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article April 29, 2016

Shock Over Gordon Is Our Fault

There are a series of "facts" that we automatically apply to what we think of as a "PED user," and Dee Gordon met almost none of them. But that's because every single one of our assumptions is wrong. More»
Kauffman-Stadium-1 article April 29, 2016

Kauffman Wins 'Stadium Madness'

In our annual stadium bracket competition, the Royals' Kauffman Stadium faced off against the Pirates' PNC Park. And Royals fans stepped up big time. More»
GettyImages-116614238 article April 28, 2016

The NFL Draft Is Pure Hollywood

Two years ago, the NFL and Hollywood teamed up to shove "Draft Day," a fictional depiction of the NFL draft, down our throats, and everything about it was very phony and NFL-y. Keep it in mind when you watch this year's draft. More»
Papi&Pedroia article April 27, 2016

MLB's Best Active Franchise Players

Have you ever wondered where some of MLB's active players rank among the legends in their franchise? WAR allows us to pinpoint exactly where players sit among the best of the best all-time. Let's take a closer look at which are the best. More»
DiazSalty article April 26, 2016

MLB's April WAR-Star Teams

The MLB All-Star ballot came out Sunday, which is of course too early to make any informed decisions. But why not take this all at face value and fill out your ballot based solely on the three-plus weeks of the season so far? That's what we did here. More»
GettyImages-523922744 article April 25, 2016

Curry's injury changes everything

On Monday afternoon, it was announced that Stephen Curry has a Grade 1 knee sprain suffered Sunday. He could miss up to two weeks, which is better than it could have been. But the uncertainty adds a level of intrigue to the playoffs. More»
GettyImages-523020596 article April 22, 2016

Playoff Odds update: KC gets no love

I always rely on Baseball Prospectus' Playoff Odds Report, the closest picture we have to how a team's season is truly going -- and where it's likely to finish. On the 22nd every month, I'll look at the teams who should be happier (or more concerned), according to BP. More»
KauffmanPNC article April 22, 2016

MLB stadium competition: The finals!

Four weeks ago, we put together a 30-stadium bracket to determine the best Major League Baseball stadium. Now, we're down to our final two: PNC Parks and Kauffman Stadium. More»
Chief article April 21, 2016

Yearning For a Silly, Normal Mascot

As the debate over the Chief seems to continue to rage on at the University of Illinois, it's time to take our eyes off the mascots -- yes, even the weird new squirrel -- and instead start focusing more on the game. More»
OnPace article April 21, 2016

'On Pace' Stats: Exhausting, But Fun

The MLB season is roughly two weeks old now, and while we've learned a little bit, we are still in the Statistical Noise portion of the season. But that doesn't mean it's not fun to play the On Pace game. After all … who knows? More»
LGBTAthletes article April 20, 2016

LGBT & Sports: When Will It Change?

In any other profession, it's the norm to have openly gay coworkers and not give that fact a second thought. Why, then, despite more concerted efforts, do none of the four major sports employ a single openly gay athlete? It's more than time to get with the program. More»
flyers-capitals article April 19, 2016

When Fan Giveaways Go Wrong

When a crowd is happy, it can lift you to collective heights you're incapable of reaching on your own. But when things go wrong, crowds can turn ugly in a hurry. As Monday's Flyers-Capitals game showed, that's especially true when they have something to throw. More»
houston-stadiums article April 15, 2016

Hoping For the Dream Sports Sunday

The local sports' fan dream is a full day in which the entire sports world focusing intently on you, with your city hosting an NFL game and a World Series game on the same Sunday in late October. These are the cities that have a chance in 2016. More»
Stadiums4 article April 15, 2016

Vote: MLB stadium competition, Part 4

Three weeks ago, we put together a 30-stadium bracket to determine the best Major League Baseball stadium. Now, we have a final quartet. Make your voice heard, and we'll be back with the championship round next week. More»
CurryDuncanStevens article April 14, 2016

NBA Playoff Rootability Rankings

We know the bracket for the NBA playoffs, which will tip off Saturday and end roughly around the time the earth crashes into the sun. That means it's time for Playoff Rootability Rankings. This is an annual guide for the unaffiliated: Here's what side you should be on. More»
BryantRetirement article April 13, 2016

End of an Era: The Meaning of Kobe

The retirement of Kobe Bryant also represents the retirement of an era: that of hero ball. It's fitting, then, that as the NBA becomes more selfless on the court, the Kobe era comes to an end with his final game on Wednesday night. More»
GettyImages-98910068 article April 12, 2016

The legacy of Eugenio Velez

At 0-for-46, Eugenio Velez holds the record for most at-bats without a hit. He's still only 33 years old, playing in the Mexican League, but for now that streak is active. He could get another chance. Until then, though, we have the Eugenio Velez All-Stars. More»
SpiethMasters article April 11, 2016

Questioning the Utility of a Presser

After a historic collapse at the Masters, Jordan Spieth handled his press conference as well as any athlete could. But the line of questioning endured by the golfer brings to light the following issue: Why do press conferences truly exist? More»
GettyImages-119901469 article April 8, 2016

Minor League games can be Major fun

I've grown to appreciate in recent years the low-key, goofy joy of the Minor Leagues. As we begin to plan our summers, I urge you to remember the Minors this year. Here are 10 reasons to make sure you check out some Minor League Baseball this year. More»
KauffmanDodger article April 8, 2016

Vote: MLB stadium competition, Part 3

Two weeks ago, we put together a 30-stadium bracket to determine the best Major League Baseball stadium. Now, we're down to an Elite Eight that includes Fenway Park, which edged AT&T Park in a tough early-round matchup. More»

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