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article August 18, 2017

Dive Into Five: The Weekend Watch List

The Little League World Series is in full swing this weekend -- plus, there's the MLB Little League Classic on Sunday between the Cardinals and Pirates. Those are just a couple of the must-watch events in sports. Tune in! More»
steelersbengals article August 17, 2017

2017 NFL Previews: The AFC North

Well, there's not much debate about where the Browns will likely end up in this division, but the top of it is far more up for grabs. Will the Steelers hold it together for one more season, or can the Bengals or Ravens challenge them at the top? More»
GettyImages-831837066 article August 17, 2017

Can Negative WARs Turn Positive?

Albert Pujols has had a Hall of Fame career, but his 2017 season with the Angels has been anything but a memorable season. In fact, in terms of WAR, Pujols has been one of the least effective players in baseball this season. Can he (and others) rebound? More»
vottoOBPmachine article August 16, 2017

In Appreciation of Joey Votto

Joey Votto is an amazing player, but he often goes unnoticed. His unique skill is unrivaled in baseball right now, and he deserves to bask in all its glory. More»
nfceastpreview article August 15, 2017

2017 NFL Previews: The NFC East

The NFC East race has often come down to the wire in recent years and it will likely do so again, as all four teams in the division have a legitimate claim for a playoff berth. How will Ezekiel Elliot's suspension impact the standings? Let's speculate. More»
troutangelsresurgence article August 14, 2017

The Angels Are On a Divine Run

Everyone in baseball is focused on Los Angeles because of the Dodgers' historic success. But maybe we should turn our attention to the other team in town, as Mike Trout and crew are in the thick of the AL Wild Card hunt and possibly better than you think. More»
JasonDay-Dive article August 12, 2017

Dive Into Five: The Weekend Watch List

Need some sports to occupy your time on Saturday and Sunday? There is plenty going on, as the English Premier League kicks off, the Red Sox visit the Yankees and the world's top golfers compete in the PGA Championship. More»
GettyImages-625828734 article August 11, 2017

2017 NFL Previews: The AFC South

The AFC South may have three or even four teams with a .500 record or better, making it a compelling division to watch this year. With all four teams both young and in transition, it could take a standout quarterback to rise to the top. More»
rallyanimals article August 10, 2017

Cards Fur Real? Rally Animals Rule

The Cardinals managed to pick up a key victory last night thanks to the help of a Rally Cat (and a grand slam by Yadier Molina). As rally animals have long been sparking team success, maybe this is exactly what St. Louis needed. More»
fleck article August 9, 2017

Greatest College Football Slogans

Some college football slogans are simply phrases. Others are a way of life. Regardless, these motivational tools are often intrinsically bound to schools, fanbases and football teams, so let's take a crack at ranking the best ones. More»
nfcwestpreview article August 8, 2017

2017 NFL Previews: The NFC West

With one bad team in transition, one team on the rise in a new city, one team getting old -- but still filled with stars -- and one team that has won the division three out of the past four seasons, what will happen in the NFC West this year? More»
headerwcrace article August 7, 2017

Sizing Up the AL Wild Card Race

This season, we may see the best Wild Card finish in history: There are so many teams currently in the American League Wild Card hunt that it is difficult to parse out who has the biggest edge. Let's take a closer look at each contender. More»
GettyImages-801618920 article August 4, 2017

Dive Into Five: The Weekend Watch List

There are so many sports every weekend that it can be nearly impossible to keep track of them all. Our guide breaks down what to watch, including Nationals-Cubs headlining the baseball schedule, plus soccer and Michelle Wie at the Women's British Open. More»
GettyImages-826189624 article August 4, 2017

NFL Preseason Still Easy To Ignore

The 2017 NFL preseason began on Thursday night with the Cowboys and Cardinals playing at the refurbished Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. It was the rare preseason game that people were eager to attend, but it still showed how easy the preseason is to ignore. More»
WS-Urgency-Index article August 3, 2017

2017 World Series Urgency Index

No doubt a World Series title changes everything. And I'd argue that there are five teams, of the 15 or so who still harbor any sort of championship dreams right now, that are more hungry, more famished, for a World Series than any other. More»
GettyImages-632422602 article August 2, 2017

Ultimate NFL Road Trip 2017

For the past three seasons, I've put together a plan where you, Mr. or Ms. NFL Fan, could attend games at every NFL stadium before Thanksgiving. Thus, today, merely 36 days before the season begins, we put together this year's itinerary. More»
LavarBall-DumbJuly article August 1, 2017

July's 10 Dumbest Sports Stories

Once again, we look at the dumb stories that made us numb last month, including LaVar Ball (of course), Michael Vick's advice for Colin Kaepernick and a father-to-be who cares about OBP a little too much. More»
cubs-tigers article August 1, 2017

Teams Under Post-Deadline Pressure

The MLB Trade Deadline sorts teams into contenders, pretenders and fence-sitters, and it also adds pressure. Thus, here are the 10 teams whose moves, or lack thereof, at the Deadline have put them under the most pressure the rest of the season … and into 2018. More»
Epstein-CUBS article July 31, 2017

Cubs Continue to Seize the Day

The Cubs' looming tower that was their farm system has been one of the central organizing principles of baseball for the past five years, and the rewards speak for themselves. Now, that system is depleted. But the payoff is still worth it. More»
USWNT-Dive article July 29, 2017

Dive Into Five: The Weekend Watch List

Here is a weekly guide to the five games/events/experiences that you will be in danger of missing if you make the mistake of going outside, including the USWNT in a friendly, Atlanta United vs. Orlando City and the Cubs hoping to make a statement. More»

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