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article May 26, 2015

Moving on from the RBI

The fading away of the RBI from important and public consciousness is inevitable and almost certainly correct, at least from an analytical perspective. Here are some takeaways from glancing at the career and season RBI leaderboards. More»
Cavs-Warriors article May 25, 2015

Learning to Appreciate Sweeps

With the Cavaliers and Warriors on the verge of winning their respective series 4-0, we should take a moment to appreciate sweeps. They're the broccoli we eat to fortify us, to allow us to appreciate the full meals we will be eating soon. More»
GettyImages-473235926 article May 22, 2015

Considering divisional WAR leaders

To help figure out what's going in these divisions -- especially in the American League -- let's take a look at the Baseball Reference WAR leaders in each of the six divisions. Teams, after all, are merely the collection of their parts. More»
Ruth-Harper article May 21, 2015

Harper Hitting at Ruthian Clip

Not a single player in the last decade has done in one season what Babe Ruth did in 22 with a record 1.1636 OPS. But, as of this moment, Bryce Harper has that mark beat. Let's see if he can keep up the torrid pace. More»
DraftLottery article May 19, 2015

Why We Love the NBA Draft Lottery

This annual event, which will take place at 8:30 ET Tuesday night, is one of my favorite sports events of the year. It is that rare sports event that is both hugely important and yet charmingly dorky. There's nothing else quite like it. More»
BillSimmons article May 18, 2015

Simmons Will Be Missed at ESPN

The parlor game of What Bill Simmons Does Next is a fascinating one, but that almost doesn't matter. What Simmons was able to pull off from within ESPN is almost more impressive than anything he might do in the future with absolute autonomy. More»
NBA-NewGoodTeams article May 15, 2015

How the NBA Found Parity

Only eight NBA franchises have won championships since 1983. But, this year, we may see a team win for the first time ever (or a team at least win for the first time in a long time). This is good for the sport, and hopefully becomes the norm. More»
AlHorford article May 14, 2015

Al Horford's Quiet Brilliance

Al Horford has some smoothness for a big man, but when you draw up the platonic ideal of just how lovely basketball can look, he is not what the sketch looks like. But he's been leading the Hawks for a long time and Wednesday night was his moment. More»
KluberIndians article May 13, 2015

Hope For MLB's Basement Dwellers?

There's no ideal time to be in last place in baseball, but all told, if you're in last place on May 13, you've got at least some time to turn it around. Do any of the six current teams at the bottom of its division any hope? And if not … when will they pack it in and start selling off talent? More»
472,092,788 article May 12, 2015

The Pure Viewing Pleasure ASG ballot

We're putting together the most aesthetically pleasing All-Star Game ballot imaginable. These might not be the best players, or the ones having the best season, but the ones that the most number of fans will have the highest level of enjoyment watching play. More»
DavidBlatt article May 11, 2015

NBA Coaches Don't Matter Much

We give David Blatt, and others like him, an illusion of authority because he has the title "coach." But professional basketball hasn't been like this for a long time. It's probably time to stop pretending. We'll all be a lot happier. More»
Simmons article May 8, 2015

Bill Simmons Leaving the Nest

Bill Simmons departing ESPN is the end of an era, one that shaped not just sports journalism, but sports culture over the last 15 years. It was probably time for this damaged relationship to be severed. That doesn't make it feel any less strange. More»
HarperTrout article May 8, 2015

Harper vs. Trout: It's WAR

You don't really hear Mike Trout and Bryce Harper linked that much anymore, which is strange, because for a couple of years there, they were the Coke and Pepsi on the prospect world. Will there ever be a year where Harper ends up as the better player? More»
astros article May 7, 2015

MLB Playoff Odds Update

The 2015 baseball season is already almost 20 percent over, but at this point the standings can only tell us so much. So what has the start to the season actual meant moving forward? Updated PECOTA projections set the stage for the rest of the year. More»
Hawks-Wizards article May 6, 2015

Regular Seasons Should Matter More

This has been the best season in Atlanta Hawks history, with 60 wins, a re-energized fan base and charismatic team. But over the last two games at Philips Arena, that was almost all completely eradicated by the Wizards. And that's just not fair. More»
Anti-ASG article May 5, 2015

The 2015 Bizarro All-Star Teams

The MLB All-Star ballot came out last week, and though it's completely online, it still has some people eligible to make an All-Star Game that probably shouldn't. So let's offset intelligent, well-reasoned ballots with a really, really bad one. More»
AprilControversies article May 4, 2015

April's 10 Dumbest Sports Stories

As we've done since the beginning of the year, we decided to take a look at the most idiotic things the sports world was obsessed about each month. April featured "news" about Britt McHenry, Bryan Price, Kelly Olynyk and, of course, Tim Tebow. More»
AllSportsDay article May 2, 2015

Ultimate Sports Weekend Guide

For raw breadth of the sports experience, the staggering number of options available, it's tough to beat this weekend. Starting from the time you get off work Friday until early Monday morning, you can make a stop at every sports fan station. Here's a guide to it all. More»
471,552,936 article April 30, 2015

The Derby Name Game: 2015 edition

The Kentucky Derby is, perhaps, more American than the Super Bowl. So is the way everyone picks a horse to bet on: the names. Only the names. Here they are, ranked in ascending order of name quality. More»
Camden-HighRes article April 29, 2015

That Empty Feeling

On Wednesday afternoon, born from a situation in Baltimore that defies explanation and easy narratives, one of the strangest things in baseball history is going to happen. The Orioles and White Sox are going to play a game with no fans. More»

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