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article July 22, 2014

Something Like Sports

Many of you probably have no idea what Dota 2 is, how it works, how it could possibly be worth it to give $5 million to its champion. But if the best in the world is getting $5 million to do it, then somebody must care. What's wrong with putting it on a sports TV network? More»
ramirez article July 21, 2014

Dangerous Immaturity

When a prominent batter gets hit by a pitch, even when it's abundantly clear that it wasn't intentional, the calls for "retribution" or "revenge" start coming. All too often, it devolves into a war of teams throwing at each other, which is both dangerous and immature. More»
Mariners article July 17, 2014

Wishful Thinking

Seventeen teams in baseball have at least a semi-realistic chance of making the playoffs. Here's a ranking, from least compelling to most compelling, of just how much each one winning a championship would capture the collective imagination. More»
Jeter_double article July 16, 2014

It's Never Enough

We are nearing the end of Derek Jeter's career, and we still can't let him be anything but perfect. We can't let him just be a great player. He has to be a god. This all came into focus during the All-Star Game when Adam Wainwright grooved Jeter a pitch. More»
Cespedes-Derby article July 15, 2014

Letting It Fly

The Home Run Derby isn't for the die-hard baseball fans. It's for the casual observers. That's fine, because when you think about the event, it really is about distilling everything complicated about the game down to pure fun. More»
target_field_all-star article July 14, 2014

The Only All-Star Game That Matters

One of the best things about baseball's All-Star Game is that it isn't restricted to a few "jewel" cities like Las Vegas or Miami. Instead, it travels to nearly every park in the game, reminding everyone just how great a place like Minnesota can be in the summer. More»
lebron-cleveland article July 11, 2014

Home Sweet Home

LeBron James has agreed to return to the Cavaliers, but more importantly, he's decided to go home. Whether or not you believe him that Northeast Ohio is the best place to raise a family, it's his choice, and one that Cleveland fans -- and the NBA -- will never forget. More»
brazil article July 10, 2014

Why The Third-Place Game Matters

The Netherlands may not want to bother with a game to decide third place, but there's plenty of benefits for the match to exist. A soccer game is better than not having a soccer game, the play itself is usually more exciting, and it gives Brazil an opportunity to go out on a high note. More»
oklahoma_screenshot article July 8, 2014

End of an Era

For the first time in more than 20 years, there is no college football video game being released this season. This is the week the game always shipped … but not this year, and no longer. The reasons for this are wholly justified. Still: I miss it. More»
lebron article July 7, 2014

Nothing But Hot Air

Want to claim you had the inside scoop on LeBron James' free agency decision? Just claim you have a gut feeling about it now. If you're wrong, no one will remember. If you're right, you can point to how connected you are. It's a can't-lose situation, unless you're a fan buying into it all. More»
us_soccer article July 3, 2014

Only The Beginning

A lot of people watched the U.S.-Belgium match and they're going to need something to watch for the next four years. U.S. Soccer doesn't just pop up every four years. It's a year-round pursuit that, now that you're hooked, can become a regular part of your life. You should make it one. More»
juliangreen article July 1, 2014

We're Just Getting Started

America's 2014 World Cup is over, but you can be sure of this: The U.S. won't be the underdogs in 2018 like they were this time. Tim Howard and Jurgen Klinsmann allowed us one last glimpse of the thrill, but we're all just getting warmed up. This ride is just beginning. More»
usa_celebration article July 1, 2014

An Enduring Legacy

If the U.S. loses, it's not the end of soccer in this country. Far, far from it. It does mean the end of something. This summer has been a revelation for soccer in the United States. Even if the game is going to be fine either way, I, for one, am still not quite ready for this celebration to end. More»
usa-worldcup1980x1100 article June 30, 2014

We Make The Moment

No matter what happens the rest of this World Cup, the lasting image of this breakthrough summer for U.S. soccer will not be the amazing play of any player, but the reaction videos, encapsulating U.S. fan energy. More»
ClintDempsey-logo article June 26, 2014

Winning Mentality

The United States clinched a trip to the Round of 16 with a 1-0 loss to Germany on Thursday afternoon, and Americans, as a whole, just weren't sure how to feel about it. But no matter how you look at it, the result was a major breakthrough in this nation's soccer history. More»
usportugal_2 article June 23, 2014

Everything's Coming Up America

It may feel as if the USMNT's draw to Portugal was a loss, coming as it did at the last minute. But it's not over yet (the U.S. looks likely to advance), and this World Cup has been fantastic for Americans, bringing us all together as one. More»
BretSaberhagen article June 18, 2014

Royal Pain, By the Numbers

There's a long way to go, of course, but the fact that the Kansas City Royals are in first place this late in the season should be celebrated. Here's a numerical, Harper's Index-esque look at what it has been like to be a Royals fan. More»
US-Ghana article June 17, 2014

In This Together

If you don't like soccer, we understand, but feel you're missing out. Witnessing the thrilling U.S. win over Ghana was a collective moment. It's what the rest of the world is talking about. This is the thing we can all have. So join us. More»
spurs-heat1980x1100 article June 16, 2014

A Team Sport

The Miami Heat played team ball. They were working together just like the Spurs were. They just weren't as deep as the Spurs were, not as talented. The Spurs were simply better. LeBron James didn't lose the title any more than Tim Duncan won it. More»
WorldCupTrophy article June 12, 2014

We're (All) Number One

Of all the glories of the World Cup, the greatest one may be its outlet for unabashed nationalism. Every four years, there are no strings attached to everyone thinking they're the best in the world and allowing no arguments to the contrary. More»

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