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GettyImages-508445414 article February 5, 2016

The magnitude of Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50, the Super Bowl so big that they got rid of the Roman numeral, already feels like a landmark event. But the question remain: Is this the beginning of the story, or the end of it? Either way, this feels like a pivot point for the league and the sport. More»
goodell cropped article February 4, 2016

Roger Goodell Just Keeps Coasting

With the NFL's State of the Game press conference set for Friday, expect the same old story from Commissioner Roger Goodell: plenty of words but not a lot of substance. The NFL machine rolls on. More»
ScottWilsonCrowe article February 4, 2016

January's 10 Dumbest Sports Stories

On the one-year anniversary of this list, Deflategate finally falls from the top. But there was plenty of material to replace it, including the John Scott All-Star saga, Brian Urlacher's hair and Russell Wilson's Google history. More»
newton-manning article February 3, 2016

Cam and Peyton: The Same Old Story

Out with the old, in with the new. It's a story that we've all seen before, but sometimes we lose sight of the cycle. Denver and Carolina's quarterbacks are more similar than you may think. Maybe, Cam Newton is simply the new Peyton Manning. More»
SBrankings article February 2, 2016

The Super Bowl Franchise Rankings

Close your eyes and think of "the Super Bowl." What teams do you imagine playing? That's what we're trying to figure out here. It's not the best individual team. It's not the team that has won the most often. It's just the ones who are The Most Super Bowl. More»
GettyImages-507137510 article February 1, 2016

Embracing the Super Bowl Hype

The Super Bowl is the closest thing we have in American life to a universally shared experience. Even if you are a Patriots or Cardinals fan, even if you think the NFL is a monstrous organization, even if you don't like football … you will watch the Super Bowl. More»
AP_234537028788 article January 29, 2016

Ranking the six major All-Star Games

All-Star Games like the Pro Bowl feel like throwbacks, archaic and unnecessary.Yet we still have them, and it gives us something to complain about until the real games to return. Thus, your definitive rankings of North American Sports Leagues' All-Star Games. More»
LevisStadium article January 28, 2016

When the Super Bowl Comes to Town

Some cities are great fits to host a Super Bowl; New Orleans could be a perfect partner every year. But San Francisco and the NFL are far from a match made in heaven. More»
serena-williams article January 27, 2016

The Biggest Story In Sports

It's possible that no 2016 sports story could be any bigger than what Serena Williams can pull off this year. If she wins the Australian Open, she'll move within two major wins of Margaret Court's all-time Grand Slams record. More»
SB_coaches article January 26, 2016

Ranking Every Super Bowl Coach

A quarterback can play great and still lose the Super Bowl, but a coach ultimately must feel the entire brunt of such an epic loss. This ranking is a reflection of a coach's career, with winning the Super Bowl being the ultimate arbiter. More»
palmercropped article January 25, 2016

What Happened To Carson Palmer?

After a voracious comeback in 2015, Carson Palmer was flying high headed into the playoffs, but this all came to a screeching halt on Sunday. Fans, and Palmer himself, are left wondering why. More»
PetersonCardinals article January 23, 2016

The Transformation of the Cardinals

Being a Cardinals fan for nearly four decades has meant accepting more-moderate-than-usual failure as glorious success. Thus, it's a little disorienting to experience this Arizona team on the verge of the NFC championship. It's also exhilarating. More»
cam cropped article January 23, 2016

Conference Title Rootability Index

With the top two seeds matched up in each conference championship game, all four teams are likable and have compelling storylines to win it all. Yes, even the Patriots. More»
bradypeytoncropped article January 23, 2016

The Saga of Brady and Manning

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have been competing at an elite level for nearly two decades and are almost mirror images of each other. Before what will presumably be their final matchup, let's take a nostalgic look at their battles in years past. More»
MontanaBradyElway article January 19, 2016

Ranking all Super Bowl quarterbacks

We are precisely 19 days from Super Bowl 50, the biggest round-number Super Bowl yet. Such anniversaries make us wistful, so we'll be doing some Super Bowl rankings over the next three weeks. We start with every quarterback to start a Super Bowl. More»
NFL-FinalFour article January 18, 2016

50 Conference Championship Facts

We have reached the Final Four of the NFL season, with two conference championship games next Sunday, both of which promise to be compelling. What are the storylines and sidenotes to follow? We got 'em right here. More»
NFLPlayoffDivisional article January 15, 2016

Divisional Round: Raising the Stakes

The divisional weekend has the NFL's best teams, playing with their entire seasons and careers on the line, lose and go home, right after one another. Let's take a look at each game and see how the world is different, depending on who wins. More»
ducks crop article January 14, 2016

CFB Fans Most Desperate For a Title

When it comes to college football, it's championship or bust, and with the creation of the playoff, this phenomenon has only gotten more intense. So after Alabama's victory on Monday, which fan bases are most starved for that elusive national title? More»
rams article January 13, 2016

St. Louis Doesn't Need the NFL

Thanks to a greedy owner, St. Louis is left without an NFL team, as the Rams are relocating to L.A. But that's okay, because a city filled with proud fans received some closure and can now look both inwards and toward a brighter future. More»

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