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article February 26, 2015

February's Dumbest Controversies

As we did last month, we took a look at the stories that rattled around the sports biosphere, got us all riled up, and then went away. From Fat Panda to A-Rod's apology letter, here are the 10 Dumbest Sports Controversies of February 2015. More»
NL-West-Compelling article February 26, 2015

NL West's Most Compelling Players

Suddenly, it's a three-team race in the NL West, and everybody's flooring it. From Bumgarner to Puig to Kemp, we take a look at the names you'll want to keep an eye on from Opening Day until the last game of the season. More»
Kansas-K-State article February 25, 2015

Time to End Court Storming

As much as I love the pure joy involved in court storming (a ritual that continually comes under scrutiny each year in college basketball), I think the practice is about to go away forever. And all told, sad as it is to say, it is probably time. More»
SpringTraining-1 article February 24, 2015

Seasons of Change For MLB?

Rob Manfred recently suggested that going to a 154-game season in MLB would be up for discussion, even if it's "not at the top of his mind." As unlikely as such a change would be, the fact that we're even having an open conversation about baseball is encouraging. More»
DaveKingman-1 article February 23, 2015

The Fall of the Home Run King

Dave Kingman is one of those baseball players spoken of in whispers, a certain sort of awe; he is a slugger from another time, a home run specialist who struck out so much that he wasn't taken seriously. These days, those K's look quaint. More»
Battersbox article February 20, 2015

Baseball On the Clock

The moves that baseball announced to address pace-of-game are minor, but that doesn't mean they're not important. There were always going to be changes made. That they are this moderate makes you feel more comfortable about the future. More»
ColeHamels article February 19, 2015

Hamels Wants Out and That's Just Fine

Cole Hamels, the subject of essentially every trade rumor in the sport for about eight months now, has publicly expressed his desire for the Philadelphia Phillies to finally make a deal happen, so he can go to a contender. But what if he wanted to stay? How would Phillies fans feel about that? More»
AL_east_compelling article February 19, 2015

AL East's Most Compelling Players

The AL East might be the only division in baseball that looks like any team could win it, but it also looks like one with no great teams. The upside is that it's most likely going to have the most compelling race, filled with compelling players who have a lot on the line. More»
AlexRodriguez article February 18, 2015

The Realm of A-Rod Possibilities

There's no getting around it: A-Rod will soon suit up for the New York Yankees. But how is this going to go down? Let's go through some of the possible scenarios. I think you'll be surprised. In almost every one, he's more valuable than you might think. More»
stoudemire article February 16, 2015

It's Always the Knicks' Fault

In his nearly four seasons as a Knick, Amar'e Stoudemire neither won all that much or won over the city of New York. But his failed tenure isn't all on him. This is basically the tale of the Knicks in the James Dolan era. More»
alcentral article February 13, 2015

AL Central's Most Compelling Players

The American League Central generally gets a bum rap in the baseball world, but it hasn't looked this competitive in years. Let's take a look at which players could decide the race. More»
GrandCanyon article February 12, 2015

The NCAA's Most Controversial School

Grand Canyon University, a small school in the Western Athletic Conference, has nicer facilities than many Division I programs. That's because the team plays at a for-profit school, which could soon cause the NCAA plenty of headaches. More»
KentuckyWildcats article February 11, 2015

Why We Should Root For Kentucky

There hasn't been an undefeated Division I men's basketball team since 1976. That could change this year with Kentucky, the epitome of NCAA basketball's new era. I'm pulling for them, even if their own coach may have been actively trying to lose Tuesday night. More»
Bean-WS article February 10, 2015

The Importance Of Billy Bean's Story

Billy Bean once quit baseball without warning out because he was afraid to come out as gay. He is now MLB's Ambassador of Inclusion and his story will be told in full in an MLB Network documentary on Tuesday night, and his message is more important than ever. More»
DeanSmith-old article February 9, 2015

There'll Never Be Another Dean Smith

Most of the time, the deceased, in our sports and popular culture, can and will be replaced. But the career and influence of Dean Smith feels like an exception. We don't really do Dean Smith anymore. This current world won't allow it. More»
NLEastPreview article February 6, 2015

NL East: 10 Most Compelling Players

Every week for the rest of the offseason, we'll be previewing each division by looking at its 10 most compelling players. We begin with the National League East, where many young stars could be the difference makers. More»
Boeheim article February 5, 2015

Cuse's Self-Imposed Ban Fits Crime

The idea of Syracuse placing itself under citizen's arrest for a crime that it still hasn't revealed isn't absurd, or unfair, or unusually craven. It seems like the most logical thing in the world. This is the NCAA world we're living in now. More»
fans article February 3, 2015

The NFL's most tortured fan bases

It's time for another edition of the NFL's most tortured fan bases. So who is most due? Which team and its fan base most deserves a title? Who's been through the most? Who has earned it? More»
Yadi article February 3, 2015

Every MLB Team's Top 3 Rivals

Yasiel Puig made news recently when he said the Cardinals -- and not the Giants -- are the Dodgers' biggest rival. In fairness, Puig hasn't been around long enough to know the history, so here's a primer: Ranking the top three rivals for every MLB team. More»
brady_superbowl article February 2, 2015

The Patriots' Perfect Ending

The ending of Sunday's Super Bowl was messy and dramatic. But it sort of had to go down like that, didn't it? The Patriots couldn't win in some unambiguously glorious fashion. There could be no more fitting finish for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. More»

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