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Will Leitch
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article May 27, 2016

Final Four: Best Jersey in MLB bracket

Three weeks ago, we began our First Annual MLB Jersey Bracket, where you could vote on your favorite jerseys. Now, we're down to the Final Four, and what an eclectic bunch it is. Voting is open until Thursday. Go forth! More»
Trout article May 26, 2016

Best MLB Players Born In Each Year

With 19 year-old Julio Urias making his debut, I thought I'd look and see which active players have put up the best career Baseball-Reference WAR totals for each year of birth. This may make you feel old. More»
GettyImages-534074810 article May 26, 2016

End of the Road For the Warriors?

Three months ago, NBA teams were said to be admitting to themselves they would never be as good as these Warriors. That was a long time ago. Now, with Golden State down 3-1 to the Thunder in the Western Conference Finals, it could all end. More»
mlbsurpriseplayers article May 26, 2016

Unexpected Early-Season MLB Stars

Major League Baseball has seen some truly remarkable early-season performances from some of the most recognizable names in the game, but there are still players who having fantastic seasons that no one would have expected. More»
HarveyMedia article May 25, 2016

Of Two Minds: Harvey vs. The Media

Matt Harvey avoided questions after getting shelled by the Nationals Tuesday night. An example of a thin-skinned player dodging responsibility or an overblown controversy? Here, I debate the hot topic ... with myself. More»
Zobrist article May 23, 2016

Playoff Odds Update: May Edition

I promised to go back and look at the Playoff Odds every month throughout the season to see what we've learned. Here's where things stand now, with just a little more than a quarter of the season in the books. More»
draymondgreen article May 23, 2016

Lowest Blow: Green's Infamous Kick

In Sunday night's Game 3, Golden State's Draymond Green went up for a shot and either accidentally kicked the Thunder's Steven Adams in the groin or purposely waylaid him. Now, Green will find out that there are few things that people get angrier about. More»
PhilliesRoyals article May 20, 2016

Vote: Best jersey in baseball, part 3

Two weeks ago, we began our First Annual MLB Jersey Bracket, where you could vote on your favorite MLB jerseys. The second round is over, and we had two lower-seed upsets after a Round of 16 where there was only one. Now we are down to the Elite Eight. More»
1AllStarNames article May 20, 2016

17 ways to cast your All-Star ballot

My favorite thing about the MLB All-Star ballot is that you get 35 votes. That's a lot, but I'm going to try to help you out. Here are 17 different ways -- some legit, some stupid, some math, some random chance -- to fill out your All-Star ballot. More»
phillies_win article May 19, 2016

The Good, The Bad and The Lucky

In baseball, sometimes lady luck is on your side and sometimes, she's sitting in the opposite dugout. There are two stats that quantify luck and can help fans predict whether or not their teams will get better or worse over the rest of the season. More»
Ortiz_Retirement article May 18, 2016

Peak Papi: Ortiz Should Still Retire

With Big Papi playing some of the best baseball of his career, some are clamoring for him to stick around for a little longer. But David Ortiz should stick to his retirement plan -- and here's why. More»
Kentucky article May 17, 2016

Ranking the NBA draft lottery reps

Each team in the NBA draft lottery Tuesday night will have their own representative. None will be happy to be there. But some will be less happy than others. Here's a look at the 14 people facing the music and what might be going through their minds as the cameras roll. More»
Uniforms article May 16, 2016

Don't Fight It: Uni Ads Are Here

Monday morning, the 76ers announced that they will become the first team in major North American pro sports to have an official sponsor's logo (StubHub) on their uniform. You can complain about this, or you can just accept it as being part of the sports world today. More»
achievements article May 13, 2016

Most Memorable MLB Moments, Ranked

Max Scherzer's 20-strikeout game Wednesday night got me thinking: What is the most exciting individual thing that can happen at a baseball game? Let's examine the best ones. More»
CardinalsPirates article May 13, 2016

Vote: Best jersey in baseball, part 2

The first round of our "best jerseys in baseball" bracket yielded no upsets, so we're expecting more here, in the second round. Here are the Sweet 16 matchups. Voting is open until next Thursday, so go forth! More»
Blues article May 12, 2016

St. Louis Fans Painting the Town Blue

With the Rams leaving and the Cardinals reeling, you can say that there isn't much positivity surrounding sports in St. Louis right now. But the Blues are on a mission to change that. More»
2016freeagents article May 11, 2016

Slim Pickings In Free-Agent Market

Lost in the excitement and surprise of Stephen Strasburg's contract extension with the Nationals was what it portends: Essentially the worst free agent crop of the last decade. More»
AP_16131093153595 article May 10, 2016

The Thankless Job of an Umpire

Bryce Harper was wrong at every turn Monday night -- about a called strike on him, about a called strike on Danny Espinosa, about being the guy yelling from the dugout -- but it didn't matter. He doesn't need to be correct to be angry. He just has to feel correct. More»
GettyImages-146228488 article May 9, 2016

LeBron-Durant saga never happened

Because of this constantly legacy building, we're always looking out for the next big thing, which is why the 2012 NBA Finals were supposed to be the beginning of history: LeBron James and the Heat vs. Kevin Durant and the Thunder. It didn't turn out that way. More»
14 article May 6, 2016

When 'regular guys' run a ballclub

For sports to work, we have to pretend it's us, that we're the ones playing or calling the shots. Among the many delights of "The Only Rule Is It Has To Work" is that it attempts to find out what would happen if, in fact, we really could do something. More»

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