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article March 25, 2017

Dive Into Five: Weekend Watch List

Two MVP candidates in the NBA, Russell Westbrook and James Harden, will square off this weekend. There will also be some World Cup qualifying matches going on. And of course, March Madness is just heating up with the Elite Eight. More»
USATSI_9966373 article March 24, 2017

Escaping From The 'So Close Brigade'

On Saturday, either Gonzaga or Xavier will clinch its first-ever Final Four appearance. That means one of those teams will escape from the "So Close Brigade," the group of teams across all sports that have come so close but always fall short. More»
GettyImages-541964108 article March 23, 2017

WAR Games: Looking At MLB's Best

It's extremely hard to put up a season that's one of the best 20 ever in baseball, and it's even harder to repeat it. So let's take a look at the 25 players who had the highest WAR totals for the 2016 season, and guess whether they can repeat it this year. More»
GettyImages-610113184 article March 22, 2017

NL East: Nats' Bats The Difference

Many expect the National League East division to be a two-team race between the Mets and Nationals. But everything has to fall perfectly for the Mets, especially when it comes to the health of their pitchers. The Nats could easily run away with this one. More»
GettyImages-655821900 article March 21, 2017

Emotion Makes Baseball Classic

One comment from John Smoltz about a wild celebration of a game-tying homer for Team Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic exposed an issue in MLB: the controlled absence of emotion. But times are changing. More»
GettyImages-652197778 article March 20, 2017

The Sweet 16 Rootability Guide

NCAA Tournament games return Thursday night, which means if you are not a fan of any of the 16 teams remaining, you need a rooting interest. And you can no longer simply root against Duke. That's why we're here to help you make your choices. More»
GettyImages-637892430 article March 18, 2017

Underwood Illini's Best Possible Hire

On Saturday, Illinois made a surprise announcement, landing Brad Underwood as its new basketball coach after he spent just one year at Oklahoma State. This devoted alumnus believes that Illinois couldn't have made a better hire in this situation. More»
GettyImages-654921178 article March 18, 2017

On Wisconsin! Entertained Now?

An odd, frankly bewildering narrative began to bubble up around the first two days of the NCAA Tournament: This was boring. As always, the sentiment was quickly proven wrong, when Wisconsin upset top seed Villanova on Saturday in an instant classic. More»
GettyImages-654461936 article March 17, 2017

Dive Into Five: Weekend Watch List

There's really no point in straying away from your television this weekend. Not with the World Baseball Classic heating up. And especially not with the second round of NCAA Tournament being played. Get ready to channel surf. More»
GettyImages-654155714 article March 17, 2017

'Dog Days of March: Waiting For Upsets

The NCAA Tournament gives us underdogs, but more than that, it gives us immediately identifiable underdogs. And it's a renewable resource: If your underdog falls short, don't worry, there's another one coming up in the next game or on the next day. More»
GettyImages-516375922 article March 16, 2017

Technology Just Adds to Madness

It's staggering how lightning-quick technology has integrated and ultimately dominated our lives. One profoundly positive way it has changed the game: what it has done for the experience of watching the NCAA Tournament. More»
USATSI_9350316 article March 15, 2017

AL West: Astros Out to Launch

Ever since the Mariners won the AL West in 2001, the division has been owned by the Angels, A's and Rangers. But 2017 could finally be the year that changes. The Astros are the favorites, and Seattle could make a run of its own. More»
GettyImages-596146946 article March 14, 2017

2017's Ultimate Baseball Road Trip

Every baseball fan dreams of pulling off the ultimate baseball road trip, an attempt to get to all 30 MLB stadiums within the first month of the season. It seems impossible. But believe me -- it's not. So let's dive right into this theoretical journey together. More»
GettyImages-648110262 article March 13, 2017

Zagging Rights: Is It Bulldogs' Time?

Over the past two decades, Gonzaga has improbably become a basketball power, making 19 straight NCAA Tournament appearances. A Final Four bid has eluded it, though, and its chase this year is the biggest story of the bracket. More»
leitch-bracket article March 12, 2017

Breaking Down The NCAA Bracket

The NCAA Tournament bracket has been revealed, and the general consensus is that it makes a little more sense than last year's. From overseedings and underseedings to upset picks and fun matchups, let's break down the bracket region by region. More»
GettyImages-649640124 article March 10, 2017

Dive Into Five: Weekend Watch List

From the conference tournament championship games to the World Baseball Classic, there are plenty of sporting events this weekend you should be glued to the TV for. Oh, and Selection Sunday is this weekend! You're going to want to dive into these five. More»
USATSI_9928386 article March 10, 2017

Team USA's Classic Conundrum

Americans tend to be very strange when it comes to national sports teams, and it doesn't seem like we will ever care much about Team USA at the World Baseball Classic. But that's not the Classic's fault. Not at all. It's ours. More»
AP_766209412130 article March 9, 2017

Leak May Have Saved Selection Show

Last year, somehow, CBS bungled the NCAA Tournament Selection Show, with a bloated two-hour show marred by the bracket leaking early. This year's program is down to 90 minutes, and hopefully the leak leads to needed fixes. More»
GettyImages-534343672 article March 8, 2017

Cubs Still Center of The NL Central

The National League Central division belonged to the Chicago Cubs in 2016, who won 103 games and finished 17.5 games ahead of the second-place St. Louis Cardinals. They may not dominate like last year, but we should expect similar results. More»
USATSI_9492312 article March 7, 2017

Franchise Faces: A Look At MLB's Best

For some reason, I always wonder what year someone will pass Evan Longoria as the best player in Tampa Bay Rays history. And that got me thinking about every franchise's top 24 players by WAR, and which active players crack those lists. Well, here they are. More»

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