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article September 3, 2015

NFL Preseason Happy List: NFC East

After weeks of waiting, here is the final installment of the Reasons To Be Happy And Love Life NFL Previews: NFC East. Two teams -- the Cowboys and Eagles -- have a lot going for them, then there is the Giants. And then Washington. More»
lastplacerace article September 2, 2015

The Race For Last Place

There is debate about tanking in Major League Baseball, but having the first pick in the Draft does mean more than ever now. With a month left in the 2015 season, there are still a handful of teams in the running for last place in the standings. More»
HappyListAFCWest article September 1, 2015

NFL Preseason Happy List: AFC West

After the Broncos' blowout Super Bowl loss two years ago and last year's disappointment, there's a new coach and one last go-around for Peyton Manning. Can they win their fifth straight? Or has the rest of the division caught up with them? More»
GettyImages-156287062 article August 31, 2015

The evolution of fantasy sports

The way the Internet transformed fantasy sports is one of the financial success stories in the history of athletics. But it's also done something else: It's made it so easy that the activity has almost no meaning anymore. More»
GettyImages-485188210 article August 28, 2015

The precipitous fall of RGIII

Not too long ago, Robert Griffin III was Washington's rookie quarterback and savior. Now, things have gotten so bad that some of his offensive linemen -- those paid to protect him -- reportedly don't like him. How did he fall? What happened? Football happened. More»
NFC-South article August 27, 2015

NFL Preseason Happy List: NFC South

We continue our Reasons To Be Happy And Love Life NFL Previews with the much-maligned NFC South, where the Panthers are hoping to continue their run of road success, Drew Brees is on a farewell tour and "Matty Ice" tries to live up to his nickname. More»
Vick article August 26, 2015

Why Michael Vick won't be forgiven

News that the Steelers were talking to Michael Vick caused a stir early this week, and, of course, the media asked Ben Roethlisberger his thoughts. Why is one man mostly forgiven for (alleged) transgressions and the other is not for his crimes? More»
FlaccoManzielDalton article August 25, 2015

NFL Preseason Happy List: AFC North

The AFC North is always one of the best divisions, but this year could be its peak, with two legitimate Super Bowl-worthy teams and Cincinnati's perennial contention. If only Cleveland figures out its quarterback situation! More»
LADWSN article August 24, 2015

The No-Playoff Devastation Rankings

We can comfortably say three teams are all but locks to make the playoffs. What about the other 14 teams competing for seven spots? Here's a look at just how much of a disaster it would be for each contending franchise to miss the postseason. More»
GettyImages-459081054 article August 21, 2015

Chris Borland and our NFL problem

The riveting, sad Chris Borland story released in "ESPN: The Magazine" this week was the latest in a series of reminders that football is a brutal, punishing game. And like the other reminders, we've already moved toward forgetting about it. More»
nfcwesthappy article August 20, 2015

NFL Preseason Happy List: NFC West

The reputation of the NFC West has been all over the map in recent years. A division with three historically underachieving teams has been turned upside down, with the traditional power in a free fall. There are still reasons for everyone to be happy. More»
griffin article August 19, 2015

Griffin Falls Victim to Gotcha-Ism

Anyone who watched Robert Griffin III say that he believes he's the best quarterback in the league knew what he was really saying. But the quote got pulled out of context, starting a relentless cycle of unfair coverage. It's no wonder why media access is being limited. More»
LuckBortlesWatt article August 18, 2015

NFL preseason happy list: AFC South

Preseason is a time for good vibes, and so, continuing our series of Reasons for Optimism NFL Previews, here is a look at the AFC South. Some teams (like the Colts) have more reasons to be happy than others (like the Jags). More»
MetsNats article August 17, 2015

Mets, Nats and potential heartbreak

There's a lot going on these last seven weeks of baseball season, but the battle between the Mets and Nationals in the NL East is the best story out there. There is almost certainly no Wild Card consolation, so one fan base is going to be crushed. More»
CowboysPreseason article August 14, 2015

What NFL Preseason Ratings Mean

NFL preseason ratings are always taken as a sign of just how much America can't get enough of football. But I'd argue they're more a sign of how much America likes to have football on its television sets, which is not precisely the same thing. More»
nfcnorth_happy article August 13, 2015

NFL Preseason Happy List: NFC North

While fortunes can change at any moment -- see the Jets and Geno Smith -- every NFL fan base still has reasons to be happy about their prospects for this season. So, we move onto the NFC North, where we find optimism for all four teams amid the sport's chaos. More»
ChaseUtley article August 12, 2015

Chase Utley and One-Team Wonders

The Phillies second baseman is the active leader in plate appearances made for only one franchise, and he's 59th all-time, a designation he'll lose if he's shipped out by August 31. This is something that's just not done anymore. More»
AFC-East-Happy-NEW article August 11, 2015

The NFL Preseason Happy List: AFC East

Yes, even when one's presumed starting quarterback gets sucker punched and is expected to miss 6-10 weeks, there are reasons for optimism. We swear! Let us look on the bright side for once as we kick of some more preseason previews. More»
1 article August 10, 2015

The primal lure of a foul ball

The most dangerous place in the world is between a fan and a foul ball. For whatever reason, when we see a baseball at a game, everything else in our lives -- our families, our well-being, our electronic devices -- vanishes in a wisp. All that matters is the ball. More»
GettyImages-482569060 article August 7, 2015

The state of the 'win' stat

Think fast: Which pitcher leads MLB in wins? You probably don't know off the top of your head, and that's OK. Pitcher wins, the baseball world is slowly realizing, mean little. So why does anyone bother paying close attention to them? More»

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