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article August 28, 2014

A Great TV Experience In Person

Georgia State
Wednesday night's wild opening to the college football season reaffirmed what many of us realized long ago: The typical football game is a much better viewing experience on television than it is watching from the stands. More»
Gordon article August 27, 2014

Kansas City Will Rock In October

Royals manager Ned Yost wasn't pleased with the paltry crowd on hand for this club's biggest win of the season, but he should just focus on getting his team to October, because a legendary atmosphere awaits. More»
BoiseStateBroncos article August 26, 2014

The Playoff Bug

The general consensus about the new College Football Playoff is that now that the major conferences have consolidated into their Big Five, it's going to be just as difficult, if not more so, for schools outside to break in. That's bad news for the Boise States and BYUs of the college football world. More»
Bradford article August 25, 2014

Sam Bradford Is Still A Legend

Sam Bradford's season-ending knee injury likely seals his status as a bust in St. Louis, but like many NFL players, he's still a legend in his college town, another reminder that legacies in the NFL are far more fleeting than they are in college. More»
Football article August 22, 2014

Football Set To Rule Our Lives Again

Despite all the negative press football has gotten recently, we still can't help but plan our lives around its games. So buckle up, people, because this will be the last weekend for a long time we don't set our clocks to pigskin. More»
DRose article August 21, 2014

Team USA's Predictable Down Cycle

The United States has dominated international hoops for the last few years, which means that players are fans are once again becoming indifferent to global competitions. No one should be surprised by this. More»
Mannings3 article August 20, 2014

The Demise Of Fantasy Football

Fantasy football wasn't full embraced by the NFL establishment until just a few years ago. And like many things, going mainstream has led to fantasy football losing a little bit of what made it so great in the first place. More»
Manziel article August 19, 2014

Johnny Manziel Is No Tim Tebow

Johnny Manziel is getting over-the-top media coverage we haven't seen for a rookie quarterback since Tim Tebow. There's one key difference: Manziel is entertaining in a way that Tebow never was, which makes much of it justifiable. More»
Marion article August 18, 2014

Marion, The Hall Of Fame, And Sanity

Shawn Marion, who is poised to sign with the Cavaliers, has a decent chance to make the NBA Hall of Fame. Some might say this is because the Basketball Hall of Fame isn't important enough. We say it's because it's EXACTLY important enough. More»
RobManfred article August 15, 2014

Six Wishes For the New Commish

It's been more than 20 years since we've had a new Commissioner in baseball, so this is uncharted territory. But when Rob Manfred takes over MLB in January, he has some key business to attend to, posthaste. Here are the six items on my list. More»
Vick article August 14, 2014

Michael Vick: Elder Statesman

Michael Vick knows what's like to be a hated man, and as his career moves on to its next phase, his experience sheds some light on how Ray Rice, the NFL's newest pariah, is being viewed by fans, media and players. More»
Scandrick article August 13, 2014

Scandrick's Insane PED Explanation

Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick could have used any number of typical excuses to explain his PED suspension, but because of the stigma associated with PEDs, he chose a new one -- straight-up stupidity. More»
wainwright_adam article August 12, 2014

Big League Fantasy

Adam Wainwright has been playing fantasy football his whole life, and he's drawing on that experience -- and his connections throughout the baseball world -- to raise money for charity in a unique way. More»
stewart1980x1100 article August 11, 2014

Tony Stewart and Our Need to Know

We have become a culture that is obsessed with knowing. It consumes us. But when a nightmarish accident happens on a dirt racetrack on Saturday night, and someone captures it on video, can it provide us with the truth? More»
al_wild_card article August 8, 2014

This Is Why The Wild Card Exists

Congratulations to the Tigers, A's, Angels and Orioles, who seem like excellent bets to get to October. But there's still the matter of the second American League wild card to attend to, and four teams -- the Yankees, Royals, Mariners and Blue Jays -- will fight to the end for it. More»
TigerWoods-Tour article August 7, 2014

Predicting Tiger's Bitter End

Tiger Woods' appeal always seemed so tied to his youth, in his place as golf's preternatural phenom. But now that he's aging so ungracefully, it may be time to move on from the idea that we'll ever see him regain his winning form. More»
AndyDalton article August 6, 2014

Sticker Shock

On Monday, Andy Dalton signed a "six-year, $115 million" contract with the Bengals, which seemed to gall many. But let's not forget that, in reality, that money is mainly an illusion -- and, compared to other leagues, it's a downright bargain. More»
Pujols-Puig article August 5, 2014

Clash of the Titans

In Monday's Angels-Dodgers game, a playful back-and-forth between Albert Pujols and Yasiel Puig encompassed everything great about the emotion of baseball and clash of cultures. This is what we ask for when we watch: something that makes us want to see these guys play again, and again, and again. More»
maryland_football article August 4, 2014

Fire Up The Hype Train

Are you sufficiently excited for football season yet? It may still be summer, but we're just a few short weeks away from football, both college and pro, and there's no shortage of hype videos to remind of just how great that is... even if the teams they promote may not be. More»
jeff_weaver article July 31, 2014

Trading Perspectives

What the trade deadline doesn't do, as much as we all try to convince ourselves that it does, is have much say in who wins the World Series. On the average, winning teams either didn't make a huge deadline trade or, if they did, the trade had nothing to do with their championship. More»

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