 free-agent hitters with the worst WAR over the past three seasons. More»
BeltranOrtizBeltre article November 20, 2015

The best active non-MVPs

With Bryce Harper and Josh Donaldson winning the MVP Awards Thursday, the list of great players who have never won got smaller. Here are the top 20 active players, including some potential Hall of Famres, who have never won the award. More»
Sixers-Sad article November 19, 2015

Sixers' Losing Gets Ugly

Last night was another line in the 76ers Misery Ledger as Philly turned the ball over a whopping 31 times. It will get better for Sixers fans -- it has to, eventually -- but that doesn't make watching the current team any more pleasant. More»
Porzingis article November 18, 2015

Porzingis Now Owns the Garden

On Tuesday night, Kirstaps Porzingis scored 29 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in the Knicks' 102-94 win over the Charlotte Hornets. And the fans at MSG loved every second of it. How quickly things changed from draft night. More»
BryantCorrea article November 17, 2015

Rewriting Rookie of the Year history

Kris Bryant and Carlos Correa were named the Rookies of the Year Monday, two choices voters won't come to regret. That's not the case every year. Here's a look back at this century's winners, plus the players from each class who have had the best careers. More»
GettyImages-497333696 article November 16, 2015

Cardinals: Best it's ever been

The Cardinals pulled out a thrilling 39-32 win over the Seahawks on the road Sunday night, and all of a sudden Arizona is the favorite -- according to some oddsmakers -- to win the NFC title. After decades of mostly futility, this is the best it has ever been for the organization. More»
GettyImages-493988774 article November 13, 2015

Smile! College basketball is back

College basketball season is back, which of course brings out the naysayers. Only the tournament matters, they say. Don't pay attention till then, they say. Nonsense. It all matters, from the big-time national TV games to the classic small-town rivalries. More»
GettyImages-492264858 article November 12, 2015

Rex, Bills could be a great story

The Bills have the longest active playoff drought in major North American sports, but Rex Ryan is trying to change that. Buffalo's effort would get a big-time boost if it can beat Ryan's old team, the Jets, Thursday night. More»
PlayoffProjections article November 11, 2015

NFL's Odds-On Favorites

The NFL season, essentially, is half over, but the overall picture looks blurrier than ever. In order to get a little more clarity, let's take a close look at Football Outsiders' projections, division-by-division, and see where every team stands. More»
WeaverHowardMauer article November 10, 2015

Buyer beware: Big contracts, big risk

Nine free agents are projected to receive contracts worth $20 million per year or more this offseason. If and when they do, they'll join a legion of players with top-tier salaries -- almost all of whom are not worth it for their teams. More»
GettyImages-496337670 article November 9, 2015

Greg Hardy and NFL Frontier Justice

After Dallas-Philadelphia Sunday night, Greg Hardy's first game since the release of photos of damage he inflicted on an ex-girlfriend, some Eagles didn't hold back when discussing the Cowboys defensive end. Are the players taking justice into their own hands? Should they? More»
JeterMolinaOrtiz article November 6, 2015

One final postseason thought

Postseason leaderboards aren't the most commonly cited ones, but perhaps we should look at them more often. With the playoffs of increasing importance, the seemingly random chaos needs context. Here's a look at the leaderboards -- all-time and active -- after 2015. More»
TorturedFans-MLB article November 5, 2015

2015 MLB Tortured Fan Base Rankings

With the end of another baseball season and a sad, cold winter staring us in the face, the hour has come: It's time for our tri-annual Tortured Fan Base Rankings. Let's see which team's fans deserve to complain the most. More»
TomsulaSmithEscobar article November 4, 2015

October's 10 dumbest sports stories

October, like all months, was full of dumb sports stories, from press conference gas-passing to something Stephen A. Smith did to, yes, Deflategate. Here's a countdown of the 10 dumbest sports stories from last month. More»
RoyalsRedSox article November 4, 2015

'What If' Finale: '15 Royals Vs. '04 Sox

We promised then that whoever won the simulated tournament would face off against whoever won the actual 2015 World Series. It turns out that team, as you might have heard, was the Kansas City Royals. So here we are. More»
GettyImages-495362184 article November 3, 2015

10 lessons from the MLB postseason

The postseason tells us so much -- about the game, the players, the teams and how we react to all of them. Here are 10 takeaways from the 2015 baseball postseason: What do we know now that we didn't one month ago? We were so young then. We had so much to learn. More»
royals-mets-game5-1980x1100 article November 2, 2015

The Royals' Postseason Was Perfect

If you were to program an optimal baseball Postseason, it would look something like the one the 2015 World Series champion Kansas City Royals put together -- featuring all-time great comebacks from an all-time great comeback team. More»
royals-zobrist1980x1100 article November 1, 2015

Royals Are Changing the Narrative

Up until the top of the eighth inning of Game Four of the World Series, the parallels between the 1986 Series and the 2015 Series were undeniable. And then came Daniel Murphy's crushing error, and suddenly it seems clear that the true story of 2015 is the Royals. More»

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