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article November 21, 2014

The SEC Needs a Breather

This weekend, the Southeastern Conference, and much of college football, essentially, is taking the day off. They scheduled it that way to prepare for the crazy weekend after Thanksgiving, followed by the conference championship games. Let's relax while we still can. More»
Georgia article November 21, 2014

Vote In Our Stadium Final Four!

We are down to the grit of the nit, people: our ongoing Best College Football Stadium poll has reached its Final Four. The Big Ten barely snuck a school in our second to last bracket, as Wisconsin's Camp Randall Stadium edged Texas A&M's Kyle Field. More»
Stanton-Loria article November 20, 2014

Stanton Worthy Of His Fortune

After signing his $325 million contract, Giancarlo Stanton was asked if he was "embarrassed" to be making that kind of money. It's time to stop shaming athletes for the money they make, because it's a representation of what they are worth. More»
PlayoffScenarios article November 19, 2014

Playing with the Playoff Machine

ESPN's NFL Playoff Machine lets you toggle every possible scenario for league's postseason going into the final month-and-a-half. Think the Jets can still make it? How about a No. 1 seed for the Browns? It's all in the realm of possibilities. More»
Kobe article November 18, 2014

The Kobe Bryant Trainwreck

There is no question that Kobe Bryant is one of the best players in NBA history. Of course, he refuses to accept the fact that his skills have slipped, and by firing up shots like he's still in his prime he is leading the Lakers to one of the more entertainingly bad seasons in NBA history. More»
JasonHeyward article November 17, 2014

Heyward: Just What Cardinals Need

The Cardinals traded Shelby Miller and minor league pitcher Tyrell Jenkins to Atlanta for reliever Jordan Walden and … Jason Heyward. It's a move that has wide-ranging ramifications for both franchises, but it's clear that Heyward is a good fit for St. Louis. More»
Stanton article November 17, 2014

Cardinals Are Reversing Their History

Until recently, the Arizona Cardinals were a punchline. But thanks to a brilliant coach and engaged owner the team has become an NFL powerhouse, and fans of the club just aren't sure how to process this juggernaut. More»
Pitino article November 14, 2014

College Hoops: the American Dream

A common criticism of college basketball is that its regular season doesn't matter enough. But on the contrary, every game has a lot at stake. And the beauty of the sport is that, no matter how small the school, everybody has a chance to win it all. More»
MichiganStadium-LEAD article November 14, 2014

Vote In Our Stadium Elite Eight!

Eventually, the College Football Playoff is going to expand to eight teams. This development is inevitable and will surely be welcomed. (Especially if they play first-round games on home campuses.) We will not force you to wait several years. We're at our Elite Eight now. More»
lsu_lead article November 7, 2014

Let the Stadium Sweet 16 Begin!

Our Best College Football Stadium poll has reached the Final 16 after two months of voting, conference by conference. And unlike the College Football Playoff voting, you actually hold the key to your team's success here. Let the bracket voting begin! More»
WS losers article November 4, 2014

Lovable World Series Losers

The Royals might have lost the World Series, but there is no question that they were the best story of the postseason. They join a long list of teams that didn't win it all but maintained a spot in history that transcends even the team that beat them. More»
MostTorturedMLBFans article November 4, 2014

Most Tortured Fans In Baseball: 2014

With the end of another baseball season and a sad, cold winter staring us in the face, the hour has come: It's time for our Tortured Fanbase Rankings: MLB edition. See where you fall on the list. More»
Maddon2 article November 3, 2014

Cubs History In the Making

When Joe Maddon was introduced as the Chicago Cubs' manager on Monday, he became the latest person to think he can be the one to end the Cubs' World Series drought. But unlike his predecessors, he's uniquely positioned to make it happen. More»
458,075,594 article October 30, 2014

MadBum is the End Game

When Madison Bumgarner entered Game 7 of the World Series, it settled it all. Suddenly there were no moves to be made, no strategies to try out, no edges to be found. He came in and secured the Giants' third World Series championship in five seasons with a 3-2 victory. More»
bochyyost article October 29, 2014

No Second-Guessing in Game 7

A mini-debate has popped up this World Series about the notion of managerial second-guessing. Namely: Are we doing it too much? But both Royals manager Ned Yost and Giants manager Bruce Bochy survived Game 6 with their teams essentially intact and ready for Game 7. More»
Kauffman7 article October 28, 2014

The World Needs A Game 7

Giants fans are obviously cheering for them to wrap this up tonight, and they should. But the rest of us: We want a Game 7. This has been too good to be over just yet. You want a Game 7. We all want a Game 7. Who wouldn't want a Game 7? More»
Bum3 article October 27, 2014

Giants Have MadBum ... Royals Don't

The Giants and Royals are two very similar teams, but there is a key difference between them: Only one of them has Madison Bumgarner. After the lefty's complete game shutout in Game 5, San Francisco is now just one win from the title. More»
Taveras article October 27, 2014

Taveras' Death Breaks Your Heart

Oscar Taveras had ignited the imagination of Cardinals fans for years, and had just started to show the baseball world what he is capable of. His tragic death is heartbreaking for the entire baseball world, not just Cardinals fans. More»
giants1980x1100_1025 article October 26, 2014

Players Take The Lead

There have been some terrific individual performances this postseason, but it has been the postseason of the manager -- until Game 4, when the managers took a back seat to the truly great players on the field, who were doing truly great things. More»
Three-headed-monster article October 25, 2014

The Three-Headed Monster

Ned Yost's bullpen strategy can't work forever, but it doesn't have to work forever. It only has to work for two more games. Two more games is all it will take. But if the Giants can break through just one of the Royals' bullpen monsters, a comeback could be in order. More»

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